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Sons Of Anarchy’s Effect On Motorcycle Club Culture (2019)

Sons Of Anarchy’s Effect On Motorcycle Club Culture (2019)

Sons of Anarchy’s effect on MC culture. We get into it.On this episode of Demons Row TV. Welcome back to another episode of Demons Row TV. The topic we’re going to talk about is sons of anarchy is effect on MC culture on motorcycle club culture and A lot of people are gonna sit here in front Act like Sons Of Anarchy had nothing to do with them being in a club If you really ride or your in a real club you know, that’s not true like People got people got their whole style from Sons Of Anarchy and that’s just a fact, you know what I mean A lot of people are not gonna admit it They’re gonna act like they’ve been riding for ever. Sons Of Anarchy came out I think in 2008 So everybody’s gonna act like they wrote prior to that. We know that’s not true Sons Of Anarchy had a major effect on MC culture. It made it popular Jax is like a Pop culture hero, and there’s a lot of people that want to emulate the lifestyle of people on that show. And They’ll never tell you the truth, but you can see it. Like real MCS Know, this is a world thing like a lot of people join because of Sons Of Anarchy and one thing I want to talk about too is is that little video that they posted up of the dude who had the Sons Of Anarchy vest on and he was at the gas station. Some little kid or whatever. Like I don’t know. You MCS tell me in the comments, but if you see a young boy with a with a Sons Of Anarchy vest on. You gonna run down on him. Like me personally I’ma just laugh and I’m gonna look at it. Like he’s a fan of the show. I don’t give a f#! k about What somebody else is doing? Like he he’s a kid. Obviously, he don’t know. What the f#!k he’s doing. So why am I gonna run down on him and talk about what I had to earn? To wear my patch or whatever like to me. That’s a prospect’s mentality. I don’t think like that I think like a boss. You know what I’m saying! I see some little kid with a Sons Of Anarchy vest I’m a laugh Because you know what, you know where to be really funny because I think different everybody thinks Oh, you didn’t earn that patch and you shouldn’t wear this or whatever. And I know even some of my own homies’ll disagree with me. I really don’t give a f#!k One of y’all try to run down on one of these dudes with the sons and anarchy vest on How funny would it be if theres footage on you, Getting washed up by some young kid that got a Sons Anarchy vest on. And you supposed to be Mr. Gangsta biker I hope when y’all get f#!ked up about one of these Sons Of Anarchy kids. Oh, I really do That would be some funny shit, you know what I mean! But I thought that shit was lame like “Oh It’s broad daylight you’re lucky cuz I would have took your vest” like Dude, it don’t matter what the situation is if it was me and I wanted to his vest to come off. That vest would’ve came off. That’s what a real MC is gonna do. I’m gonna talk about what you would’ve did and you know, but it’s just the Internet, you know Everybody gets on here and they’re tough or their whatever, But when you see them in the street, they’re not really bout that life To each his own, you know what I mean! But don’t get ran down on by one of these little Sons Of Anarchy fans because that shit would be funny. Now That’s the type of shit that I want to see on the Internet is one of them running down on one of y’all But let’s get back to Sons of Anarchy’s effect on MC culture. I was talking There’s a lot of fantasy in it and it’s all like motion picturish. To like make you love it more. And I had to talk with one of my homies. And he was telling me. Opie was the only real Character on it that really portrayed like a real MCS life. Basically Somebody that did time. Then came home. And his wife didn’t want him in the club. And he got kids. And that whole struggle. Like that’s real life shit. Like that shit that MCS really go through. And That type of shit is real, you know, a lot of the others a lot of the other stuff was like, you know just smoke and mirrors, but Mcs tell me. Please tell me in the comments. What you would do? If you seen some kid with a Sons of Anarchy vest on. And don’t tell me you would run down on him and you’re not going to. Like Really if you really was gonna run down on the kid for having a Sons Of Anarchy vest. Want to hear about it . Because a lot of people talk, but when it’s time it doesn’t happen You know what I mean! Same thing with the Jeezy. Where he had the 81 you know bullshit vest that he made up or whatever. You know. Iit’s crazy the shit that goes on out here, but back to the subject. You know, like also like like the whole thing with Jemma. Being able to like Speak about shit that happens inside of an MC. Like that’s not real shit that happens in MCS. Like if you’re a female. You can’t speak on club shit. Like your voice. You have no voice, you know what I mean! But basically I want to know how y’all feel? Cuz that’s what this show is about. I bring up the topic and then y’all let me know in the comments how you feel about it. And some of y’all. You’re going too far. Like dudes was talking about some Freddy and Jason type shit on the last video I did about Killer Mike. I’m gonna put the link in the description. Please y’all LIKE,SUBSCRIBE,COMMENT. A lot of y’all have done it and I appreciate it. We hit past that thousand subscribers. So we’re doing real good. We only like six videos in and and we’re past the thousand mark. So I appreciate all of y’all. And the support is crazy man. I love it, and I’m having a good time You know what I mean! Just talking about the shit that I love MC culture. So just hit me in the comments. Tell me what you think about the whole Sons of Anarchy, And if you really believe that they had an effect on MC culture. Which I feel they did. So many pop up clubs came after Sons of Anarchy. They just they just made it the it thing, You know what I mean! And a lot of people are not gonna admit that . I Want to see if there’s any MCS in the comments that would actually say like you know what I was a fan of it I love it and that’s why I joined a club. I I respect that because he keeping a real if you you know, if you say that or whatever You know. A lot of us were down for a little bit longer. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t like the show, and maybe we would have joined because we liked the show too. People never admit stuff like that. And it’s the truth. It really, you know like how many people are like Crips because they were Snoop Dogg fans? Or Bloods cuz their Lil Wayne fans. You know what I mean? Like there’s a lot of people that join shit because of stars that they see,or celebrities. So let me know in the comments how you feel. Once again, it’s another Demons Row TV. I appreciate yall!! We got the clothing coming. As you see. I got the jacket, the hoodies, all that stuff. Coming very soon!! So, you know what I mean!! Just the love the support is so great, man. I love y’all so much. MCS ride safe. Its cold as f#!k out here. I’m gonna get out of here. Demons Row TV!!

