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Shimano R9100-P Powermeter – GCN’s First Look

Shimano R9100-P Powermeter – GCN’s First Look

– Shimano launched their
first ever powermeter back in July 2016. There
had been a few rumours as to its existence before then, so it wasn’t a total surprise, but there is still an element
of mystery surrounding it because no one’s really
got their hands on it yet. Until now. Yeah. Seriously, look. There it is. The Shimano R9100-P. Fairly discreet little unit, isn’t it? (smooth jazz music) Now that tiny black box there transmits our power data and
it also acts as a recharging port, but everything else is
completely sealed internally. Even the battery, which
lives in the crank spindle and needs charging up
every 300 hours or so. And that sealling was,
apparently, really important to Shimano when they set out
to create this powermeter. Reliability, robustness,
along with accuracy, were absolutely top of
their list of priorities. But when we say that
everything is sealed inside, what exactly do we mean? What is everything? Well, there is both left and
right-hand crank measurements, so each crank houses strain gauges. And then they’re connected together via a wire running internally,
and also in the middle of that spindle, where
the battery lives as well. Now, all in, the powermeter adds just 70 grammes to the standard Dura-Ace chain set. (smooth jazz music) The R9100-P transmits
your power data via ANT+. It does have Bluetooth smart
already built in, actually, but that’s currently just
for firmware updates. And it’s not a total surprise
that Shimano have gone with ANT+ as their primary
transmitting protocol, seeing as the Di2 group
set already uses ANT+ to allow you to control
your Garmin head unit, for example, remotely
using extra shift buttons. But, although you do need
a third-party head unit at the moment, Shimano
aren’t producing one, but they are, currently,
producing a smart phone app, apparently, so maybe that
will take advantage of that Bluetooth connectivity. Exactly the way that
they’re collecting the data from your cranks, they’re
being a little bit cagey about. Apparently, it’s entirely
their own technology and so while they’re not
letting us see inside, we can glean one or
two bits of information from the external side. We know there are left and right hand crank based strain gauges. You can see the little pads on
the back of the cranks there. And we also know that
there is a cadence sensor that very neatly fits just
on the chain stay there. So, no accelerometers, presumably, inside. What we do know is that
Shimano have said it’s accurate to just plus or minus 2% and that however they
are collecting the data is unaffected by your choice of chainring. So you’re able to swap
rings out without needing to send the unit back for a factory reset or any kind of recalibration. We could probably do with actually
going out and collecting some data to have a look at then so, you’ll forgive me if I
just take the opportunity to go for a little bike ride. But before we do, there is
one process that needs to be performed before every ride
and that is to zero it. So, you simply put the cranks
in the six o’clock position and then push the little button on there until it flashes blue. There we go. Now if you’re familiar with
powermeters, you’ll probably know how comforting this
little pre-ride ritual is to ensure they’re actually
zero’ing your powermeter gives you completely accurate data. Although, if you haven’t
I guess it might seem like a slight inconvenience. But believe me, it is
something that you actually probably learn to enjoy. (smooth jazz music) Well here is the data from today’s ride. Unfortunately, I haven’t
exactly broken any power records but I’m pretty sure I can’t
blame the powermeter for that. Or rather, I am sure that I cannot blame the
powermeter for that. But, nevertheless, it is
always enjoyable dissecting numbers post-ride, even
if they’re not very good. Because at least then you know what you have to work on. Right, well, if you would
like more information on the new Dura-Ace group set, or need more tech, full
stop, here on GCN, then your first port of call should be the globe, because when you hit that, you
will subscribe to the channel and it is completely free. We’ve got loads of cool
videos coming up for you soon. But, if you want more information
on the Dura-Ace Group Set now, then if you click just
up there, you get to see our first look when it was
released back in June 2016 and that includes this powermeter. Or click just down there
and you’ve got first ride of the electronic and
hydraulic Dura-Ace Group Set. And that’s just here.

100 comments on “Shimano R9100-P Powermeter – GCN’s First Look

  1. I was waiting for a flash of Dan in his white shorts when Si said "It's a fairly discrete little unit isn't it" – this is what I've come to expect from GCN :')

  2. Why do you never speak about the costs of the tech? 🙁 I know google gives fast answers, but you could provide some infos also in the video. Moreover it would be nice if you could make more content about bike (and bike tech) which does not cost >5000€ but maybe in the range for normal people like 500-3000€ 😀

  3. Understand that the 9100P has been delayed until the end of June. I have one on order. 🙁 You may not know, but information regarding the delay would have been nice? Are tech specs, reliability, manufacturing problems the reason? You guys surely have Shimano's telephone number?!!

  4. I'm really glad I'm not using a power meter yet. If I can be competitive against the other riders I'm facing I'm probably making enough power.
    Hard enough to find time to train without the added exspense and technical difficulties.
    Results are more important than abstract figures that don't really compare me against my contemporaries.

