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Solo Bikepacking Hot Tent with Awning | Twinpeak Tips in Cold

Solo Bikepacking Hot Tent with Awning | Twinpeak Tips in Cold

Brought the Twinpeak Hot Tent out and
the 3W Tent Stove, bike packed out here about a half a day. You can see longtail
mountain bike fat tire. Got camp set up here and now it’s time to build a fire
before it gets dark. Tonight it should hit freezing so let’s get that fire
going. Just before sunrise here it got a little frosty last night but not too
bad. Now it’s time to make some coffee and then I’ll show you guys how to do
the awning. So you unzip the panel one two and then I ran guylines out at a 45
degree angle down to a stake another Center pole this Center pole must be
taller than the peak height of the tent this is very important.
Create a slight angle on that pole and then this gives you access to put a few
chairs next to the stove and a place to hang out I personally like to unzip the
panel here and I use those as a door I don’t even use these doors over here, so
I hope you find this helpful. I appreciate it. Now it’s time to pack
the bike, pack the tent and the stove and everything and then make my way back to
the vehicle. If you have any questions that you saw on this video leave them in
the comments we’re happy to help and I hope this inspires you to go on an
adventure for your very own especially in cold weather, see I didn’t even have
to bring an inner tent for the Twinpeak because there’s no bugs so that’s the
best part of winter camping alright see you guys next time.

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