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Starting Over On Bryce’s KX65 // Dirt Bike Riding With Bryce! |

Starting Over On Bryce’s KX65 // Dirt Bike Riding With Bryce! |

(upbeat music) – What you got going on there? – Egg casserole. – [Clintus] Egg casserole.
Who made that? – [Bryce] Meemaw.
– [Clintus] Meemaw. Did you thank her? – Thank you Meemaw. – [Meemaw] You’re welcome. – What do you got?
– Yeah. – What’s that? – Muffins.
– [Jack] I made those. – Who made that? – [Bryce] The store!
– The store. – Apparently your dad did. – [Meemaw] Kirland’s. – I think he’s lying. – Yeah he is. – Yeah I think so too. – He’s not a good baker. I don’t eat my dad’s muffins. (Bryce making robot noises) – [Clintus] Some hot sauce?
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Morning guys. It’s Sunday here at
Meemaw and Papa’s house. Done with breakfast. Cardinals game is on. Got a vlog edited. It’s uploading right
now on their slow internet, so it’ll be up in
a couple of hours. And we’re gonna chill until
the Cardinals game is over. And then head home. And I think my dad and
I are going dirt bike riding. Playing a little volleyball. Over the fence. Woooo!
– Out! – A little hot there boy? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] Yeah? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Dip your head in?
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Is it cold?
– Mason. – [Clintus] Is it cold? (laughs) – Wooooo! – [Clintus] Is it cold? – No. – [Clintus] It’s not?
– It’s awesome! – [Clintus] Really?
– Woooo! – [Clintus] Hey! – [Papa] Hey Bryce. – I just noticed I have my
Band-Aid on. – [Clintus] It’s alright. Alright guys, we are back
home and we are going riding. And by ‘we’, I mean Bryce and I. And my dad will be here soon. Bryce is gearing up right now. He’s gonna be riding the 65. I’m pretty excited about it. He’s a little
nervous, obviously. It’s been a while. It’s been actually over a
year since he rode the 65. But I think he’s got it. I think this is a piece of cake. Gonna be a piece of cake. I keep telling him, ‘Dude,
you’ll get the feel for it ‘in like, 30 seconds. You’ll
be like, oh yeah, I got this.’ Woooo! (dirt bike engine revving) It’s been
sitting for a long time. (dirt bike engine revving) There ya go. Yeah dude! Good job! Good job! Alright, so what do you think? Getting the hang of it? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] Slowly but surely? It’s like starting
over again, huh? Starting all over
again with the 65. Surprisingly,
you’re not too big for it. Like, when you got
on it, you looked good. You’re definitely
too big for the 110. Hundred percent. You still look like
a good size on the 65. – That’s a good bike for Sierra, but it’s too small for her too. – The 110?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah. She definitely
needs a 140. But cool. Alright, we’re gonna
watch Grandpa go on the track a little, few more laps. Then me and Bryce are
gonna go for another round. Then we’ll head back home. It’s Sunday which
means a lot more people are out here today than normal. Saw a small
little family back here. Riding around in a Ranger
and a couple of dirt bikes. Something’s up
with his transmission. He keeps skipping gears. (dirt bike engine revving) Bryce’s helmet, his new helmet, is so big he’s
wearing my googles now. I gotta get him
some new goggles. And I’m sporting my new
FLY gear that I got in Vegas. Though, I didn’t
bring the helmet because I’m not sure where I’m
gonna put the GoPro mount. It’s got a
ridge down the middle, so I can’t put
it down the middle like me and Bryce’s helmets. I gotta put it off to the
side or something like that. I’m gonna do some research and figure out
what the best place to put the GoPro
mount on the new helmet. (dirt bike engines revving) Woooo! – [Grandpa] Look out
where you gonna go bud. (Clintus chuckles) (dirt bike engine revving) Attaboy! See! He downshifted good. – [Clintus] Woooo! I love it, you guys. I love it. I know I feel like
this is sixth, seventh, eighth, tenth time
we’ve had these moments of the kids coming
back to the dirt bikes, kids coming back to
the dirt bikes, right? As I’ve said numerous times, dirt biking is not
something that our family, the four of us, do. Tiffany doesn’t like it. Sierra really doesn’t
care for it anymore. He’s, like, ehhhh. It’s like riding his bicycle. He’ll ride his
bicycle when it’s convenient. He’ll ride his
bicycle when someone else has got their bike out. Right? He’ll pull his
bike out when we’re sitting out in the
garage doing nothing. He’s like, oh, my bike. Haven’t ridden my
bike in months, years. Dirt bike is not
something he’s like, ‘Oh I can’t wait to
go dirt bike riding.’ So every once in a while, he has a moment like this, where he’s
digging it and liking it. (dirt bike engines revving) – Boys just got
back from their ride, and we’re fully
enjoying this amazing weather. While we still
have some daylights. They’re just
chitchatting in the garage while Sierra and
I are playing some Around The World. – [Sierra] Yep.
– Right? – Alright you guys. We’re back to the house. Got the bikes unloaded. Gear unloaded. Cleaned up a little bit and just shooting
the breeze with my Pops. Getting dinner started. He’s getting ready to take off. And, I dunno, gonna
start getting in chill mode. I’ve got some videos to edit
that’s going up tomorrow. Dinner we have
some cedar plank salmon, chicken breast,
some mashed potatoes my dad just literally gave us. He had leftovers
from his earlier lunch. And some steamed green beans. Well guys. It’s 10:00 P.M. Kids are off to bed. Tiffany’s off to bed. I’ve been sitting
here the last hour and half editing some Destiny 2 game play that goes up tomorrow. So, I’ll tell you
guys more details tomorrow. But for those of you
watching this right now that waited all the way
to the end of this video, my trip last week, where I flew to an
unknown, undisclosed location. I flew to Seattle and
I went to Bungie headquarters and I got to play
Destiny 2 on the PC and capture game
footage to put up tomorrow, the day
that you’re watching this, Monday, a day
before the game releases. So as I said
before, nothing like, Oh my God, super excited! Can’t believe you did that. More for the guys
that are into the games, that sort of thing. It was awesome for me
because I love Destiny. I love Destiny 2. The opportunity to go
to Bungie headquarters for the first time. An opportunity
to play Destiny 2, the full game, on PC,
to capture footage. To be granted
early access to the game and to record and
capture the footage is just an amazing opportunity. That’s what I did last week and that is what
I am working on tonight. I’ve got three
game plays going up on Clintus Games. So if you dig my game
plays and you dig Destiny 2 and you want to see
what the hype is all about, the 4K, 60 frames per second, I’ll have the
channel linked in the cards and the end slate, as usual. Go check them out. Three game plays will
be up some time today. Depending when
you’re watching this vlog, there’ll be three
videos that go up. 4K. It’s my first time
ever editing 4K footage. Editing it, no problem. My computer
handles it like a champ. It’s no big deal. But encoding it
and exporting it? Oh my God, it took
twenty minutes for one, half an hour for the second one, and the third one
hasn’t even finished yet. So, I’m like ahhh. 4K is legit. No joke. I didn’t even upload it yet. I don’t even know how
long it’s gonna take to upload. The files are huge. But 4K, that’s
the future, right? Watching it on your TV. It’s gonna be amazing. Anyways guys, thanks
so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed the video. Tomorrow’s Monday. Bryce has basketball practice. Sierra has her
last volleyball game. So that’s what
you’re gonna get tomorrow. But we have an action-packed
week so stay tuned. Check back each and
every day for a new adventure, a new vlog. We got a lot of things going on. I’ll fill you in more tomorrow. I love you guys. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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