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Well, it meant that like we should’ve been
thinking about them that since day one. But what we were more
thinking about was just What’s up guys? Welcome back to another video. Today we took a trip down to super 73
headquarters came out here with my boy Nate. I met him over at the event, the first
video that you guys saw him in the channel, and he kind of invited me. He got invited by super Sunday three so
we’re excited to see what, uh, you have to offer. Let’s check it out. Welcome. Thanks for coming in. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, we’re still doing, clearly I’m not
a vlogger and it’s a work in progress. Guys. Give me some time. I’ll get much better at it. It’s just something
I’ve got to get used to. Before we get deeper into this video,
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to answer it for you. We met Michael, he’s one of the cofounders
and the COO of super 73 and he’s a really incredible guy. He took a couple of hours out of his day
to show us around headquarters test, drive these bikes with us and talk about
marketing along with the CEO of the company. And. Um, this is something that they
completely didn’t need to do. We weren’t getting paid for anything. We had no intention to buy anything. They just really loved their fans and they
wanted to express their gratitude for, uh, supporting the company
for such a long time. And it’s just so incredible. I absolutely love companies like that,
that actually take time out of their day. And talk to the people that want
to know more about their products. So I was able to hire a lifestyle model
out here in Los Angeles, and he did a really incredible job riding
around in the bike and slow motion. So. Here it is guys. My honest thoughts about the bike. I absolutely loved it. Specs I’m not going to talk about, we
covered a little bit about that in the first video of this channel, so feel
free to click on this card right here. My biggest concern was my height. I’m six foot four and being on a bike,
it looks fairly small from pictures. I was a little concerned. I was afraid that I wasn’t
going to be able to paddle. My legs were going to be cramped up a
little bit and kind of pass right in the . I did feel a little cramped with the S
one when I test drove that, but with the new RX, you could feel that you sit a lot
higher, you sit back a lot further, and you have a lot more breathing space for
your legs to be on the pedals and be able to Palo the bike. That was one of my biggest things. The bike is extremely quick,
really, really powerful motor. A lot of the things that they’ve. Donald, his bike, it’s all been,
um, handmade in the factory. Both of these bikes, literally from the
ground up, we have designed 100% we have done all of the tooling for it, and we
keep taking those molds on which those, those costs are obviously very high to
get those things built from the seat, the tires, even the chain guards,
everything is something that we’ve. Designed here in our area, which is
a little bacteria, sent it off to our manufacturers to kind of affect it. We just went through the comment section
of all of our videos, like what are people saying, what are their gripes? And we wrote them down, and the ones that
got listed the most we immediately did. And then the ones that were less
complaints, we were like, all right, let’s put this in the roadmap
for later on down the road. Yeah, so that suspension,
obviously a more robust battery. You have GPS connectivity,
you have full IOT, so you can. Pair your phone directly with your bike. You can track the bike for up to 30 days
if it’s stolen, which is huge cause these bikes get stolen left and right. If you guys ever want to see this bike in
person and actually be able to sit on it and. Check it out. Hands on. Super 73 headquarters is
out in Irvine, California. It wasn’t too far away from us,
so we ended up driving down there. If you live around the Los Angeles
area, it’s a short trip out there. Short trip, short trip, hour and a half. Yeah, I highly recommend go
checking it out before you buy it. They’re super friendly guys. That’s one of my favorite things about the
company is, is the actual people that are running it. I personally really look at people that
run the company, and if . I can have a conversation with them for a very
long time and don’t feel like I’m Getting used or you know, trying to be
sold to, then that is a really, really incredible company and I do appreciate
that from super 73 so if you guys liked this video, please make sure to subscribe
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guys more about what’s going to be going on in this channel and look
forward to all the future comments. And I hope you guys have
an incredible weekend.

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