  5. could one potentially put powermeter pedals on powermeter cranks and see how they matched up??
    e.g.. put garmin or power tap pedals on these cranks?

  6. I don't enjoy zeroing my power meter before every ride, my Power2Max recalibrate whenever I stop pedaling so I don't have to worry about it. One big thing going for the Shimano power meter is how discreet they are, but I guess the new stage powermeter will give equal accuracy and much cheaper

  7. Just another gadget that needs charging, pushing of a button to start it before the ride, and actually paying some attention to while riding. Do we really need this stuff to be good cyclists and get enjoyment from riding ours bikes. Hell NO! You want to be a better, faster, cyclist? Just go out on your bike and try to beat everybody else. The money you save will make you rich.

  8. I see Simon is wearing Fizik's R1 shoes. Is there a feature that compares these shoes, in depth, to the R3 version?

  9. How do you charge it? what does the charger look like, how do you connect the charger to the power meter? does each side need individual charging? Not much info here……

  10. Is it normal to have front wheel toe rub on a road bike? Can GCN talk about this, please?
    Curtis Bailey

  11. Are there crank based powermeters out there that need to be send in for recalibration when changing chainrings? I personally have never heard of that. I thought they always measure the flex in the crankarms or the spindle which should be unaffected by chainring size.

  12. Manual zeroing is a pain in the ass! In cold weather meters tend to drift after taking the bike out, meters that autozero when not pedaling can help a lot in that case. You'll not need to zero it in hot weather either, just go for a ride and start pedaling.

  13. So it's just exactly a last gen Pioneer power meter rebadged to Shimano?

    Lots of better power meters available now.

  14. "unaffected by your choice of chainrings"… does this include non-round chainrings? doesn't seem like that would work with a cadence sensor only detecting speed once per revolution.

  15. I enjoy these videos. However the camera technique of focussing and de-focussing is becoming too prevalent. At first I thought it was my middle-aged eyes, but I now think it's the camera operator's middle-aged eyes. Can you re-think the use of this technique? Ta!

  16. I use a Pioneer meter to train using Training Peaks and WKO4 software. I'm 65 and have been cycling only 2 years but I've found using a power meter has been essential to my training.  I have to admit I'm also a tech geek.  One question, does Shimano have proprietary software like Pioneer?

  17. Got triggered by the background music in this video. "40 Minute Fat Burning Indoor Cycling Training: Random HIIT Workout – Passo Pordoi" is somewhat of a painful winter memory 😛

  18. What brings the best product when you can not buy it? I asked Shimano about a delivery date They have no delivery date. Does not sound good and after a delivery date in the near future…

  19. What apps are you guys using to analyzing your power data? I'm using Golden Cheetah, but would be interested to hear what you guys use.

  20. I won't be surprised if Shimano releases a firmware update not too long from now, that allows you to remove the cadence magnets. Just like what Infocrank did

  21. #torqueback why is ftp the same amount whether you are on the flat or uphill? Don't we recruit different muscles?
    I wonder if the app will allow you to do some ftp or intervals, please do a review on the app as soon as it is available.
    Or maybe a GCN app, would be fun to have you guys giving commentary as we ride, like Matt's voice giving props for clipping in, Si for acceleration, Dan for smoothness and Lasty for suffering!!

  22. I'm a bit uncertain about calibration whilst touching the powermeter. That seems prone to error. Also sticking magnets on your bike instead of having an accelerometer…what were they thinking…

  23. I'm due for a new power meter soon. But since I just bought a new Wahoo head unit, I'm waiting for their new Wahoo POWR power meter to come out.

  24. Looking good however I've just been told my disc Di2 shifters won't be ready till August! So on this basis I look forward to this being available in 2018! Awful role out of dura ace remember this was launched in June last year, rant over😡🚴‍♀️💨

  25. Sorry Old school here.. I just upgraded to a Garmin Edge 520..  Way to much data  and  you can not enjoy your ride .. BUT that is not saying if I was given a power thingy I would not be curious and I would use it..

  26. cant reach batery ?no thanks shımano; ı got 3 di2 bike ; one had battery fail. ı am sorry but ı go for dfour with cr 2032 batter and no magnet need to be glued on frame. next time shim.

  27. Never thought I would say this after Shimano came out with their PM…but I am waiting for the Stages dual sided now. Not impressed with Shimano. It will work, but a little behind…kind of like their wheels.

  28. The gravel in your voice makes this impossible to listen to. That fad that women started is over so please give it a try.

  29. Riding with power meter since 2011. I have never used such an fail as my Shimano 9100 PM. Right side showing constantly lower output. L/R balance 54/46. Quarq Dzero flawless.

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