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Sprinter Vs Climber: The Battle For Milan – Sanremo | GCN Show Ep.323

Sprinter Vs Climber: The Battle For Milan – Sanremo | GCN Show Ep.323

– From the start of the HNO
ride Mt. Cook New Zealand, (in unison) welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week it’s the ultimate battle of sprinter versus
climber, which rider time is going to win Milan San Remo this year? – We also got the answer
to last weeks questions, what is the biggest
revolution in bike tech in the last 30 years? Plus, the worst kit we’ve ever seen, although all for a good cause. – Indeed, and we have all
of our regulars as well, despite appearances, this,
frankly, strange table which is of coarse… There we go. Everything is going out to Mallorca, where we’ll go tomorrow. – See that. – Yeah, take 23, what up mate. (upbeat music) – This week in the world of cycling, we learned that Team Sky’s dominance in the prestigious early season stage race Pyrenees continued. They’ve now won that event six times in the last eight years, with five different riders. This year, it was the turn
of young Columbian hot shot Egan Bernal, who just
etched out countryman rampant Nairo Quintana. Meanwhile, in the other early
season prestigious stage race, Tirreno Adriatico, we learned that there, you need to have your wits about you. – Yeah, here is Mitchelton Scott in the opening days team time trial, in a very near miss. And here is Bora Hansgrohe,
well, not having a near miss. That’s a direct hit isn’t it. – And finally this week,
we learned what Trek were eluding to in
their social media tease from a couple of weeks ago. A once in 30 year event in cycling. – Wow, you can be the judge of that. It’s not frames, it’s not wheels, it’s not smart tech, it’s helmets. – Well maybe we should listen to one of the comments
below last weeks show, at which came in from Warwick Laing, that basically said, Could it be a better safety helmet from Brontrager? Helmets have improved a
lot over the last 30 years, but not from a safety aspect since the 1980’s when they had stackhats. – I think there’s some insider knowledge going on there from Warwick. To be fair, to Treck and Bontrager, actually, this is really
pretty interesting, and actually it could be argued that it’s a one in 30 year event. I mean, helmets have evolved
hugely since the 80’s, but fundamentally the
material that they use has remained the same, EPS foam. – Where is what Bontrager are now using for their brand new helmets
is a material called waf-kel. Is how I read it, and Si is
determined that it’s called… – Well I guess it’s called wavecell. – It’s basically a material made up of loads of different cells,
so you’re probably right Si. The idea behind the new material, is that it protects you more against the rotational impact that you receive, which are the ones that
seem to cause concussion. So this new wonder material, flexes and crumples in
a different way to EPS. So there we go then. – More tech later in the show, for now though, we’re gonna get excited about this weekends men’s pro race Le-Class-Echisima, Milan’s San Remo. Hands down, one of the most
exciting events of the year. – [Dan] If you watch the
last hour of it anyway. – Well okay, that is fair point, but there are some who say
the first six and a half hours are pointless, oh no, they all add up. – Well we don’t really know that do we? Until they send them
off with 50 K’s to go, then we’ll find out. – Okay, all right, so
we assume that there are absolutely critical for
that finally poised finale. But irrespective, that long buildup, all adds to the suspense, but ultimately, it’s the fact that it’s so unpredictable. – Yes, which is not the
case for most races, with most other events, you can decide whether it’s
a sprinter likely to win, or a climber, or a classic specialist, even if you can’t pinpoint
the exact winners name. But with Milan’s San
Remo, that’s not the case. – No, any rider type can win, just so long as they’re
really really good. But so who is gonna win this time? – We think we might know, don’t we? Because we’ve done some in depth research over the last 30 or 40 minutes. By that, I mean we
called up Killian Kelly, the top cycling statistician, who’s already compiled this graph. Basically what you see here,
is the number of riders that were vying for victory
in the front group of the Via Rema, for the last
26 editions of the race. – Yeah, the average size
then, 19.73 riders strong, leading us to conclude,
initially at least, that this could not be
called a sprinters classic. I mean, even the largest group there, 62 riders in 2004, is not
exactly a mass bunch sprint, but when you look, and you see that actually 15 of those victories
are from a classic sprinter, and maybe the second
conclusion is that actually, when they really want
to, sprinter can climb. – They can, and I think that’s down partly to the nature of the
climbs there, isn’t it the Cipressa and Poggio. They’re not so hard, that sprinters can’t get over them on a good day, but they’re also just hard enough, that a climber, like Nibali last year, can attack, and stay away. – The Cipressa is the hardest of the two, 5.7k’s long with an average
gradient of 4.1 percent. The Poggio, a little
bit easier, 3.7k’s long, and an average gradient of 3.9 percent. Now clearly, neither of
those are super tough climbs, but neither are they insignificant. Particularly, when you
look at the average speeds that the pro’s race up there. On climbing… – [Dan] They’re eye watering. – Yes.
