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what is up guys welcome back to my
channel if you’re new here I’m Lizzy and today we are gonna be giving away a
bunch of iPhones but before we give them away you have to spin the mystery you’ll
do whatever you land on and that’s how you win an iPhone it’s pretty simple so
let’s see who wants to play okay guys anybody want to win an iPhone I’m just giving them away what’s the
catch all you have to do is spin the mystery
whoa so is that a yes yeah all right but if you want the iPhone spin no what are
you got your bellybutton pierced because then nobody would see it cuz I hurt
really bad no I think it’s like quick and easy you
think does anyone know oh yeah what kind of piercing now thank
you I don’t know if I want to do this in the
seven weeks that I’ve been there but in though I’d be piercing my body this
quick wafer say goodbye to your belly breathe in breathe out well done you oh I like shaking for you know good
feeling good I feel like I don’t even know mom stars I feel so good cuz I just
want an iPhone and have a pretty little really know why but I guess I’m happy
and pleased so the hot when like you should just stand with your shirt up I
love it it’s beautiful I love it I think she got another one I you know it’s her
brand new iPhone oh I got it I gotta figure out how I’m gonna time to send
you now don’t want a good too much right why something not to kiss exchanger shy do
it now I just wanna try r8 we got all these people thank you
question okay we’re gonna get a two in one we’re gonna get this iPhone and I’m
gonna get an Instagram clip so this is what you do I start setting up here
start doing my little by version for an Instagram flip the famous pink wall and
then people you know they started throwing eyes on it and then that’s how
people my suppose you all right cool boom kiss right after that done deal now I need your help I’m gonna win an
iPhone 11 if you give me a kick but we get to pick what kind of tattoo you get
okay and what looks like Matt do you wanna design it I’m not that nervous
I have a lot of tattoos so it shouldn’t be that bad I just don’t know what
they’re making me get oh that’s a little scary
yeah the masterpiece what is that it’s like the over are emoji but do you know
what Matt drew yeah is it cute yeah okay what I probably not like right in here okay let’s go to the Apple store tell me your
honest truth do you like it I do I like the dog okay I could definitely add to
it oh okay it was just the wrong guy I’d be like okay but having the lake puppy
filter is really funny yes all right good job Matt you did it you gotta really compare oh he does not
have the new phone this is less than a year old use our phone chiming can be
other things from the Apple store so long it’s a lesser value sure okay watch your leg looks like it’s gonna
hurt well like I said it’s completely your decision whether you I mean I mean
you said there there’s a I phone at stake
yeah it’s a 256 gigs ah which one fire calf I just don’t wanna die once it’s on
it’s on this one’s not gonna hurt us only very I
think we got the it was crazy eyes exactly we actually
got like four grand today oh my gosh okay guys so this was absolutely in stain I
can’t believe that everyone did what they did for an iPhone I mean it’s a
pretty good prize but it’s just kind of crazy all right thank you so much for
watching make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye in the spirit
of I getting his belly button pierced I think Bailey and I are gonna get our
ears pierced oh my gosh matching comment down below
are they matching yes or no with a horse


  1. Hi there I’m sorry to bother you’re having fun but I’m sorry to bother anyone with you I don’t want you guys in my life and I’m sorry for

  2. i'm lazy Sheeran why are you lazy Siri why are you giving in iPhone 11 yeah no number 11 show me another number 11 and then you are not I don't think you are alone happened to give you

  3. B. Factors my name baby Baxter Baxter is my baby still back there is my name you should see my comments help why I hope I get iPhone 11 you are the best lady shaver yeah please do you Siri where is the singer is easy where we

  4. Hi I’m new to you’re channel I won’t to be welcome and can I win I really been asking everybody lageat no lie please

  5. I love Iizzy so much she is such an inspiration and she always makes me smile and laugh I love u a lot lizzy you are so fun to watch and your perfect

  6. If you say a youtubers name 3 times you’ll get pinned.

    Lizzy Capri
    Lizzy Capri
    Lizzy Capri

    Now we wait

  7. Hey Liz try saying one word for 24 hours!!!😁😁😊 ( for example :
    Carter : whats up ?
    Lizzy : nothing
    Carter : wanna hang out ?
    Lizzy : sure

  8. Hey Lizzie I always subscribe I always hit the like bell and I always say words that I’m lazy and I don’t have no gadgets I am so bored and my sisters are kind of mean to me so yeah

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