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Simon Andreassen’s Custom S-Works Epic 2018 | GMBN Tech Pro Bikes

Simon Andreassen’s Custom S-Works Epic 2018 | GMBN Tech Pro Bikes

– This pro bike belongs
to Simon Andreassen and it’s his Specialized Epic with a completely custom paint job. (upbeat music) At the heart of Simon’s bike is this absolutely stunning Specialized Epic frame in a size medium, with
probably one of the nicest paint jobs I’ve ever seen. I mean, just talking about the paint job, it’s got like glittering effect in there, and it’s actually two or
three different colors from where I am now it’s completely purple, almost iridescent, and from your side it’s
probably nearer to green. So we spin it ’round so you can see just how much attention to detail has gone into this paint finish. It kind of reminds me
of a lot of early bikes like the Klein Attitudes
when they started doing the linear fade paint jobs. But this is one of the best
examples I’ve ever seen. Now as far as suspension goes, that is something that Specialized have got absolutely nailed. So on their Wellcock
cross-country frameset they’ve got a system called the Brain, and that is developed in
conjunction with RockShox and it’s a totally
unique suspension design where it’s a shock, has a
cable that runs all the way down here to an inertia
valve at the back wheel and that basically can be tailored to the rider’s preference. And in this case he runs it quite soft, which is surprising given what sort of XC bike it is, but the Brain inertia valve can resist pedaling action and effectively lock the suspension out. So really, really impressive system. Now the business end of the bike, the controls, the cockpit area. He’s got quite a specific setup. So it’s a 700 mm nearly
flat, carbon bar on there, and that’s run with a 130 mm
stem with a 17 degree rise. And he’s got that inverted
so it’s completely slammed as low as it can be, and that really reflects in his riding style. As you can see, there’s no
spaces on the top here at all, this is one of the lowest
front ends we’ve seen. And quite unusual for
a cross country racer is the angle of his brake levers which are nearly flat. That is something you tend to see in gravity-based riding, like downhill. But it does ultimately give you a lot more control on the bike. And as you can see, he’s
not running a dropper post so having that crucial control
is actually more important on a bike like this. The brake levers themselves
are Magura Raceline MTH with a carbon fiber levers, and they weigh next to nothing. They’re absolutely lovely pieces of kit. And then, handlebar grips themselves, he’s gone for foam grips. So, they’re super comfortable,
with or without gloves. They’re great if you get sweaty hands, and of course, they barely weigh a thing. So down on the front
end here is a RockShox SID fork but it’s a
specialized Brain option which has got a slightly
different damper unit on there just to reflect the exact
way that the Brain system works at the back end
with that inertia valve. It’s a 110 mil space
fork, and instead of using the conventional axle,
it’s got some custom carbon tire axles on here. There’s a bit of finishing kit, the rear axles are also the same, and a carbon headset top cap too. Nice little extras there. Wheels themselves are the Rovals, they’re SL controls over a 25 mil rim, obviously 29 inch wheels
made of carbon fiber. And they’re set up tubeless
with Specialized rubber on them. Tire choice depends on
the terrain he’s riding. At the moment, it’s
Renegades front and rear, in the regular Gription rubber but in these conditions where it’s extremely dusty and quite blown out he’s actually looking at running the Fast Track tire on the front. And it’s got just a little
bit more of an edge, and just deals with
those loose conditions. Keeping the tires sealed up is a prototype Specialized tire sealant that we’ve heard very,
very good things about. On the Roval wheels, instead
of having a dedicated rim tape, they actually have these plugs, which is a really, really nice solution very neat, very lightweight, and obviously it’s very easy to take out and fix. Finally, last thing you can see down here is the Magura Raceline MT8 caliper in their trademark neon yellow. He’s running those with 160 mil rotors. Transmission duties on
the back of Simon’s bike is all down to SRAM Eagle. Good old faithful. Twelve speed transmission
there, 10/50, 500% gear range, the amazing black and gold race finish, absolutely amazing looking stuff. As we know it wears really,
really well as well. Up front he’s running the X-61
crank, so it’s a carbon crank and it’s a 175 mil, it’s
got 36 tooth-chain rings he’s running the SRM
Power unit on there too. Now interestingly, he’s
got the (mumbles) pedals The particular ones on here
are X-Track race carbon and they’re not the
ones with the tire axis. Quite happy with these ones as they are. Don’t often see those pedals, really really tricked there’s
a whole carbon cage on them. Must have been a kit, right? Disc rotor size out back is 160 which you probably can’t see
because it’s dwarfed by the enormous SRAM Eagle cassette there and of course it’s got the
yellow race line caliper on there, which is the trademark of Maguro Brakes. And as for finishing
kit, as I said before, he’s got the carbon tie,
carbon fiber top cap on there just a nice little trick addition. And of course, Specialized S-Works saddle with the carbon fiber rails
and again with the seat post. Weight, well that’s 9.8 kilograms,
that’s about 21.9 pounds And for those of you who want to know how good this thing
sounds, check this out. So there you go. Simon Andreassen’s custom Specialized Epic XEO Welcome race bike. Hopefully you like the bike, if you want to see a
couple more great videos, click right down here, if
you want to see how to repair stanchion scratches on your forks, and click down here for a playlist all about other people’s pro bikes. Of course, make sure you click on the big globe to subscribe, and if you loved Simon’s
bike, give us a thumbs up, and let us know what you
think of it in the comments.

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  1. That bike is so light it's as light as my winter road bike if not slightly lighter. My bikes got a carbon fork and that's still lighter

  2. Does anyone know how well those little tubeless plugs @3:27 work? I have the same lying around at home😅😅

  3. Why save weight on small parts like ti bolts and top cap but then put it all back on with a power meter crank??

  4. Great video as always but I think that we've seen enough Specialized. We want to see other XC bikes! Keep going!

  5. lol a 50 cassette. This dude needs to hit the gym and not skip leg day. I dont use anything but a 23 on road or XC myself.

  6. Is this custom? Cos I just got this a week ago. It's the 2019 Model I think. Called Oil SLick or Chameloen. 9.75kg with Shimano Xtr pedals.

  7. i would flip the stem + rise and add spacers to be horizontal with saddle .
    most regular joe cannot ride like the pro s very hard on the back and neck !!!!!!

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