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Sister’s Slam Dunk | 언니들의 슬램덩크 – Ep.24 [ENG/2016.12.16]

Sister’s Slam Dunk | 언니들의 슬램덩크 – Ep.24 [ENG/2016.12.16]

The topic will be Earth environment. (Earth?) (Natural environment?) Earth environment. It’s a controversial topic… If that’s the topic of the TV show… I don’t know how to feel about it yet. (Hong Jinkyung Show is losing direction) I don’t see her as an environmental activist. I think it was a sincere topic from her heart. I have no interest other than the environment. If she needs help, then I would do my best… Don’t follow too close! Because it’s Jinkyung’s dream. It’s there! (Power Unnies will protect Hong Jinkyung Show!) (The day of the meeting for Jinkyung’s dream) – Director. / – Hello. – Hi. / – You look so… – He’s like a trendy guy today. / – With some coffee. – Good to see you again. / – Good to see you. – It’s been a while. / – Have you been well? Yes. In the few days we haven’t seen each other… Some crazy things happened on my end. Really? Yes… What do you mean? You barged into my office. – Just the two of you? / – Yes. I just wanted to see your office. She came, and… Was it a mess? What happened between them? (She went beyond her best for others’ dreams) (She went from entertainment to drama) (It’s her turn to become the dreamer!) (Got called out on his day off) Being glamorous, grand, something no one has done. I wasn’t pursuing for these. I just want people to know what scientists are warning. I just want to put those things together… Kind of like “Mad Max” or “Interstellar.” Where the Earth goes through a natural disaster. And at the end… We do a campaign together with the viewers. That’s what came to mind. I think you brought up only the hardest projects. – Really? / – Yes. So the layout is for example… (Stars do a massive congratulatory performance) (Having debate with environment experts) (Natural disaster movie) (Why do I get a bad feeling about this?) (Continuation of Jinkyung’s dream talk) (Blank) (Memory that I want to erase…) You look exhausted already. But I saw that Jinkyung put a lot of thought into this. When you become the dreamer… You have a lot of concerns. She was stressing out by herself. So the conclusion is… We pondered how to incorporate natural environment into the show. There were comedy and reporter-style ideas. We talked about various things, then we put all those aside. And we decided on a documentary. (It won’t be easy) But not just your typical documentary. We will do a fake documentary. – Fake documentary? / – Yes. What is a fake documentary? You know what a documentary is, right? It’s all based on facts and using records for evidence and such. The fake documentary is… 100% all made up. In other words, a documentary full of lies. It’s exactly like a documentary, yet all the stories are made up. (It would be a scripted fictional story…) We don’t do that stuff. Next is the finance report. We’re minus $60,000 at the moment. I’m on so many programs. How can we be minus $60,000? (Hong Jinkyung Show equals fake documentary) This is somewhat not like the Hong Jinkyung Show… But Hong Jinkyung Documentary. I think we would need a new title for this project. Hong Jinkyung Show is the fake documentary. It’s just that we are used to one type of show. A show is not limited to one genre. A fake documentary can use your entertaining talents to make people laugh. We could really bring out that entertainment value. Plus, I think you’ll be really good at this. I think it’ll be fun. Just because this is a fake documentary… The way we worry about the environment… The viewers may think that’s fake too. I think that would be the downside. I’m worried about that. But if we actually think hard about this and provide a great source of entertainment… People will definitely get something out of it after the laughs. – Seriously… / – We are in your hands, Director. – Why get so serious all of a sudden? / – Wait… (Jinkyung’s so funny) The title is Hong Jinkyung Show, and the genre is a fake documentary that talks about the environment. The entertaining elements of it being fake along with the serious side of it being a documentary. I think it could come together really well. The hope that I told this show’s crew… Is that I want this documentary to be more than just a variety show. We’ll include good technical staff, visual and special effects teams… I want it to go to film festivals. Film festivals? What we record will be screened at film festivals? We can go on it competitively… Or just as a special screening. Now that we talk about film festivals… I think it would be inspiring. And we can show everyone how 5 women can come together to achieve something from various fields. We could show the world. I’m worried a bit but… Because Jinkyung brought this up, I think it’ll be a fun documentary. (What about her?) – With this… / – Jinkyung… She’s even more pressured. She won’t be able to sleep. I think she’ll cry another river for this dream. Isn’t this getting too out of hand again? I hope this isn’t done lightly. Because some people spend their entire life educating others about the environment… To warn them and so forth. If we take our influence too lightly, we could end up distorting the issue. I would feel upset if that was to happen. So you should meet professionals and scholars. – We should study. / – Yes, experience things. It’s become even harder. This is the most technical thing… You can equate a documentary to someone’s eyes. You can blink, but you can’t have them closed. Your eyes are about to pop out. If we take a drama and happen to delete a scene. You can record again. You have bloopers. But documentaries don’t have bloopers. You’re holding a camera and then suddenly there’s a strong wind… You’re recording and people are pushing on you. You can’t be like, “The shot was shaky, we’ll do it again.” (Hong Jinkyung’s fake documentary) (Camera working) (Any situation that can arise) It’s difficult to hold myself up. At 5:40 a.m. The high waves… In the seas of Taean… It’s snowing so heavily that it’s hard to open your eyes. (So we prepared this) – What are these? / – What are all these, Director? – This is… / – Acupressure pad. – That looks like… / – An acupressure matt. It’s where you go in without shoes. I think it’ll be healthy for the body. Let’s spread this out too. These are like at a demonstration… (Justifying best as he can) Things might fly at you, but you still have to shoot the camera… – Reporter mindset! / – Yes. Carry the camera from over there. The thing is… Brother Josh… Brother Josh. Let’s say he’s the person we want to film. From the furthest point… – Just focus? / – Let a wide shot… Ah, this is a technical term… From a full-shot to knee-shot… Do we go up to the bust? When I say, “Tighten up,” you slowly zoom in. Up to here. You’ll do two things. – You need to cause… / – Distractions! Yes, distract each other. Can you go first to see how well you do? – Yeah. / – No, no. I told you… – So, Director… / – I won’t be filming. – You show us first. / – But still… – No, I can’t. / – Show us how it’s done. I’ll just go home if you make me do this! – Alright… / – We do it… You can’t be shaky! Then you fail! Walk like a model. This is tight and this is wide. A little more tight. Zoom in a bit. Stay here for like 20 seconds. We’ll start filming. Miran, you’re doing well. Wait a minute. Start filming. Do we throw this at the camera? – You attack Miran. / – I throw it at her face? You don’t have to throw anything. My arms are shaking already. It’s scary, right? – No, it’s heavy. / – This is heavy. I see. This is such hard work. Give her a handicap about now. – Do we start? / – I’m recording all of you. I’m not going to move. – With this… / – Watch out for my eyes… We’d better be gentle. Use the large ones. Sook… Sook… Hey… – Don’t do that. / – I have a drama shoot today. What are you doing? – Don’t do that. / – I have a drama shoot today. I have a drama shoot to go to today! Oh, that stings! Walk in slowly just as you are, to a tight shot. – Zoom in on a tight angle. / – Tight… Okay. (Just then) (The coldness that pierces through clothes) (Hello, my name is Josh…) Last obstacle! Go up on it! I’m too scared to pop this. Miran, use one leg. One leg for 10 seconds. Who’s this? (Josh Hartnett is