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SHORT MOVIE FOR KIDS || Moral Story for Children | Pihu Ki Cycle || Aayu and Pihu Show

Today we will tell you the story of Pihu’s Bicycle This is Pihu, who wants a new cycle… This is her mom, who is not willing to give her one Wether, she will get a new cycle, let us watch Welcome to Aayu and Pihu Show Mumma…. Listen…. Say Mom, my bicycle is now more than 4 years old. Can you buy a new one for me? No you will not get a new one. All my friends have new cycles But mom…. What mom? Do you ever listen to me ? I asked you to score very good grades… Did you scored good marks? Mom, I didnt get best grades. But still I scored good marks. Then you will not get a new cycle Look do not bother me… Do not talk to me about this topic. But mom…. No I will not buy a new cycle for you We will talk after mid term exams What happened Sister ? Tell me sister I am your loving brother, please tell me My bicycle is now very old and mom will not buy me a new one Just give me 2 minutes. I will be back. Sister take this. You can buy your cycle from my piggy bank. Aayu, but these are your savings, how can I take that. You are my lovely sister… First we will buy a bicycle for you, then later for me. Your bicycle is older to mine. Thank you Aayu, but I cannot take this money from you… Pihu, please bring that pink bedsheet from outside. Yes mom SURPRISE !!!! Wow… It is so beautiful… I also need a bicycle like this. Sister, this is for you only. I can not ride a bike so big. It is for me…. Mom, you bought this beautiful bike for me. Aayu requested me to buy this bicycle for you. So I bought it for you. Thank you mom, Thank you Aayu. Mom but this came from Aayu’s savings Mom, return my bicycle and get one for Aayu. Thank you so much Aayu for your support. Sister, this is your’s My bike is over there… Great… we both got a new bicycle Thank you mom and thank you Aayu Welcome sister Now you can take a round on your new bikes Bye mom Bye So did you see?that how a brother agrees to give … everything just because his sister is upset If you like this story, then please click like. Show it to your lovely brothers and sisters BYE Play safely… yesss…

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