– Aren’t they. – They are frankly. – To give an example,
two years ago in 2017, they average speed of Kwiatkowski,
Sagan, and Alaphilippe on the Poggio after 280
kilometers of racing, was 37 and a half k’s
per hour, at the average. That’s 23 miles per hour. – Yeah, and remember
those previous 280k’s, as Dan said, might not
even affect it at all. But seriously, there are
other factors as well, I mean, wind plays a huge part doesn’t it? As to whether the sprinters
can survive headwind, or whether the attackers
succeed, tailwind. And then you have to factor in the importance of bike handling skills, particularly in the
descendant of the Poggio. If you want to stay away, you’ve got to leave it all out there, and it an make it one of the most exciting
parts of the race to watch. Think Sean Kelly and
Miranio Argentine 1992, or even Vincenzo Nibali last year. – [Dan] Yeah, they’re are
brilliant to watch aren’t they? – [Si] Oh yeah. – But I think it’s the fact
that the margins are so small towards the end of the race there, that just one minor change, can make a huge difference in the outcome. Which I guess, is basically the definition of unpredictability. – Yeah, that is our
conclusion to our research is that actually you can’t
predict Milan’s San Remo. 15 times a sprinter who can climb, has won on the Vera Roma
in the last 26 years. But then many in the other 11 times, it was it what, a climber who can sprint? – Yeah, or climber that can get away. Well yeah, there’s your conclusion. So with that, let’s make our
prediction for this years race. I am going to go for
Bora-Hansgrohe Sam Bennett. – [Si] Really, based on the
fact that his best result previously is 66? – Well no, based on the
fact that last year, at the end of the year,
his team Bora-Hansgrohe told him, he wouldn’t be
doing his favorite race Giro d’Italia, and that
seems to have ignited a fire in his belly like he’s eaten
a chicken vin de lu basically. And I think he can get over the climbs, and I think he’s gonna sprint to victory. – Right okay, I’m gonna go
for his teammate Peter Sagan. Now, he has been having some
stomach problems of late, nothing to do with the chicken
vin-de-lu we understand, but that might take a bit of
pressure off his shoulders mighten it? So I think he’s gonna win
from a sprint from an average size group of 19.73 riders. – Now, wow, let us know your predictions in the comments section down below. – That’s right, and
enough of top racers now, it’s time to talk about an average one. Yes, it’s Dan’s last vlog
in the zero to hopefully slightly above average. Remember, Dan’s finish test
is coming up on Wednesday of this week, so we’re
gonna see the results of that hard work. Joking aside, I cannot wait for that. But for now… – I can. – No you can’t, you’re lovin it. But for now, it’s the final vlog. – Just finished at three per section on the Wednesday of week 10. Two sessions so far have been a bit easier as I taper down to that final test. One week to go. So actual average for 55 minutes of the main part of the
section was 243 watts. Well that’s a normalized power 247, which is alright, but it doesn’t bode well for doing 20 minutes at 300 watts, which was my original aim. So I don’t know what to
start at on the 4DP test. I’ve obviously done a sprint and a five minute effort before hand. I’m gonna have to try and be conservative, maybe start at 280, although maybe that won’t be conservative,
