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Subaru and Thule Bike Rack Review

Hey Bart Miller here with Cycling Strong. So most of you know that I like to go to
lots of bike races and lots of events I went to the tour Utah a couple of years
ago and was so impressed with what Subaru
did in getting behind cycling that I went out and I actually
bought a Subaru and I can’t tell you how
happy I am about my Subaru like I am just so you
know on my road no one owned a Subaru and now three
people own Subaru’s and it’s because I really love this car and as I talk to
people I have such a passion for it that they can’t resist to go out and buy one so
hopefully if you haven’t drove a Subaru you go do that and let’s be very clear here
they don’t endorse me or they don’t do anything to help me say that but I’ve truly enjoyed this
vehicle because its four wheel drive this year I was racing
for Leadville I want a good fuel mileage because I
travel a lot to different places but yet I wanted that four-wheel-drive
capability and the clearance on it everything worked out perfect the only
thing it’s a pain in the butt sometimes is you can see I’ve got a longer trailer on
here and to lead does not make it to where you’re
able to get this up in higher I mean you can’t get this elevated any more than what it is right
there and so sometimes the back end scratches just a little bit when I’m
bringing bikes through certain parking lots or stuff like that I’m willing to put up with that that’s
not a big deal to me now the other feature that Subaru gives me
as I’m not the tallest guy in the world so I can’t get bikes on top it’s a little
more work for me but I can get them on top and I can
utilize the top of this vehicle and it gives me a lot of storage in the
back to haul all the crap that I do to races so Subaru big shout out to you thanks for
what you do for cycling I know that you even get discounts out
there to certain cycling groups to be able to get a better buy on those
and thanks for all you do I think you’ve got an amazing vehicle and
I’ll keep supporting you now I’m gonna transition into this rack system one thing that happens
when your hauling lotta bikes when I go to an event those of you that don’t know I have a son
that’s 14 years old and he loves to race so he’s usually racing an any event and
so am I and we both like when we get somewhere to
ride our road bikes and our mountain bikes we don’t usually just
take one bike, we take both bikes so for us it’s like this I mean he’s got a
road bike here I got my road bike there I got my
mountain bike here he’s got his mountain bike right here but
then let’s say that my daughter or my wife wants to ride with us while we’re
there we have to haul more bikes so that’s
when everything goes on top the reason I go with this system though
is is I’ve got expensive bikes in I mean I’d like to think they’re
expensive lets just say that I don’t want this bike rubbing next to
this bike all the way down the road my previous
rack is a rack that comes up and comes out like this and you need to put the
bikes on latch ’em down but they can always swing and rub
against each other I hated that because I didn’t want in fact I got scratches in
this bike and this bike from a rack just like that I didn’t want
that to happen so I went with this system to be able to
do that the other thing I like about this system is it’s extremely easy to get bikes off and on you know they’ve got a little system
throw that down it’s locked in the back you just pull the bike right off and you’re
able to you know be on your way in what you’re trying to
do and get your bike ready it’s also nice because I can just pump
the tires up when they’re on here so how this works is you put your bike
up put it in the groove right here set it on the back right here and once
you’re there there’s a little clicker right here you
hold down you can push that in. If you hear that noise that noise is what this is catching into
the the different sections and I just give it one good push now I’ve
talked to people that say you want don’t wanna put it here you wanna put it
out here I don’t know exactly ideally where it works
I’ve never had a bike come off putting it right here then this adjusts back here in the very
back so you can adjust this exactly where you want
it take this strap, put it where you need it to be tighten it back here and then I don’t
like mine really really tight I like it just right and that just
secures it on there nice and nice and tight so that bike can bounce
it can do whatever it wants but its stays right there in place and
rides extremely well so this rack is worked extremely well for
me in all the situations that I’ve had to use it in I know that there’s
some other racks out there there’s some features in those racks
that I really like I’m hoping to be able to do some reviews on those racks also but that’s how you mount everything on this
rack here tool really makes it great, they do
lots of cool stuff and this rack like I said has worked really well
so the road bike sit back here what I do
also is this is a locking system that they have
already built in you can around come around the fork come around
whatever you want with this system lock the bike on what I
do though is I have a longer piece of cable that
I’ve bought that I run through the bikes and then I
use these to go through the ends and lock ’em right to this right here so so that just keeps it simpler for me and makes
it more user friendly when I get somewhere to undo the bikes and get through the back
tires so that I have ’em all kind off locked together if you have any questions on the rack or
the system things I like or don’t like feel free
the things that the downfall of this rack that I don’t like is too much stuff gets caught in here I
don’t like that I don’t like the fact that back here it
can have some wiggle in it it doesn’t tighten up in the the back as
well as I want where the hitch actually adjusts and tightens I also don’t like the fact that when
this is all the way up that there’s no you know it has no use but to sit back there and just rattle I know some of the other rack systems
have you know the features to be able to work on your bike or do things to that
nature I wish that this had that same system
integrated in it other than that though it’s an overall
good rack and lots and lots a great benefits we
have used the heck out of it as you can tell it’s very well used all the races I go to
Oh the other thing too and you’ll see it in another video that we’re going to do
here in a second is I wish that a fat bike tire could fit in here and a fat bike tire could fit on the
back because when I’m doing fat bike races I’d like to be able to
use it for that purpose so keep cycling strong, comment below once again tell me what works for you
what you like the most and love to hear your comments
talk to you soon

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