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So You Hate 1%er Motorcycle Clubs Now

So You Hate 1%er Motorcycle Clubs Now

My Ghosts on this episode of Demons Row
TV we talk about the little hate fest that’s going on involving one
percenters people are buying into the movie shit and we get into it on this
episode but Demons Row TV and oh yea we Ghostin baby My Ghosts welcome to Demons Row TV the
Holy Grail of MC culture were we cover everything motorcycle club involved I’m
Sose The Ghost I’m your host for the evening it’s mid
it’s below 20 right now it’s crazy brick out here but listen I’m hype and I got
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so my inbox has been getting lit up lately it’s been a lot of talk a lot of
people outside the 1% community and regular Mcs or regular bikers I’m
getting this they’re fed up of the 1% community’s action ways and actions
history of the stuff that’s going on and I was alerted to a video that black
dragon did and I don’t remember the exact name I think it was to the effect
of our 1%ers destroying MC culture now to me that’s feeding into what’s being
perpetrated on all all media that is involving
anything with MC culture every time I look on my timeline it’s Hell’s
Angels its Mongols it’s all the negative aspects of them you don’t see
anything about any type of Toys for Tots any type of events they doin why I see
it cuz I’m gonna mix so I know the good that brothers do but they that’s not
what they’re gonna show you the same way to do with Trump they’re not gonna show
you the good stuff Trump does cuz they’re on a demonizing campaign so
they’re gonna show you the negativity so you hate him so they do the same thing
with the MCS and whats starting to bother me is that
people that in the culture are demonizing the MCS now too because now I
see that black dragon had that video I see this dude Ryan Erlich or some shit
got law-abiding bikers so basically like he was saying on this podcast this dude
was he was out his mind basically he was like trying to like for clickbait and to
gather fans he’s basically saying were the 99% so there’s more of us you know
trying to rally the troops so that he could get money like bruh that’s
corny and lame you know I’m saying and they’re trying to use the fact that
stuff happens shootings stuff like listen
shit happens everywhere it’s not just 1% clubs that are involved in shoot outs there’s
all type of clubs that are involve in shit let’s keep it 1000
how many people are really getting plugged in MC culture I came from a
Crip background where people are getting clipped all the time why is it every
time I look on my timeline it’s something with somebody being shot like how often
do people really getting shot MC culture like stop it and stop acting like it’s
all one percenters that are ruining the culture it’s not all one percenters how
many states how many countries full of MCS are there now you hear one or two
shootouts a year and you’re gonna make it seem like this is a running
theme in MC culture like it’s not an everyday thing that’s going on and y’all
need to stop making it seem like it’s always some shit going on cuz if you
look in other cultures there’s a lot more shit going on you see pop smoke
just got killed or rip to pop smoke that gangbangin shit people are getting
killed all the time so to make it seem like MC culture like the one-percenters
are just out here killing everybody taking everybody’s cuts that’s not
what’s happening you that one percenters like me that’s out here giving game
giving nothing but positivity you know I’m saying listen we need to stick
together and uplift the culture and I understand y’all brothers got a
different channel so y’all just reporting news so I get it you know what
I’m saying report the news but it’s feeding into
the mindset of all 1%ers are shooting and it’s nonsense
yeah I understand shit happens shit happens everywhere but it’s not going on
as much as it is in other cultures like shit happens you know what I mean and I
don’t I really if you’re really out there and in the street and see what’s
going on one percenters on this different mix from everybody else
they’re not constantly out there causing problems starting trouble there a lot of
times one percenters are doing their own thing they’re not even involved with 99% of the shit that’s going on with the 99 so to always portray this image
that like bikers are tired of one-percenters like a lot of bikers show
crazy love to one-percenters when they see us everywhere I go it’s all love so
I don’t understand like with this internet shit where all the hate is
coming from you know what I’m saying shout the Hollywood shot the black
dragon I rock with them they’re good brothers I just want people to
understand that would then bring this stuff up we gotta be conscious of the
source and what we’re talking about here because there’s a lot of 1%ers hitting
me upset about the shit that’s going on and what’s being said too many names
cases and faces and you know like when you get out there in the street
sometimes you’re gonna have to bump into these faces and a lot of them are
telling me that it’s not gonna end up well so we just gotta be careful what we
talk about on the Internet you got to be careful what they put out
there because all they’re putting out is negativity and I’m not talking about hollywood and black dragon I’m just saying it in general there’s just everything
is negative involving our culture in it I don’t see it I see
a lot of Toys for Tots I see a lot of parties I see a lot of
good-looking women I see a lot of good brothers I don’t see it
i really dont and I’m everywhere I’m in the mix with the people that you
talk about that you carry pom-poms for these big fours or whoever you you know
whoever you guys idolize I’m around these dudes these are a lot of these
dudes as family people stand up people we got to stop making it seem like this
is mafia shit it’s not is it’s not on that level it’s really not I don’t know
if back in the 70s 80 you know the 80s was crazy so everything done in the 80s
was more turnt up you know what I’m saying so in the 80s obviously it was
more lit but right now in this day and age with
cameras everywhere it was going on like man listen I’m not gonna say shit don’t
happen but I mean come on let’s stop making a seem like 1 percenters are
just out here killing people and this culture is that crazy let’s give more
respect to the clubs that’s out here and paving the way and listen I don’t
condone cuts being taken people being shot I don’t condone any of it that’s
what I’m teaching protocol so that we could get away from all of that
it could be smooth on the streets and there’s no reason for nobody
no one percenter to run up on somebody and take nobody’s cut so let me know in
the comments how you feel about what I’m saying and any questions about the real
life of a one-percenter ask somebody that’s an actual one percenter as big
caz who’s been in that position ask somebody like me ask people with the
credentials to talk about what’s going on if you want to support the show cop
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everybody that’s been representing for me thank you for tuning in to Demons Row
TV the holy Grail of MC culture the frozen Grail right now like subscribe
and comment share this on your feed so people can start learning the real deal
of this culture and oh yeah we Ghostin baby!