in the angle, shaking greatly) – That’s enough. / – This is too dangerous. – You did well. / – I couldn’t feel any of these! – Because you’re focused? / – Yes. It didn’t hurt at all. What she recorded now was totally unusable. It can’t be used. You were filming the ceiling earlier. A few seconds. You’re shaking already! Center! This. Zoom in! More, more, more! – You have a long way to go. / – More, more. Stop! What are you doing? Hey! What are you doing? This is too cold! It’s the very first scene. – I’ll be back! / – Do well, Miran! Don’t go, Miran! – Sook. / – Needle. – What is that? / – It’s too short. Start. (Why you…) – Why you. / – Stay still for 10 seconds. (Should I try too?) (This is hard core) (Normal) (She was more scared) Zoom in tight. (Does it right away) Sook! Aren’t you moving too much? Don’t do that to my head! Go forward. Don’t lose sight of the person. She’s good. Your body is shaking! Don’t do it on my face. She really hates hot stuff. Why is she so good? Director! Out of the blue… Director! Out of the blue… Oh, Jessi. – Jessi, lift your foot. / – Stand on one foot. (One leg filming!) (Pretty amazing!) (Brother Josh’s skin closeup) (Using only one arm for filming) – She’s good. / – She is. Are you kidding me? (Clothespin?) It stings!! I thought I got stung. – It’s cold! What is this? / – She thought she got stung. Is this ice? That’s my chest. She lasted through it. It’s in my back too! – Do you know how much is in here? / – You’re good. – No more. / – Who was it? Jinkyung, you’re dead. Jinkyung’s turn now. Let’s call it a day. We did a lot. – Take off your coat. / – We’ve done enough. Take your coat off. Do it. Since you’re the dreamer, you’re the highlight. From start to finish, I’ll show you the reporter’s spirit. – I’m starting with the 10-second shot. / – Yes. 1, 2… – Wait, why are you counting so fast? / – 3, 4… Hey, you scared me! (Director Jinkyung is enduring through it all!) She passed. (Busy) (Typhoon on!) (Ice attack) (Mad mob attack) (Sinkhole attack) (4 different obstacles in her way!) (Director Jinkyung gets sucked into the sinkhole) (Angle that shows the hardships of Jinkyung) (She moves when she gets the chance!) (Escapes the sinkhole!) (Addition of water!) The monsoon season has started and we expect heavily localized downpours. We experimented to see our own strength against the monsoon wind! 20m/s, breathing is becoming a difficult task. 30m/s, it’s hard to keep the eyes opened. With more severity, the raindrops sting against our skin. 30m/s, it’s hard to keep the eyes opened. With more severity, the raindrops sting against our skin. (Bang) (I will film this!) (Amazing focus) (Lightning explosion!) (Electric) (Tenacious Reporter Jinkyung) (Even in continuous attacks) (She stands her ground) Stop, stop, stop! Stop, stop, stop! (Good-bye, Josh) Stop, stop, stop! Director, why are you making us do this? You guys are too much! Jinkyung, this is your dream. This could happen in real life. There is no such situation like this in Seoul! When would this ever happen? (Falling out) (This Hong Jinkyung Documentary is tough) Jinkyung, this is how difficult your dream is. This is not an easy task. Director, would you like to be the last to try? – No… / – We won’t go hard on you, really. I don’t do this kind of stuff. (Why am I doing this right now?) (Clothespin bug) Director, you said we had to start after 10 seconds. No… Seriously… (Would my coworkers know?) (That I am facing a typhoon right now?) (Concentration) (The Director’s angle is not shaking at all!) That’s incredible. (Thank you, Brother Jang) We’ll end here! Who put this on me. Director, one moment. (Side effect of practicing filming) Director, it’s fun doing this with you. Yes, it was fun meeting you all. Director, you can’t ignore our phone calls from now. Where’s La Miran? – Miran went to shoot her drama. / – Right. – Looks like you’ve been traumatized. / – I know. This was kind of crazy, so to conclude… You will research on the state of the Earth’s environment. – Yes! / – You will listen to this and that. You can practice how to do a documentary. Okay. And I will… Along with Jinkyung… We’ll think about how to create this fake documentary. – Yes. / – We understand. – Be on your toes. / – We will do our best! – Thank you! / – Thank you, Director. What do we do first? Jinkyung, you’re the dreamer. What should we do now? – First… / – What do we do? Let’s do that thing… The recycling thing. Trash? We put the trash out in the front of our apartment. I don’t know where it’s going. That’s true. Want to go see where they go? We recycle but we don’t know whether… The recycled trash is being taken care of. (Practice topic decided! Locating recyclable goods!) Just as we have “Documentary 3 Days,” should we do a Documentary 3 Hours? Documentary 30 Minutes! – 30 minutes? / – Yes, just 30 minutes. Documentary 3 Minutes. – I don’t think we could do 3 hours. / – Do 3 minutes. – Let’s do 3 minutes. / – 3 minutes. Yeah, let’s keep it simple and just try it out. (Sister’s Slam Dunk Documentary 3 Minutes) How do we get there? They don’t do the recycling in Seoul. They probably go far. How far? Have you been? You just have a feeling it won’t be in Seoul. It wouldn’t be here. Wherever the destination, we have to go. – Let’s go! / – Even if it’s in Busan. Your outfit stands out too much for a pursuit. For a pursuit… – Right now, it’s… / – Me too. You’re wearing stone colors. You’re well hidden. Yeah, I’m fine. I’m like a rock. – It’s like you have protective coloring. / – You are. Should we call the county office or something? I’m sure there’s a time when they pick up recyclables. Yeah, my apartment has a set time when they come. Yeah, that’s what it says on the internet. Normally you’d never call to find out. Hello. I have some questions to ask. We are trying to record a documentary for a broadcasting station. Yes. Would it be okay for us to track where our recyclables go? Tracking? Tracking what? We just want to know where the recycling goods go. We’ll use a hidden camera to record it. How can you just blurt that out? I’m sorry. Geez. How is it a hidden camera if you tell her beforehand? What do I tell her then? Thank you for your hard work. Hello. Hello, I’m celebrity Hong Jinkyung. – Hello! / – Hello. – Celebrity Hong Jinkyung? / – The reason I’m calling… I’m making a documentary on the environment. I wanted to know how they get recycled. – That’s how I should’ve said it. / – So you… Can I get permission? It’s okay, you’re not the dreamer. She said it’s possible! Really? We have to be dramatic so we’ll film in secret. Okay, that’s fine. Around Yeouido. Can you tell us at what time and which neighborhood they do it around Yeouido? At the moment, they are at Yangpyeong 6-ga. Yangpyeong 2-ga? – Yangpyeong 6-ga. / – 6-ga. They collecting recyclables at Yangpyeong 6-ga. Let’s go there first. – Let’s follow the truck. / – Catch that truck. – We need to catch it. / – Let’s do that. You’ve done tracking, right? Yeah… Me… I’m… Just follow me! I can get there in 5 minutes. I’m worried we will be in heaven in 5 minutes. The basics of a documentary is mobility. – Yeah, we must move fast. / – We can’t sit around. I can drive. – Yeah, Jinkyung, you drive. / – No. I was curious too. Where does all the trash go? (Hong Jinkyung Show on site begins now) (After we sort out our recyclables…) (Do they really get recycled properly?) (What if they are just getting thrown away?) – So creative. / – My goodness. – I met them a few days ago… / – This is a camera? – Where’s the camera? / – It’s a real camera? Where is it? This is the camera. Wow! Incredible. Can I wear it just once? My goodness. Where? This is the camera. – Where? / – Here, in the middle. How much was this? Now everyone who wears glasses are suspect. – That’s true. / – Everyone that wears glasses… I can’t see. My goodness. Oh, in the middle. Can you tell? You look pretty. Oh, Jessi! You look sexy. We’re leaving! – Right now… / – Oh, look in front… – First, the recycling center… / – Goodness. We’ve just left Yeouido urgently… The place we’re headed to right now… It’s Yangpyeong 4-ga… – At 4-ga… / – It’s 6-ga, 6-ga. – Right turn here. / – 6-ga? – Over there… / – 6-ga. So this recycling truck will head to the center under Seongsandaegyo. The PET bottles and glass