100 comments on “Sons Of Anarchy’s Effect On Motorcycle Club Culture (2019)

  1. Without watching the whole vid.
    I think there are people out there who rock the SOA cuts and try and pass themselves off as actual 1%ers judging by some YouTube vids. And they get checked QUICK. But the average person who's just wearing a soa shirt just leave them be.
    But I guess it's the same with anyone trying to be something they're not they'll get caught out

  2. The actor who plays Tig grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and the dominant club there was the Rebels MC (became 81 in 1997). You ever read the book "The Rebels: a brotherhood of Outlaws" written by Daniel Wolf?

  3. Been riding over 40 years, started out on Hondas and got my first HD in 1981 after my SOHC 750 was totaled out from under me. Back then, you didn't wear a Harley shirt unless you owned a Harley, otherwise it'd be ripped off your back. Things have really changed. LOL Lots of people of my day were inspired to get into bikes by the biker exploitation flicks of the 60s & 70s, especially Easy Rider. I kind of see SOA as providing the same motivation for the current generation. I was skeptical of the show and didn't watch it for years, I thought it was some glorified yuppie bullshit idea of the life, but it was actually pretty good. I don't care for the sneakers or droopy ass fashions or the boring stock bikes, but the show was intelligent— basically a retelling of Hamlet— and well-acted. I don't how understand how anyone could wear the merch, though. Total wannabe move, like wearing an HD shirt and riding a Honda back in the day. But, different world…

  4. Only people I've ever seen where SOA stuff here in Phoenix are tweaker bitches and out of shape goober white guys on those Walmart chopper pedal bikes.