100 comments on “So You Hate 1%er Motorcycle Clubs Now

  1. Why all the 1%er hate? Are we not proving that that these people just want clicks?

    #Ghostin to all the new #subscribers

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  2. #GHOSTIN #CONNECTICUT "When we do right no one remembers, when we do bad, no one forgets" The wisdom dropped here in this video is both M.C. and mainstream life related. If cats knew the weight of the words you dropped here…dmann. Negativity, drama, conflict sells, look at your Nightly news, any action movie, mini series, Novella's (chicks are hot AF though lol) and society buys into the shit like crazy. First the Government wants to literally take the Patches off bikers backs (#SAVETHEPATCH) then fine clubs till you go blind and clubs are still standing. Fuck em.

    Do know they do have unlimited money, resources and since bikers are the last bastion of freedom in modern day civilization we represent an ideal they hate, FREEDOM. That 'Freedom" ideal, wrest control from which is what the Government demands, it demands control of the masses. Not happening. The same affronts the M.C. community is facing is the same the Gun Lobby, Pro 2A movement faces. Sad. Gonna get a jump on this one Sosa but the next tactic they'll lead toward is making M.C. Domestic terror groups. That's when the real fun begins. Great job. L/R.

    Civilians are clueless and need to educate themselves on M.C. culture before they go blastin their booboo uneducated opinion about a lifestyle that they are completely clueless about.

  4. #ghostin what is even worse is that some people wear anti club shit like "f* the 81", it's completly disrespectfull I'd actually break somebody's face if i see them wearing some t shirt disrespecting any club.

    (I had to re-edit this because I wrote this when i was completly tired ffs 😂)

  5. I agree brotha! I know a few 1%ers and none of them are what the media portrays them to be. All the 1%ers I know are good family men with good morals. Don't believe the hipe people….!!!

