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100 comments on “SOLO: Behind The Wheel Of The One-Person Electric Car

  1. There have been a few petrol cars with similar shapes, a few of which have had cult followings (and 2 seats), but non of which you could say were large production main stream cars. Can't see it taking off, especially for that price point.

  2. Honestly, the PERFECT commute car for those of us that head to the office on a regular schedule. I would gladly get one if the price was HALF at least!

  3. I will be honest. There is a lot to be desired. The ability to at least have one other passenger is a must in my book. Also with me moving around a lot I need to have some more space for stuff.

  4. Dude even if you pickup them chicks, where would you place them ? Half in front and half in back !!!

    This car is a disaster that’s waiting to happen.

    But as usual a great review.

  5. No, just because I like to ride solo doesn't mean I want to ride solo always, someone's company is always good while going for long trips. And how can you pick up girls with that ugly thing(No offence).

  6. It needs to be at least $5K cheaper. You can get a great full sized used car for cheaper than this thing. I don't see anybody choosing this over a regular car, to be honest, at least not at this price.

  7. Nope… Why? For me to fork over 15k for a car. It's got to look good. It looks dopey, it can only carry one person, cheaper to get a Moped.

  8. The 1st thing I think of [push aside the jokes!] Is if an elderly person who loves alone, needs a car, doesn't go far, this would be great. The $1000 xtra for aircon is just wrong. The company needs to make it standard. Theses days it's essential.

  9. The biggest problems? No passenger capacity and the awful styling. Customers will both feel and look like dorks.

  10. i mean a duo would probably be better. Or maybe make a combinable car where single vehicles can unite! Megazord vehicle.

  11. Make it a bit longer.. Ditch the third wheel for a standard dual back wheel and make the extra back space so that it can be configurable to fit a passenger/compartment…

  12. $15k? I don’t know, man. You could get a pre-owned regular car that’s better in every aspect for that price.

  13. Across the pond , for that i could buy drive away price ….
    suzuki swift
    honda city
    volkswagen polo
    kia rio
    suzuki ignis
    honda jazz
    All of which i think have air conditioning , auto trans , air bags and a decent star safety rating and most of the usual extra`s people expect in their small cars these days, including warranty of 3 years or higher depending on the brand of car (7 years for the kia ),
    and a range of minimum 600/700 k`s on a very small tank of juice .
    I`m thinking it would be a cold day in hell before you would get me into that thing ☠ .
    P.S ….. you should do more car tests .

  14. This is trippy. From the front it looks like a small car. Until you see the side and wonder were the hell is the rest of the small car.

  15. I don't see the reason for this.
    Isn't this a bad and more expensive Renault twizy?
    And for this price I'd and if I would buy a new car I'd buy an Opel Karl. Which is completly finde and is made for 4 people, looks okay and has an regulation for being driven here in Germany.

  16. I think the downfall is that most people drive alone, but very few drive alone ALL the time. If you are single, you can't pick up a date. If you are married, you can't pick up your spouse. I think this car would fill a niche as an accessory car you have in addition to your regular car, but $15,000 is a bit much for an accessory.

  17. This is a non-starter with no air bags or the other standard automotive safety features we take for granted. The new Nissan Leaf is the starting point to look at with 150 mile range. Or heck, you could even get a used Nissan Leaf for less than $15k. Or a used Fiat 500e for under $10k.

  18. I'd consider something like that for a commuter vehicle. 100 mile range is plenty for me. I could probably go a week or more with the distance I have to drive daily.

  19. That's full car price albeit used/pre-owned but it definitely should not be that close I was hoping for more of a $6k to maybe 8k kind of range.

  20. Driving alone most of the time is not the same as diving alone all of the time so. Also no airbags means I will never consider this.

  21. Given the size and Robin Reliant style tax avoidance, it should be way cheaper. Might be a decent rental car though.

  22. I'll stick to my substantially more practical Mazda 3 even if im driving alone 90% of the time. Even it if means killing a few more trees in the process XD

  23. personally, i am more interested in Sondors EV. $10K and 2 seats. however, you can as so pick up a used Leaf with less than 20k mile for around $7.5k

  24. Is not really a car. No airbags, forget it! Winter driving wasn't mentioned. Any "car" should have 2 person capacity minimum

  25. If it was less expensive than a traditional car it would make sense… But it's not. So I'm not sure what the advantage is.

  26. Most of the time drivers do ride alone but I don't think that it goes up to 90%; however, the concept is evident and I believe we will see more of the solo or most likely dual passenger cars in the near future.

  27. Your thumbnails are not good enough. They are too dark and barely caught my attention. I wouldn't have watched your videos had I not recognized you from Pocketnow

  28. looks like a good solution for rental cars that you rent for a short drive in the city and then just leave it in some charging spot.