  5. One of my fave videos yet from y'all! I was a fan of SOA, rode on the back of bikes 20 years before the show. After the show rode with my man's rc then they became MC. Had nothing to do with the show. I bought my own bike and ride almost daily.
    There's a BIG difference between a Hollywood drama and real life drama. Being around the scene there's way more shit that SOA didn't talk about. Watching your man's back when we are out and the inside rules SOA writers had no clue about. 😎💋

  6. I think SOA somewhat helped to "humanize" the generally negative perceptive of 1%er's to the public. However, to those folks who took what they saw to heart, it could get you touched up. The display of protocol or lack there of was just terrible. Wearing gloves and shaking hands, wearing your cut in a cage, not taking your glasses off when you're addressing someone new or higher ranking, touching someones back piece without permission or a invite and using the word Brother like most people breath…….Depending on the Club, any one of those is a eye-dotable offence.

  7. I think soa just brought the mc life back to the spotlight more for your everyday motorcycle enthusiasts, I grew up around the club life not in a club had a few friends that said let’s form a club had to break it down to them the proper protocol of starting a club so yeah I believe the the show had a major effrontery the mc life, as to a young kid wearing a soa vest let him be… I could see the point in saying something if there was a group of 10 to 20 wearing them and posing as a real mc then kinda check Em but a young kid that’s a fan let that shit go. And from what I read Mr Happy on the show was In fact a H.A member weather it was true not sure just what I read.

  8. I was definitely influenced by soa in the culture but I already rode a bike, I joined a local MCC, I was told you guys don't have MCCs in America but an American told me its like your non 1% clubs, we were alied with our local big 4 club, won't mention what club out of respect, ain't my place to mention their name, I loved my life in the club but my brothers weren't the right set of guys to ride with, they were way to quick to turn on each other so I had to get out of that shit, I'd love to get back to club life but my only option for another club would be joining the other side which I'm not guna be too quick to do, but we were told by the higher ups that we should educate the kids wearing soa vests, not jump them and its the best way to do it, because they could end up being the future of clubs.


  9. Brother love your show, keep up the good work. God bless, and ride easy.
    Much love and respect to you.
    Mad mike.

  10. I think the issue is trivial and any mc member is being childish picking on somebody for TV SHOW MERCH. Many of say you're not gangs, but thinking you can infringe on somebodies personal right and liberty to wear what they want sounds kinda gangish. I don't think anybody is dumb enough to wear REAL vest and cuts. I knew somebody that has their deceased grandfathers vest and even though they probably could wear it, they don't.

    I've never seen the show; cable/satelite cost too damn much. I have seen the vest and I know they aren't patched up with ranks or positions, they just have the show logo and M.C. on it. I CAN understand if somebody is beng a disrespectful poser. Other than that; it's no different than if somebody had a Wild Hogs vest. Shit I live near crypt territory and do not get bothered for wearing red. That's a real gang. You gotta be pragmatic.

  11. I’m subscribing because of the honesty. He’s right a lot of people join things because of pop culture. Just like “Easy Rider” inspired an older generation on getting motorcycles and joining MC.

  12. First I am not a 1% I'm a 99er or so to speak. I used to hang around with the Tribs. and have been round scooter trash since 1971. So much of what happens in the SOA episodes runs crossways of what we would have done in the day. Would I jack up a little rider boy with a SOA vest on? No. I would however let them know that there are some fairly dangerous folks out there that hate the whole SOA thing and will take the vest off. And probably not be gentle about it. I have seen the fake Angels patches and tshirts online. I posted a warning on my FB page. I ride for the American Legion Riders and the Patriot Guard. Pretty tame huh? Well it's what I do. I would not mind if someone wore a support shirt or something but even that little organization patch is treated with a lot of jealousy. Don't wear any patch you didn't earn. One nasty biker twisted up on angel dust and a bad attitude is all it takes to see you dead.

  13. I saw the video a while back, personally I wouldn't take it to that level and knowing that his girl bought it for him kinfolk

  14. Not in an MC and when I was in high school I rocked a homemade SOA vest for Halloween and got ran up on not sure who the dude was but he didn’t do shit when he saw my boy was standing with me. I didn’t know back then it’s was any kind of disrespect or anything and I was young… it does happen

  15. Honestly, SOA is what inspired to ride, and it’s the reason I ride a Harley. I didn’t know shit about bikes before I saw the show, but I fell in love as soon I hopped on my bike as well. I would never ride any kind of clothing, gear, etc. because I educated myself on the club life as much as I could, just through researching, but I’ve never actually considered joining a club, and never really wanted to. However, I do see people wearing SOA gear ALL THE TIME, I think it’s dope, because I love the show as well, and it’s only that, a show. The more people we get on two wheels the better.

