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Should E-Bikes Be Charged More Money To Ride At Trail Centres? | Dirt Shed Show Episode 118

Should E-Bikes Be Charged More Money To Ride At Trail Centres? | Dirt Shed Show Episode 118

– Ah, chips. – Oh, right.
– Got our chips. – One thing you can’t start
a Dirt Shed Show without, and it’s some chips. – [Martin] Oh, aww, that
was the one I wanted. (rock music) – It’s the Dirt Shed
Show, from Fort William, it’s all packing down. We’re gonna be reviewing the race, and the event. What a time we had, it’s been amazing. – It has been brilliant. – Yeah, but, before we get into that, we’re gonna get into
this week’s topic, Neil. Now this, is crazy, I think. – Yeah? – We’ve noticed in the U.K. that a trail centre started charging more to ride your ebike. – Oh we’re talking ebikes, yeah? – [Martin] Yeah, than
riding a normal bike. – [Neil] Oh, it’s double the
price actually, isn’t it? – Yeah, nearly double the price. Be really great to know if this sorta thing is happening anywhere you’re riding. But it does raise the question,
should ebikes cost more? That’s not what I expected. What you think, Neil? – Well they’re saying because of
the potential trail usage, so you’ll get to ride a lot more, but that’s gonna lead to trail damage, which it will, but at the
moment you only get sort of an hour and a half, two hours
charge outta one battery, so, I can’t see it being a huge problem until the numbers of these
ebike riders really increase, but it’s surprising news for me. – Yeah, I mean, I find it hard to believe that there’s been a significant point where someone’s looked at trails and said, “Oh my gosh, ebikes are really
making a difference here.” – [Neil] I think it will happen. I’m surprised it’s happening
so far, but, who knows? I think we need a poll, Martin. – Yeah, I mean a poll
for this would be great. ebikes, just above my
head, should you pay? A second option, no way! And third option is uh,
can I borrow your charger? (laughing) Yeah, I mean I think
ebikes are a great idea. I know they’re very controversial. – They are. – It would be a shame if
they’re suddenly costing more to ride than other bikes. – Especially when for me, it
opens up the market to your average person can jump on an
ebike and have a lot of fun. And it might dissuade
them from going to ride at these places. – Yes, absolutely. Right, onto last week’s poll. Is Fort William the greatest
downhill race in the world? It’s a resounding yes. – Whoa. – Yeah, I mean, we don’t
need to get into the details too much. It’s a resounding yes. And we were here, and I
think we can confirm it. – Well, it was a classic race. – It was amazing. – I absolutely love
watching the race here. Should get into the news. – Yeah, well, I just wanted to say before we go into the
actual racing results, that this track has always
been pretty special. We’ve been here a lot
of times over the years. And this year, it really
threw up some surprises. – Yeah. – There was a big question
before about are trails getting a bit, downhill races,
getting a bit bike park-y? Suddenly there was a very technical bit. And everyone’s complaining. – [Neil] There was a lot
of people complaining, yeah, a lot of controversy. A lot of people saying it was just too, not necessarily difficult, it
was just that it was so boggy, the weather affected it. There was just a massive lottery to see if you actually got
through that section or not. Saw Tony Seagrave really struggling out, well, saw a lot of people
really struggling there. Was the race won or lost there? Well, we did a video on that subject. It kinda was, but actually,
Aaron Gwinn threw it away in a relatively easy section. Came third with a crash. – Yeah, I mean, Gwinn was
absolutely flying, wasn’t he? I mean there was one point when he was nearly six seconds up in that run. Yeah, it all went wrong
at the bottom there, he lost so much time. Yeah, so to the race
results, in the men’s, it was a classic. We were all waiting to see if Greg Menarro qualified fastest. Could translate into a win. And I think you said before
the race started, yes he will. And he did. – [Neil] And that is
seven of the 15 races here at Fort William Greg’s won. So, unbelievable record here. – [Martin] Unbelievable,
and his 20th world cup win. He’s looking good now to
battle out for the world cup overall this year. That would potentially
be his fourth overall. Pretty incredible. The guy is definitely the GOAT. – [Neil] And also gotta mention Jack Moir, second place on a 29er and 10, so that’s his best result and
that’s absolutely amazing. – Yeah, great result. As you said Gwinn was third, but the rider I wanna pick out was Remy