bottles that we recycle… We’ll find out how they’re being recycled by investigating the site. But, Jessi… Don’t follow the truck too close. That’s right. – Since we’re in pursuit… / – In secret… – So… / – But I’m normally a tailgater. That’s no good though… Sook, I’ll film for a bit. It’s heavier than you think. I’ll tell you… I used to live at Yangpyeong 6-ga. What kind of place was Yangpyeong 6-ga? There are many private homes in Yangpyeong 6-ga. Private homes? There are lots of homes so… Wait a minute. – Here? / – We’re here. – The destination. / – How is it here? – Where is it? / – Turn the music off. We never turned the music on. Is that it? Who are we following? Where is it? – Go straight. / – That’s not a recycle truck. We don’t have to whisper in here! – They can’t hear us. / – There’s no truck. They don’t stay in one place. – Is there a recycling center… / – Turn the camera on. – Record that! / – Where? I’ve recorded it with my glasses. – You did? / – I’m recording right now. You’re recording me right now! – Yeah. / – Isn’t there a click? – What click? / – Why are there so many tipped bins? Yeah. Something’s suspicious. – But they’re food bins. / – Really? Aren’t they? We need to do a stake out. You need stake outs when you’re on pursuit. Let’s stop the car naturally. There are lots of bins over there. (Very unnatural looking car) I’ll look around outside. Put on the glasses! Are you going out? Hurry and put on the glasses. It’s great with the glasses on. If we’re on pursuit, shouldn’t we not have a camera as big as a canon? Put it in your handbag. – How do I do that? / – How would you? (A suspicious person gets out of the suspicious car) (She heads out without a cameraman or audio) (Excuse us for the abnormal height) Oh, it’s that side? – Director Inseok. / – It’s that way. – It’s that way. / – Over here. That way. Come on. It’s over there. – I see it. / – Come this way. Get out, get out. Have you parked it? (In the end, she runs with her long legs!) – Is it on? / – Yes. (Just like a spy movie, this is a tense moment!) Give me the glasses. It’s over there. It’s over there. – Don’t get too close. / – Hyorin, film it. It’s parked. Hey, you’re too out in the open. I know. (This is virtually in their faces) (Hidden cameras everywhere) The car. We need the car. (I am waiting for my owner) – Let’s get the car. / – We need the car. What are we doing? – We have to chase it. / – You’re right. Go get the car. Just walk past naturally wearing those glasses. Naturally walk past wearing the glasses. Just naturally in the glasses. Say, “Thank you for the hard work,” and walk past. (Bold Jessi daringly goes toward the truck!) – They’ve gone. / – They’ve left! They’re gone. We’ve lost them! There it is! Sook! The car… Go get the car. – We need to chase… / – The car… – Hey. / – Go! Oh, it’s over there. – No… / – Excuse me. (Huh? It’s stopped!) Hey, the collectors are coming out. (Making a fuss without doing much) We’re doing everything… (Should I try to get closer?) (Jessi attempts to go undercover) (3m away from target) (I’m going to a friend’s house) (Side glance) (Jessi marches on) (What? He fixes eyes on Jessi!) (Will we get caught just like this?) (Isn’t concerned with her at all) (Kind of feeling disappointed…) Hey, it’s just leaving. (The truck disappears for real this time!) (They run with all their might, but can’t catch up!) (At that moment, the car appears like a comet!) Why are they running like that? (Arrives with style for the members who are lost!) Girls! – Jump on! / – Hey, it’s Sook! (Perfect teamwork…) Sook, the door’s locked! Open the door for us. Hey, why are you running? Hurry up and drive. Put on your seatbelts! Hurry. – Take a right. / – Right? – Is this right? / – I want to hire a motorbike. I saw you guys running earlier. You guys looked so silly. It looked funny. Sook, you’re following them really obviously. (Carefully approach, then parks in broad view) I’m not too obvious now though. This is more suspicious. 3 people running is more suspicious. Where could the trash be going? And how are they being recycled? Is that our crew car at the front? Isn’t that too obvious? Filming. They are totally advertizing that we are filming. Where is it? (Everyone, look this way!) Filming. – Sook. / – I’m too close. Hey, you’re way too close. You’re virtually tailgating. – We’re so obvious. / – I’ll get off. We might as well just say hello. Should I go and say hello? Say I’m Jessi. Hello. How did I know they’d be right here? I’ll just stick right on them while we’re at it. That makes it more suspicious. (They’ve been following cluelessly for 30 minutes) (Where does our recyclables go?) (After circling the neighborhood and out of a tunnel) – We’re passing… / – Is it here? – Here? / – This is it! Recycling center! – It’s there. / – Sook, you have to go in there. It was so close to us. (Yeongdeungpo Recycling Center) – Hyorin, are you filming? / – Yes, I am! What’s this? – It’s just here. / – We pass this place every day. The stuff we throw out without much thought gets sorted here. (The identity of this location?) – There is the recycling center building! / – Let’s go. Back here. Recycling center… Check out the mattresses. They salvage parts from this. I’m actually feeling sick. The regular trash isn’t here. It’s where they bring the recyclables. If you look carefully, there’s even food trash. It’s here. (Wow…) (A long rail on the 2nd floor) (Shocked) – Hello! / – Hello! The recyclable goods that we throw away… We were curious about where they go and what happens to them. So we followed the truck here! Can you tell us about this place? This is the first stop where the recyclables that people put out get sorted. They’ll get grouped into their types and taken to the recycling companies. So bottles and plastics, cans… – This is just a sorting place? / – Yes. (This is where the recyclables are sorted) (Non-recyclables are tied and collected) (Recyclables are sorted by type) We pursued the truck to get to the recycling center. (But…) What gets recycled? What happens? So they’re sorted by item. Plastics, paper, metals… They’re sorted by type. Things that can’t be recycled is food trash… That needs to go to the food disposal. Things like ceramics, can’t be recycled at all. – Or diapers. / – Diapers! – Diapers. / – That should be thrown out. Toilet papers… With PET bottles… After you’ve drunk the content, you need to rinse with water first, right? That’s right. And you’re supposed to separate the cap. – Oh, the cap? / – It’s made from a different material. The sorting is done by hand. Right… Since it’s mixed with plastic bags… We can’t put these through a machine. The machine can’t pick them out. It must be hard to work if you get goods mixed with food trash. It’s hard on the workers. We have to sort the materials. But we can’t so… It becomes a national waste. As a nation that lacks natural resources, sorting recyclables is very important… Illegal trashing… Illegal dumping continues… 70% of things thrown away are recyclable. This is a recycling center, but only 25% of what’s here is recyclable. It was honestly shocking for me. We just threw things away without thinking much. And we didn’t think beyond it. (Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s gone) (Somewhere, Earth is rotting) It’s been 15 years, but we are far from recycling. With proper waste management, trash was reduced by 80%. Recyclables increased by five-fold. If you just recycle properly… We can reduce it by half. Just the fact that we can show these things now… I’d like to tell lots of people about this. Are they just pulling out the plastics? This line is doing just plastics. Everyone’s moving so busily. Since we are here, we would like to help even for a little bit. – Would you like to try? / – Can we? Put on masks and gloves. Our workers will guide you. – So you can work together. / – Okay. What about these? Not those. – Just PET bottles? Like this. / – Yes. – PET? Oh, no? / – It isn’t. Yogurt drink bottles are separate? That makes it confusing. (Shatter!) The glass bottle is all broken! – That shouldn’t be here, right? / – Right. (Hyorin calmly does the sorting) Where is it? Jinkyung’s doing it all so there’s nothing for me. (I won’t let you slip by) (This section had their own ace) (She’s found her second job as a sorter) You need to throw this out carefully. You’re so good. This side is too slow! There’s so much that isn’t recyclable. Isn’t that right? Look at the food in here! They shouldn’t be sent here like this. – There’s food trash! / – Oh, things like this? I was actually shocked. I was so taken aback. I saw the reality that I was one of these culprits. What are we going to do with this? Throw it out? (If it was rinsed once with water, it’d be okay) Oh, my God! The plastics should be together… Oh, food! These people are too much! