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Snowbike Build Honda CRF450RX

Snowbike Build Honda CRF450RX

Our subscriber got new Honda CRF450RX and proposed to shoot the installation of Snowrider track system The kit includes ski, track with brake system, and fasteners for specific bike model For full snowbike use it is necessary to install thermostat, protection and 7 amp battery I start with the ski Brake rotor cover, wheel, fork guards and front brake system should be removed The ski bracket is installed by an external bend forward Spacers from Snowrider kit and OEM axle are used The long spacer is installed from brake caliper side The clamp has cut for brake caliper mount on the fork It’s installed as low as possible and evenly tightened so that the gaps are the same on both sides Next tighten axle with 88Nm and fork bolts with 20Nm The clamp fix the ski bracket on fork legs The tank, plastic and battery box should be removed to remove swing arm and install track From right side master cylinder with brake pedal should be removed, as they are not used on the snowbike Also remove linkage connecting arm bolt and swing arm axle nut From the left the side stand and sprocket cover are removed To remove linkage connecting arm bolt it’s necessary to remove foot peg with bracket The swing arm can be removed with rear shock and wheel without disconnecting the chain But without the wheel it’s much more easier I recommend to lift the swing arm a bit when removing the axle The bike is brand new, so the axle is sliding easily Now the track can be installed The kit includes spacers for specific bike model Short spacer is installed outside, and long one inside To install axle , the holes in the frame and spacers must be precisely centered The axle is easily installed by hand The chain already has required length The cut of clip should be against chain movement To pull the chain loosen by a quarter turn the subframe bolts After loosen the fixing nut of adjusting bolt Rotate the adjuster bolt to move the subframe backward Fully tighten the nut of adjusting bolt and subframe bolts The rod with joints is installed instead of rear shock It’s mounted via spacer on top and washers on bottom The mount is rigid, as shocks are used in the track Axle nut is tighten with 88Nm The brake line is better to lay under tank platform and fix it with a tie Master cylinder is installed in place of front brake The brake system comes complete and bleeded Next I have to drain coolant to install thermostat and radiator braces I install moose racing radiator guard which is necessary both on enduro and snowbike I recommend to install thermostat to block radiators on cold engine for faster warming up OEM KTM thermostat and hoses from LADA Vesta fits good The remaining assembly is performed in reverse order Mudguard should be removed Modern enduro bikes don’t have kickstarter, so the low power OEM battery should be replaced with 7amp one which needs bigger box The brake line should be fixed on the rod not to touch exhaust Special sponge prevents accumulation of dirt on enduro and ice on snowbike Engine should be covered with thermal insulation to prevent sudden cooling when falling in snow In this case the fuel does not burn fully and flows into the oil worsening its properties The kit includes canister, backpack with avalanche shovel and front bag For riding in forest I recommend to install hand guard, engine covers and skid plate There is an adjustable slider to pull the drive chain And adjustable sprocket to pull the transmission chain Snowbike is cheaper, more economical and much lighter than mountain snowmobile Due to compact dimensions it allows to ride in forest and to lift it by oneself if it’s stuck in the snow Any biker quickly learns how to control and maintain a snowbike Subscribe if information was interesting

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  1. Вовремя делать зимний мот в конце февраля, когда почти везде снега уже нет)

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