Thirion, whose line through there, through that root section was incredible. Didn’t dab. And if anyone said it’s
impossible, well, clearly not. – Big names crash out. Bruni, Danny Hart, plus many others. In the women’s, Rachel Atherton
didn’t actually make it to the race. Unfortunately, her perfect
season, or perfect run, is over. She dislocated her shoulder in practise, she’s hoping to be ready
for this weekend at Leogang. – Yeah, real shame. But real. Where Rachel was out, meant
there was real interest in who was gonna get that win. It was a great opportunity
for three or four girls to really stamp their claim on this year. I think it’s a great result. Tracy Hannah took the win. Really popular rider, and Polygon, taking their second
world cup win in a row. – [Neil] Yeah, in two yeah. – Absolutely amazing.
– Brilliant. – We’ve moved down from
the track at Fort William, and we’re now at the base
of Ben Nevis, and look who’s back, Neil. – Yes, I am. – Where were you? – Oh, I did my last run. You have to get your last runs in. – Did you get a last ride in?
– No, I didn’t, no. – We’ve been too busy. Right, let’s get into
some of the comments, what you guys have been saying
on the channel this week. I’m gonna start with
this one from Owen Swift, who’s asking have I got
tubeless in my wheelchair yet? No, that’s a good idea. – You really should.
– You should. – Yeah, I might try that. – A how to. – Yes, might do that. – Garrett Chrisman is saying,
two hats in the bike vault? – Oh no, man. Yes, we did have it. – There is a rule against that. – It’s hard to remember. It’s hard to remember, I know, man. – You been called out.
– Oh, what? – You been called out,
been bullied on cams by Callum Smith and Colin Barring. – Oh yeah, I did, didn’t I? Because in the poll I
was saying, I implied, that Cannes was terrible down the track. – You got it wrong. – I got it wrong, wrong track. – Cannes is a good track. Camberra is a rubbish track. I’ve raced there. Great crowd, by the way, Aussies, love ya. But, Canberra was a
rubbish day in Australia. – Well, I’m sorry about that. I got it wrong, I’m fessing up. I knew, I knew there was one. But Cannes is actually a good track. – Yeah. – Yeah, and it’s worlds
this year at Cannes. So something we got to look
forward to, it’s not long. Not long. So I’m sorry about that. My mistake. Time for Progression Session, and we’re gonna start with
this one from Whistleblowers taking on some pretty
exciting switchbacks. Check this out, lads. – [Blake] I like switchbacks. – [Neil] Can I put it out there? I hate switchbacks. – [Blake] Do ya? – [Martin] All right. Well, look at these, really technical. Why don’t you like switchbacks? – [Neil] It’s just hard,
slow, and they ruin you. – [Martin] Look how tight these are. Whistleblower’s really
struggling around these. I guess the great thing is — – [Neil] You can see it’s slow. – It’s steep.
– it is super steep. – [Martin] The greatest thing
with these switchbacks is because you go one turn to
another, you literally progress. This is a literal progression session. These are tight. – [Blake] D’you know
why I like switchbacks? – [Martin] These are your nightmare, Neil. Look at that. – [Blake] That’s what I was gonna say. That’s why I like switchbacks. You can angle into them. – [Neil] That’s tight. – [Martin] Look at this, look
at how tight this one this. – There’s a step up there.
– Oh, that is a step. – [Neil] Alley-oop that one, surely. – [Martin] Oh, look at that. – [Blake] That, he dabbed. Dabbed. (mumbling) – [Neil] Progression. – [Martin] Oh, come on! He’s gotta get it. – [Blake] Lean in, lean in. – [Neil] Hey. – [Martin] Ooh! Aww! – [Blake] And again, back you go. Here he comes. – [All] No. – [Martin] Oh, I hope he gets this. – [Blake] He’s gonna keep us waitin’. – [Martin] This is god, this is good. How many goes is that? It’s five? – [Blake] Go, he’s got it, no he has two. – [Neil] Done it, surely. – [Blake] Yeah, drop that, drop it in– – [Martin] Track stand. – [All] Yes. (clapping) – [Martin] That is great progression. I don’t think we’re gonna get
a better Progression Session than that (mumbling). That’s the best one. Now, he’s nailed it, now. – Look at that.
– Bloody perfect. (rock music) Okay, it’s time for First
Try Friday, club time. Blake, have we got anyone
today for the club this week. – We have, it’s a special Friday. This is our First Try Friday. Because we have our first
girl First Try Friday. – [Martin] What? – [Blake] From Ellie Cope, check it out. – [Neil] All right, let’s have a look. It’s a wooden drop off. – [Blake] It is, oh! – [Neil] Look how it is on the landing? – [Martin] She didn’t introduce herself. – [Neil] That is loose (mumbling). – [Martin] She didn’t