  16. #ghostin—People need to learn to live and let live. Person wearing a SOA cut is not your business if the wearer isn't your child. No matter how much you hate that SOA cut, just leave the wearer alone. Harriet Seibert

  17. #ghostin-I just go by kid wear SOA cut, because like you I don't gibe a f about that. SOA is pure Fantasy Island for chopper lovers and I'm too sober to think it's real. It don't impress me none. I'd only want a chopper because gas economy and size maneuver between cars in traffic. Now, with short of breath, I can't ride one as the driver. Harriet Seibert

  18. If it's a young kid I think it's cool because he's "one on the way" just like I was when I was a kid. When I saw a bunch of bikes going by I couldn't wait to get one of my own.

  19. Females talk a lot about MC shit. Bc they see plenty over years. Not all guys keep old ladies in check it's 2019. Mate. So it's bull. Then a lot of back stabbing going on. Money rules any and every world. People are fickle. After half my life in military I winded up rubbing with some MCs and learned if we in military often put a bullet into one another in outlaw clubs it's God given.

  20. I've always been interested in riding. SOA kinda got me more interested. I ride now. I was told that if you dont got a bottom rocker then who gives a fuck. Especially cuz it's just a show.

  21. First off, Kurt Sutter (the creator, writer, actor from SOA) really did get permission from and was allowed to runaround with Oakland 81’s. Brother David Labreva (Happy) and some other special guests in the show really are 81. So in every kind of way a person could want, he went through the proper channels, paid the proper respects and did a great job with the whole thing, so anyone mad at that is really going against a club decision. Second, I land in the middle of both opinions. I don’t think you should beat up fans of a TV show, BUT , at some point, boys that do dumb shit with no consequences become men who believe there are no consequences. So run up on them, no. Play the real OG role and talk to them and help them understand how some might take it, is just being a good man. It’s all about intent. If it’s to teach and encourage, great, to intimidate and scare, that’s a punk move.

  22. Don’t wear the SOA cut as a adult. A kid who cares. Just don’t be riding with the SOA cut on your ass and acting like your a tough guy. It has been a sell out of Sonny not any of our business but it is what it is.

  23. Never wear a 81 cut unless you are in the 81 trust and know they will find all of the fakes. Can’t be MC culture if you are sporting in a cage.

  24. I watched and was back and forth with it…I have def seen alot of ne non outlaw clubs start but I dont think it had any effect on original 1% clubs that I know of… love the content tho!

  25. Honestly bro when I was a kid I loved Motorcycles. I always wanted to ride. But by the time I became an adult I forgotten about all that because I was dealing with allot of struggles. Then somewhere in the middle of my life I became religious and my life was controlled through it. But I wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself, trying to put high value on loyalty and helping others. Then my life crashed again and I realized in the religious world I was the only one that was loyal. I left and never went back. I still longed to be apart of something bigger than myself. Family is all I ever wanted and I've always been an outcast. THEN upon this time of reflection I was watching allot of Netflix and decided to watch SOA. That first episode was real cheesy, but I found relation to the whole Renegade image. In that first Episode where it shows Emma Goldman definition of anarchism really inspired me. The show rekindled my love for motorcycles and from that time on I was determined to become a Biker. Well 2 years later and busting my ass the whole and going to knowing nothing about motorcycles to now I finally got my own last month. I have never made a better choice. Bikes are freedom given form. Riding is all I think about now. It has really lifted me up. But as to whether or not sons of Anarchy influence on me? I'd say yes it had a part to play in reminding me of a childhood dream.

  26. Listen man this shit here man shows been over i would be a fucking hypocrite if i say i didnt watch the show just like by life experience me and my bros go down to umbertos in arthur ave and for the first time in a while hey fellas now you guys got your soap we had sopranos ya got that show it was entertaining did prospecting and recruitment go through the fucking roof shit as long as ive been in this fucking life ridiculous now did they all make the cut ….what you think ma brother you was there for that airforce one epidemic lol

  27. These dudes was out here using the show as a how to build a club fir dummies bible thats why alot of shit is flying the way it is now ….learn by experience not by tv motherfuckers cause this shit could be a very dark place if you dont know what the fuck ya doin …and again good vid my man.

