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Stencils for Up-cycling Gift Packaging – StencilGirl® Creative Team Project November

Stencils for Up-cycling Gift Packaging – StencilGirl® Creative Team Project November

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you my StencilGirl Creative Team project for NOVEMBER 2019 the theme was gift it or grid it and Peg and I
decided together that we would do gift packaging and we picked three stencils
to use and this is how we collaborate for our stencilgirl design team
projects so I wanted to talk a little bit about about packaging gift packaging
and how you know it at Christmastime it’s like wow we are going through so
much paper it’s being torn up and it just it really bothers me how much waste
there is with gift packaging and so for my family we have started reusing stuff
we we have gift bags and we reuse them again each year you know they’re pretty
sturdy the little gift bags you can buy and also I like to make my own wrapping
paper and gift bags and things using different art supplies from a studio so
this particular project I’m showing you here with the leafy doodle border
stencil that is l7 36 for those who are following along this is a 9 by 12 and it
has a lot of different designs on it I decided I just wanted to use the middle
section for my first little thing here that I’m doing and this is a piece of
paper from a package you know when we when we mail order stuff from Amazon or
from other places we get a lot of packaging that comes with it and if you
just take this this paper this inexpensive paper and you stencil on it
with a few ink sprays which is so easy to do then you can make great gift
package with almost no cost no cost really I did
iron the paper it’s kind of a I guess it maybe is a heavier newsprint paper kind
of an off-white and all I’m doing is I I took a section of the stencil and taped
it off and then just using ink sprays in different colors and a baby wipe and I’m
going through and coloring all over this cheap paper with the ink that’s all I’m
doing super simple and the sprays that I used have mica in them they’re a little
bit shimmery but it’s hard to see on the video so then I did add a few little
splatters at the end because I like splatters I think it makes an
interesting pattern and then I let the paper dry and I also want to make a
belly band for my package I’m gonna wrap a package in that paper and then make a
belly band I decided I just wanted to use one little section of the border
stencil and you know you can cut your stencils apart it’s not the end of the
world if you cut your stencils apart so I just took that one section out trimmed
it out of the stencil and now I can reuse it it’s so easily as a border so I
have some craft colored paper and that same spray this same ink spray and I’m
just spraying using that little section of stencil and then I’m turning it over
and getting the excess spray off onto the rest of my paper and it I end up
using that part too as well so I do two strips of this and then tape them
together I know I have another one here okay there we go I was looking for my
stencil adhesive because it would have been a little bit cleaner if I’d put
some stencil adhesive on the back of the stencil so that it there was no room for
that spray to go underneath and I do have some called pixie spray but I just
can’t couldn’t find it when I was doing the project so I do recommend that you
put a little stencil adhesive on there and we’ll stay down and not be quite as
freeform as these are but I’m still happy with them I think they look pretty
cool I put the two of them together and then I fold increase where I need it to
be a nice clear fold this is an option instead of putting ribbon on that’s you
can use again if you use this box again we also use our boxes over and over and
over we have the same boxes and we just put different presents in them each year
and just continue to use them so that we reduce waste so I glued the ends
together and I slipped this over the package that I had wrapped in that
homemade gift wrap and that keeps everything neat and tidy and it’s cute
looking I decided I would make a little tag section on the front which you could
write the two from on if you wanted to so that other section of the paper where
I had put the stencil down upside down to clean off the rest of the ink spray
it made a mark and made like it like a reverse image of it so I cut a section
of that out to make my tag and then I got some green paper that is a similar
color to the ink spray and also a piece of shimmery gold paper and I layered
those together and attached that little section that I cut out to the front of
that and put it on the front of the package and there you have it a cute and
pretty and easy little stenciled gift paper and belly band I decided to add a
little bit of gold to the front of the design because I did use that shimmery
and gold paper underneath which I know it’s hard to see it on the video Steven
you can’t even really see it in the pictures but I promise it’s like a
brushed gold paper and so I used a paint pen to make some gold marks
and add in a little bit of that gold color to you my design it also adds your
own hand which is kind of nice so there you go my first little gift packaging
idea making wrapping paper out of packing paper with some great stencil
girl stencils so my second idea you know sometimes we have a box that came with
something in it that we’ve used up and if it’s just a plain box you could
decorate it with stencils and then this box will go in the collection of
reusable boxes that we can use year after year you could also of course do
it for a birthday or something like that this one would be fine for a birthday it
doesn’t have to be Christmas so this stencil is called leaf and clover prints
s 7:08 so this is a smaller stencil but what I thought was interesting about it
is that it could be stenciled over the top of itself kind of like a two-step
process so I decided to use acrylic paint because I wasn’t sure how
absorbent this this box would be I didn’t know if maybe some type of an ink
or spray would be would soak into the box too much and just kind of disappear
so I’m using some delusions paints and stenciling using these brushes which
they’re they’re just kind of called toothbrush makeup brushes but they work
really well for stenciling these small things I also have one little small
pouncer that I’m using but the brushes actually worked better for kind of
targeted stenciling stenciling exactly where I want in these little tiny areas
of the stencil and also kind of pouncing instead of rubbing so I don’t want any
of that paint to go underneath the stencil and make it look blobby so I’m
just layering one section over the top of the other I’m adding leaves to some
of the areas basically make a bush that has leaves and berries on it
which I actually have one in the back yard that has leaves and red berries on
it so that’s kind of where I got my inspiration
so I stencil the stems sticks part and then kind of line up the leaves onto
this to where it would be coming out from the stick and also line up the
little berry section and then I put some of this lighter green color over the
tops to kind of give a highlight the only thing that I would caution you
