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SRAM 11 and 12 Speed Rear Derailleur Basic Maintenance NX/GX/X1/X01/XX1

SRAM 11 and 12 Speed Rear Derailleur Basic Maintenance NX/GX/X1/X01/XX1

Hi everyone! Winter is the perfect time to take care of your drivetrain, and in this short video I’m going to take a
look at the SRAM 11 speed derailleurs. What you see here is a SRAM X1, but
GX, X1, XX1 and X01 would be pretty much the same when it comes to
basic maintenance. The only tools that you’re going to need, this is a 3 millimeter Allen key, this is a Torx T25, this is a pick but instead of using a
pick to open up the seals of the bearings you can use any sort of blade. First of all, always make sure
that your derailleur hanger is straight, then make sure that your derailleur
is properly attached to it. In this case the T25 Torx, make sure is tighten up properly. If you’ve never done it,
make sure you grease all these joints use a Teflon lube, tiny bit of it makes
wonders, just to keep this part of the derailleur moving freely. Moving down, you have the clutch, this is the 2.1 type of clutch from SRAM. It’s sealed so it doesn’t
require any sort of maintenance and the only thing remaining for you to look at it’s pretty much the jockey wheels. They have a narrow-wide design, not only that this is narrow-wide, but they’re installed differently. All you need for this is your 3 mm Allen key. As soon as you remove the little bolt, and you can see traces of Loctite blue over there, And you have these caps on what is a sealed bearing. Here it is. I opened this up earlier just to make
sure that I can show it to you guys easier. So what you can see here is cage bearing. In order to clean the jockey wheel I use this Finish Line bike degreaser. As for what grease to use, you can see a couple of them that I’m usually using. This is for my motorcycle this is a bike grease made by Motorex. Just make sure you don’t overly pack these bearings with grease because that would increase the friction in them as well. See it here, as soon as you were done that, it’s time to push back your ball bearings seals. With the bearing seals back on, just put a bit of grease up on top of the seal like you see it here, and then it’s time to replace this little cap, and this jockey wheel is ready to go back on the bike. How do you install this back? I want to draw your attention to a couple of things: One is the shape of these teeth. They are narrow-wide but they’re not symmetrical. The trick is that “U” stands for upper, and “L” on the other side stands for lower. Lower jockey wheel, upper jockey wheel. Find your little bolt, apply a little grease
on this bottom half of it. Put a bit more blue Loctite on the tip of it and use your 3mm Allen key to reinstall it on to the cage. You see that L engraving on to the lower jockey wheel, and 3 to 4 Nm torque, and you’re good to move on to the upper
jockey wheel. The “U” marking here on the upper jockey, I have the little L down here on the lower jockey, that tells me that I installed it properly. That’s pretty much the only trick when when servicing these derailleurs. And remember, when running your chain through the rear derailleur, just to match the narrow-wide tooth profile with the actual chain. And that’s pretty much it folks. Not a big deal if you know these couple of little tricks. about the SRAM derailleurs. Definitely the 11 speed ones, the 10 speed have more common jockeys, similar to what Shimano uses. If you have any questions let me know in the section below, don’t forget to keep an eye on my channel, and until next time, thanks for watching! Cheers!

29 comments on “SRAM 11 and 12 Speed Rear Derailleur Basic Maintenance NX/GX/X1/X01/XX1

  1. take off the rear d, remove wheels, spray with wd40, soak, spray again. dry, soak with gear lube, wipe down, reinstall. 25 nins done

  2. Actually haven't ever messed with jockey wheels on the last four bikes I've owned, but finally got something with SRAM instead of Shimano and wow, super easy! Thanks for taking the time to make this.

  3. I dont get the big cost. These things have neen in production for decades and basicly have had tiny changes. They should be 20 to 30 bucks per part.
    I have not seen a mainstream over haul in shifting since the 3 speed.
    And billions sold. Im calling all of this bs.

  4. I didn't understand the U upper and L lower directions as the each jockey wheel is marked with both a U and a L on it's respective sides. Lower jockey wheel should have the L facing out and the upper should have the U facing out?

  5. Hello thanks a lot for the video
    I'm not a great mechanic so I'm not sure if I understood it correctly.. what you were saying is that both wheels are identical, the question is just which site faces you right? Is it possible that one of the caps is different? Not sure where it fits anymore.
    Thank you

  6. How much side play should there be on both pulleys? On my Rival 1 there is considerable to and fro movement which I could describe as "wobble.".  Is this normal, or should they be stable without any movement? The bearings seem ok in that they run freely.

  7. Hi
    Im interested in putting SRAM Eagle xx1 on my hardtail but wanted to know should i buy a log cage or medium cage mech with a 32T up front?
    Thank you

  8. I never realised the upper and lower jockey wheels were a different way round. I've just checked my old XX1 derailleur and I've been running the upper one the wrong way round. Any idea what would be the consequences of this?

  9. Thanks! My pulleys were making a ton of noise, and sure enough the bearings were completely dry and filled with gunk. The L and U was a good tip too. Why that isn't in the SRAM derailleur manual is a bit of a mystery.

  10. What do you do when the clutch basically seems to stop functioning fully and the chain slap comes back

  11. The washers/spacers that cover both sides of jockey wheel bearing are different. Can you explain which should be used on each side relative to the bolt?

  12. With my Scott Scale: both wheels are the same: on one side it says L and on the other it says U. So the letter on the right-outside determines whether it should be put back in the upper or in the lower position. It's not that you have 2 different wheels, a L and a U.

  13. Hi, can you replace these with other makes of 12t wheels as sram ones are expensive. Mine are 3yrs old now and looking a bit worn. Fancy ally ones, maybe harder wearing?

  14. Hi! First of all, thank you very much for your video!

    I have one question though, I have 4 caps for my jockey wheels, but one of them is different. How do I know where to place them. (I can't trust the current status on my derailleur, since I made it in the past and I am not sure if they are alright :/)

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Hello. Congratulations on the explanation. I have a doubt that in Brazil there is no information: can I use a Sram Eagle crown in Sram X1 11v group? Thank you.

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