maybe I’ll blow through that. I don’t really know what to do. We’ll see, we’ll see on Wednesday. Today was my pin-oligment section here in my pain cave in the UK at home. Then, on Monday, I fly out to Muleby, Tuesday I do my opening
up ride before the test in front of a live audience on Wednesday. Which will be fun. We’ll see what happens. (upbeat music) It is time now for your
weekly GCN inspiration, which is your chance to get us inspired to go out on our bikes. And also, your chance to win one of three Wiggle voucher amounts. 50 pounds is the amount for third, 75 for second, and a whopping 100 pounds to spend on whatever you want
in the Wiggle online shop, if you’re deemed the winner. – Alright then, third place is this one from Kaja in Solvenia, anyway. This feels more like a dream right now, that look flipping cool, doesn’t it. Blue skies, clear roads,
and snow on the sides. Where it should be confined to. – Yeah, we picked that
one because we liked the look of the blue
skies and the nice road, which we’ll be on shortly
in Mallorca won’t we. Uh, nice one.
– Thanks. – Next up, is from Piotr over in Poland. That’s a cracky shot,
but it looks treacherous. – [Si] Oh my word. – [Dan] Look how shiny the surface is. – [Si] Well something I weirdly discovered when I went to Sweden last winter, is that some ice can be really grippy. Yep, grippy ice, it’s a thing. Anyway, that does look indeed fantastic. Inspiration stuff there. – [Dan] Not sure I believe you. – No seriously, I don’t
how I can explain it. – Well I mean, you can get
your hand stuck to something if it’s cold enough. – No like, it was like
it had a rough texture. It was just really grippy. Anyway, Piotr, get in touch, was it slippery or grippy? We’re dying to know. – Stay tuned for an in depth
feature video coming soon. – Next winter. For now though, we’ve
got a winner to crown. This is Tyla, this is from
the Grampian Mountains in Victoria Australia. I have not seen a view
quite like that Dan, for a long long time. Not to mention, a perilous
situation for a bike to be. Looks like something out of
a Bermonti film doesn’t it? – [Dan] I love everything
about that photo. That is a thoroughly
deserving winner photo that deserves first place… – [Si] Yeah it is, it
really is actually isn’t it? – … this week at 100 pounds. That will be on it’s way to
Utah, Tyla, well done for that. A reminder how you enter this each week, two ways of doing it, the first is a #GCNINSPIRATION over on Instagram, or secondly you can do what Tyla did, and use the uploader. There’s a link to that
in the description below. – There is a problem with
photos like that Dan, because actually it kind of makes me not particularly excited
about my commute home. Because it doesn’t look like that. – No, looks like it might
have taken a good half an hour to compose that doesn’t it, but that’s a rate of 200 pounds
and hour so well worth it. (trumpet sounds) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – We’re gonna start
cycling shorts this week, with a new team Sky rumor,
seeing as how Geraint Thomas is finally putting to bed
the one about him riding duro this year. – Just you wait Dan,
anyway, you are right, this is an entirely new team sky rumor, apparently they may well
have now landed themselves a replacement title sponsor. Reports suggesting, that they
