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Should Power Meters Be Banned In Pro Cycling? | GCN Tech Show Ep.110

– Welcome to the 110th
edition of the GCN Tech Show. – This week, we’ve got loads. We’ve got new handlebars, wheels, shoes. You name it, we’ve got it. Plus, we’ve got your
upgrades, the Bike Vault, and our main talking point this week, – Should power meters be banned? – No! – Also, this week’s a
sad edition of the show, because unfortunately,
(somber music) it’s Jon’s last ever tech show. – That’s actually true, it’s
not Ollie’s attempt at humor. It is in fact my last ever tech show. (metallic blasts ring) – Yep, it’s true. Unfortunately, this is
John’s last Tech Show. – Yeah, I am off, it is true. But don’t despair, I will
still be staying at GCN, but I’m going to be working behind the scenes, on the app. So, I guess you can see
what I’m doing over on that. – Yeah, well, I guess,
better download the app then. – Exactly, yeah.
– Yeah, then you can tell if Jon’s doing a good job
or not, as it develops. – Of course I’ll be doin’ a good job! At this point, I suppose
we could have a montage, of all of my best bits over
the last couple of years but, well, that would just
be a livestream of my life, wouldn’t it?
(Ollie laughs) ‘Cause everything I do
is absolutely perfect. (sentimental acoustic music) But no, it’s been absolutely brilliant, and yeah, I’ll still be around. I’m sure you’ll still see me in the building every now and then, Ollie. – Yeah, well, it’s sad
to see you go, man, but the app needs you.
– It does. (metallic blasts ring) – This week, our main talking point is, “Should power meters be banned in races?” Now, this comes from last week, as it was reported that the manager of the Vini Zabu-KTM Pro Continental team has banned his riders
from using power meters. – Yeah, no, that manager is
a guy called Luca Scinto, or Scinto, not sure how
you say it in Italian, and he was one of Mario
Cipollini’s lead-out men back in the day, so he
knows a thing or two about layin’ down some power. I don’t want to misquote
him, so at this point we are going to bring in the laptop, so we can–
– Bring it in, Jon. – Exactly, so he spoke to
“Gazzetta dello Sport,” and Scinto, he claimed that some riders have become too obsessed
with riding to numbers, and that by banning power meters, it would free up the
riders more when racing, and, well, they could
listen to their bodies more. – Yeah, well, Scinto, Shinto, well, whatever his name
is, he also reckons that riders often use their power meters as an excuse for not
performing at their best, saying that he was “fed up” when he heard that, “I was doing 400
watts but still lost,” and, “I’m not putting
out more than 300 watts, “so I have had a bad day,” and “My heart rate is not
going up, so I’m tired.” Those are some of the excuses
that he got from his riders. – [Jon] (laughing) Sounds like he wants to ban heart rate monitors, too! – [Ollie] Yeah! – [Jon] Now, interestingly,
as well, Giovanni Visconti, the team leader, who is
a former Italian champ, I think he’s won it a couple of times, He agrees with that, too! So he’s obviously wanting
to keep his job at the team, as well. (giggles)
– Yeah, so, Scinto added, “I
don’t want to lead robots, “but riders who listen to their bodies “and control themselves.” Yeah.
– Interesting. – Yeah!
– Very interesting! (laughs) – It does raise an interesting
argument, doesn’t it. – It does. – [Ollie] So, can riding
with a power meter actually make you slower? Can you become fixated on a number, rather than listenin’ to
your body and riding on feel? ‘Cause I know some
riders that deliberately cover up the power
number on their head unit when they race, or they do a time trial, because it can act like, like a reverse placebo. You can think, “Well, I
can only do that number, “so I definitely can’t do more than that, “so I’m not going to do more than that.” And then, you know, instead, they’ll look at the
power numbers afterwards. And then sometimes, they do more power than what they thought they could do. – Yeah. Personally, I think, in a road race, you don’t need those power numbers. Because generally, you’re
responding to other people. That’s only if you like to do a suicide or lone breakaway, something like that, really, that’s what–
– (scoffs) Yeah, that’s basically a time trial! – Yeah, exactly that! So, you know, in a time
trial, it’s really good, because those experienced
guys, they know exactly what they can ride at, for how long. So it’s really important for them to be able to judge their pace, but in a road race, no! I mean, if we look back at, you know, Team Sky, now Team Ineos, they know, to the exact watt, really, what
they can ride at on a climb. And so, if they’re there,
and they’re training, and a lot of people
don’t like watchin’ this. – Yeah.