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! There’s so much here! You can’t take your eyes off even for a second. Everything passes by if you’re distracted. Don’t you get dizzy? It’s okay since I’ve done this for a long time. It is much more meaningful to experience first-hand than to listen 100 times. I thought that I must lessen their workload. I really reflected on my actions… Now, our country… Our Earth… Our Earth… I saw it in a different light. We should throw our trash out properly. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. – You did well! / – Thank you! Good job! I got complimented on my work. Korean people drink too much alcohol. Do you know how many rice wine bottles I saw? Stop drinking! Let’s go. Something’s been put on display here. These must all be made of recyclables. (This place is filled with nice things) (A museum of recycled goods) This is a generator. It’s a bicycle generator. I find this so fascinating. The fish… This was a television, all the parts were recycled. The TV looks like a work of art. It’s full of water! What is? Up to the top, it’s filled. And you can close it! Making a fish tank with a TV is a great idea. It’s a great idea. – I want this. / – Oh, my! There is a clock made out of a frying pan! You can hang it up. Those jeans are actually pretty. Once you know the basics, anyone can make these. – Can I try it? / – Feel free. It’s easy on the shoulders because it’s light. It suits Hyorin. You suit everything. Sook! That goes well with your outfit! – It looks like it’s yours. / – Doesn’t it? I think it was made for you. The name of this bag is Louis Vui-jean. Louis Vui-jean? (Members are done with sightseeing) (The story about the planet we live on) (The second practice for Hong Jinkyung Show) Meet the people to get the information concerning your topic. Take some time to relate… (So we’ve prepared this) (Those who love the Earth dearly…) (With experts in various fields) (A debate on the present condition of our Earth) (And the host who will be leading this) Oh? – The debate… / – Ha Jungwoo? (Hong Seokhui) (Our apologies…) And cue! (Let’s Look Up At The Sky From Time To Time) (The panel members welcome each other) Hello. I am today’s host, Hong Seokhui. Today, we will debate about the Earth’s environment. First, I will introduce the panel members. – Hello. / – Hello. Public transport… Yes, I have a heavy vehicle license. I want to say that we should all take public transportation more often now. And next to her, we have someone who’s famous for not washing, La Miran. – Hello! / – Yes. I think washing once every 2 or 3 days is sufficient. I’m La Miran, the expert at not washing. She washed her hair last month. Next to me is the organic ambassador, Min Hyorin. – Hello. / – Hello. I usually eat organic food that is pesticide-free. And we also have someone who conserves fabric daily, Jessi. – Hello! / – Hello. – I usually don’t wear a lot of clothes. / – Yes, yes. And I barely wear anything at home. – Oh, you barely wear anything? / – She doesn’t. In a way, you are the leaders in… – Protecting the environment. / – That’s right. From conserving water… Then what are you doing to help the environment? – Me? / – Yes. – Well… / – I saw her eyes shake. (Lowered defense) (Geez, Sook) Please try to refrain from extreme personal attacks. I’m sorry. In cases like this, I will issue a warning as the host. Now, let me introduce you to the people who will be joining us today. If Hollywood has Leonardo DiCaprio, we can say Korea has this person. Korea’s 1st eco-friendly actor! Let’s welcome Park Jinhee! (Hello) Oh, they come out from the back. Welcome. – Oh, Park Jinhee. / – Nice to meet you. Jinhee, please have a seat there. We will talk about how you’re doing in a bit. They wanted me to be a little speedy to keep things moving. I will introduce the next guest right away. Does everybody know what WWF is? – WWF? / – WWF? Is it boxing? – World Wide Fighting. Isn’t it? / – World… He’s the WWF Korea Ambassador. He also represents the U.S., Tyler! Hi, Tyler! Welcome! What does WWF stand for? Back in the days, it used to be for this. But there was a lawsuit and they lost. So they changed their name to WWE. Currently WWF is World Wide Fund for Nature. It’s the largest conservation organization in the world. Why is he so good at Korean? He’s better than me! Thank you, Tyler. We’ll talk more in detail later. The next guest is someone who traveled all over the Korea for 9 years and experienced the beauty of nature. Expert of Korean nature. Let’s welcome Kim Jongmin! Please come out! The Kim Jongmin we know? He’s the expert? Hello! (The Kim Jongmin we know) I can understand the others but isn’t the expert of Korean nature too forced? No, he really is an expert. Please explain what an expert of Korean nature is. While doing “2 Days and 1 Night” for 9 years, there isn’t a place I haven’t been to. – All around. / – Yes, all around. You just went to places, you’re not an expert though. Well, that’s true but… There’s a saying. What saying? Time and nature are in proportion to each other. – What? / – What? Alright. We’ll talk later. Let’s hurry and invite our next guest. The next guest’s title is Klean Korea so they seem to be suitable for this debate. That’s right. She has great interest in the environment. The honorary ambassador for Klean Korea, Song Euni! What do you mean Song Euni? Symbol of peace, a dove! (Klean Korea’s honorary ambassador) So many amazing people are here! What’s Klean Korea? Unlike the superficial titles you have, I was acknowledged and appointed by the Korean Ministry of Environment as the 2009 honorary ambassador for Klean Korea. 2009? – Isn’t that too long ago? / – 2009… Then have you been their ambassador since 2009? I don’t know. The Ministry of Environment never told me that I was fired. – So I think I still am. / – You’re another ambassador… Yes, for the Korean Association Against Drug Abuse. Everyone, you shouldn’t do drugs or even take interest or have curiosity in them. She’s the honorary ambassador for too many things. I’m collecting titles! She’s collected about 10 so far. They told me that they’d give me free tissues… Collecting mileage. I think when the next guest comes in, the studio will feel full. Kim Junhyeon, please come out! Isn’t the passage too small for him? It’s too small for him! – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. – Please have a seat. / – Yes. This way, this way. Didn’t you struggle on “The Human Condition?” It’s been a while since the show ended. I couldn’t even find it on VOD. I wanted to watch it again before I came here. Based on your experiences from the show, please give us some good advice later. Sure thing. We have another member from “The Human Condition.” – It’s a woman this time! / – This time… She’s the female representative! Let’s just have Kim Jimin here! Please introduce me again. – Please introduce me again. / – Oh, again. No need to get nervous. Just go again. – Let’s just have… / – Let’s welcome Kim Jimin! Kim Jimin. – She’s pretty. / – Jimin is pretty. You were also part of “The Human Condition.” We did an episode on not using any makeup… No chemicals. Oh, I saw that one! – You saw it? / – Charcoal for your eyebrows… You went on air with flour as foundation and you wouldn’t talk because you were so embarrassed. I was really upset on that day. But the comments said I look really white and pretty today. – It absorbed all your oil. / – It was pretty difficult. We invited our next guest from far away. Who is it? He’s the Ghana representative, Sam Okyere! If it’s Ghana, it’s always Sam. He got stuck. Everybody else has something to do with nature. Expert of Korean nature, 1st eco-friendly actress… Sam, your title just says Ghana