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Spin The Wheel – WIN BIG MONEY

Spin The Wheel – WIN BIG MONEY

All right folks! It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, for America’s
favorite game show, Spin That Wheel! And make some money, where you can really
get it rich today! Ahaaa! All right! Lets meet our beautiful lovely contestants
today, let’s hear it! Hi, I’m Mark Stevens. I’m a real estate agent from Toronto! My name is Lisa Marlowe and I’m from Missouri
and I’m a House-maker and mother of two beautiful gay children. O.K. Lisa! Two children came out of there! Jessy Goldwright, right at’cha! I’m a teacher and soccer coach from Seattle
Washington! Go Dutchmen! Well you’ve met our beautiful contestants,
now it’s time to: SPIN THAT WHEEL. FOR MONEY!!! Yeah! All right Lisa, come on up and give it a spin! Yeah! Spin… All right girl! Whoo! All right! All right! Yeah! All right! Lisa! How long is this shit gonna go for? All right! Okay! I see you! Yo… How long is this going for? Excuse me? How long is this going for? Okay! Spin that wheel! Why is this going for so long!?! I- I- don’t know- I don’t know what’s going
on… All right… Is it gonna be done yet? OK. It’s slowing down- slowing down. What?!? Did it just pick up?! Are you serious? Why is it speeding up? How long is this taking? I have somewhere to be. It keeps going… (Gibberish)
Is anyone seeing things? I- I don’t know… whats happening. Yeah we’re dealing with something back here,
BOB WAKE UP. Just keep going for us. Why!?! Why don’t you- OH MY GOD THIS WHEEL IS STILL
SPINNING! LISA HURRY UP! I’M DONE! I NEED TO GO! Cause my shoes- my feet hurt. Ya got me out here thinking this is some bullshit,
I’m calling my baby. Hello- Babe you told me this is only gonna
take three hours max. You’re doing great Mark. Why is it so long? HOW DO I GET OUT?! WHERE DO I GO? Look, I could’ve spend the whole day mowing
the lawn and taking care of our petunias but- Ow! Ahh! Oh my God! Owwwww! Yeah! Three hundred dollars! That’s right folks, you too can win big on… Spin The Wheel! Come on back next week.

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