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Swagman  Hitch Bike Racks Review – 2016 GMC Acadia –

Swagman Hitch Bike Racks Review – 2016 GMC Acadia –

Today on our 2016 GMC Acadia, we’re test fitting the Swagman Trailhead 4 Bike Rack This is a hanging style bike rack designed to work with inch and a quarter and two inch hitches The part number for that is S63380 Now as you can see we do already have our bike on the rack We’re going to show you how we strap the bike down and then also some features of the rack itself As you can see we do have two cradles here holding the bike down We’ve got three straps on the top for the frame there We’ve got one in the back here that’s going to be your anti-sway strap That’s going to prevent your bike from swinging back and forth too much and possible hitting your vehicle Now to release those you’re just going to pull-down and lift up

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