  6. I enjoyed this video. Always putting out pretty legit stuff. I dont wear a diamond, but my club has been around since 1946 and that holds some weight of responsibility for us. I hear bad all the time, but I see nothing but good things. I believe what I see more than what I hear. The MC community is full of great people and the bad is not only few and far between but is just as much or more of your "99% law abiding" crews as it diamonds. Respect for you and what you're doing Sose. It's good shit.

  7. #Ghostin ….there has always been haters: people have had this weird idea ever since the 70s and 80s that 1%ers are some kind of monsters. Some of the nicest, truest people I know are 1%, always been, always will be.

  8. #GHOSTIN Livin on 2’s in 70. Degree Northern Cali. I never have drank the media or Hollywood Kool Aid about 1%ers. I know too many of them and know the amount of good they die versus the bad. FYI Ryan Urlarker is a motor cop in Washington

  9. # ghostin
    People are always gonna talk shit about stuff they know nothing about. Keep doing you. I always watch your videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the great work.

  10. It's like I tell people 1%ers aren't the big bad boogey men they're made out to be they're just regular people like you and me only difference is they are willing to take desicive action should that action be required, like any good man should be, 1%ers don't just go around getting people for no reason if you got these guys coming after you chances are you have done something to piss them off whether it be paying a debt making an apology taking certain patches off your cut whatever if they're coming for you more than likely it is warranted and you have been previously warned or at least talked to about whatever the offense may be.

  11. When is the last time you saw a biker shoot up a school, rape a child, breaking your home. The media sucks. They don't air the toy runs the breast cancer runs or just simply when a biker let's a kid sit on his bike and rev it up.

  12. Your right brother! 100% of all this is because everyone feeds off drama. My 1% to 100% friends there great people. Just because one does something bad don't mean everyone is. Keeping it real my brother Sosa. Burn rubber not your soul.

  13. I am guy who loves to ride and I am not a 99% or 1% I am just a biker. I have no disrespect for 1%. I ran into 1% guys all the time and I never had any issues with any 1%. If you give respect you will get respect. I seen 1% groups running toy runs and rides for vets. Ryan U is a moron.

  14. Most of the 1per centers i have seen are wimps. One of them came into a bar i hung out in and got knocked by not the toughest guy.who never got off his barstool. There is a reason they join gangs.

  15. #ghostin back in Cali from Australia 🇦🇺 nother great video man. Totally agree with you on this. The media and disgruntled people have planted negative seeds in the minds of people out side Mc culture. Some of the nicest people and the people who have help me the most are in clubs on both sides of the pond, but people’s fear and the stigma around it all prevents them from getting to know the person and what it’s all about.

  16. Issue is in this world people need someone to point the finger and say "them they are the bad guys" in order to get by we live in dangerous times where the government attacks anything they deem as a threat and they have some of the biggest backing in the world if we give them no reason to come at us they wont

  17. #ghostin I hear you 100% no need to bring one another down and try to divide people it makes no sense to do that I personally have no problem with anyone who don’t have a problem with me i never talked down or about people I know. I maybe new to the club aspect being a prospect but I’ve been around club culture for a very long time I know people on both sides fence and in general all was always quiet. Yes some shit happens but not to the extent people are making seam I believe, again just my opinion. At the end of the day everyone should stand together and not let outside influence be the deciding factor in the Mc culture ride on be safe brothers and sisters. Another great video keep it pushing

  18. 1%ers and MCs are apart of American history and they will continue to be apart of America forever, never get any credit for the positivity they spread through the community #ghostin

  19. Their will always be HATERS … But beleive me I have been going through it all of my Life and i will until the day i die .love your channel…

  20. #GHOSTIN
    Great video! Waitin on spring to come over here, it's cold as fuck in Wisco. My old man and I cant wait to get out on 2 wheels again!

  21. #Ghostin! I am not now, nor have I ever been a 1%r but that is NO reason for disrespect! If you are on two wheels, I respect you. End of sentence!

  22. #Ghostin From a fascinated outsider, thanks for the info. Good to learn about the culture. I've seen some of the 1% do. I wish I could be a part of The MC culture.

  23. The biggest problem in my opinion, is shows like SOA and Mayans. They are for entertainment but got people think thats how the MC 1% culture is.

