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Stunt Bike Build Series | Episode 14 | Update and First Wheelies

Stunt Bike Build Series | Episode 14 | Update and First Wheelies

Hi guys! CBRTricolor here for another video. This time I will bring you the update of the stunt F4i. Some of you already seen in Instagram and Facebook the motorcycle is already working fine,
I will try to be brief I don’t want this to be a big video, I just want to explain what happened When I bought the motorcycle, it didn’t work. The motorcycle has been stopped for a long time after an accident the engine rolled but the bike wouldn’t start I found out that the ECU was burnt out then later I found that all the electric installation has been cut and rewired. I don’t know what they were messing about. They burnt out the ECU, cut all wires I’ve bought a new ECU and burnt out the ECU because of the damn cut wires and I guess that some of those wires weren’t right Then I’ve to get another electric installation hen we thought that was all good and we thought that the motorcycle will work well but… the engine was failing I try to find out what was going on try to sort it out with friends lot’s of people tried, and we can’t find out what was the problem I disassemble lot of parts, admission injection, electric, sparkplugs, coils.. I’ve tried a lot of things. Then I’ve discovered the two real problems First: engine timing off, admission camshaft was one tooth forward Second: I’ve discovered a bent metal piece in the exhaust camshaft that do the readings for the ignition Resuming, the motorcycle started but was just not right, it was pretty noticeable now the engine is fine I will show you the video when I put the admission camshaft in position I could manage it in my garage and now I’m doing my first practice in a stunt bike I can tell you right away that this is very difficult only when you try it, is when you see how difficult that is. I still have somethings to do to the motorcycle I still have some new parts to install but I still haven’t time to do it I still need some parts for this motorcycle I’m now looking to see if I can find some parts that I need I need the radiator this one is leaking very much I just ride the motorcycle a little bit I need the front forks too This fork is all bended is leaking too Now I need to find these two things I would love to put the inverted forks, upside down but is too expensive, I would need to find the complete front of a CBR900 I need to find the radiator and the fork and this was a little update on the stunt bike I will now show you my first practice on this beast Take care! Stay tuned, because I will do some more videos of some parts that you haven’t seen some parts are already on the motorcycle sorry for the wrong order of the videos but with these problems on the motorcycle I’ve to stop doing the videos to resolve the engine problem and to show them, I need to have the motorcycle working. Ride safe! See you in the next video Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram I will be posting new pics of the Stunt Bike there. See Ya!

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