  28. I once got surrended by a mc because of my black label society shirt one of them took is phone google black label society ..they saw it was a band they said nothing to me i know they dont like it cause bls is a 3 piece what are your thoughts

  29. I rock a studded vest with band patches and I’m asked all the time if I “ride” yall never heard of the Bad Religion MC?😂

  30. Yea I didn't see that punk show his face you can tell by his voice he ain't shit.Thats exactly what I would love to see run up on the wrong cat cat and puts your noodles all out the back of your melon….

  31. Our MC definitely saw an up-tic of interest after SOA hit. More interest is a good thing as long as your selection process for new members is sound.

  32. I love this YouTube channel. Keep doing this demons row. Some of my operator's joined 1% MC's. They say it gives them that brotherhood that the military provided. MOS 8541.
    people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.!!!!! This is why most military guys join MCs. BMC lifestyle provides no judgement on military men who have bloody hands. Keep doing these videos bro I love them. I'm over here in Akron Ohio our local 1% is H.A.
    I do support their calls once a year when they donate and give away bikes two children in poverty situations. I donate a ton of bikes not because I want the credit but because I grew up poor and I know what it's like to have to steal a bike. Lol

  33. I dont see messing with them they dont know the true mc life the ones that run up on them are the wana bes just my opinion

  34. Riding for years and a ex member of a outlaw club. I would let them know some people might take offense to it so watch were he wears it. But I wouldn't rage on someone because they bought movie merch and wanted to wear it. As long as they weren't acting like a club.

  35. I grew up on dirt bikes, I have been riding longer then I haven’t. I didn’t get a street bike until I was in my 30’s mostly because I couldn’t afford one. With family and a few friends in MC’s not one of them would mess with someone wearing a SOA cut because that’s not a patch you earn that’s patch you buy. I also am not a club member I ride for my self because I enjoy it. I have and will ride with club members. I personally don’t want the obligations of club life. I do love the culture though

  36. Not in a MC, been riding alittle more than a year but wanted to ride since I was 4 when I saw terminator 2 lol. SOA however was the nudge I needed to finally make a move and learn to ride and buy a bike. But that video you was talking about I saw and wished the SOA kid smacked dude. Its a show, if you in a club why would you care. Its stuff like that that makes me unsure if I wanna even join a MC

  37. That video was whack (not yours lol the SOA one u brought up) . I wish that kid snuffed him in the mouth. If he was real he wouldn’t have recorded and posted it he woulda took it and that’s that. My opinion on those the vests are cool but people are buying bottom rockers and adding them to the vest and not the redwood or whatever rocker from the show if I see a SOA vest with ontario on the bottom it’s comin off other then that do you and have fun I’m a young cat 27 but been around this life since a kid that bottom rocker is serious and members take it as serious as they top and middle. It’s also the intent. Are you wearing it as a fan or do u got 4 buddy’s who all got it and you guys go act all Brody in a bar or in public then that’s a whole new story. LnR from Canada DG SYL81

  38. Man leave them fans alone!! That’s just bullshit! That just let u know that the future generation loves bikes too! Give five and support em for loving what we love

  39. I'll tell you what I do like the show its better than other shit on TV I ride I associate with some other clubs I'm a combat vet an I've been trying to to figure out what direction I want to go in mc wise do I go to a vetrans club or a other type but again I loved SOA and I watch the Mayans now that it's on an if I saw that punk talking shit to that kid at the gas station I would have had to step in that's bullshit dude wearing clothing from a TV show and this little bitch gonna act hard fuck that love the channel bro take care

  40. Just want to say I love your channel and I also wanted to say that I'm not a biker nor I'm in any mc but in regards to the sons of anarchy and the whole biker colors situation, I think bikers are just plain idiots, how they are going to take offense just because a person is wearing SOA vest? They talk about people have to earn their colors, but how do they earned theirs? By killing people, hustling, drugs, serving and cleaning after a bunch of misfits that probably never even made it through high school etc. I grew up with a friend that both his father and uncle are in the hell's angels New York, I've seen the life style and that something that never called for me to be in . I have made my own SOA jacket after the show came out, I wore that sucke up and down in New York and I still wear it in my new state I just move in and imma tell you straight up there is not a single biker that would make me take my shit off, if they feel offended to bad, they I see they did not make it just to tell me not to wear it, bikers like to intimidate people just because they always rolling with a few others but to me bikers are just a joke.