could become, team Ineos. (siren sounds) – Ineos being a chemical giant owned by the Brits Jim Ratcliffe. – Yeah, now what’s interesting about him, not including his billionaire status, is that actually, he’s a triathlete. So leaving aside questions
about whether team budget is gonna decrease or increase, more pressing, is the
question about whether team riders are actually gonna continue to be allowed to wear socks. Or indeed, have a sense of humor. – No laughing matter that one is it. And what could be a strange coincidence, it also appears that Direct
Energy could be replaced as the title sponsor of the French squad, by the petrol chemical giants, Total. So basically two petrol chemical giants, looking to sponsor the
green sport of cycling. And that ones gonna change
very quickly in fact, before Peri-rube. – Yeah, that’s right. Now I guess, both of those
brands want to be associated with, as you say, the clean
green sport of cycling, but for racing fans, that association does seem slightly ironic, doesn’t it. But anyway, good news for the
sport of cycling, at least. – Yeah, a few new sponsors coming in. Alright, lets move on
to something different, and to Mark Beaumont, friend
of GCN and man made famous riding around the world in 78 days. Well he’s been doing a
slightly shorter ride for charity recently, going from the home of Scottish ruby, down to
the home of English rugby. He joined up with rugby
legend Rob Wainwright, and they were raising
money for a motor neurone disease charity that’s set
up by another rugby legend Doddie Weir, who now sadly
suffers from the disease. – [Dan] As you can see from Marks tweet, they managed to transport
the ball 500 miles in a space of just 48 hours. – Yeah, although, I’ve got to
take the exception slightly with that tweet, I’m not sure that ball is technically in safe hands. I mean it does seem to be
safely nestled somewhere, but not in his hands. – [Dan] Regardless of where it’s nestled, that is some of the bravest cycling gear I have ever seen worn in public. – [Si] True that. – I mean, they’re raising
money for charity, as Si said, and just
wearing that out and about, I think deserves to raise a lot of money. So if you would like to donate
to this very worthy cause, you can find the Just Giving League in the description below. – For the record, Dan, can it be said that I would rather wear that lycra than only speedos with
your face across the bum. – Fair enough. – So next time… – All for a good cause. – Indeed. Now some sad news, unfortunately, and that is that Italian
veteran Andrea Tafi, will not, technically like the rest of us, be racing Perry-Roubaix. because he has broken his collar bone. – Partly down to a broken collar bone, mainly the fact that he didn’t have a team to race Perry-Roubaix with. – Well I mean, okay,
technically we can’t say that he’s out of Perry-Roubaix, because he wasn’t ever in it. But, we can say defensively, that even if he does find a team in time, he is now not going to be able
to race Perry-Roubaix sadly. – A great headline isn’t it. Man who wasn’t going
to race Perry-Roubaix, isn’t going to race Perry-Roubaix. Anyway, we shouldn’t
take the mitt too much, because I think he served as
quite an inspiration really. – He does, a 52 year old, for him to be even contemplating racing Perry-Roubaix 20 years after you’ve
won it, that’s amazing. – It’s 14 years away for me. – Crikey that is old. – And to add insult to literal injury, that was apparently his
first ever bone fracture. – No, oh that’s brutal isn’t it. Brutal.