about when you’re doing this is maybe do all one thing first and dry it and then
do another one over the top I did have to clean the back of my stencil a couple
times because I was putting it over a wet area I’m impatient I have zero
patience so if you put if you go to to stencil something over another area this
still has a little bit of wet paint on it you’ll get a little bit of that paint
on the back of the stencil and then when you put it in another section you can
get a little bit of a blob or smear which is annoying so maybe get something
dry first work on a different section and let the other section dry or else
dry it with a heat tool like you saw me doing there it doesn’t take very long so
I did flatten out the box I pulled the bottom part open and then flattened the
whole thing so I will have to stencil the other side to complete the entire
box and you could use a stencil it has a less less fussy design if you wanted to
and make it a lot quicker but I think this turned out really cool it looks
like something that you would buy you know no one would really know that this
is homemade but yet it is and it can be used year after year after year you just
flatten down the box put it in the box of boxes that we have anyway and save it
for another year another present and another time I think that lighter green really does
something for the design and that’s the part that I think you can layer the
lighter green over the darker green to make a two-colored image which is what I
like about this stencil it’s pretty cool stencil kind of reminds me of some
stamps that I have where you can put a solid wood down and then put another one
over the top with another color reminds me of that a little bit and I don’t know
if the designer intended that or if I don’t know but I just thought it worked
really good and I like the way the bright green over the top of the olive
green kind of makes it more interesting also I picked the dilutions paints
because they dry fast they dry a lot faster than some of the other paints
which sometimes it can be a bonus if you’re doing certain things like this or
art journaling something like that that quick drying is a bonus at that point so
once I finished all the stenciling then I flipped it over I stenciled the other
side still keeping it flat like this and that makes the entire top bottom and all
four sides of the box completely covered with the design which is cool don’t have
to wrap it it’s already decorated for you and then to finish it
I made a tag I think that’s coming up there we go okay there’s the entire box
completely done and dry and then I just cut a piece of that same craft cardstock
and then I cut a piece of red cardstock and folded it in half to make a little
tag to put on this so that you could write the choo and from inside so I’m
starting with the leaves with the two green colors in the background
and then bringing in the brown and the red to make some berries on it as well
could put some words over the top if you wanted you I didn’t do that but you
could so I’m getting up the brown paint in the red paint and putting on the
sticks and then the red berries I had put all my brushes in the water so it
took me a minute so once this little bit of craft
cardstock is all stenciled I put it on the front of that little folded over red
card and punched a hole in it to be able to attach it to some ribbon so the
ribbon I used for this is organza ribbon and it can be reused as well because
it’s it’s a cloth ribbon I tied a bow one direction and then I decided I
needed some front to go to the other direction so I put another piece around
and tied it in a knot and it made a really nice fluffy bow that I can just
untie and reuse it another day then I put some gold cord on the tag and tied
that on and that package was complete and all completely reusable on another
time well except for the tag if you ride in it then it won’t be reusable so
that’s what it looks like on a couple different sides so my third packaging
idea this is a paper sack from the grocery store it’s the kind that you buy
you get fruit you put fruit in it to bring home from from a grocery store and
it’s been used already um I had some oranges in it which didn’t do anything
to the bag it just it’s you know kind of smells like oranges so I decided to
decorate it to make a little gift sack I pulled the sides out
like kind of pulling the triangles and the folds out to make it completely flat
and when you do this you also can get the sides with the stenciling and not
just the front and back which you know has a design all the way around for this
I’m using a water-based ink this is a Stampin Up ink in a green color and this
stencil is called herbs stencil and it is l4 Chuchu if you’re looking for it I
just used the rosemary I didn’t use any of the other herbs but I really think
this stencil has a lot of potential I was actually thinking about making
making a wreath with it you know stenciling a wreath with it I think you
could do that very easily in any type of these herbs or you could make kind of a
design with hanging herbs like sometimes people dry their herbs I I think this is
a very very versatile stencil so to do the other side I just flipped at the
bottom I’m using that same type of a toothbrush makeup brush type of the
brush to do this and I’m kind of pouncing and rubbing at the same time
very easy very quick this one took me very little time to do because there’s
you know that the ink soaks in you don’t really have any drying time with it so
this one was super fast and I did both sides and I kind of pressed down or put
more ink in some places and then in other places I tried to make the herbs
look like they were behind each other by making it a little bit lighter by just
putting less ink then I got a piece of card stock in the similar green folded
it in half and I’m gonna make a little bag topper lots of times when we use
gift bags we put tissue in them and that’s certainly a possibility
tissues are usable it doesn’t matter if it gets wrinkled you can you know stuff
it in there and you won’t be able to see what’s inside but this is another option
it’s kind of like making a gift tag that also keeps the bag shut
so then the people can’t see what’s inside the bag because with a gift bag
sometimes you can peek you know and then you know what the gift is before you get
it so naughty naughty naughty if you’ve done that before so to edge the little
topper tag thing I glued on some lace because I thought it looked pretty and
then that brought in like a lighter color of white so then for my front of
it I also used white if you’re enjoying this video don’t forget to give it a
thumbs up and leave a comment or question below and of course subscribe
because that’s always helpful for all the channels so then with a little white
piece that I got I also stenciled with the same rosemary in the same ink color
you can see it looks a little bit different when you put it on the white
than it does on the craft color so it gives you a little bit of contrast then
I use the word part of the stencil and traced around it with a permanent marker
and then filled it in with a little bit thicker one because the original one was
really skinny I don’t have to color all that in with that so that goes on I add
some ribbon and this is the third gift packaging idea for this month so thanks
for watching