  41. SOA was not even a real depiction of mc life it was a t.v. show nothing that happened there was even close to truth. None of them would survive a real mc with the stupidity portrayed on there. I watched it not gonna lie but I shook my head at some of the things portrayed there. Things that bothered me were if you have done time there is no way your going into a prison to visit someone it's not allowed in the real world. You serve time you can't own a gun in the real world that show was off on so many levels. Kurt sutter should of done more homework. Even though happy is a hells angel and was supposed to keep it real he didnt. So in closing someone wearing a soa patch let them be they have no idea.

  42. Soa was an alright show if you want to wear a shirt from a show cool you put on a three piece you askin to be a target. Sos is a 1% club and some of them wear a soa shirt the name went corporate and you see son's of everything everywhere now

  43. It's the equalivant of wearing a lone wolf cut, or a harley davidson cut in my opinion. You have no ties, it's not disrespectful because they arent a part of an MC. It would be 1 thing if they were wearing the imitation patches(like the bandidos patches on wish) but if it's not that then it shouldnt matter.

  44. #GHOSTIN To me SOA, was fun to watch, as well as Torque, and biker boys. To see stories about brotherhood,trials ,tribulations and variety of motorcycles are what Interest me. After watching those shows it made me curious to see what’s the life like in real life.

  45. Not in an MC, so take my opinion for what it’s worth. There’s a reason the official merchandise SOA cuts don’t have bottom rockers. Wearing the patch (I don’t, btw) is expressing love for the show, but wearing the territory rockers takes it too far. That’s pretending to be in the life. Still, probably nothing that requires any kind of enforcement, just disrespectful.

  46. If I saw someone in a SOA cut I tell. You what I'd do calle. Crazy
    I'd walk right up to the kid or. Who ever and talk to them about the cut and right when they think things are about to get hairy imma ask of what they think of the spin off show myans 😂

  47. If we're talking about a kid wearing a SOA cut, I could care less. If an adult is wearing one I still wouldn't care unless he was trying to be a badass. What really pisses me off is when I'm out and civilians strike up a conversation asking me if I've seen the show. It gets old with the same question time after time.

  48. Nope…I wouldn't get on a kid or anybody for wearing an SOA vest…just shows they looking up to our culture…fact of the matter only time I've ever done anything like that is some millennial wearing a Marine Corps class A disrespectfully and I just made him take it off fold it properly and carry it back home…if I saw anybody giving a kid shit about a show vest…I'd break his fuckin jaw I hate bullying

  49. Glad this issue was re adressed. I don't think Real MC's should be offended but also Lovers of the show should know to Respect The Real MC culture and Respect the Rules. I love Sons of Anarchy it's a show that impacted me deeply and is one of those all time great shows.

  50. Id corner him and rurhlessly question him on all the SOA episodes n seasons… if he knew them all and could give me 50 reasons why taras a cunt.. he earned his colours… if not id give him a ruthless beat down

  51. Im 50yrs old never rode and have been wearing a leather jacket with denim vest since the 70's
    I got rock n roll patches and now SOA patches.
    Been wearing that and blue jeans and engineer boots longer than some MC clubs been around.
    I put on what I like.

  52. I’ll admit it. I was 18 when SOA came out. Since then I’ve wanted a Harley and ride. Motorcycles weren’t in my family. 2 years ago I bought my first motorcycle – a Dyna Fat Bob. I understand it’s a show but it inspired me positively and I can’t imagine being without my motorcycle. Not in a club as of now. Great videos and I Sub’d.

  53. Haha man ya know the show was a show and that's it,but I do believe they brought the cool back to the Mc culture hell I started riding again because of watching the show!

