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Specialized Allez Elite | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

Specialized Allez Elite | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

This is the Specialized Allez Elite. Now,
Specialized claims that this is the best bike you can buy for a £1000
and based purely on looks alone it’s certainly a contender. But it’s more than
just a look at, the new Allez frameset has been redesigned this year to offer an
all-round geometry with greater confidence and handling and comfort for
a wider range of riders and it’s gone on a diet too.
The new one is almost 500 grams lighter than the previous model. A feature I particularly like, is that
the new Allez has had the seat stays dropped further down the seat tube and
this creates greater compliance within the frame and it’s a feature that the
new Allez actually shares with the new Tarmac model as well. The alloy tubing is
hydroformed to provide complex shaping and lightweight, does a tapered headset
for steering precision and you also get internal cable routing helping to avoid
contamination in poor weather and adding to the bike’s clean lines. Specialized
combines Shimano 105 shifting with a smart all black Praxis Alba 50/34
compact chainset. This, along with the 11/32 cassette, gives you loads of low
gears for confident climbing without the risk of wheel slip on damp winter hills.
The wheels themselves are from quality brand DT Swiss and shipped with
Specialized’s own Espoir Sport 25mm tyres. Although there is
clearance for 28mm tyres and mudguards should you want to swap to
something wider. You also get mounts for the mudguards and the rack. Rim brakes offer a significant weight
advantage over disc brakes and in this case they’re Tektro Axis calipers helping
you save precious grams out on the road and they’re also very easy to maintain.

39 comments on “Specialized Allez Elite | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

  1. Sorry Ollie, can't agree with you here. The frame and Praxis crankset aren't very attractive to me. Compared to something like a Rose Pro this is a bit of a dog.

  2. Nice to meet you at the Belper hc on a considerably  different bike from this one, alloy Allez Ollie & no doubt well more than 4.8kg!

  3. Wish Specialized would make an Allez that could compete against the CAAD12s. They missed the mark by manipulating the geometry for comfort rather than aggresiveness like the Tarmac.

  4. I think only the rims are by DT Swiss, the hubs are normally axis brand made by Specialized and are as cheap as chips. Also I think there are other bikes to be had for the same money but better… your paying for the name.

  5. So-called winter bike without disc brakes seems backwards to me. Forget the grams, wouldn't a rider want superior braking performance in the wet?

  6. Ma dai la prima cosa che individua una bici da corsa sono il manubrio e la mancanza dei parafanghi toglili che cazzo

  7. Preferred the sloping top tube and higher seatstay look personally, but an even lighter bike at the same price is impressive, the Allez was already very light a beautiful to ride

  8. I'm very surprised you choose to showcase the regular Allez over the Newer Allez Sprint 2. The Allez Sprint 2 has out sold even the best carbon bikes since its release. It's a real carbon killer I have 2 and 1 series racing set-up of the limited edition Peter Sagan Allez Sprint frame with full ultegra Shimano with Zipp 303 nsw's.

  9. I could hear Oliver dying a bit inside @ 2:25. Any advantages of rim brakes on a winter bike are pretty laughable. Isn't that heresy in the context of cycling journalism?

  10. What a fugly bike!
    In any case it is a crap winter bike as,
     1) It doesn't have disc brakes so grind away the wheel rims with winter crud and grime with rim brakes and
    2) It is a derailleur transmission bike, a major disadvantage in cold wet, freezing, crud, salty conditions.

    Who dreams up this marketing guff and worse still who believes it! What a load of rubbish.

    The best winter bike is a hub gear bike with belt drive. Zero maintenance. Either Afline 8 or 11spd or if you want a bit better quality then a 14spd Rohloff hub or 18 spd Pinion sealed gear box.

    And it was such an annoying presentation as well.

  11. The 2018 Allez which has the sloping top-tube is gorgeous and it is a bit confusing that the other Allez frames look like this one. I hope Specialized does not discontinue the current top-end Allez frame as it looks great as a Sagan replica or Red Hook Crit mount.

  12. Anyone with a 2018 Allez really, really needs to read this:

  13. Does anyone know what fender set is featured in the video? Looks like SKS, but can't pick out the model…

  14. What? Praxis bs cranks and axis horribilis brakes? Some of the worst wheelsets there are and horrible cables and housings? Specialized skimping again. Stop advertising this crap please. If specialized did not pay you please grow a conscience. Get a btwin for a winter bike and spare yourself 500 quid.

  15. The mud guards are certainly not Specialized Drytech – spent half the day trying to get them to fit to my allez elite: back ok but front doesn’t 🙁
    Not enough clearance under the front brake calliper…… Anyone know what is installed on the bike in this video?

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