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Student Experience: Bike Riding at Boltz Middle School

Student Experience: Bike Riding at Boltz Middle School

Well today we are taking our sixth grade
PE class on a bike ride to Edora park. We get to go learn about how to safely
ride on the road. Safe routes to school is here. How far apart? bBke lengths apart. Good! They teach the kids about signaling about how to ride in a group and really
just how to be a safe biker on the road. Athletes in tandem really they’re a huge
part of this they’re huge part of what we do with this bike safety unit. With
our students with disabilities it’s a have a great opportunity to make sure
that they feel involved as well. We’ve got trailers that we make sure that they
are on the bike ride with us. One of my favorite parts is all the riders that
are actually with them and the trailers they will talk through: all right I’m
signaling I’m stopping okay I’m taking a right-hand turn can you check the cars
can you help me? Left right And it’s really cool for them to get out on the
roads to experience this with their class and to really learn about how to
be safe on the roads. I don’t think is kind of cool knowing that they can kind
of do the same thing and just watching them sitting in there and kind of
looking out around seeing out and being out in the world makes me actually kind of feel
warm inside. In this district, we’re about being inclusive and I think one of the cool things about PE teachers in
this entire district not just me but every teacher in this district we’re all
about making sure that these students experience is great and that they feel
involved they feel encouraged to be active they they feel encouraged to be
just with their with their peers and with their friends I think that’s a big
part of their experience in PSD

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