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100 comments on “SHORT RIDER TIPS, BIKE LOWERING & SETUP: Cross Training Enduro

  1. I "ride" a Honda CR125, I'm 5'6" with most of it in the torso… 26 inch inseam… Should I keep the bike and get a smaller framed bike for the time being if my legs grow some more? Or cut my losses and get something else?

  2. I bought a Sherco Xride, 5'2" It's nearly perfect for me. Bike is a different style wise from usual bikes but I love it. Worth a look into, it's shorter then the XTrainer. No E-start but the engine doesn't stall out when you dump it over, have to use the kill switch. Nice video.

  3. I'm 13 at 177 cms tall don't do cross training or trails type riding. I ride a 2010 crf250r I don't just bash around in a paddock though I can hold wheelies to I just got used to my bike slack to get al this gear

  4. An entire vid dedicated to little men… I thought they compensated by acting tough and abusing women…. or is that only the syndrome suffering little men?

  5. Iam 5.5 I ride a 450 and a kx250. I've never even heard about most of these things. you learn Lil tricks as you go that come in handy that just becomes second nature. same as iam sure a super tall guy probably has little things I don't worry about. ducking for instance.

  6. I am only 15 @ the hight of 5'9 what 250 4-stroke is recommended as I was going to get a 2008 yz450f? ? ?

  7. I'm getting a 2002 yz125 tomorrow and I was really worrying that I would be too short for it, but I think I can figure it out! Great vid by the way!

  8. im ten i rid a yz 450 kx 250 ecx 300 but the guys will start it and hold it and push a littlel bit and then i let clutch out
    and go

  9. Best advice ever, first learn to fall down safely. Specially on hill climbing. Also learn to protect your bike when falling down. Even best riders crash often. Those plastic parts do break a lot.

  10. i'm 13 and 5'1 and I have experience on dirtbikes but should a get an 85 2 stroke or a 125 2 stroke i'm probably going to have a growth spurt soon and I want it to last a few years

  11. not all suspension has linkage and some of the WP PDS can be lowered with off set bushings others like older Husaberg or larger KTM adventure bikes must be lowered by shimming the shock or with shorter shocks.

  12. Hello,

    I'm 5'7/5'8 ish, I've driven a 50ccm 2 stroke once. (Derbi Senda) As much as I liked it, I felt like I was too short.
    As I only intend to use it in the city, would the handling thing be a big deal?


  13. okey, i like this video. i am defenetly not hating on this put i just wanna say that if you lewer your bike then you cant jump with it becouse it will damage your bike badly

  14. ok for everyone wondering which bike would be best for them, i made a chart

    -80/85cc two stroke or 150 four stroke: inexperienced/ experience rider (4'9 to 5'5)
    -125cc two stroke or 250 four stroke: experienced rider (5'6 min and taller) if youre inexperienced, go for the 80/85 two stroke or 150 four stroke, it will save youre ass from killing yourself
    -250cc two stroke or 450 four stroke : (same as 125cc two stroke or 250 four stroke)

    if youre wondering, im 5'6 1/2 with an RM125 (2 stroke) and yz250f (4 stroke), i also have 2 pit bikes. (a ttr125l [4 stroke] and a crf150f [4 stroke])

  15. I didn't seem to catch the option of replacing the 18/21" rims with 17/19” rims in the video. No suspension adjustment needed, or could lessen the internal fork/shock height changes required. You're gonna lose ground clearance either way. just another option.

  16. I'm 13 and I've got a yzf250r it's a bit big but it's not too bad! I'm abit scared from goin xtreme in enduro at gap creek ( if you know where that is ) it's a great place. Thanks for the tips

  17. I'm 5 foot, I am an experienced rider. I'm looking at a KX250, 2003. Its a two stroke, would this be too big and powerful for me?

  18. Um, the CRF 250 is NOT short, not one bit! omg, I have spent a mint trying to get mine lowered enough and I'm 5'7". Besides that though, thank you for these vids, they are fantastic!

  19. Hey lady boys I'm exactly 100cm I'm 12 and I'm looking for a branded bike that's manual 4stroke bike that I will fit on nice looking at a crf150r dose any one what the hieght is fully lowered and it is way to big for me stock hight but don't know how low it can get plz respond I do basicly trail riding not as hardcore but also want to race

  20. Very useful vid. I am looking to try this style of biking but am only 5ft 6 ins. Best advice seem to be to avoid putting my feet down.

  21. electric starts for pussies! i wouldnt be half the rider today if i didnt half to kick start my bike when knee deep in shit

  22. SOLUTION: Buy a brand new Rm 80, YZ 80 or CR80, and take the decals off, then put 250 cc stickers all over them. A smaller RM 950 motocross bike, always makes the rider look bigger , especially if the MIget is 4 feet tall. No charge….

  23. What about when you are following your tall friends and they decide to slow down/stop before an obstacle and you really want to tackle the it without stopping or you fall off the bike? Damn idiots make me crash everytime ahah

  24. Another solution is to buy a 1976 Honda CR 125 or RM Suzuki 125. That year they had a really nice padded seat and 4 inches of extended travel on the front wheel and about 5 inches in the rear. They did not sit up about 7 feet off the ground like they do today. and they are a lot more comfortable. Even Vern Troyer likes those old bikes… ROX ON !!! RICK

  25. Another trick I heard was take a 2018 moto cross bike to Low Riders R us, and they will put lift and lower kits in it , so you look good in the Hood. Just sayin….

