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Supra wheel reveal and a story on why we bought a Toyota supra

Supra wheel reveal and a story on why we bought a Toyota supra

Hello everyone! I just got delivery So now I’m on my way to the garage to open it I think it’s wheels which has arrived So let’s see We will need this This is really exciting I die I have waited for this moment for so long now So… There’s one more package… I’m all breathless Finally I got my wheels This time I got before Jeremias Okay
Let’s see So we ordered in matt black Sorry I put make-up same time.. I thought I would tell you how I got into car interests As you know
I have a husband Jeremias Östman His biggest passion is cars And it’s he who has like..influence me with it it’s not that weird I’ve always liked cars But I have not dared to.. Try on drifting and all that I’ve always been interested in nice cars of course when we bought supra I remember it was one week before my birthday we were in need of a daily driver I’ve always known that he likes supra Cause when he is always watching videos 24/7 .. so of course you want one they are beautiful but we never thought that it would be possibly at this moment cause we bought a house and started our life basically but then I started to think like ”it’s now or never” it’s now.. it’s one thing to own a supra but another one to drive with it cause it’s so expensive I remember calling him and he was so surprised cause I called him and I said
”hey you, let’s go get a supra” forget about that Lexus we’ve been thinking about we have been checking in a Lexus ”family” car it’s not really our daily driver we have it like a summer car as we drive a honda civic who was supposed to go to the shovel it’s still here, it’s alive Every time we go to the inspection
I wish that it will not go through now we are buying another car but every single time it goes through so we still have it and it starts in every weather so we bought a supra and I made the whole deal are we going to buy a supra? what are you saying? (Jeremias) and I was like
”Yes I would like to get one for my birthday, what do you think?” he was like YES!!! so I ”met” him in the middle then we went to get it we got it from Helsinki we got there with train On the pictures it looked okay but in real life like damn it looks really good Cause I remember they didn’t have pictures on the inside so I got so surprised that it was beige clothing and leather seats and basically in good shape so yes, we bought it many people ask me how can you guys have so many cars well that’s because
Jeremias had a few before we moved in together he had already saved up a few when he was 18 years old Yeah so, now we have supra as a project car or summer car it’s a project car now cause Jeremias puts a turbo in it I try to help him as much as a can I can not much about cars but i have been learning some it has become really fun now that I’ve learned some I’ve never thought that I would be even ably to learn how to fix cars anything at all.. but when Jeremias always explains this is that, and etc then I just catch up (whether I like it or not)
so therefore I’ve learn a few things I don’t know
it feels like it’s going to be my next hobby you get more and more involved when you learn more and when you start to see results that’s so much fun Our goals right now our goals are to get that turbo ready I think that it will give us around 300+hp we’ll start that way
and next year our plan is to paint the car it’s going to be painted all white and that I will start drifting so we have already started to think about our next projects the garage is on the way we have quite many projects going on One of the projects that I want to achieve is having a race car togheter with Jeremias of course togheter first but you never know if you’ll get a own car one day that would be a dream come true right now a S13

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