  54. My dad had a Harley when I young. I was too little to ride but it didn’t stop my love for motorcycles, got any bit of riding that I could (my dad started me on dirt bikes of course) I watched all the motorcycle club segments on gangland, I watched YouTube videos, then I came across a clip from sons of anarchy. I fell in love with the show because it simply fed my desire for harley content. And in all honesty it really taught me a lot about motorcycle clubs, maybe not everything but definitely the basics, so I’m a little in between, no SOA didn’t get me into bikes and MC culture, but it definitely was a satisfying feeling to watch this show compared to all the other bullshit on TV these days

  55. I would say…..good show and shake his hand. I think it opened up the doors to the MC world even though some of stuff on there are fictional. It sparked curiosity.

  56. It's usually that drunk guy that wants to get loud…rocked a soa cut for haloween a few years back and had some cornball try to run up on me and we made him look pretty stupid. Some 81 dudes in the bar thought the shit was funny and complemented me on the costume and asked me where I got my patches because they were pretty good quality

  57. Hi Ghost I'm Macho I just like to say that I agree with what you that you say a lot of people join thing with out knowing that lifestyle and the consequence that come with it. Like I have a friend who act like he is part of the part something he's not and I tell him that not do it cuz he might bump into the wrong person and say or do for that matter that can get him hurt. But anyway I saw someone where a vest of the son's and I said the same thing you said let him be. Don't get me wrong I like the show my self but I'm won't feel right to wear something I didn't earn but hey for each it own if that guy wants to wear the son vest.but your right you got to becareful what you wear too. But anyway Peace out Macho from NJ

  58. Only guy on that show that was legit was the guy who played happy …he was and still is a full patch hells angel

  59. Just wondering why you refer to people as “mc” when “mc” means motorcycle club? Just wondering if you’re using it as a different term. But on this topic I would say 10000% SOA had a huge influence on MC culture. Doods def watched the first season and was like I’m joining a club lol, but like youve said on other videos if their heart isn’t in it then it will eventually blow up in they face. So what I’m saying is if soa influenced someone to join a mc they better hope they know what they really getting into and that they really want that because it’s not all Hollywood hoes & partying every night.

  60. I was attracted to MCs and bikes before SOA, most likely from 90s cartoons, and 2k movies and video games i grew up on. What SOA did was make me reconsider, could i actually join an MC or RC?

  61. I feel like SOA just Influenced people to want to be something more than just a rider . They want a family. I think it was a badass show . I grew up watching my dad riding his chromed out softail and I loved it . I have always wanted a harley . The day came when I got a harley and loved my life even more lol
    But SOA just gave me a binge worthy show to watch 2 times over

  62. Riding my V-Rod, (covered in Deadpool decals btw, saddlebags covered in Deadpool, various rock band patches, etc) I wear my HD vest. V-Rod patch, Deadpool patch on front, HUGE Deadpool patch across the entire back. NO ROCKERS, NO OFFICER/RANK patches. 2x I have gotten shit by someone in an MC at a restaurant and then a gas station. Soon as I stood up at restaurant and politely let him know that while I’m not an MC rider I’ll be goddamned if anyone gives me shit for my vest when there isn’t anything resembling an MC on it, he backed down after he got a good look at what I DIDN’T have on it. Gas station guy said “You think you’re a biker” and I said “I’m a rider”. After a few silent moments he turns and fills his tank.
    I guess everyone has a bad day sometimes.

  63. I've always been interested in MCs — I think that's the sports fan in me; there's something uniform about it — but, I never knew too much about them. I think Sons helped grow my interest, maybe not the show itself, but what it led me to learn on my own.

    I think where the show succeeds when highlighting MC culture are the moments where the brotherhood comes through. Where it gets lost is when they made it a TV show — which at it's core it is.

    What I'm saying is, Sons was the catalyst for me to learn more on my own, and was also a really great TV show (especially in it's earlier seasons) that I was entertained by. I've hear it described that Sons of Anarchy was a "drama on wheels," and I think that's the perfect way to put it.

    One love, brotha.

