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Should I get 2- or 3-Hole Pedals? || REI

Should I get 2- or 3-Hole Pedals? || REI

– Hey, it’s Katie, here with REI. So you decided to go for clipless pedals. Excellent, next question,
two-hole or three-hole pedals? Let’s talk about which one’s best for you. (techno music) So the main difference
comes down to how you’re gonna use them. Three-hole pedals are
designed for road biking. These are pedals like
Look, TIME, or SPD-SL. And the larger cleat gives
you a more secure connection when you’re pedaling hard. Road biking shoes, and these are mine, you can tell they’ve been well-loved, but this is what the cleat
looks like when it’s new. Road biking shoes tend to be stiff, so that combined with
the fact that the cleat is large and comes out from
the shoe makes it really hard to walk around if you
ever get off your bike. Two-hole pedals, on the
other hand, were designed for mountain biking and casual stuff, so Crank Brothers and SPD
are good examples of that. The cleat is smaller and
it’s recessed into the shoe, which makes it easier to walk around. One thing to keep in mind
is that mountain biking and casual shoes can
run the range from stiff to super flexible. Stiff-soled shoes are
good for performance, but the flexible shoes
can be more comfortable, which is good if you use ’em for commuting or just running around on errands. So those are the main differences. One last thing to keep in
mind is the pedal itself. For two-hole pedals, you
can either get a pedal where you can click in on either side, or you can get one where
you click in on one side and use the platform on the other side. This can be really good
if you’re not just using your bike for real intense
mountain bike rides. Maybe you just wanna
pedal with whatever shoes you threw on that morning. The platform side of this
pedal can be good for that. That’s all we have for you today. If you’re curious, check out
our other videos for more. Don’t forget to subscribe and
we will see you next time. Thanks. (techno music)

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