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Shimano Di2 Synchronized Shifting Example

Shimano Di2 Synchronized Shifting Example

Hey guys, so I’m going to make a quick video about how the new synchronized and semi-synchronized shifting works on Shimano Di2. First off, normal shifting just keeps on working
like normal. Press one button to shift your rear derailleur,
press the other to shift your front derailleur. To change shift modes. Press this button twice on the A junction
and two lights will blink. So two presses really quick, the lights will
light up, and now I’m in a different shift mode. So I’ll go ahead and show how semi-synchronized
shifting works first. So I’ll go ahead and get pedaling here. Now in semi-synchronized mode, whenever you
shift the front derailleur, the rear derailleur will automatically shift a number of gears
in the opposite direction so it’s not a big jump. In my case, I have it set to 2 which is the
default. I’ll go ahead and shift my front derailleur
and you can see that it automatically went into a harder gear in the back. And when I shift back up, you can see it goes
back 2 gears in the other direction. Next I’ll talk about fully synchronized shifting. In this mode you only need to use your rear
derailleur button and it will automatically shift your front chainring for you. So this will all be done only using the right
shift button. And there you can see that the big ring changed
and the back compensated. And I’ll keep going all the way down. When you come up the other way only using
the rear derailleur, once you get to here, it will automatically jump down to the small
ring again and compensate in the back.

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