introduce herself, look. – [Blake] But she has got GMBN jersey on– – GMBN top. She’s given us a really
good wooden drop off, and you’re worried that she
hasn’t introduced herself. – Yeah, well it’s important.
– It’s important to you. – It is, yeah, you gotta
introduce yourself. (mumbling) – Love it. Does Ellie get the, you know? – Yes, she does. (raspberry blowing) – Well done, Ellie, you’re a winner. Shemano have launched
the new pedals bearing the Saint name. Some flat pedals, also. It’s the first ever Saint clipless pedals. Now, I’ve seen these tested
by Nicco Mullaly and Sun Dale in the past, and they look
absolutely bulletproof. – Right, Competition time,
where you do an unboxin’ of some Scott Pads. – [Neil] Yes, so we had
some Soldier 2 knee pads and the grenades. Five winners of each set of
pads, and 10 winners names are up on the screen now. They’ll be comin’ your way. – [Martin] Congratulations. – [Blake] Well done. – [Neil] Also, we did
another competition last week where we asked for you to
name the winners for them. I’d say it was very difficult. – Mm-hm. – Yeah, it was difficult
this week, because obviously, Rachel Athen was a hot favourite. But Langello, she didn’t race. – Nope. – So, that threw a lot of people off. Jack Moir, as well, he
was a bit of a surprise. – Bit of a joker in the pack. – So yeah, so no one was expecting him. So, we do have some winners,
but we still have adjusted it with Jack Moir and Rachel Athen in mind. – Yeah, yeah. – So, we had four people who
chose, Minar first, Gwinn third, in the men’s, and
Hanna second, and Nicole third in the women’s. – It’s close enough. – Yeah.
– Yeah. So, out of that, we got some
randomly chose some winners. – Yeah, so the randomly
chosen winners are PJ, we haven’t got your full name, I’m sorry. And we got Jan Schiefer. – Right, right, okay. So, get in touch, and we
will get sendin’ those things out to you. – Nice. – Another contest this
weekend is Leo Gang, downhill. – We’re makin’ it easier
this week, though– – We are. You just gotta choose the
winners of men and women. – Yeah, well, okay, good luck on that. Oh, and we got one more competition. Actually, I’ve gotta announce the winner. It’s Asbjorn Steensland,
who won the competition of spotting me in the
gondola in Fort William. – [Blake] Well done. – [Neil] Well done. (rock music) (guys singing and laughing) – First one is from Glen Cloak. A really cool GoPro mount on his downtube. He’s apt to fit it with the cables, see, ’cause they’re in the
way, but he’s come up with a great solution, it’s very neat. Very professional– (speakers drowning each other out) – [Blake] Clean. – [Neil] That’s a hack. – It’s a hack. It’s good, isn’t it? – You can see that front
suspension goin’ up and down, see how it works out. – Bike (mumbling), as well. – You know what Glen, it’d
be great to see some footage from that. That’s what would be cool. That’s would be cool. – Right, the next one. Patricia Bodding, she sent this in. Look at that. She’s built this rack,
going from last week, where you’re building racks
on the back of your car and in bike back. – This is a very– – [Blake] Look at this one. I prefer this one because
it’s not plastic tubing. That’s just wood. – [Neil] That’s gettin’ it. – Very.
– It’s great. I like it.
– Look at that little mouth for the full.
– Anyone can do that to the back of their car. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Neil] It’s a good idea. – This is very clever. – It’s very simple, actually. – That is very simple.
– It’s very cool, yeah. – Right, last one is
from Tucker Silventoinen, and it’s the school project. He’s made this bike stand out of– – [Blake] Mole grips! – [Neil] Mole grips, G consoles– – [Martin] Oh, my god! Look at that. – [Blake] That is so neat. – Now, look at the frame.
– That is clever. – [Martin] Very good solution. – [Blake] That is a hack. – [Neil] Another hack. – I love it.
– Three hacks. – I guess that’s all a bike
stand is is a great big pair of mole grips. – Yeah. Yeah, look at that. – Three hacks. I’d like to see a bodge. I like bodges, as well. – Yeah.
– Yeah. But they’re all very good this week. – Those one’s are very good. – Could we lower the standard, guys? Bring the standard down. – Send us some hacks, or bodges. – Send ’em in, [email protected] Don’t forget to sing. Caption contest, last
week’s photo, I don’t know if we’ll ever forget it. It gave us all nightmares. It’s you two boys kissin’. – [Neil] It’s not. – [Blake] Well, we weren’t kissing. – [Martin] You were about to. It’s weird. – I’ve nothing to admit. – No.