representative. People don’t know this but I was the honorary ambassador for seaweed! – Seaweed? / – The seaweed we eat? I was the honorary ambassador for Wando seaweed. They chose someone from Ghana to promote Wando seaweed? Isn’t that weird? It’s interesting, right? We’ll talk about the details in a minute. Let’s invite our last guest for today. Chinese representative who participated in getting rid of the leftover food campaign! Please welcome Zhang Yuan! (Phew, I did it) Welcome! – Oh, he’s handsome! / – Nihao. Did you really participate in the campaign? We had a similar topic in another debate program. We thought of ways to help the environment. So we started a campaign of taking pictures of clean plates and selecting the next person to do the same. You should’ve called me. – Alright then. / – I’m sorry. Watch yourself. That’s a warning for you! Shouldn’t you stop her? – You should give a warning! / – What did she say? She’s only focused on what she has to say. – She wasn’t listening to the guests! / – I’m sorry! I was so busy thinking about my next line. I was listening to her in the back and whenever someone tried to talk… She said, “We’ll talk more later” at least 10 times! When can we talk about them? You just wait until we talk about it later! That’s how I proceed so please don’t criticize that. – Let’s talk more later. / – Talk more later again? We have 12 guests here today. Just a reminder that everyone was carefully selected as the experts in environmental issues. – You said that Jinhee is… / – Don’t interrupt. The 1st eco-friendly actress. But we have no evidence. Do you have any? Why do you think I invited Jinhee? – Because she’s pretty? / – Yes. – Because she’s nice? / – Of course. Yes. Of course that’s true too… I’m sorry but how many times do you plan on getting flustered today? Of course, Jinhee is pretty inside and out. Let me read out loud her resume for you. She was the 2006 honorary ambassador for the Green Film Festival in Seoul. Honorary ambassador for the WCC. The honorary ambassador for Energy Peace! She was the honorary ambassador for Eco Campaign 2011! She received a presidential citation award as an environmentalist in 2016! We have an incredible guest today! I am really curious about this. How did you become interested in the environment like this? I first got this title during the oil spill in Taean. Oh, during the Taean oil spill? Yes, after I heard about the oil spill, I went there to help. There was an incredible number of volunteers. Although I had a mask on, some people still recognized me. – Blogs. / – Yes, the word spread through blogs. I became the first celebrity to have gone to Taean. This is why I invited her! I researched everything! – She’s more than qualified! / – But after hearing her… You look surprised like you’ve never heard this. – You were very surprised… / – Warning. 2 warnings for you. I get 2 warnings for that? I didn’t even do anything and I have 2 already! Okay, we’ve heard many different stories so far. Because there are people who worry about the environment like her, I think our future is bright. – Is that the conclusion? / – Are we done already? – No… / – We’re done? – Thank you for your hard work. / – No, no. It’s over… That was smooth. As you all know, the environment is in serious trouble right now. I recently read a book called “State Of The Future.” I’m sorry but can’t you read a different book? You’ve talked about that book for so long. When I met her in April, she talked about that book in the car too. I’ve written, “Warning for Kim Sook,” 3 times already. Oh, you gave me a warning right now? – With a hashtag. / – Oh, Kim Sook? She wrote 3 in the old way. After I read “State Of The Future,” I became so scared. That’s why I arranged a debate like this. We will now talk about how we experience environmental pollution in our daily lives. Actually, we can’t say that people don’t catch a cold in summer anymore. People often get sick during summer! Fine dust causes respiratory problems. Even though it’s not very cold, we catch a cold. Wearing a mask doesn’t help either! If I don’t wipe down my windowsills, the dust… That’s right. – It wasn’t like that before. / – That’s right. The rag gets so dirty from the dust that I have to throw it away. Because I’m a mother, I can’t help being more concerned about fine dust. I’m sure you understand too. I felt that the pollution is not only harmful physically but also mentally. Recently, child mental problems are increasing. It’s proved that the problems are related to pollution. Many experts are saying that since we can’t breathe clean air, we get brain infections that can also lead to mental problems. We’re having a very good discussion here. Let’s listen to what the expert of Korean nature has to say before we continue. I recently saw a serious situation. – I’ve traveled around Korea. / – Yes. I went to the East Sea and something that should be there wasn’t there. – What wasn’t there? / – What wasn’t? There were no Korean pollacks. Because of global warming… They’re only caught in the cold sea. Right, there are only three pollacks in Korea. – What? / – Really? Those three are in the laboratory right now. – In the lab? / – They’re extinct? The last three pollacks? They’re not extinct. Because the water temperature rose, they migrated north. We’re not very sure of the location. They’re not in our seas. The lab obtains the eggs from the three pollacks… Receive the eggs? Yes, so… They spawn. To preserve the species, they’re raising them? Yes, yes. – There they are. / – There. (Diligently gave birth) 15,000 young pollacks were released into the cold sea. They’re precious lives born from 2 years of conservation effort to save our pollacks. You are currently watching a heated debate on the Hong Jinkyung Show. What are you doing personally for the environment? We’ll take time to discuss your practices. This may be embarrassing but if you urinate while you shower… – You don’t have to flush the toilet. / – Right. – But not when you poop! / – I’m not being funny! But aren’t the pipes for them different? Listen to me. The reason I say this is because my manager majored in environmental engineering. This is what my manager told me. He said that the professor emphasized this during the lecture. (Pee in the shower once a day for 50 days) (And you’ll save yourself a roll of toilet paper) (They even did a campaign for this in England!) Then if you have to urinate, do you take a shower every time? – No! / – No, just once! Even if it’s just once out of ten. When women say that they pee while showering, the men get really surprised. “What? Women do that?” – I heard men do that often. / – We often do. Let’s be honest, do you not urinate when you shower, ladies? I pee while standing. You pee standing? Be honest. Park Jinhee? You can do it while standing! Why would you bother sitting? – Yeah. / – It just comes out. (Sitting just makes your knees hurt) There’s one thing that I always do. After drinking things like herbal medicine. I don’t just throw the packets in the recycling bin. I rinse them with water from washing dishes and then I throw them away. That’s what you’re supposed to do. – What’s the benefit of doing that? / – You do. If the plastic is dirty, then it can’t be recycled. That’s right, that’s right. You’re very accurate. – You know so much! / – Good job! There are two things that I always wanted to keep doing. I carried around a tumbler and chopsticks to avoid using wooden chopsticks and paper cups. It’s not easy. But I try to keep the chopsticks in my car. And I keep a few tumblers around me to use. But she needs to fix one problem! She buys tumblers as if they’re paper cups! (Embarrassed) She keeps buying tumblers to save on paper cups. I’m a tumbler hoarder. She has about 40 of those at home! But there’s one thing that I agree with Song Euni. Do something we can continuously do for the environment as long as we’re happy doing it. That was well said! Very incredible words. When you first start, you get really stressed. I realized that I wasn’t drinking water sometimes when I didn’t have a tumbler. – Me too! / – I was dying from being thirsty! Rather than doing something for one week under stress and quitting. It’s better to continuously do something for one year at your own leisure. Because