  26. fuck these comment but i am 170cm tall (dont know 1million ft??) and my enduro bike is still too tall for me… so smaller coil at rear? front i can always put lower

  27. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, great info for a short ass, specially the sub frame mod !, I had so much trouble trying to lower full size enduro bikes, I gave riding away. WHY dont the dealers give me this info… cause their useless !!

  28. Overall, I do not agree. Even as you spoke of not putting a foot down, you rolled footage of someone who put a foot down, and would have fallen if they didn't.

    If you are shorter, by the time you put a foot down, your bike will be angled over much further than a taller person on the same bike. The bike should fit the rider. Also, lighter riders do not cause enough sag in the suspensions, so the spring rate is all wrong for them, yet you tell the rider it's all their fault.

    That's not to state the skills won't help, yet the bike should fit the rider. The bike should fit a shorter person–just like it fits you.

  29. If your a dirt road rider, street rider, and mild trail rider you can ride anything having to lean a bit when you stop. From 40 years of biking on cruisers, race bikes, and dual sports the seat height is very important if you off road more than just semi smooth dirt roads and fields. I have fallen many times over the years in creeks, side of hills, large ruts and climbing steep hills where i had to maneuver around trees, rocks etc where when I had to lean that direction at the time and I could not touch the ground. You either have to slide off the seat and hang on for life it seams to continue up the incline. If you think you can turn the opposite direction then you slid off the seat quickly to avoid hitting something you really do not have time to slide to the other side of the bike and place you other leg down. Slowing down to have time you lose momentum which is a real factor when off roading on steep trails. Now as a young man I had to have the biggest and the fastest dirt bike / dual sport. I have own all of them. 650 and down. My favorite take a road trip bike was the KLR650 with one tooth up front sprocket for freeway speeds. That made it suck off road having to clutch out on a hill or our of a bowl or creek bottom. I ended up carrying 2 front sprocket sizes. Worked great. 14k miles a year on that bike. I fell over allot in tight turns because I could not touch the ground. Lowered the bike 2 inches and fell half as much. Allot more confidence off road. Xrl650 Blew a new one up running 65 mph at the 500 mile mark on the trip, Used allot of oil also. Bike had 2500 miles on it when started the trip. Honda replaced the entire bike, They changed the sprockets before giving me the bike. Drove it 3000 miles on one trip after putting 1000 miles on it, Ran 70 / 75 MPH everywhere. Had to add a little oil every two gas tanks used. Much better bike then KLR off road in every condition yet sucked on highways and was wound tight even regeared. Was very tired all the time on the freeway. it was also lowered 2 inches, fell over allot until lowered then about half as much. Had a DR650 better than Honda on road. Not near a KLR on road, Better than KLR off road not near the Honda off road. At 2600 miles Suzuki had to repair the engine due to a cam bearing oiling issue. Told me I could not drive it 70 all day like that even with synthetic oil. They regeared it also killing to off roading on slow steep climbs helping on freeway. Was not lowered but lighter and a touch shorter then the other two stock bikes. fell yes but not as much. I now will go back to the KLR650 lowered and the seat cut 1 inch and carry two front sprockets it is an easy change if I get into harder off road enviroment. In out group we have never had the bigger dual sports get through the trails. To tall and to heavy to climb goat trails etc. I am 6ft tall with 32 in inseam and weigh 240. The best dual sport I have ever ridden was a xr400r with baja kit and the xr650 engine custom balanced for freeway riding. Was 3 inches lower then KLR or XRL. Never fell off road on the same trails yet had to carry two sprockets to be able to run 70 and 75 all day. Started running a touch of two cycle oil on long freeway trips and never scorched a Honda cylinder again. 100 miles at a time running 70 and 75 no issue and running a touch of quick silver in the gas stopped the honda from using oil. All bikes were jetted also for Honda's all come to lean to meet California crap. All bikes had better air filter and better exhaust which also help cool them a bit. So the moral of the story is it all depends on how you ride and what you expect the bike to do. We do not jump them just climb steep, ride hard on the roads and get stuck in the mud once in while. If they made a 600 engine on a 230 or 250 frame with 6 speeds I would buy it. Keep the wind in your face and close you mouth unless you like june bugs.

  30. Im 5' 2" with a inseam of i think 28" and i ride a Suzuki Dr200s Stock and am able to tip toe but not strain which im happy with but would like to do the gel seat so i can get a better footing on unlevel ground or stop lights

  31. I have a nicely modded KLX250 with a 37" seat height… I'm 5'9" with a 30" inseam… it definitely feels tall to me. Gotta practice

  32. I'm 5'7" and got a 350exc. I did shave the seat but I will say that it is still very tall. I've gotten used to it, but I am still way more confident on my older shorter bike where I don't have tiptoe everywhere..

  33. I want the video on how to make a 2020 MX bike frame 3 inches taller/longer for a 6'2"rider. I mean really we should be able to select a frame size like you can with all good push bikes brands

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