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SONO ANDATO A LUCCA – Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Iron

It is full of sugar Last night I worked until 3 in the morning. Unfortunately it is now 1 in the afternoon I take Noise and go to Lucca … the sky outside really shits Fingers crossed I have already warmed the soles in my feet and the vest is warming up Close the door properly Why did I get the car keys? Noise!!! Do you want to warm up? Look at the bad weather today This night it rained a lot so I have to be very careful because the asphalt is wet Hi everybody I say hello to everyone I can say that the Harley is a quarter mile bike Sorry because they give everything immediately I hope to meet an abandoned structure along the way Damn…the front wheel has slipped Here I have to be very careful because it is full of speed cameras Here on the left is McDonald’s where I work … My thoughts dry up No highway From this day you can safely understand that I do not organize my travels I don’t know which way to go cool this building is abandoned…I have to go Oh my God Is it really that simple? Cool if you don’t know the group “places of abandonment” on Facebook, look for it because they take you around Italy to see abandoned places Here I could do a wonderful photo shoot with Noise Try to think about the money spent on this building It’s not so fascinating I would like to imagine playing paintball in here It’s almost like a Call of Duty scenario I managed to see an abandoned place even today I go back on my way in the direction of Lucca Damn it…I was wrong If you moved a little to the right I would overtake you Too much highway…I am getting tired But this is the highway exit I take to go to Abetone … cool Oh my god how many trains …please let me in Come on Noise…now let’s get out of this highway There is a speed camera and the limit I think is 70 but I pass to 50 Finally I can do some curves. Yes I did this road still did not Motovlog Recite an Italian poem I’m not really so stoned I don’t know where I’m going but I hope at least it’s the right direction Where I am? 1…2…3…green No I recognize another Harley from the saddlebag and the driving settings Hi brother Cool PT is Pistoia I don’t know if you can see where the mirrors are on the engine guard. In my opinion it is useless because you only see the knee Oh my God…Oh my God Can you see it good? Awesome I love that car I arrived at Pinocchio’s house I am entering the city of Collodi and I must say that it is truly animated Full of people who tell Pinocchio’s stories to everyone else A giant Pinocchio … Oh my God how big you are Again towards Lucca Bye Fiat Panda It seems they do it on purpose and again I say: bye Fiat Panda 7 km to Lucca I think I have arrived and looking at the walkable walls I can say that I have arrived in Lucca Yeah Park here My Noise is beautiful The first thing I do is eat something because I’m really hungry I take a look at the new video: it’s going well I chose a DIY sandwich chicken eggplant tomato onion artichokes and guacamole sauce very light Good taste I can not miss the coca cola I lost my drone Hope it is here at the return point I found them I shit in my pants After this fright it is appropriate to go home Noise Noise Noise Seems the song of Sabrina Salerno: Noise Noise Noise I swear I try to do it again I would do other types of road but I have to take the highway because otherwise it will be too late for dinner I have to stop at the next Autogrill because I have to turn the heated soles back on my heated vest Screams Noise Now I’m going inside to pee I don’t take you with me because I don’t think you’re interested in watching you pee Thanks guys and remember to subscribe to the channel and click on the bell to stay up to date Greetings from me and Noise Bye guys

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