– Brittle. – Anyway, perhaps he can race on Zwift, which leads us seamlessly onto this tweet, which we found hilarious from Ian Bibby. So he had just mopped up his third victory in the Zwift Kiss Super League race. Going to deep, that he
then falls from his bike, where upon he’s licked
and smothered by his dog. – Now that’s something
that would only happen at the end of a Zwift race. – True that, much like my DNF. Because I got a supermarket
delivery mid race. – I’d forgotten that. Yeah, you wouldn’t get out of the end of Milan’s San Remo would you? – I hope not (mumbles). – And sticking with racing
for a little bit longer, because Si is about to
embark on his first road race for a period of six and a half years. And we actually need
your help in this one. – We do, yeah, I’m quite
nervous Dan, if I’m honest. But it’s all for a good cause, we’re making a video
where we truly find out whether one bike can do it all by racing it on the road and off as well. But as Dan said, we need your
help in setting the rules. – Yes, so answer this question for us, how much can Si change on his bike, for it to be still
deemed as a single bike? – That’s right, tires, that’s a given. Otherwise, the answer is no,
one bike can’t do it all. But, the question is, whether or not I’m allowed two pairs of wheels. Does that still count as one bike? Basically to stop me being lazy and changing my tires over. So let us know in the comments section, and indeed via voting up there one pair of wheels or two pairs of wheels, and we’ll be filming this shortly. So yeah we need the rules
set clearly before we embark. – I’m not sure either is really gonna help matters too much for you
Si, if I’m perfectly honest. Also, we chuckled last week at this tweet from team Sky’s Luke Rowe who re-tweeted team Sky’s link to their merchandise page. With it he said this, “It’s a
good job we’re fast on bikes, “because we’re (bleep) models.” – Yeah, something we can
associate with really isn’t it. Although, just the second
part, not the first part. – Yeah, it’s a shame we
can’t ride bikes fast, because we’re (bleep) models. – Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, speaking of being a rubbish model, we launched these super cool t-shirts over on the GCN shop, is
the word I was going for. And unfortunately, despite the fact that they were not modeled
by either Dan or myself, they have already sold out. So yeah. – There we go. Or maybe it’s because of that fact, but we will have more in stock very soon. So head over to and hopefully, you’ll
be able to purchase one if you so wish. (upbeat music) – It’s tech of the week now, and we have news of a
new wheel set from 3T. It’s called the Discus C45 Wide, and it’s a narrow wheel set
with a bit of difference. – Yeah, well firstly it is optimized for wider tires isn’t
it, 28 to 30 millimeters, but the really interesting thing, is the change in the rim profile. So the engineers at 3T claim that they have sacrificed
some of the arrow dynamics of the leading edge of the rim profile, in order to make the trail
edge of it more arrow. And they said balance, this
makes the wheel perform like a 60 millimeter DUI even though it’s only 45 millimeters deep, and therefore with that,
it’s lighter and more stable. – Interesting, just
1640 grams for the pair, but what’s most striking for me though, is the internal rim width, and
that’s 25 millimeters wide, which is an absolute monster, and you’d think, therefore,
that it also works really nicely with wider volume gravel tires. That’s the word I was going for. Right, now we also have
another wheel related release in tech of the week, but interestingly, this isn’t a complete
wheel set, but rim only. – [Dan] Ironic, from that point of view, and it comes from Mavic
who were the people that made wheel sets
popular in the first place. Although, aficionados
out there will point out they’ve never stopped
selling rims on their own. – No, that’s right, so this is an update of the famous open pro,
which is kind of like the go to rim if you wanna build up a set of custom wheels, but
now, for the first time ever, they’re gonna do a carbon open pro, called an an open pro carbon. There’s two versions of
it, a disc break one, which is 32 millimeters deep, and then a rim break one,
which is 25 mill deep. Both of them are tubeless compatible, so Mavic’s UST system. And actually, whilst
Kathrine was out at NAHBS, the North American Handmade Bikes Show, she spotted an, as yet
unnamed, gravel wheel set from Mavic too. (drill sounds) – Hack! (drill sounds) Forward slash, bodge of
the week coming up now, and we’ve got a hack
