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SHE’S OUT THERE II – Ep. 1 Italian Dolomites w/ the Contessa Team

SHE’S OUT THERE II – Ep. 1 Italian Dolomites w/ the Contessa Team

– I’m Karen. – My name is Jenny. – I’m Andrea Nösel. – I’m Carina Mohr. – My name is Katherine Schön. – The Contessa team has became so special. Every girl has a different personality, very different from each other, and also from the age, it’s a lot of difference between us. But we come together here,
we share the mountain biking. My passion is simply riding down. I discovered this for myself and for me, it is the greatest pleasure to be able to share this with other women, to be able to pass on how fun
it is to go downhill without being tense and ending the trail with a huge grin on your face. I’ve been a mountain bike guide
for twelve years now I started working in La Palma as a
Bike Guide in the Canary Islands. I met Karen there and have been part of the Contessa Team since then. – When you see us, it’s so much more than we go out and ride together. We really love to ride. And we also talk about: try this jump, do this drop, or “hey this corner”, or “it’s nice to go fast”. But we also stay here
and forget about the time, and start talking about serious things. But also laugh so much, like
when we stay near the hut, it’s like we could tell
jokes the whole night. (gravel crunching) Ahhh! (woman laughs) – No sex anymore… – Are you okay? – For at least four weeks.. – When I’m in my all-day family life, I sometimes have the feeling
I’m old and no energy. But when I’m on the bike, I don’t have the feeling that I got older. When I saw the old magazines, of course, a lot of very good experiences
came back to my memory. I forgot about them. If you again realize, Oh God, this was 2005? But now we have 2019, and
it doesn’t seem so long ago, but it changed so much. – Something I also realized when
I was pregnant, I said, Oh shit, what am I going to do now? What about the bike and
what about the sport? And then I realized that
it’s just such a short time when you are pregnant,
and after you have baby, you jump on the bike
and you are biker again. Even with the family, it’s
good to organize this. So there is no reason for
girls to quit the sport. – Just do your thing, because
“happy mom, happy kids”. And that’s always in my
head, and I need that, I need to do stuff, I need to go travel around with my Contessa team members to be a good mom. – I’m a mommy yes, I’m
a mommy of two kids. And then I’m a girlfriend of a boy. I’m a skier, I’m a mountain biker, I’m a mountain lover, – I’m a wine drinker, but I always enjoyed to
sleep on the mountain, my boyfriend doesn’t, but… There are other men for this.

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