– Bike race. And then, I don’t know,
Simon Yates attacks. They know, all right,
he’s riding at 460 watts. Well, good luck to him. He can’t sustain that. – Yeah.
– We know he can’t. So we’ll just keep at this
pace, and we’ll bring ‘im back. And despite all the criticism
that teams get for doing that, if you, okay, it doesn’t
have such exciting racing. Because people, you know,
it’s not as attacking. But average speeds will go
down, I’m pretty sure of it. Because I think riders will be too scared to do those breakaways, those attacks, knowing that they can’t sustain it if they look down at those numbers. So, yeah, it’s an interesting one. Personally, well, we’ll get
onto, actually, my thoughts in a little bit, on that.
– Yeah. – I’ve chatted to Adam
Hansen, at Tour Down Under, and he talked me through
a new LEOMO device. Now, I think it was the
TYPE-S, not the TYPE-R, but either way, it’s a sort of body motion analyzer, so
it lets you know exactly what your body’s doing in
its different positions. And they reckon this
head unit, on the bike, that picks up all your
information from the sensors, could have a SIM card fitted in it. It’s like an Android device. And then, that could beam
that back to your manager, behind, ’cause otherwise the Bluetooth probably wouldn’t be,
you know, a great enough transmission distance.
– Yeah. – The manager, then,
could go, over the radio, “Hey, you need to raise
your shoulders up again, “you’re less aero,” because it detects all of those movements. I think things like that
are really interesting, too, ’cause it just, you know,
there’s more tech bein’ involved. And we need to get out of the Dark Ages, in cycling, when it comes to all these bits of tech.
– We do, yeah. Well, you know, I love that power meters can quantify our sport, but we
want to know what you think. So we’re going to have a poll, (fingers snapping)
in the app. – Yes, yeah, get involved in that! – So, we’ll put a link down there, and you can–
– Yeah, “Should power meters “be banned?”
– Yeah, you can vote on that poll. – Personally, no, they shouldn’t. – Go on, you’ve got a say. – Yeah, I love quantifyin’ the sport. – Okay. Keep power meters. (metallics clanging) – Hot tech now, and a
British brand, Parcours, has just launched a new wheelset that’s sub-1000 pounds, carbon fiber, and optimized for 28 millimeter tires. – Yeah, now the Strada disc
wheelset, like Ollie says, has been designed around 28 mil tires, which is interesting;
most pros I speak to, I mean, I suppose, yeah, these
aren’t for pros, are they. These are, people like you and me, 28 mil? Absolutely fine. Either way, they’ve been
designed around that. And they have been, apparently, developed in conjunction with the
engineering department at Nottingham Trent University. – Yeah, claimed weight, as
well, 1520 grams a pair. Which, for a sub-thousand
pound wheelset is great. Tubeless, pretty competitive, it’s right up there with,
well, the other sort of wheels it’s competing with I
guess would be things like Hunt wheels, as well, which,
you know, is comparable. – Yeah. Is it, that is, actually, pretty light. At first, I was thinkin’, “Well, they’re, “it’s not really that much to chat about.” But disc brake, as well
as tubeless compatible, yeah, it gets a nod from me, actually. (air whooshing)
– Some hot new shoe tech, as well, this week.
– Love a pair of new shoes! – Yeah! A British cycling apparel brand, Rapha, has teased some new cycling shoes on its website, check these out. There’s, they appear
to have two Boa dials, and kind of like a knitted upper, a bit like the Fizik Aeroweaves. – But Ollie, like–
– And then, and also, they appear to be in the
color of the EF team, as well. But I mean, that’s it, there’s not really much more information, I guess, watch this space.
