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(static cam) Kanban Extended Gameplay

(static cam) Kanban Extended Gameplay

Hey Everybody! This subtitle channel contains Paulo’s list of “Rahdo’s goofs”. If you report goofs we didn’t notice, please leave timestamps. Thank You! 🙂 No… it doesn’t go back in the supply… You take the cube and select a space under the photo of the car you did the upgrade on and put the cube there… If the selected space has bonus showing that you cover with the cube you claim that bonus, in this case Richard could have claimed a Time Shift, 1 Victory Point or 1 Learning Book because those are the bonus available under the red car That Demand tile should only be filled at the end of the turn, not immediately And Jen should have also received the Factory Goal tile for being the 1st player to get 2 Certifications and get another seat at the Board Meeting That’s not right… if players are in the same level of learning they all get evaluated. Clarification: It wasn’t mentioned in the video but there’s a Recycling department that players can use for free during their turn to change one of the parts they have in their garage (that doesn’t exist in the recycling center) for a part that is available in the recycling center… in this case there’s a Black cube there. So, at this moment, Richard can swap one Red, Pink or Blue cube for a black cube if he needs it She could grab the 2 Pink Cubes because she has space for them. That placement doesn’t matter for Sandra’s evaluation… if players are in the same level of learning they all get evaluated. That only matters for scoring at the end of the game Placed his Worker in the wrong Spot When Sandra arrives in the Admin. Department she doesn’t occupy a Workstation, she goes to her private office, that way she’s never blocked out of the Admin. Department Forgot to advance the Pace Car 2 Spaces for the 2 cars that Jen Claimed

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