  24. The only 1%er I see on a regular basis works out at my gym. He's as nice and likeable a guy as anyone can be and if he represents the culture I don't see any reason for the hate! Respect to all the MC brothers!

  25. Everyone has a bad picture of bikers
    In reality bikers won’t do harm or disrespect most of the time till
    You do it first
    You give respect you get respect
    There not like street gangs running around killing fighting for no reason at all
    Good video bro

  26. #ghostin not sure about the hate….local 81 been back in Akron for 5 years and there’s been no problems….I see more violence from street gangs than any mc

  27. Just like everything else. Internet gangsters & keyboard warriors. Much love from myself & mine brother. Continue to do what you do & ride safe. #Ghostin Prez G of Missionaries SC FC CRO 3%

  28. #Ghostin NYC as a lonewolf I never meet a 1% that didn't show love to me. actually, where I hang out I met some, great times and laughs. lol yeah, good effin times.

  29. It's always been, bikers aren't the norm so it's assumed we're bad, and the people with power to put things out there, I was at the Denver motorcycle swap meet when it was shot up, guess what it was off duty cop pulling the trigger, not one 1% lifted a finger with bullets flying…

    #GHOSTIN 🤙

  30. I taught at a motorcycle mechanics school for 23 years & encountered a lot of full patch holders & never had a problem. All they want is what everyone wants, respect. A couple of months ago I came around a corner and there was a Street Glide laying on its side with a dude trying to pick it up. I stopped and helped him up with his bike, he couldn't have been nicer, thanking me & shaking my hand and shit. That guy was a 1%er. Like you say, people have no idea how cool club members can be if you are cool to them.

  31. #Ghostin Congratulations to the 22 for winning their federal case in Vegas! Brother you are amazing on laying it down real and true ! Stay the course and keep doin what you do MHL&R 🤙🏼🤘🏼✊🏼

  32. #ghostin
    Its all the bullshit media. Medias like fakeland(gangland) and you're right. They will NEVER talk about the good that 1%ers do for communities. The other problem ARE THE POSERS that support major 1% MCs. Not all but a lot of MC supporters get a twisted idea thinking commiting violence and criminal acts would make in rows and status with whatever MC they support.

  33. I think there is nothing more American then 1% and motorcycle clubs. God , Guns , Family and Motorcycles that's my America. # Ghostin

  34. There are people who want attention and recognition, they use hate, false information to achieve that. I've always said, before jumping to conclusions, hang around the individual or individuals to see what's really happening.

  35. #ghostin in NC.. I don't see how people are saying there are problems. I see 7 clubs in my city and I don't see any problems going on. Hell I almost got wiped out on I-95 Wednesday morning by some dumb ass in a cage. Another independent stopped to make sure I was good. As long as riders look out for each other the culture will grow and the haters will fall off. I don't care what you have on your back, if I see you in trouble I will help..

  36. The haters are what separates 1%’s they wanna be like you, but they cant. They lack the intestinal fortitude. In short, they are bitches. If I were a 1%er, I would make them pay hard every time the opened theyre cocksuckers. #GHOSTIN

  37. I’ve been saying something probably a lot of ppl before me have probably said; the MC’s should unite under one patch. It will never happen bc of history. Just a thought. #GHOSTIN

  38. Folks just need to be who they, and let other folks be who they are. It's a big road, plenty of room for all. Good words, there, man.

  39. Lmao people need to get out and checkout the set , where I live it’s pretty chill in Massachusetts it’s a split between the Outlaws and Hells Angels both clubs are doing Veterans Runs and Toys for Tots . The 1%er and the support clubs and the set as whole do more charity work then any other part of sub culture in America. Media throws out BS to sell advertising. # Ghosting in Attleboro, Massachusetts. God Bless the Set , Bang Gears Snap Thongs 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  40. Facts brother. Everybody wants to believe that all 1%er are bad but you know what it's the media. You're right that they only show the negative aspects of certain clubs. They never show the brotherhood and giving back to the community. #GHOSTIN

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