straight away to start with. I’m doing that now Si. – Wow! – Here’s homemade power meter on Twitter from JPLikes, who’s used
string gauge and electronics, even made their own
Android app to go with it, and it only costs 30 bucks. – [Si] My mind is blown
Dan, that truly is a hack. Next up, we got this sent in from NIELS. He’s saying that he spotted this whilst visiting Hamburg with his brother. Now, you might on the face of it, think that that is a great A bodge, but he said that actually
when you look at it, the components are really high quality. So someone has put some
time and effort into this. I mean, he’s obviously
hoping it’s gonna be a hack. – [Dan] I think that’s a reserved judgment until I rode that thing, because that is long. – That’s a cop out Dan. – That’s not Anderly Road is it? – We’ve never ever tried any of the things that people are sending
in our hack old bodge. You can’t sit on the fence now. – Well I mean, but if that
works well, it’s a hack, and if you can’t ride
it, it’s a bodge surely. – Alright, fair enough you’ve just… – Send a video. … undermined the whole of
hack or bodge right there. Next, you got this sent in from CLARE. She said after an
unfortunate bramble incident, she found a use for a puncture repair kit she hadn’t used since she’s gone tubeless. Stitching by her mom, apparently. – [Dan] Stitching mom. – [Si] There you go yeah, so
she stitched up the jersey on one side, and then
patched it on the other for extra strength. – [Dan] Hack, you’re gonna have
few years out of the jersey, look at it. – Kind of insane, yeah
that is really good. Although, I wonder what
happens when you wash a puncture repair patch? Do you think it’s, presumably,
it seemed to be water proof. – You’ve never washed your inner tube? – Anyway, next up from Henry Bex, a Cyclops trainer foot was missing a cap and digging into the mat, so a champagne cork came to the rescue. Funny, it does the job doesn’t it. It wasn’t much thought
and effort went into that, but still… – Yeah, I mean though, any excuse for popping a champagne cork isn’t it. – Very true, I hadn’t thought about that for some strange reason. – Yeah, oh no, I’ve got a wobbly chair, I better have a bottle of champagne. – Yeah, oh no it’s come out again. Who keeps nickin the cork? – Right, you can imagine
you’d get a problem that way. Terry Strange, mech hanger
held on by a sir clip, hack or bodge. Well I think that looks quite neat. – [Dan] The whole thing looks
neat, look how clean it is. Is that even used? – [Si] All I see is there is
a brand spanking new bike. – [Dan] Looks like it. – [Si] But with a mech
hanger held on by a sir clip. Oh well I’m inclined to think maybe then that is varying on the bodge status. – Yeah, well next up is
definitely a bodge from Robert, who has decided to put his
cadence sensor on his shoe in order to save some
weight from his bike. – Robert, come on, you’ve
added rotational weight to your foot at the expense of it, what, just being on your chain stick. – [Dan] I guess so, yeah. Well no, on the crank. – Oh yeah, okay. All right then, last
one for hack or bodge, we’ve got this one from DRABIR. Most chain catchers cost
more than this bike, hence the spoon catcher was born. Genius! – Yeah, hack is it? – Yeah, for sure man. Seriously, bike packers
pay a lot of money for multipurpose cutlery. There is like something called a spork, which is a spoon and
a fork rolled into one with a bit of a knife attached. So why not have your chain catcher that you could remove and
then eat your dinner with it? – Well I shall bow to your
greater bike packing experience. – I’m a veteran. – Alright, if you’d like
to send us in your hacks and bodges, two ways to do so, #GCNHACK on social media,
or that uploader link is in the description below. We’re still getting used to having this to use on set aren’t we. (upbeat music) – It’s time now for caption competition, your chance to get your hands on a GCN Camel Back water bottle if
your caption is chosen by us. Anyway, this was the photo
that you were given last week, and tasked with the job of captioning. Dan, who was the winner. – Well, I mean I think
I set this winner up with my not very good caption last week about, do you like my
physique, but anyways. Samuel Tobatta ran with that, but I have the physique of a movie star. – It’s like your caption, but far funnier. – It’s about 100 times better,
yeah I would admit that. Well done Samuel, a thoroughly deserved GCN Camel Back water
bottle on it’s way to you as soon as you send your
address over to us on Facebook. – Right, and what you gonna