this isn’t something that will be over in a short term. That was the opinion of Park Jinhee who is beautiful on the inside and out. – Wasn’t that Song Euni’s opinion? / – Pardon? That was my opinion, not Park Jinhee’s! She doesn’t like me because I got a lot of warnings! Yes, I think our Song Euni is beautiful inside and yes, a good person… What kind of host is this? We just discussed what we do for the environment on a personal level… Then from now on, we’ll discuss more global issues. What do other countries do to protect the environment? – I’m really curious. / – We’ll take a look at this topic. San Francisco recently passed a law to stop the use of styrofoam starting next year. Many people have started to talk about the problems of using styrofoam and plastics. France recently decided to stop using plastic starting 2020. That’s amazing. President Obama recently created the largest ecologically protected area in Hawaii and the North Atlantic by expanding the marine national monument. Commercial fishing will be prohibited there and marine species will be protected. – You can’t fish there? / – No, you can’t. You can’t from now on. The problem with fishing is that they overfish. So we cannot fish again! He knows how to say overfish? It’s the same for bluefin tuna and skates. It’s the reason why we can’t get Heuksando skates! Heuksando skates… Tyler’s worried about Heuksando skates! If we protect the environment like this, we can get an astounding economic profit! If we just increase the protected areas in the seas by just 30% until 2050, then we can get about $1 trillion. – In the end, it comes back to the humans. / – Yes. Let me explain how much $1 trillion is. For 2.5 years, you could run Korea. – Korea’s national budget. / – Yes, the national budget. Tyler, what do you usually do? – What’s your occupation? / – He’s a student! Maybe he’s an expert of nature in Korea? He graduated from Seoul National University! – He’s preparing to get employed! / – I’m preparing. I’m preparing to get a job. Right now… This if off topic but… Tyler is answering everything with great knowledge. And Song Euni is also smart so she’s also adding on things. I think you two make a great couple! They can’t fish. – Not anymore. / – However… – He’s preparing for employment. / – I’m preparing. To be employed. I think you two make a great couple! (Surprised) (Embarrassed) I was watching them from here and I thought, “They look good together.” (I strongly agree to this relationship) Tyler, agree? We should show our support too. – I agree. / – I do too. Zhang Yuan, why are you disagreeing now? Why are you against this couple? Tyler’s a good friend of mine. So? What? – What’s wrong with our Euni? / – What about Euni? What’s your problem with Euni? Is it the age gap? Maybe he wants her for himself! – No! / – He might like her! Okay then. In the U.S., President Obama… Designated… Marine… Yes, the fishes… He passed legislation to protect the marine animals. I’m really curious about what China is doing to protect the environment. China previously had an environmental protection law. But the consequences weren’t very harsh. No matter how bad the pollution was, people only had to pay 10,000 and 8,000. What is 10,000 and 8,000? – 10,000… / – Just say it in yuan. No, no. $10,080. I meant $10,080. – What? / – You mean $1.80? No… – $18,000. / – Yes, $18,000. Listen to me. Listen. You only had to pay a fine up to $18,000. It’s not very severe. – Compared to the profits… / – Right, it’s too small. From January 2015, a new law was implemented. A Chinese corporation had to pay a fine of $500,000. Because the new law calculates the fine per day. – It got more strict. / – Yes, it got significantly harsher. The Chinese government took a stand and I think it will get better. As for Ghana, we have an incredibly stressful problem with trash. The government gave a trash can to each household now. So now we can manage trash more easily. There’s a smartphone application called Whatsapp. If you see someone throwing away trash in the street, then you can film or take a picture and send it. Like the paparazzi? – Trasharazzi! / – Yes, something like that. That’s being carried out right now. May I add one more thing? I think the more important step in protecting the environment is education. In Germany, I saw that they often debate about the environment in kindergarten. For example, they would say that there are 10 trees and we want to make playground. How many trees should we cut down? And then they have the kids debate about it. – Koreans don’t do that? / – Not yet… We only educate the kids about how to recycle things like plastic. That’s the only extent. But I think we need to have the concept of protecting the environment as a daily part of their lives and a way of living now. (I agree!) (Applause from being emotionally touched) We have guests who deserve so much respect today. So I feel very proud and pleased as the host. Then there are probably many things we don’t know about too. – So I prepared a quiz. / – Oh, quiz? – Yes, yes. / – There was a quiz? – I think it will be entertaining. / – True or false quiz? Yes! We’ll divide into two teams. For convenience, we’ll divide the teams to those on my right and those on my left. We’ll just divide you into two teams of six. Will you come up with a team name? 1, 2, 3! Eco-Ghana! – Eco-Ghana? / – Because we have… An eco-friendly celebrity and a man from Ghana. It means “Are we going to be eco-friendly?” Oh, that sounds nice! Then our team name will be Earth! Earth! Oh! Earth versus Eco-Ghana. After you hear me speak, raise O if the statement is true or X if the statement is false. Please raise them on the count of 3. Each team will get one point for every person who gets the question right. But we’re not just doing a quiz. – A prize is… / – There’s a prize? There should be! This is a quiz, after all! That’s what makes it fun! It’s not just any, old prize. The prize we prepared for you is gold. Real gold? – No way! / – For real. I won’t be happy if you’re joking. You’re not going to give us fake gold, right? No, we really prepared genuine gold. Wow, that’s amazing! So please take part in the quiz with enthusiasm. Okay, here’s the first question! Of the total energy usage in Korea, we import over 95% of our energy from other countries. At the same time! 1, 2, 3! 3! (Earth: 3 true, 3 false) (Eco-Ghana: 4 true, 2 false) If this statement is true, isn’t it kind of shocking? – That’s right. / – We can’t import over 95%, right? From what I know, Korea produces nuclear energy. I don’t think Korea would import that much then. What do you think, Kim Jongmin? We have the Korea Electric Power Corporation and we have solar energy too. But we don’t have any oil though. I think this question is about the natural resources that produce energy. – We import raw materials. / – Yes. If we think about the raw materials, we probably import more than 95%. Alright then, I will reveal the answer. The answer is… It was true! It was true! Is this something to be happy about? (Oh!) We can’t be too happy about getting it right. Let me explain a little more. Our country imports about 96% of our energy from overseas. The cost of importing our energy is around $141 billion. That’s an incredible amount. That’s why we should conserve energy! So with a score of 4:3, Eco-Ghana is up by 1. I’ll continue with the second question. When there are a lot of dishes to wash… You save more water by using the dishwasher instead of washing by hand. If you use the dishwasher…. Please explain it in easier terms! When you have a lot of dishes to wash… – Oh, when you have a lot. / – Yes. Not with the same amount. When you have a lot, the dishwasher is better. Okay, here we go, 1, 2, 3! Hey, we’re… Are we all true? Earth team is 3 and 3 again. Eco-Ghana… Only Kim Junhyeon is false. I experienced this first-hand while living without water in “The Human Condition.” We had a lot of dishes to wash but… Start. Enough. Wow, just one bottle of water! We washed 4 people’s worth of dishes with just this one bottle! We were still able to wash dishes in a clean, sanitary way! But this problem is talking about the average people’s way of washing dishes. I thought they were talking about when regular housewives wash their dishes. I’ll tell you