– Ollie, Ollie, mate. – Yeah?
– I’ve already seen them. – What?
– At Tour Down Under. A couple o’ riders had them, Lachlan Morton even
spoke to me about them! They’re beautiful-looking shoes. – Oh.
– Yeah. Link to that video in
the description below. Sorry, mate! (Ollie sighs)
(air whooshing) ANGi, I think that’s
how you call it, anyway, which is a crash– – Song by Rod Stewart. – What? Doesn’t matter. ANGi, the crash notification–
– Did he do that song? Was it Rod Stewart? – I don’t know!
– “Angie,” who sang “Angie?”
– What is he on about? – No, it’s Rolling Stones, innit. One minute, I’ll just, you carry on. – No idea.
– You carry on. – Okay, right, okay, so anyway, it’s a crash notification system from Specialized, which attaches
to the rear of a helmet. And what it does, in the
event of an accident, it alerts a loved one, via a text message, that you’ve had a crash. So that, I guess, they
can come and save you. But now, they’ve actually
combined forces with Wahoo, to be able to send that
alert via your head unit. You still need to have
your mobile phone with you, obviously, to be able to do all of this, but it means if you were to have a crash, and you were unable to
get to your phone in time, because you can set the
alert times different, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute. But you imagine you have
a little off in the ice, hit your head, “I’m all right, “oh no, now I’ve got to get
my phone out my back pocket,” because it’s going to send
that text message to the wife.” Can’t get your gloves off, you can simply press “stop”
on your head unit instead. It’s a simple little thing,
but really well executed. And I just like that safety feature. – Yeah, “You can’t say we’re satisfied,” ANGi. “Angie,” that’s what, that’s what the Rolling Stones sang. – Cool. – Jon, what is my favorite
thing in the whole world? – Oof, crumbs, (laughs) the mind boggles. Cookery and cricket combined? – Apart from that. – Well, it’s got to be getting aero. – Yeah, aero. “Dat aero!” Check out these, new from
Japanese brand Sacra. They’re carbon aerobars; nothing new there, but check this out. So, we’ve got the standard kind of like, deep section aerofoil shape on the tops and internal cable routing. But what makes these things different is the shape of those drops. – They’re so narrow, aren’t they? – Yeah, look how narrow that is there. And there’s also a
textured surface on them, so that, well, in theory,
you don’t need to wrap them. And by being so narrow on the drops– – [Jon] Aero. (chuckles) – Yeah, well, narrow and aero. They reckon that it saves 12.4
watts, 48 kilometers an hour. – Big saving, isn’t it! – That’s intriguing!
– Yeah. I suppose, once you take away wrapping bar tape on, and
havin’ any cables on show, I mean, what I like about these, as well as those dead narrow drops, is the fact that your thumbs,
like you’ve already shown, can go in there.
– Yes, ergonomically-shaped! – Yeah, you just get sucked in. But also, how you’ve got
another exit point there for hoses, or cables, so you can run it straight
through your stem, and then down through a suitable headset, you know, an oversize system.
– Yeah! – I really like these.
– Yeah, it’s just 200 grams. For a size 40 centimeter, as well. – They’re impressive, aren’t they! – Nice!
– Yeah! – Cool. – Don’t have to tape ’em up, too! No more messy taping jobs, Ollie. And they’re Ace.
(fingernail taps carbon) – Yes, they do look, yeah, they are. Well, more hot tech next week. (upbeat bluegrass music) – Snacks of the week, now! Well, GCN viewer Jon from Bristol, who recently went to Adelaide
for the Tour Down Under, brought back a couple o’ snacks, Ollie! So here we are, mate. I’ve got a Santos Tour
Down Under welcome cookie. (Ollie’s hands rub together)
– Yeah? – So actually, this wrapper, get this, it’s biodegradable, too! That’s pretty cool, innit? – That is cool, that’s cool.
– They’re really good on like, environment, and, you know. – And stuff like that.
– Looking after dietary requirements there. And also, I’ve got a
Byron Bay cookie for you. So, this is toasted coconut
and white chocolate. – Nice!