– It’s weird. – Well, I’ve got something here. Mack Jones. Blake and Neil’s First Try Friday. – [Martin] Oh, god. – No. – Don’t like it. – This is not generatin’ good captions. – Patrick Sheard, the only
video that you don’t want to see in the Progression Session. – Just no. – Can we get one that’s sort of. Right, Mitch Trott’s
got the winner, I think. A poc on the cheek? – [Blake] Oh, that’s a good one, yes. – Get it? That’s a good one, that’s a good one. – I get it, that’s where I was
going for the cheek, anyway. – Best of the bad lot, anyway. – Mitch, you’re a winner. We’re gonna try and provide
a better picture this week. Neil, what have we got? – Yeah, it’s a picture of
you, Martin, interviewing Hannah Barnes, and her beautiful dog. – [Martin] I wanna say it’s
the most beautiful dog. – [Neil] Very cute. – Very, very cute. – Leave the captions down
below for your chance to win a GMBN pop pack. – Viewer Edits this week is
somethin’ I’m very excited about because I’ve got this video
sent in from Matthew Glass. It’s of Swank Works. – [Blake] Not Crank Works. – [Martin] It’s a mini
bike comp from the uni guys in Swansea. Now, do you mind, guys, I’m
tryin’ to watch some films here. Seagulls are noisy. Here we go, with Matthew
Glass’s Swank Works video, let mini bike comp in Swansea– – [Blake] Oh, it’s mini
bikes, look at that. – [Neil] So cool. – [Blake] Oh, wow. – [Neil] Bike’s having a
little balance cone (mumbling). Yeah, hold it down. – [Blake] We should do this. – Yeah, we should do this.
– Great game, great game. – [Martin] Oh, look at
that little pink bike. I like that one. (laughing) – [Neil] It looks like
they had a lot of fun, don’t they? – [Blake] Head on. Head on crash. That looks like a lot of fun. – [Martin] There’s some
very trick mini bikes in that video. They’ve done relay, they’ve done sumo, they’ve done all sorts. Swank Works looks like something
we need to get involved in. So, maybe for Swank Works 3– – [Blake] Could we get an invite? – [Martin] Yeah, we’ll be
along, with our mini bikes. Great edit. – [Blake] Yeah, that was– – Good edit. Keep your edits coming. Those guys now have got a lot
of views that they didn’t have just because of that. The links to the videos are
in the description down below. If you wanna get your video
seen, then send it in to us and we’ll try and get it a lot of views. – Yes! (rock music) Oh, Fails and Bails. This one, dudes, is horrible. Check this, from Patrick Donovan. – [Neil] Out on some single track. Looks all right to me. (mumbling) – [All] Oh! – [Blake] Look at the
bike fly over his head. – [Neil] ATV. (speakers drowning each other out) I’ve had my bike hit me
on the back of the head. – [Blake] Oh, I’ve had that, yes. I think that’s got us in the mood. – Do you think?
– Yes. – [Martin] All right. – Run VT. (rock music) – [Man] Whoa! – [Man] Whoa! – [Man] Hey, FJ, you got it, mate. (man groans) (man groans) – Instabangerz! – Yes, see. – I’ve been waiting for
this because I wanna throw to Tracy Hannah. – [Blake] Oh, yes. – [Martin] It was an incredible
moment when she went up for it, William. It wasn’t expected, obviously,
’cause of Rachel’s dominance, but she won, it was a
brilliant moment seeing her just celebratin’ up on track. The only thing that was
nearly equal in it was when Greg won. – Yeah. – But, Tracy Hannah, congrats. She’s an Instabanger. – And I’ve got another
four win theme going on, which I’ll throw you to Shark Tack Jack. Jack Moir got second
place, a young Aussie. He’s been in really good form recently. Won that Aussie brand in
the national (mumbling) championships over there. He’s on that prototype,
Intense29, and I think his best place before this was
ninth place, world cup. So, brilliant result. – And it was a really
popular result, wasn’t it? Everyone loved seeing him do that. Well, I’m gonna throw to
Laurence Crossman-Emms. He’s an amazing photographer
from North Wales in the UK, and now he’s
based down in Whistler, and he comes out with some epic photos. It’s definitely worth a follow. – [Martin] Old friend of mine, actually. – [Blake] Yeah. (rock music) – Bike Vault time! Let’s get a look at your bikes. Are you excited. – Yes, I’m excited. I love lookin’ at you guy’s bikes. It’s amazing. – We get thousands– – We do, yeah.
– It’s so good. (mumbling) Here we go into Bike
Vault, and we’re startin’ with Dave Lee, Santa Cruz. – Look at the mountains in the background. – Oh, nice.
– That is Super Nice. – Nice sequence. – Hogan’s Peak in Switzerland,
that’s a Super Nice. – That is definitely– (Martin exclaiming) – That’s a lot like Switzerland. – Next one, from Francesco Magne. – That looks like Switzerland, as well. – It’s got cow dogs. – But I was gonna say,
