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Ski Racing Behind Motorcycles – Red Bull Twitch ‘n’ Ride 2015

Ski Racing Behind Motorcycles – Red Bull Twitch ‘n’ Ride 2015

The track is very complicated. Even the most experienced
say it’s serious. The track is good for falls. At the finish I crawled, aside the track. Didn’t get back on the track. At the first race start we were second. Quickly became the first,
but at the last lap, right before the finish,
the chain fell off and stuck. We couldn’t continue the race,
couldn’t get the chain back. At the hope race, before the last lap
the chain fell off again, but fortunately didn’t
get jammed so bad. We pulled it back, placed it right
and made it to finish second. To win at the finals,
a very good skier is needed. It all depends on a skier on this route. I think, now the smartest
will win, because of ice. Need to find places to get through.
In this ride everyone had to fall. Everyone. I don’t know how the skier could hold on. We went trampolines full speed,
jumping each of them. The best were here.
But we won, finally! After all, with a first place
at the big final – Oskars Dzirkalis and Didzis Gorbenko! Yeah!

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  1. I think I'm going to have a word about this. 1st – I'm a skier of this shit and I was racing into this race. It's hard as hell, exhausting.
    Risk is high, ropes are long & strong and they're not elastic. Injury risk due to falling off the skis/bike also is very high.  Speed – up to 60mph. Jumps – up to 5m/15ft. You have to be a bit insane to do this, but it is AWESOME. Red Bull Twitch N Ride actually is the crown jewel of the season, other races are organized on flat fields without jumps. Altough this is hardest race in the season, I would (and I will) do it agin next year. Cheers!

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