– So, you can get that one down your cake-hole, or cookie-hole, if you like.
– Ooh, yeah. I’ll try a bit of that now. – Yeah, go on, then. This is like a live taste-test. – Did you get that free on the airplane? (wrapper crackling)
– No. No, no, I didn’t get to
Byron Bay, but, you know, a viewer I bumped into,
they brought it over, said, “Oh, bring this back
for Snacks of the Week,” and all that, and, whoa, (laughs) he’s now
covered in cookie crumbs! (Ollie laughs)
Absolutely brilliant, Ollie’s crotch is covered in it. – Mm, yeah, good snacks. – I’ve had quite a few of them. Nick, camera man, do you want a bit? – [Nick] Good one, then. – Go on, then. – Hopefully more snacks–
– I’ve washed my hands. Let us know what you think about it. – Yeah, hopefully more snacks next week! – Hang on. Oh, it gets a thumbs-up from Nick! (Ollie laughing)
There we go! Lovely jubbly. (screwdriver buzzes) (man imitates cash register)
– It’s now time for “Screw Riding Upgrades, Buy Upgrades,” where you submit the
upgrades that you’ve made to your bike’s equipment,
or cycling lifestyle, in a chance to win the ultimate prize! – Yeah.
– The GCN cap! – Yeah, and you only submit, by the way, those upgrades using the app. That’s very important.
– Yes. – ‘Cause I’m going to be workin’ on that. – Yeah, that is– – You’ve got to try and get through me, I’m like the firewall, but I–
– (laughs) The gatekeeper. – Yeah, but I sort of, I accept things. – Yeah, so download the
app if you haven’t already. it’s continually evolving, but yeah. – Yeah.
– That’ll be good. Right, last week.
– Yeah, right, the winner of last week, with 60% of the votes, was Erik and that Cannondale! So, get in contact, and we’ll
get the cap over to you! – [Ollie] Yeah, well done, Erik. – And let us know if you wear
it peak-up, or peak-down. – Yes!
– I’m always interested in that; it depends on
the weather, for me. – Yeah, it was a good one last week. – I used to even cut
the peak off, sometimes. – All right, steady on. – Yeah.
– All right, mate. – Yeah, just for the hell of it. – Right, well, this week,
first up is Jeffrey Baringer. And he’s bought an old Merckx on eBay, and he’s welded on some new
dropouts to alter the geometry, and change it to track hub spacing. That’s clever, isn’t it?
(Jon giggling) – That is quite a confident move, as well! – Yeah, some new wheels,
and a faux-patina paint job, a fun urban fixie, that
he regrets selling. Check this out!
– Well, Jeffrey Ballinger, that is a lesson learnt. Never sell anything cycling-related. Then you end up with a whole
heap of, uh, good stuff, like me, and you never get it
in the year to get rid of it. (Ollie chuckles)
But anyway, right. So, there is–
– Look at that! There is, right, okay, so that’s not, all right, it is a Merckx, that. I’m going to let you into a funny little story here.
– Oh, yeah? – So, it’s actually a Falcon Merckx. So, Falcon, a UK brand.
– “It’s a Falcon!” – They sort of, they bought
the license for Eddy Merckx, or they’ve licensed out to them, so they can sell more
bikes, so Eddy Merckx got more in his pocket.
(man imitates cash register) But, a guy, (laughing) who I used to work with a few years ago, he knew about my love
for Eddy Merckx bikes, and he rang me up one day and went, “Jon, Jon, I’ve got this Eddy Merckx!” And I was like “Yeah,
yeah, all right, all right. “Send me over some pictures.” He sent them over. And he paid loads of money,
right, for this bike. And basically, it was like, gas pipe. It wasn’t worth anywhere
near what he’d paid. And then when I told him, he
was literally heartbroken, that he’d spent about 800 quid on a bike that was probably worth, about 80 quid.
– Oh, no. – Yeah, lesson well–
– Well, he should’ve– – Should’ve consulted with me first, yeah! – Yeah, and watched the Tech Show. – Yeah!
