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Benefits of cycling
Sustainable Living E4 | Transportation: Cycling, Walking, Public Transportation, Car Sharing

Sustainable Living E4 | Transportation: Cycling, Walking, Public Transportation, Car Sharing

music plays$750 per month $30 per month $9,100 per year $350 per year 4.7 metric tons of Co2 every year No Co2 emitted ever 614 hours per year sitting in a car Exercising every beautiful minute I used less then 1 gallon of gas in 104 days and cycled 4,700 miles. And I saw that cycling is for everyone… All shapes, sizes and ages of people were out riding. But you don’t have to bike across the country to get out of the rat race. What can you do? Get rid of your car. Join a car share program. Or just drive a whole lot less. Ride a bike to work, school and everywhere! Get a rack and panniers and run errands on your bike. Take public transportation. Live near work or school. and just walk! Subtitles by the community

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  1. I save ¥240,000 every year in Tokyo by riding a bike instead of cycling for commuting. riding a bicycle is not only fun and good exercise but also enable me to stay away from catch a cold or being sexually harassed which happened to me packed train in Tokyo.

  2. That's the vibe right there! dududu
    At my place in Croatia we get bonuses on paycheck if riding a bike to work. But I would do it anyways for all those good things you already mentioned, cheers!

  3. Awesome video, the bus stole your thunder though with the fold down rack at the front! love it! Peace and love from Liverpool England

  4. Hey rob, just want to let you know I'm all about the way your living your life. It's honestly inspirational. It's like my wildest imaginations of the way I would like to live are being brought to life through you. You make it seem so simple and effortless.

    I would love to get in touch with you and talk about cycling across America as I'm becoming more and more interested in the concept myself, and would love to learn more about the specifics. Thanks for all the amazing and inspirational content!
    -Andrew Mundekis

  5. fyi: animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change….sooooo much worse than any vehicle's pollution. research it.

  6. While great in theory and definately something I wouldn't mind getting involved with recreationally it's extremely difficult for someone living in a rural location who works 20+ miles away that only highways or questionable back roads can access, I want to reduce my footprint but it's pretty difficult considering the obstacles I face, any advise for someone who needs a car but wants to be cleaner and greener about it?

  7. Hi! I'm rewatching your videos (oups I did it again…) in search for tips about stealth camping, because I want to bicycle tour Europe this summer for 3 months and want to do it off the grid as well. I was thinking about stealth camping, which I think you did a great deal of, but I see and hear a lot of people telling me it's illegal and I could get in big troubles… Is stealth camping in america legal? What is your take on that? Thanks and have a great day!

  8. I ride my bike to school 9 miles away from my house. I love it! People think I'm crazy, but they don't know you, who's biked across the country! It's just awesome! Really inspirational and motivational person you are. I try to live a more sustainable life day by day. Thank You!

  9. I'm currently in the midst of selling my car to carmax and instead use public transportation and biking. I have to admit, I'm a little scared of the change of lifestyle, specially in the Dallas area that is so reliant on vehicles.

  10. so I just went through my third car since high school. I have been bicycling for a year so going grocery shopping school and work on a bike is normal for me. I think I'm not going to buy another car this time. I only used my car to visit my family far away. unless I get a job that demands me to get a car then I don't want to get one.

  11. Personally I ride an electric assist motorized bicycle which from my calculations on my own electric bike gets 956 MPGe.There are CO2 emissions by bicycling from aerobic activity in riding a bicycle.
    It's usually less though than emissions from a passenger car.
    The electric motorized bicycle has the least overall carbon dioxide emissions over the inefficiencies of a human powering it,however for good human health we need daily aerobic exercise.That's why I use a assist motor rather than having it powered solely by electric motorized power alone.I like the bionic electric assist especially up hills.
    However the carbon footprint of a cyclist depends upon what one eats.I've heard that a vegan (more like you) can get the equivalent of 300 MPGe and with the average common diet obtain 85 MPGe whereas with a carnivore diet a cyclist gets around a meager 15 MPGe.

  12. I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I'm 19 and don't have a car or license…I bike a mile to lowes for work…bike 1.1 miles to a local farmers market or 1.4 miles to the big grocery store…and now…I'm living in my new 90 percent solar tiny house! Life is good…

  13. People are getting fat sitting in cars. Kids are getting asthma from car fumes. Cars are killing pola bears.

  14. Thanks for the great vid Rob. I changed my mode of commute (London) beginning of last year and it's been the best thing I've ever done. There are just sooo many benefits beyond doing your bit to save the environment, physical, mental etc. (as you mention). In fact I was so proud of this no-brainer change I even wrote my own article on it (

  15. i’ve been making an effort to
    bike and not drive this summer, but i have to tell you i’m terrified of biking in the winter.. i’m such a baby with the cold but i’m going to give it a shot 🥶

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