give us this week Dan? – This weeks photo is this
one from Trieno Adriatico. (mumbles) riders there. I’m gonna get you started. Don’t know if this is the
right time to tell you, but you’ve got splunk on your bum. Good one there isn’t it? – Oh, keep it clean
everyone, keep it clean. No Camel Back water bottles
will be awarded to anything that we can’t read out
on this family show. – But we’re very much
looking forward to reading the captions for this weeks photo. (upbeat music) – Before we get on to what
is coming up on the channel over the next seven days,
of course, it is that time where we get to go back through
some of the amazing comments that you’ve been leaving
under last weeks videos. And it’s been tough this week, hasn’t it, because basically, all the
comments are either about how amazing Catherine’s
videos from Nab’s are, or how amazing Olly’s video
from the Hope Route are. And, well frankly, we can’t
use any of those, clearly. – We would have used some had you said how amazing a couple of our
videos are, but you didn’t. – No, and indeed if you’d
said how rubbish Olly was for something, but unfortunately, I think someone even said that he’s won the hair competition. – You’re joking. – Yeah apparently. – Let’s block them. Instead then, here’s one from Johns great Ask the Pro video on handlebar width. It came in from anononomous. I don’t bother with a handlebar, I just hold onto the stem, #aero. – It is arrow that, isn’t it? Very arrow, yeah good point. – Because it’s just a
two centimeter handle. – Yeah, and then Joe Perry
also noticed something going on in the background,
Jon’s new segment should be called interview by the loo. And actually, when you look closely, it’s very true. – It was quite funny wasn’t it. Alright then, coming up
over the next seven days, we shall start with Wednesday, where we’re going to tell
you how to get through a 100 mile ride, when you
haven’t done the preparation. – It’s pretty important for a lot of us, I’d say, that one. – Yes Si, I haven’t done
100 miles for a long time. Thursday, we got the top five
fastest bikes of all time. And then Friday, as ever,
it’s ask Gcanything. – And then Saturday, it’s a big one, that we’ve all been waiting for, just how fit did Dan get in 10 weeks? But remember as well,
that Dan’s fitness test, is actually gonna be on
Wednesday night I believe, and we will be social media-ing
that to the hills basically. So stay tuned, Facebook,
Instagram, the usual jazz. – Some clever so and so’s
scheduled it for nine PM, which means it’s gonna be at least 10 before I get a beer that evening. – Well that’s when you finish the test. – I’m genuinely displeased. – I hope you’re gonna go deep enough that you don’t feel like a beer till at least a quarter past. – Yeah, it’s gonna be
possibly half past 10, everyone is gonna be going to bed. – Right, and then Sunday,
I can’t wait for this one, it’s Hank’s latest fixed gear challenge. This time he tackles
the Rad race in Berlin, which is similar carnage,
isn’t it, to last time. – Monday I’m back for the
GCN race and new show, and Tuesday, is the GCN show episode 324. – Yeah, but GCN show live episode one. – It’s gonna start off with
a reasonable size audience. It might be down to five
or six by the finish. – Yeah, GCN live at the beginning, GCN normal by the end. – This ones taken three hours, 10. – You suck. (rock music) – Pretty much the end of the show now, which means it’s time for extreme corner. – Oh that’s right, this
week, we have got a gem from my mates over at GMBN. Blake and Neal did the
Andes Pacifico Enduro, but it didn’t quite go as planned, did it. (upbeat music) – Ouch, ouch, he’s still
hoppin around now isn’t he? – Yeah he is. That’s proper serious
what happened to him. – It is. – Compartment syndrome,
really serious stuff. – Anyway, he is on the mend, and hopefully will be back on his bike in the next week or so I think. If he lasted. – Well he road a knee bike
on the weekend he said, so there we go. – Oh I see, so very much on the mend then. He won’t get back to a
normal bike in that time. – No, you can get fit on
any bike, can’t you Dan? – You can indeed, or you can
get fit on a suffer fest, we’ll find out. Alright, that is all for this week, but if you haven’t yet caught Olly’s out root adventure… – His what? – Out root adventure, and did
he beat Gen’s and Bone or not, you can find out just down here. – Yeah and remember as
well to head over to the GCN shop for these super
cool cycle lover t-shirts. They have sold out, but
are coming back in stock.

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