– Then he’d learn priceless nuggets like that. There it is, in fixie mode. – Look at the state of those dropouts! – Yeah, I mean, he’s gone–
– They’ve not only been altered, they’ve been lowered! The, surely, the wheel wasn’t going to, not be balanced, but–
– You’ve got to be confident to ride that!
(Jon laughing) You’ll be confident in
your welding ability, like that’s–
– This looks terrifying! – I mean, what’s–
– I like the rims! Those rims look cool, don’t they? Are those Sheriff Star hubs, as well? They look like Campy–
– Yeah. – They certainly look like a pair of, I mean it could be, you know,
some modern-day replicas. – Well. – That’s nice, though!
– I mean it’s nice that he’s matched the blue
bar tape, saddle, and rims! That’s kind of cool.
– I quite like– – Looks like he’s built
those rims himself. – What do they call that sort of, ’cause he called it like, a “patina,” or something like that, “paint job,” but I’d just call it a bit of sort of– – Dirty, rust. It’s kind of like–
– Yeah, you see a few cars like that, don’t you? They like, rust the panel.
– Yeah, that– – They cover it in salt water.
– Yeah, that paint job, well, that paint job reminds me of if you come across a toilet, that’s not been cleaned
for like, 10 years. It kind of looks a bit like that. Anyway.
– Yeah, I was thinking more of a burnt saucepan,
something like that. Anyway, Jeffrey, Jeffrey Ballinger, is against Bruce Andrew, whose girlfriend recently got into cycling, and bought herself a
cheap, basic, secondhand Carrera Zelos FEM bike as a starter bike. Nice little bike, that. She really wanted something a bit nicer, so Brucie-boy, uh,
(Ollie laughs) I hope I can call Bruce that, decided to upgrade the
Carrera as a secret project. Now, this could’ve gone
horribly wrong, couldn’t it? Imagine that it was your
girlfriend’s pride and joy, (imitates laughter) “I’m
just going to spruce it up,” and she hates it. Anyway, don’t know if she does or not, but, he decided to upgrade it. A new paint job using Spray.Bike paints, a new carbon fork, seatpost, handlebars, new fulcrum wheels, new saddle,
stem, chain, chainrings, basically everything other
than the frame, sounds like. Finished off with an old Shimano 105 10-speed groupset that
he had lying around, to give it a bigger range of gears. There it is before.
– All right, yeah. – Saddle’s really well
slammed back on that, innit? It’s like an old Belgian Pro! – Yeah, or Valverde. – So it is, yeah! So that’s before, scroll down to the– – And then, that’s the, wow!
– Wow! – That paint job, bloomin’ ‘eck! – What, you did that underneath the logos? – That’s, wow. – I mean, I know a thing or
two about painting bikes, as everyone knows, and
that isn’t bad, Brucie. – Yeah, I mean, you are an authority on such matters, Jon.
– Yeah, no, Bruce, yeah, Brucie has got a bonus
there, hasn’t he, with that? – That is, that’s impressive. I mean, that’s–
– What’s that cardboard, in the back, then, on the stand? What’s that? Or is it like a chamois leather? – I don’t know, if it’s like a
mounting plate, or something. For the wall. I don’t know, but that,
that looks fantastic. – (laughing) That looks
really good, doesn’t it! – Yeah.
– Yeah, that doesn’t look like an old toilet that’s been left lyin’
around, does it, Ollie? – No.
– No. – Well, it looks great. Now, who’s it going to be? You decide. Vote in the app. – Yeah, Jeffrey or Brucie? – Yeah. – I’m going to go for Brucie. I’m saying it, I’m putting it out there. It’s my last show, man!
(metallic blasts whoosh) – It’s now time for the Bike Vault! Our favorite bit of the show, where you submit pictures of your bikes, and we judge them to either
be “nice,” or “super nice.” And if they’re super nice, we ring the bell, and they go in the vault.
