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Sport Bike Stunt Riding w/ Arunas Gibieza 2013

Sport Bike Stunt Riding w/ Arunas Gibieza 2013

I’m Aras, or Arunas Gibieza from Lithuania. I represent sport club “Aras Freestyle”, and I’ve been a stunt rider since 2008 and I will continue to be one for a long time.

100 comments on “Sport Bike Stunt Riding w/ Arunas Gibieza 2013

  1. Wow hands down arunas gets down!, and damn they have the 636 set up as a stunt bike in almost any part of the world sick!

  2. If it's the same as the other bike at the end without fairing and has other addons then i believe it's a Kawasaki Ninja

  3. no where near as good as stuntfreaksteam. u need to check them out. got a half hour film that blows this out the water

  4. Саша, ну жованый крот, для кого я на пару комментариев ниже написал название трека?

  5. Hello Aras,

    Great looking video. Many greetings from Marina, Rob, Andrius and Tiffany.
    We hope to see you again this year!

  6. pazistant aruti tikrai dziugu kad taip toli nuejo , sunkiai dirbo kiek atsimenu jis bet kitaip jis ir nemokejo vazinet kiek atsimenu jam neiseidavo padoriai lakstyt 😀

  7. what is this type of bike called? the one where it only has the shocks in the front? no like headlight or anything

  8. I'm noob..wanna ask..what type of handle bar is that? I dont know how many type of handle bar in the market, can anyone guide me?

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