25 comments on “Stencils for Up-cycling Gift Packaging – StencilGirl® Creative Team Project November

  1. These are all Great!
    I have been making and reusing gift packaging myself the last few years. It is fun to make, and fun when it ends up gifted back to me 🙂

  2. Shel, you have an awesome array of stencils. Enjoyed watching you reuse the packaging. I think that the white/cream piece of packaging paper is similar to what we used to call “butcher’s paper”. Not sure if that term was used in the US. 😀

  3. What a great idea!!! I love all of these, you are so resourceful and talented! Thank you for sharing all of your fabulous art with us…

  4. Fantastic ideas ! Loved the way you utilized the stencils also . Thank you Shel . Kind regards – Judi – Australia

  5. These are just fantastic, finally a use for all that packing paper! Love those stencils, so delicate and detailed. 💜

  6. I read somewhere that for the pits of chalk cotour (sorry for spelling) paint, that if you use press and seal on the top of the jar underneath the lid, your paint doesn’t dry out as fast. And you can reuse the press and seal paper

  7. I am so glad you made this video! I have been doing similar (not as nice) recycling since I was a girl. My mom believed in reusing as much as possible. One year we wrapped packages in the Sunday newspaper. I can still see the brightly colored faces of Nancy and Slogo. 😆. I pinned this to Pinterest – more people need to try their hand at minimizing waste. P.S. I am definitely going to get the herb stencil. My youngest grandchild (1) is Rosemary. I can see so many possibilities! 🤪

  8. It's a great way to recycle the ordinary to create an original and personal additon to gift giving. I too recycle everything you mentioned. Paper gift products are expensive—why not recycle. I think many of us appreciate a gift packaged this way. Thank you so much for your ever inspiring videos!!!

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