(bell rattling) But now, there’s a twist, right? If you don’t agree with our
judgements on the Bike Vault, well, you can have your own say! You can vote in the app. Now, also, we’re going to put
every week’s bikes in the app a week ahead of time, so
that you can vote for them before each week’s show. – So, I’ve done a clever
bit of thinking, here, in that, basically, you
guys and girls at home, the viewers, can decide whether
or not a bike’s super nice, and, well, if Ollie and one
of the others goes against it, they look really bad. But you look really nice, as ever. – Okay, so–
– See what I’ve done there? Stitched you up like a kipper! – I mean, like, normally, as
you know, I ring the bell. – Yeah.
– But, it’s your last show, so, I mean, it’s only right.
(bell clangs gently on table) – Thanks. – Okay, so, first up,
Jon, we have got this. – All right!
– From Ryan – [Both] James McGregor. – [Ollie] 88. – Right.
– Whaddya think o’ that? – [Jon] Well. I like the llamas in the background. They look ever so furry, don’t they? They could do with a good shaving. – [Ollie] Yeah, it reminds me of– – [Jon] What bleak landscape, though! Rusty fence!
– It reminds me of “Napoleon Dynamite.” – Yeah, I like that movie.
(Ollie laughs) It’s a crackin’ film, that. I’ve got it on DVD somewhere. – [Ollie] Yeah, “got like
three feet of air that time.” Anyway, what do you think? – [Jon] Right, okay. that’s one of the Movistar
colorways, isn’t it, that bike? – [Ollie] I have to say, that’s a crime against the Bike Vault.
– Yeah, like– – I mean, non-drive side. – Yeah, it’s like,
straightaway, that’s not– – Non-drive side– – It’s a crime!
– Nice. – Basically, yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. – You’re guilty. (Ollie scoffs) Okay. – Right, next.
– Who’s next up, then? – We have got this Trek Madone. – Oh, that’s nice.
– From Jan Yamaguchi. – [Jon] You said that spot on, mate. It’s a winter ride in Japan at Mt. Fuji, and Enoshima Island in the background. Said all that wrong. – [Ollie] That’s Mt. Fuji? – Yeah.
– Wow, cool. – [Jon] Absolutely beautiful. Do you know what? When I went to Japan–
– That’s a beautiful place. – Went on the, it called
Shinkansen, or something? The bullet train.
– Yep. – [Jon] And it, you know,
it’d be like, saying, “Oh, look right now, you’re
going to see Mt Fuji.” Didn’t see a thing, it was
tippin’ down with rain. I was absolutely gutted,
I really wanted to see it. – [Ollie] Wow, I mean, that– – [Jon] But it looks good in the picture! – [Ollie] What an
amazing backdrop on this! – [Jon] Looks spot on, yeah! – [Ollie] That looks like a
place I’d like to have a ride. – [Jon] Yeah! Is that, that’s not surfers
out there in the sea, is it? – No, I think they’re–
– Those little, not heads? – [Ollie] Cormorants, or something. I don’t know. But yes, the bike, whaddya think, Jon? – [Jon] Okay, well, I can’t see if the valves are lined up or not. It’s like, it, I don’t think they are. I think the valves have
actually been hidden behind the chain stay, seat
stay, and fork, respectively. – [Ollie] Yes. – [Jon] Where possible. I can’t see any branding
on the tires, either. So either they’re Veloflex tires, ’cause quite often the branding on those is on the other side.
– Are they Bontragers, maybe? What do you think? Right, what do you say? – Oof, (sighs) I like it. – I really like it.
– I really like it! Even though I can’t see the valves. (sticker smacking)
– Oh, this is super nice. – [Jon] Yeah, it’s a super nice. – It’s a super nice!
(bell clattering) Right, next up, we’ve got this very bling-looking, S-Works Venge! – [Jon] Yeah, who’s sent that in? It’s Leoamaya36. Don’t know where you’re from, but that is, that’s a nice, I’ve not seen that, have you ever seen that color? – [Ollie] No, I’m wondering
if that’s a custom job. ‘Cause that, that metallic
green fade into black, it reminds me of a beetle. You know, like you see beetles. – [Jon] Yeah, yeah. There’s a pair of Fizik
shoes like that, isn’t there? – [Ollie] Yeah, it’s kind of cool! – [Jon] But, I never
normally like green bikes. I think, you know, if
someone’s gave me a green bike, I’d be like, “Mm, it’s
all right, but not–” – [Ollie] What if you were in
the green jersey, at the tour? – [Jon] That’s different. – [Ollie] Yeah, well anyway– – (laughing) I can’t, my
imagination is vivid, Ollie, but it’s not that vivid!
