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ST vlog 30 Naked Bike Ride and Mushroom picking

ST vlog 30 Naked Bike Ride and Mushroom picking

okay where we headed right now and then what are we doing or did it and it’s not raining out there man look how do you talk like a valley girl do it I think we’re gonna go snow burning we’re gonna go surfing and we’re gonna go mountain biking and it’s gonna be [Laughter] we’re going I don’t have a helmet on I forgot it so I know it sucks I wear helmet usually now it’s on camera what is it root that she was trying to get up to or she said that if it’s gonna can’t go up because of the chain and I said no and she’s like dude what a bet I’m like yes you’re gonna have to go the rest of the bike ride topless and I said yes and if it’s not the chain thing and she can ride it up and she has to do it I swear it did it girl let’s go down it’s not even close yeah as she’s naked that’s too much how does it feel liberating yeah I feel like it you probably might just do this all the time then I kind of want to do it too guys it looks really nice being naked I think I have to do it too just to do it never been naked in a bike let’s do this how does it feel it’s amazing yes I already feel good he could bike right mm-hmm mm-hmm it’s like your titties are breathing [Music] all right so just we make it people in the woods gotta think it’s time to put a shirt on now honey think we scared enough people that was really fun recommended no bra and no shirt this thing got me you got a mud here oh look this is the end right there I survived there we go I made it it didn’t die we got naked but so people who are naked people saw us while we were naked recording stopped 2 hours and 14 minutes 8 miles the day we get stuck on the beach go-go-go we’re never gonna get out of here but right here now would you go suss it out which way to go and then I’ll just follow it’s gonna be adventure stay tuned [Music] okay it’s really deep on this side [Music] we haven’t surfed yet there’s no waves what are we doing we’re eating chocolate I’m going on tonight we’re going on the hike into the woods with views this is the mission we’re gonna eat some chicken of the woods that seems like sants edible look at these mushy they look like sniffing they taste like meat I would be try piece this is gonna be good kind of mushrooms again chicken of the seat know what’s chicken of the woods good day [Music] and this video

7 comments on “ST vlog 30 Naked Bike Ride and Mushroom picking

  1. The finger censor 🤣 you should check out the oregon hot springs, clothing optional. Most freeing experience.

  2. parádní den, velmi vám to přeji … ať jich máte spousty … taky bych to bral. 🙂 Tak ať se daří. PS: škoda, že váš pád netočila přítelkyně zezadu, to by byl větší drasťák 😀

  3. Křováctví se nezapře. Jak moc musíš mít v kedlubně vymeteno, abys bezdůvodně jezdil vlevo, když nikoho nepředjíždíš.

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