they are crazy trail dogs. – Are they trail cows? – Trail cows, for sure. (mumbling) – We mustn’t get distracted by the cows. It’s a nice looking GT. – It’s nice.
– It’s nice. – It’s nice.
– It’s nice. Good cows. – Oh, (mumbling). – Fredrick Villanueve. – That’s good. – That does look good. (speakers drowning each other out) – Incredibly high seat. – Incredibly high seat. – Nice? Three nice.
– Nice. – Like the bluebells,
I’m tempted to upgrade. – Yeah, that is, super nice. – Super nice! (laughing) Right, next one is a full size render. – Oh, that is a lovely bike.
– Goffee, and that’s not the name, but the bike is– – Sonic Rays? – Nice. – Nice. – I think it’s nice. I think that’s super nice.
– I think that’s super nice. – The bike. (laughing) – Oh, my horn’s going. Right, Gavin Birch. – Oh. – YT.
– YT, and it’s nice. – It’s nice. – Yeah, I don’t, it’s just– – It’s nice.
– It’s nice. I can’t fault it. – No, it’s nice. – Okay, Jan Cousteau. – They had it specialised. – Specialised it. – This looks more like Scandinavia. – You know, I like that
bike a lot, but I don’t like the crop of the photo. – I don’t really, either, like
I wanna see his drive train. – I think it’s a nice.
– Drive train. – It’s nice.
– I think it’s a good nice.
– Good nice. – It’s nice.
– I like all those bikes. – You like stealth. – I do, yeah. – All right, Joshua Barnes. – Oh. – Scott, isn’t it? – Well, he’s taken that, yeah,
the Scott Voltage Free Ride? – She’s a beauty. – And he’s put some treble clamp. – You know what I like, I like
how Joshua’s (mumbling) is there in the background, it’s lovely. – Yeah. – I think that’s super nice.
– That’s super nice. – We don’t get enough long travel bikes. – We don’t, no. (laughing) – Oh, my horn is terrible this week. – Oh, whoa, like what angle is that? (speakers drowning each other out) – I like the way your Orange is nice. – He’s got his pack on there. Look, his– – It’s nice.
– It’s nice. – Oliver Craft! – [All] Oh. – Hey, that’s Full Bill! – We’ve met Ollie. – That’s Full Bill! – Yeah, that’s super. – That is a super nice. (honking) – Good horn. – That is a good one. – Paulo– – Oh, look at that! (mumbling) The Grand Canyon. – No, it’s the Grand Canyon
bike, he’s in Lisbon. – Oh, whoa, I read that wrong. I’m sorry. – Ah. – I like Grand Canyons. (speakers drowning each other out) – Super nice. (honking) – Travis Knight– – Oh, it’s a fact, is that– – In York in Main. – That’s a Track Fat full
suspension bike, isn’t it. – That’s a super nice for me. – What? – You do the horn. (honking) – Good horn. – Egads. – Neil, have you got a horn? – Oh, I haven’t, no. – Do you ever get the horn? – Oh, I lost my horn. – If you wanna keep your bikes
comin’ to the Dirt Shed show, then send them to [email protected] We love seeing your bikes. – I do, absolutely. – Keep trying if you haven’t
got it in the Bike Vault yet. And we’re lookin’ forward to seein’ ’em. – When do we get our
bikes in the Bike Vault? – Your bike is not
allowed in the Bike Vault. That is against the, oh, no! – [Man] Your hats! – Oh, my! – On, oh. – Oh, we are so sorry, guys. – You’ve ruined it. (mumbling) (rock music) – Coming up On the Channel
tomorrow, we’ve got a pro bike check with Rachel Athen on the
Track Session Downhill Bike. And then on Sunday,
I’ve got an ebike video where I take that bike
through my local trails, the ones I ride all the time, my Norwalk, and ebike, and see what the difference is. And I really enjoyed. Also, correct set up versus wrong set up. – Oh, nice.
– Bonus, bonus. – Bonus, video. Of course, Monday will
be a Mechanical Monday, and then we’ve got a great
Top 10 for you on Tuesday. Wednesday, we’ve got a, I’m
looking forward to this video so much, How To Avoid Crashing. – Oh, ah! – I wish I’d watched that a long time ago. I’ve had a lot of them. – Me, too. – And Thursday, Ask GMBN, and
again, Friday, we’ll be back in the Real Shed, for the Dirt Shed Show. – Thank you for watching
the Dirt Shed Show! We’ve had a great time. It’s been cool movin’
around this week, hasn’t it? – Yeah, I loved it. – It’s been brilliant up here in Scotland. Yeah, so we look forward
to seeing you again soon. – If you click over here,
I’ll take you through to a tech video for Fort William. – Yeah, click over here
to see my video about 29 and Dano bikes. Are they the way ahead? – Interesting video. – Yes. – Oh, yes. Don’t forget, click this glad
little globe, right here, and you won’t miss another video or show, and you’ll subscribe. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up like. – We love seeing your thumb up. (laughing) – Yeah, we do, oh!