(Ollie laughs) If I was in the green
jersey at the tour … – Would you want a green bike?
– Everyone, everyone else would’ve fallen off! – Possible.
– Possible! Possible.
– Tricked-out, though. He’s got the Shimano Dura-Ace
power meter on there, he’s got his nice tire logos, sort of matched, but that back one! Not quite straight!
– Yeah, it’s like five to midnight, innit? Five to 12.
– Yeah, Vittoria– (Jon yells disgust) What?
– Those levers! Look at the angle of them!
– Oh, God. – Are they goin’ in really, really weird? – Yeah, he’s positioned them in weird. – Yeah, that’s very, very–
– “Nice.” – Very inappropriate, that’s nice. – Nice.
– Yeah. We can’t be havin’ that
sort of thing around here. – My God.
– Wow! – Wow, that’s a nice photo, isn’t it! – Yeah, someone’s been
to photography lessons! – That’s Liam, Liam N. He’s been riding with an SLR
camera slung over his shoulder. He thinks he’s going to
make it more of a habit after taking this photo. So, I mean, he’s got the SLR.
– Yeah. – But–
– It’s a bit soft, innit? The Canyon logo. – Yeah, I mean–
– It’s a bit of, like– – [Ollie] He’s not, ‘e’s
not in Biggie Smalls, there. – [Jon] No. – [Ollie] ‘E’s tried to hide the fact that ‘e’s not in Biggie Smalls with a vignette. But I’m not falling for that! And– – [Jon] Are those genuine wheels, mate? – [Ollie] I don’t know. – [Jon] The rear one looks
to have too many spokes! I don’t know, maybe it’s
just an older wheel. – Well, I–
– There’s also graffiti– – [Ollie] His crankset is not quite at three.
– There’s a lot of ivy growing as well, on those pillars
in the background. I’m not a fan of ivy. – [Ollie] Are you not? – No, well, I like Ivy, my
next-door neighbor’s dog, but I don’t like ivy on things, because it’s, well, it’s horrible stuff. – [Ollie] (sighs) See, the thing is, the viewers are going to say
that’s super nice, I think. What do you think?
(Jon sighs) – [Jon] What is that
extra bolt below the stem? – [Ollie] That’s the collar, for the A cross headset, I think. – [Jon] But they don’t normally
have a bolt as big as that. Unless you’ve cross-threaded it. – [Ollie] Nice. – Yeah.
– I think it’s a nice. – [Jon] Yeah, it’s nice. It’s nearly there!
– Yeah, nearly there. – [Jon] But I think it just
wasn’t quite crisp enough. – Yeah, “nice.” Right.
– Wow, okay! – We’ve got a Giant. – I can let you say (laughs)
who submitted this one. – [Ollie] “Srbinovski.” – [Jon] Vlatko Srbinovski. – [Ollie] Vlatko Srbinovski. I think that’s, I think
I’ve got that right. – [Jon] Definitely, yeah. Now, this is a setup, innit!
– Yeah, look at that! – [Jon] Got some new wheels, tubeless setup, CADEX Boost saddle, that’s one of those new ones.
– Ooh, yeah. TCR, there you go. – [Jon] Favero pedals, is it? They’re those power pedals, aren’t they. – [Ollie] Ooh, yeah, you
don’t see many of those! – [Jon] No, no! – [Ollie] Well, he’s got
tubeless tires set up on there, as well, these Vittoria Corsas, you can see the little valves. But, what, oh, no, Biggie Smalls, come on. Come on, bloody ‘ell!
– Yeah, that’s like, Biggie Almost-Massive!