the answer. The answer is true. Oh, I see. You’re just letting the water flow as you wash. It’s okay if you collect the water first. That means on average, we waste a lot of water while doing the dishes. That’s right. So a machine uses less water than us. – That’s true. / – What a waste of water. This is why experiences are so important, I assumed washing by hand would save more! It’s because I tried to conserve water before! – You’ve tried! / – Because you conserved water. You’re able to cleanly wash dishes with a small amount of water! – It’s very important that we know! / – Right! So with the second question, the Eco-Ghana team is leading 9:6. We kept getting the questions wrong. The promotional ambassador for Klean Korea… – Keeps answering incorrectly. / – Yes. What’s happening? Wait, how many questions did you get right, Tyler? – 1! / – Then that’s enough. – What? / – So long as one of them gets it right? No need for two smart people in the family? Geez, come on. We’ll now go onto short answer questions! For every right answer, we’ll give 3 points per person! The game has changed. We can just work hard starting now. In order to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, we often say that we use B.M.W. to work… Euni! Bus, metro, walk. That’s correct! (3 points for Earth) Instead of using conditioner… Answer! Kim Jimin! – What was it? / – Kim Jimin was fastest. – Vinegar. / – That’s correct! I told you to say that! I knew the answer! Earth is significantly ahead. But you still have a chance so please work harder. – Let’s work hard! / – If you know it, say it loud! What is an object that’s most commonly thrown away even though it’s recyclable? It’s not trash generated from food. Glass? Nope. Junhyeon! Styrofoam. – Wrong. / – Sam Okyere. – Okyere. / – Tissue! Tissue. Wrong. – Yuan. / – Yuan. Paper. – What? / – Paper. Paper is too broad. Paper is possible too. – Paper! / – Paper? That’s correct! Tissue is paper too! Then it’s better to recycle even a small piece of paper? Advertisement flyers that are coated with plastic, they cannot be recycled! Tissue you used to blow your nose! This is what you do with it. You throw away the part that’s soiled. And the part that isn’t soiled should be recycled. I’ve never heard of tearing away the soiled part! So it’s best to conserve tissue! Is there another question? So the final score is currently… – It’s the final score? / – The final? We’re already on our final score. You should’ve told us it was the last question! – What? / – You should’ve told us it was the last one. Right, we had no idea how many questions there are. That was my strategy! That’s new. – Always unexpected. / – I don’t ever let people know. I always make it seem like you’re walking in the fog. So the final score is… Earth team wins! Good job! I will give the Earth team the prize I mentioned earlier. – We will give it to Euni. / – Here it is. It’s a ring? I hope you all share it. What? – Is it real? / – It’s really gold? – It must be real? / – It is real gold! (We keep our promises, it’s a real gold ring) Whoever’s finger it fits, should have it. Give it to those two. Euni! Can you say, “This isn’t enough for all of us?” Okay… What’s that? Telling her to say it… Hong Jinkyung gave me a line to say along with the small ring. – Say it for us once! / – Please say it, Euni! (Sister’s Slam Dunk) – It’s gold! / – My goodness! What’s going on? This isn’t enough for all us! Is this a joke? Look at how many people there are! – But, still… / – Get it right! It’s still gold. I’m turning 60 soon and I get a ring for a 1st birthday! Nice… Very nice. I knew she would do well. That’s why! That’s why I prepared this. – What? / – There’s one more question. Wait… Oh, there is? I’m so relieved! Oh, my! Then that solves everything! This is really the last question. Please listen carefully. Of the following… Of the following. Wait a second, what does that mean? – For example! / – She’s going to give us choices! Jessi’s very determined to win. You’re being the most active right now. I’m concentrating the most right now. Of the following… When the following are discharged in a body of water… How much more water would you need to dilute that body to make it clean again? Right. The amount of water needed… List these from the most water needed to the least. – In order? / – I’d better write this down. Instant noodles broth, cooking oil, soju, milk. Write them down, instant noodles broth. Wait. Instant noodles. – Cooking oil. / – Crooking oil… Jessi’s very determined right now. – Oh! Min Hyorin! / – Min Hyorin. – Oil. / – She’s so determined. – Milk. / – Milk? – Soju! / – She’s greedy too! Listen to her voice. I’m even covering my answer right now. She even covered her answer so we don’t see it! She’s covering it! – Oil. / – Oil. Milk. – Soju, instant noodles broth. / – Wrong. – Jessi! / – Me! Euni! Milk, instant noodles broth, oil, soju. – Wrong. / – Answer. Jimin. Soju, milk, instant noodles broth, oil. – Wrong. / – Jessi. Jessi! Oh, it’s finally Jessi’s turn! It’s finally Jessi’s turn! – I’ll say it’s wrong if the first one is wrong. / – Okay. – It will be faster this way. / – Yes. Soju! – Oil! / – Oil. – Oil! / – Oil. Instant noodles. Milk! Milk! (Jinkyung’s mysterious smile…) – It can’t be! / – It can’t be… It can’t be! It can’t be! – No way! / – It can’t be! – It can’t be! / – Hurry up! Hurry up and tell me! Hurry up and tell me! – Wrong! / – Oh, it’s wrong? (Then… The answer is near!) – Min Hyorin!! / – Jessi!! Min Hyorin, Min Hyorin was faster. Wait, wait! Stand in line! They’re so competitive! Min Hyorin! – Soju! / – Soju. – Oil. / – Oil. – Milk. / – Milk. – Instant noodles broth. / – Instant noodles broth. – Instant noodles broth. / – Instant noodles broth. – Instant noodles broth. / – Instant noodles broth. – Instant noodles broth. / – Instant noodles broth. That’s correct! (Min Hyorin becomes the gold owner) I’m sorry but what was the answer? (They only remember how competitive they were) Let me explain. In order to purify 150ml… 150ml of soju… You need about 18,000L. – For 150ml of oil… / – Really? You need 11,250L of water. For 150ml of milk, you need about 7,500L of water. Instant noodles, you need about 2,250L of water. So if you drink about 1 bottle of soju, then we need to drink a lot of water the next day. If you drink about half a bottle, then you need to drink about 18,000L of water. You need to drink that much to purify soju. I think we learned a lot of new facts through this quiz. Min Hyorin was so quiet until now and she answered it? (Today’s winner) Jessi basically gave away the answer. – I gave you most of the answer. / – Thanks. Want to split it in half? – No, you can have it. / – Half what? In the end, excessive development came back to haunt us like a boomerang. I think I realized how serious the problem is. I realized today that I’m still doing the bad habits I’ve been doing. Starting tomorrow, I will refrain from using things like paper cups again. What about you, Zhang Yuan? Actually, I have one request. Can I have a picture with Miran later? (Oh, my) – She’s really popular in China. / – Really? – Really? / – Yeah? I’m sure you’re popular in Ghana too! – In Ghana too? / – Yes, yes. – I mean it. / – I’m being serious. Because she’s really beautiful. – Yes, yes. / – She really is. – Your ears have gone red. / – In China… She really is pretty! She’s so attractive! You would be popular in the U.S. too. I’m just unpopular in Korea! For the panel that joined us for this debate… We have special limited edition tumblers. I don’t need another one! – She has 41 now! / – I don’t need it. Oh, I’m returning it! Oh, thank you! Oh, it’s pretty! – Is it? / – It’s pretty! – It’s pretty. / – Thank you. Wow, it has our logo. We should use this at least when we’re filming! We can carry these around. Actually, boxes like these are trash too! You must put it in the recycling bin! – This is pretty. / – This is cool. I’ll make good use of it, thank you! – Thank you! / – Thank you. (Next time!) (Environment is…) Hello. I heard this is a gathering of the toughest women in Korea. Everything you do… (Environment mentor, Writer Rhyu Simin) (Sister’s Slam Dunk) We decided to film a fake documentary. Last one, last one! Go up! A tight shot! (Sister’s Slam Dunk) (“Only One” by Apink)