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  14. if polluting if not now plus y'all going faster so theirs a "need" to excerscise"care by mountain owners too block chances of Fatality's

  15. if polluting if not now plus y'all going faster so theirs a "need" to excerscise"care by mountain owners too block chances of Fatality's


    I had an ugly bone fracture on my leg and as a result it is now 1cm longer than the other. Either I have saddle too low for one leg, or too high for the other, it's an actual problem! Would you guys have some hack ideas how could I resolve the problem? I was thinking something along the lines of thicker pedal for the shorter leg or something… (not using clip)

  17. I build my own ebikes, have done for years, huge power is on tap if you want it, all the way to well over 100mph, using high powered ebikes on mtb trails is fun, but because of the high power, your much better suited to fire roads and forestry tracks, when travelling at well over 65mph with a 5000 watt motor, most mtb trails are not suitable.

    I call my sport Ebike Rally.

    Those 250 watt 5 grand ebikes are just so FAIL.

    I can get to 45mph for just £640, and I can fit that to ANY bike.

  18. Should fat people pay more for bus/train/flight because of more fuel combustion? It's almost the same question…

  19. Just curious if I will ever get the knee pads I won? Tom Bower emailed me on June 13th about my postal addy and size. Said the other winners have yet to make contact. Tom emailed me again on the 27th and asked for a phone number. He stated that the # was needed for tracking purposes. ANd that the knee pads will be sent directly from Scott.

  20. Let's get some hard cold research facts to see if it really does cause more use and abuse on the trails then it would make a better business sense to charge more. But twice as much, that's kind of excessive. Has this particular bike park really researched this and if not it really makes me suspicious that they are padding the bill to try and make higher profits and take advantage of this early on. Shame on them if so.!

  21. Caption of the week. Martin so is this a trail dog Girl no Martin does he fix bikes Girl nope Martin is he a GoPro dog Girl NO Martin well thanks for wasting my time

  22. Looks like an idea to charge EBikers just because their toy is more expensive. Can't say there is more damage by EBikes compared to normal bikes. What's next? Shall they also charge based on the size of the wheel? Yes, indeed i (a regular MTB rider) don't feel very happy, when i'm sweating on the particularly hard incline, only to be casually over by an Ebiker, but i can tolerate my feelings 😉

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