– He’s so close, isn’t he? You know, it’s clear background, nice bike, he’s lined up
his wheels and his tires, he’s three o’clock, he’s done everythin’! He’s taken accessories off his bike, he’s done everythin’! Taken ‘is bottles out.
– He’s even got color-matched bottle cages, really
well done, look at them! The blue and the gray!
– Yeah! And then, Biggie Smalls.
– Yeah. – [Ollie] I mean, what is that? It’s Biggie Big, Biggie Big! – [Jon] Vlatko’s obviously a big rider. If you look at the size of that bike. – I mean–
– The wheels look small! – [Ollie] Biggie Big? No.
– Yeah, Biggie Big doesn’t do it for Ollie.
– No, we’ve got standards here, we’ve got standards, here! – [Jon] Biggie Big
doesn’t do it for Ollie. – Well, “nice.” Right, next up!
– Nice, obviously, then! Kukslv!
– Kukslv! – Kukslv. – Kukslv!
– K-U-K-S-L-V, Kukslv. – In description, he’s written in the description section, “89, make of that what you will.” – [Jon] (wheezing laughter) I don’t know! – That’s 89!
– Right, there we are! Anyway, it’s a Gazelle
bike, that’s nice, that. Reynolds tubing, probably
531, judging by the colorway, because 753, and 653, 653
was like a pinkie color, and 753 was magenta, and that’s green. Geeky Reynolds tubing stats
on stickers for you, there. Looks like a pair of the Vittoria, Giro d’Italia special edition tires. Got a pink saddle, with
a bit of relief there, a channel in the top.
– Oh! – [Jon] Looks nice. – [Ollie] I quite like that
pink top tube, you know. Quite like that, think it’s fancy. – [Jon] It looks to be,
as well, a 105 groupset. Because those–
– It’s a bit of everything, isn’t it?
– Those brake levers, I’m pretty sure it was only 105 that came with the white hoods, and they got so filthy, and horrible, and grubby.
– And they have done here. And they have done here.
– And that, is a grubby little thing. That looks, shame there’s no location, that could be … – [Ollie] Hull? – Could be Hull.
– The Hull Estuary? – Yeah, it could be that. It could be the Lake District.
– Couldn’t be here. – Could it, or not?
– No. – [Jon] No, no. – [Ollie] Skegness, you reckon? – [Jon] Skeggy, yeah, could be. – [Ollie] Could be Skeggy, that, yeah. – But, no, they definitely
haven’t put it, have they, no. I really like that! I think it’s wonderfully shot, isn’t it! – Right, well, Jon. This is a big moment, now. – I know.
– ‘Cause this is your last ever Bike Vault judgment. What’re you sayin’?
– I was hoping– – I’m leavin’ it on you.
– I was hoping it’d be a simple one, to be fair. – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Jon] And it’s, I mean, it’s got a fluted seat post. It’s an old bike. It’s still bein’ ridden. It can only mean one thing. (sticker smacks)
– Yeah. – Super nice!
(bell clattering) Very, very lucky! You wouldn’t’ve given that a super nice, would you?
– Well, they scraped in. – You wouldn’t’ve given that.
– Scraped in! – ‘E wouldn’t have given that. Just remember that. (both laughing) – Well, that’s all we’ve got time for this week, unfortunately. Oh, man, I’m going to miss you, man. – Yeah, it’s been good! Go on! Finally, I get a hug. So, at this point, I tell ‘im, “I’m not really going to the app.” (Ollie laughing)
But I am, yeah. In seriousness, I am. “Just said that to get a hug.” – Well, if you enjoy the tech show, and you’d like to support the channel, well, it’s dead easy. Subscribe, and hit the bell
icon if you haven’t already. – Share it with your mates.
– You can also, yeah, share it with your friends. Head over to the shop if you want to get a hoodie, if you want to get
a hoodie that camouflages you into the background, like
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– I’m not really here, it’s just on our green screen! – (laughing) Yeah, yeah! And to watch another video, how ‘about some Tour Down Under tech? – Yeah, there’s loads from there. Yeah, click, there’s a few
on the screen right now. Couple on screen. See you soon.

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