  29. My wife ran away with a truck driver , so I ride a loan and if she comes back I'll still be riding a loan . A win win situation .

  30. Challenge with this product is seat/room anxiety. Similar to the range in range anxiety, it's a difficult sale to convince someone spending $12k that they'll only need 1 seat. I wonder if it's better for them to label it as the "ultimate 1 seater commuter" and have lease option only.

  31. The technology of electric car batteries will have to change if they are going to be viable for use in western rural areas.

  32. Well its not supposed to be for Highway and I pre ordered mine…(if I had the funds) looks like for those small trips for groceries, movies, eating out, but all within the 100 mile range seems like a great Bike to me and its electric so no carbon footprint, right.

  33. I’m interested in this car because I drive for doordash and I think it can save me alot of money. The 100 mile range is a concern but other than that I think it will help alot with my work.

  34. Can you get the 7500 federal tax credit ? Also California 2500 rebate? This car will only cost me 5K then

  35. I got an idea, how about we dont let baby boomers near big money again. We all know they like to burn it. How can i short this company.

  36. This is probably more useful for couriers and things like that. I can see a B2B application here. You can get a fleet of 10 of these little junkers and spend less than $100,000 post-rebate. I would never buy one, but I wouldn't mind other people buying it. Less traffic, less space needed for parked cars, less carbon footprint. Thank you other people who will buy this car to make my life a little easier.

  37. I own a LEAF and a motorcycle. If I get a car to sit in, it better be able to handle the rude drivers and craziness of the Florida highways. I wouldn't drive this car to work, for the same reasons I wouldn't buy an 800cc motorcycle. Both are too light, both would get blown around the lane everytime a speeding semi (which there are plenty down here) blows by sucking me into his wake after causing me to shift in my lane without moving the steering wheel. Even on my 600 pound Goldwing F6B I can feel the fishtailing winds behind the trailer. With this toy, I'd be swept into a ditch. NOPE! Not for me.

  38. The concept of a one person car does appeal to me, but for nothing but a way back and forth to work, that's too much. I know costs of production aren't cheap, but it just may be that's your answer. It's nice on paper but in the real world, I think it's going to end up a dud!

  39. I think yes to this lil car/trike !.?any ways I drive a F 250 extended cab long bed V10 truck the 12 mile round trip to work and back, and find that a freaking a G-D waste of all our resources ,including mine $100 a fill up ! I would sell trade or what ever to own a ev as this all day every day and yes $1000 I would pa pay for the AC! Cash! So ELECTRICAL MICANICA LETS DEAL! I'll put down the holding fee and sell my gas hog today ! Love it ! That much!

  40. Get into this solo doombuggie & you can forever say goodbye to taking the highway's HOV-lane again.
    Good luck sitting in on single passenger traffic.

  41. I want to see it run a few laps around a racetrack, see how tip over-y it feels. As well as its performance in rain/snow/sand. It's no good as a commuter car if it can't get you from A to B safely in the real world.

    The price is way too steep, you can get a brand new Ninja for that price and have a vehicle that's better in almost every way. It would be pretty damn attractive at $12k if it's actually drivable.

  42. This comment section really highlights the overwhelming percentage of juveniles actively posting, and their obsessive need to be, and be seen to be, cool and right. Simply put, this vehicle makes sense for me and people like me. I commute alone, 20 km each way in weather ranging from 5 to 25C and it rains a lot in the winter. I have an existing four seater car that I see as drag on the environment and would like to keep it parked as much as possible, though it is occaisionally useful. The only thing wrong with this vehicle seems to be that it doesn't solve traffic, though maybe if there were lots of them it would be lighter. I'm in the process of setting up a test drive and I'm really looking forward to it.

  43. I've driven (and reported on in the Solo and found it easy to drive and surprisingly quick. One (pun intended there) needs to understand that this is a VERY personal vehicle in every way. However, if this machine works for you and your personal transportation needs; there's really nothing like it on the market today. Think of it as an appliance as opposed to a status symbol. Heck, just go drive one and and then sit down and ask yourself about it … if it makes sense to you … you know the rest. Onward!

  44. I already have enough space issues w/my mini Toyota Yaris! (I do food delivery) // Too many compromises eg no airbags. Elon Musk must be laughing his ass off! // Not for car campers looking to sleep in their cars

  45. It needs at least 2 seats to be successful. It seems that they could create a 2nd seat behind the driver? If you are eternally single, then I could see the benefit. However, at times, in most people's lives, you would need at least a 2nd seat. If this a 2nd car for commuting, then that works.

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