  64. Put All shit aside….. Man to Man….
    If You ride???? I want to ride…..
    Harley to Harley….. Michigan is beautiful in the Summer.

  65. In season 2 of Mayans MC they did a good job of addressing this issue. I think the quote was "Just because you watch a TV show you think 2 wheels and a vest makes you a club. You're an embarrassment." Love your channel brother, ex Airborne Infantry we're our own breed of 1%er's

  66. This is why I fuck wit u I saw the video of guy wit soa vest I thought wat that other guy did was a scumbag move n I respect the fact that u took time to speak on that I could go in on that video n topic but I'll leave it at that

  67. If something brings the youth on 2 wheels i would say its a good thing. I dont like Sons of Anarchy Vests but why i should take it from this Kid? I earn my real Colours and this is for me the Superior thing. I dont need to take some kind of Vest from kids.

  68. I can safely say I probably wouldn't be riding today if it wasn't for that show. I mean, I've wanted a Harley since I was 5 years old, but I didn't grow up around Motorcycles. None of my family members rode, none of my friends rode. It was always just something I personally liked and was interested in. I started watching the show in my Mid 20's and it quickly became one my favorite shows of all time. By my mid-30's I still hadn't learned to ride, and I figured I probably never would. Just didn't think it was in the cards for me being 34 and haven never even riden a dirt bike. Then 5 months ago I decided to do something for my self post-divorce and bought a little Yamaha V-Star 650, took the LTR class at HD, and 3 weeks later I'm trading it in on an Electra Glide (I'm 6'1 300lbs so I needed a man sized bike for sure.) Had it not been for watching that show I probably would have lost interest in motorcycles since I wasn't ever really around them, but by watching the show it kept that interest alive.

  69. Don't trip not going to make a kid fell bad if there older of course they know nothing if it bothers you that much take em under your wing and school em don't turn someone on your side into a hater

  70. I've been Riding for long years. Any SOA vest I see I must say it makes me Laugh. Law enforcement don't like any of us. But I don't Ride to please them anyway. I Ride for my Brother's 👊👊

  71. If u see someone wearing a vest which we all know it’s a damn tv show and u try to punk him for supporting a show? Then that guy is a coward. U know damn well he has nothing to do with the life and he’s just a fan of the show and if that man s-ent his money on his SOA gear then he did what it takes to earn it. Don’t bitch at him for being a fan. Bitch at the show or the company that makes the jackets. Too many grown ups being insecure if they looking for opportunities to feel tough by picking on someone they KNOW FOR A FACT is not in the life. A club member would never wear some shit like that so u know he not affiliated and know more than anyone else that he can’t be in a club and isn’t impersonating the shit. They could buy clothes that say hells angels or Mongols all days they really wanted to pretend. And it’s a hugely popular show so there’s no excuse for not knowing he’s just a fan. Woulda been funny if that fan pistol whipped somebody trying to flex lol

  72. a little off topic but what's the deal with the Black Label Society mc vests. Is it similar SOA vests but instead of tv fan it's for fans of Zakk Wylde’s band?

  73. Fukkin'ell…it's TV , it's not real even if a few real 1%ers took part. I think that was a huge mistake for any club to participate in the show. Kids swallowed it like nothing else and clubs started selling so-called "supporters" club patches which made it worse. If I saw a kid with a SoA cut-off on, I'd smile at him and tell him well done!! Coz, at the end of it all, I'd rather see kids wearing SoA patches than Adidas t-shirts!!

  74. My brother I love the channel but the music playing while you are talking is distracting could it be a little lower thanks bro keep sharing

  75. Soa good entertainment!!! Its a damn show those kids ain't about shit!!! Now as for the pop up clubs especially now the law enforcement clubs wtf trying to live on both sides and most real club members think these cops in a m/c is definitely a joke. I blame that all on s.o.a

  76. I grew up in the life style wearing my Dad and Uncle MC shirts but never was I allowed to put on their patches. You do not mess with anyone's vest. I love the show SOA it reminds me of home but on some real shit… A lot wouldn't be out to the whole club but between a few OG members. And I know I'm not supposed to have no voice but I had to speak on this.

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