60 comments on “Sister’s Slam Dunk | 언니들의 슬램덩크 – Ep.24 [ENG/2016.12.16]

  1. I really liked this episode as it shows how serious the threat to our environment is using a very enjoyable and fun procedure. I'm pretty a lot of us has learned a thing or two. It is really amazing that we got to discover more about our environment. Tbh, this is the first I've seen the environment as a topic in Korean variety (tho I am new to watching variety shows). If there are other shows like this, can you please recommend.

  2. I know I am late, but I really love this show. The ladies are so cool and sweet, it's a joy to watch them all being so supportive of each other's dreams. I am a fan of Jessie and Miran,so I will now keep my eyes open for the others as I trawl the world of Korean TV.

  3. I think Hyorin’s campaign idea would have been the best. They could each nominate a celebrity to plant a tree and the chain would continue, they’d have lots of guest appearances like that and viewer rating would go up. It could’ve become a massive trend

  4. reality is we are all like them, we throw trash away like its nothing and most of our trash goes into oceans where sea animals get sick, get caught, and die from because of our trash. do your part and help clean the earth. don't make it someone elses job.

  5. 1:11:19 Min Hyorin and Jessi battle! 😂
    I just pushed the likes from 1.9K to 2K! Really fun/educational episode. Also, I want a picture with La Miran as well…

  6. This was great! All guests were inclusive and it was a great mix of jokes and discussions about environment! Well done jinkyung

  7. Jessi: Korean people drink too much alcohol. Do you know how many bottles of rice wine I saw?
    *turns to cameraman*: Stop drinking!

    LOL poor guy gets told off simply for breathing.

  8. This episode really raised a great awareness in me. I think this is the best episode so far. I've never lost in thought so much. I felt ashamed to myself. After watching this episode, I started sorting out my trashes and keep reminding my family about caring for environment.

  9. This episode is not just inspiring, but also hilarious even from the start of the episode. I feel bad for those who didn't watch this just because Tiffany left the series.

  10. For all those saying this episode is boring; this is not for entertaining purposes. It's folding eachothers' dreams. You should be happy that we have ppl on Earth that actually care about our planet. And for those saying after Tiffany left; it because boring; I honestly think she wasn't a huge part of this show. She didn't really come on the episodes before due to her busy schedule. JUST SHUT UP AND ACKNOWLEDGE THESE AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS!

  11. I really loved this episode so much. It was quite funny and informing. Yes, it can´t always be fun and games; this show was focused on the individuals dream, and we as an audience should be respectful of them

  12. Omg I was laughing so hard when they were running after the truck, the guy just kept doing his job while 4 ladies are after him with cameras and those glasses, lol!

  13. well i really came here bcs of Tiffany and jessi but now i love all of them😃 Specially jinkyung unnie,sook unie,miran unnie and hyorin unnie😊

    2019 everyone?

  14. Not a lot of people understand the importance of the topics they are trying to discuss. I'm so glad Unnies even went through the effort to help sort the recyclables. They truly are remarkable role models


  16. After Tiffany's case, this program start to works on a national/world issue.. Like adding dreamer guest, talking about environment.. That's great, but feels like forced..

  17. Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that there was a hand coming out of no where at 41:38 and other times??

  18. I'm not gonna lie I miss the presence of Tiffany.. so weird to not address her leaving on the show. I guess it was touchy at the time because she probably didn't want to go. Such a shame. I stay for Sook and Jinkyung though

  19. キム・ジミンで磯野貴理子タイプだよなw顔良いし・・・

  20. Omg i was also thinking about how jinkyoung’s mockumentary should be turned to film festivals. def film festival material. they really got lucky with the director. he’s leading them to the right path. especially when he talked about how there are a lot of environmental activists out there, and talking about this topic lightly isn’t right because it might distort what they were trying to advocate for especially with their influence. i havent finished this yet but i hoped they pushed through with the film. with the director’s vision, it could put more depth in this and it will work. i hope the unnies had more time and commitment at that moment haha. filming is no joke.

  21. This is by far the most influential video they have done. Raising awareness to the most pressing issues will help people understand what is going on behind the scene.

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