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Single Track Trail Riding- Basic SwitchBack Technique

Single Track Trail Riding- Basic SwitchBack Technique

welcome to this week’s episode of dirt
grinder today I’m going to town take you guys along on a little trail that I ride
quite a bit throughout the summer first able to get on it for the first part of
the year this year so stay tuned watch along as a couple techniques I’ll teach
you towards the end about switchbacks this trail is one of the high side
trails that I typically ride on flies off right here I’m going to show you a kind of on this side I guess percent kind of
take it slow here so you can see this view I mean you’re running right along
the edge right now I don’t know how well the camera does justice but this area is
beautiful that’s a small little trail but that’s what makes it fun how many of you guys look at this and
you feel intimidating just off the video I was when I first started riding this
type of stuff it was intimidating but it just comes with practice most of the
time on all my videos they never do the Justice as far as terrain and the
steepness and some of the things that I go across so it’s kind of hard to
explain unless you’re actually out there in person but this is what’s awesome
about Idaho is some of the technical single track trail riding that we have
here is some of the most remarkable that I’ve ever ridden on or a road to say so
this is the part that I got a cannot stress enough is you get to this area
you get to the northwest and you’re comfortable with riding and you can
actually get out on the trails you get practice this is some of the really cool
and exciting terrain that you can get on that I just absolutely love we’re going
to try the evolution trail so you can see the first switch back
there on this trail as I’m heading up when I first started writing I never
thought that those would be something I’d be able to accomplish efficiently
and effectively as I’ve rode more you can see the second one there gotten a
lot better at them the practice the time on the bike the seat time has made it to
where I’ve been able to accomplish those much easier so put in the work for those
of you that are intimidated by them they will get better I guarantee it these are the type of trails that I
really love they’re tight put their technical you got a lot you got a lot to work at you know it’s
not easy you’re constantly placing the bike constantly working
get in shape so we’re starting to make our descent
back down this a little bit here when I come up to the first switchback I’m
going to kind of talk about a little bit explain to you what I’m doing I haven’t
got a chance to show that much I’ll do another video hopefully later out of the
year when I get into a little more of it showing you guys exactly what and how to
navigate a switchback especially the tight ones for that if you’re riding
trail riding and single track guarantee depending on where you’re at you’re
going to come across some types in switchbacks everyone know how to get
around them be more efficient headed at least so the first one here I come down
and now when you get to the switchback just lock the back tire up and you just
slide it my feet never left the pegs I didn’t grab hardly any front brake
maybe if any just maybe a little bit and that’s just to slow myself down before I
get to it here’s another one back tire drag right around so maybe a little bit
of front brake just enough to stop you slow you down before the corner
so you’re not going in a too high rate of speed but once you get into the
actual corner you’re going to use just the back brake and you’re just going to
slide it around super-easy take some practice though how
can I I wasn’t good at it at first the more you do it you learn technique how
to be smoother at it you get better thank you guys so much for watching this
week’s episode of dirt grinder please if you would hit that subscribe button hit
that like button that’s how we can build this channel and promote content in the
future I look forward to hearing from you guys and stay tuned for upcoming

6 comments on “Single Track Trail Riding- Basic SwitchBack Technique

  1. Nice trail riding! But sliding the back destroys trails and if you're not racing on terrain that's meant to be damaged and hopefully maintained its best to avoid any type of sliding or any lose of traction. Personally I take switch backs as wide as possible and lean the bike into the turn as law as possible sometimes using my inside foot as a pivot point, that way I don't slide and erode the trail.

  2. Thanks for sharing some of the tips! I hit a single track this weekend over in the Owahee Mts. It had a hill climb that kicked my butt. I hardly every ride single track so I figured I would look around youtube and see what I could learn. Other than going out and riding it.

  3. Right, slow enough by braking to make the turn, weighting the outside peg while pushing against the tank to start the turn, slide the rear end around the corner and apply throttle! Single track is not easy and it is complicated. That’s why we love it!

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