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Swingarm spool & lift on Honda CBR 250R Motorcycle

Swingarm spool & lift on Honda CBR 250R Motorcycle

Hey how’s it going people, BrownBrady here,
And thank you for tuning in to my channel. And in this episode, I’m gonna show you
how I installed These aluminum swingarm spools
for my Honda CBR 250R. Stay tuned. But first, a question from one of our viewers:
R’hllor Lord of the Light says: “Hi brownbrady great video very easy to
follow. I’m having trouble loosening the bolt to
release the oil it’s locked it pretty tight. Anyone has advice on how to loosen the bolt?”
Thanks for asking, here are some ideas on how to loosen a bolt. First of all make sure that you are turning
the bolt In the correct direction. Remember: righty-tighty, lefty loosey. So this bolt is mounted at the bottom. So you would have to imagine looking up at
the bolt. How would you turn the bolt. You would have to turn it counterclockwise. Secondly, you could heat up the bolt just
let the engine run for a couple of minutes. And then spray some penetrating oil around
the bolt. Instead of using an adjustable wrench, use
a socket. With a breaker bar. And for increased leverage, attach a pipe
to the handle of the breaker bar and yank it. If that doesn’t work can also try an impact
wrench. And if that still doesn’t work, I don’t
know maybe the worst case scenario is you may have to drill through the bolt. But if anybody else has other ideas, please
let us know in the comments section. Thanks for asking. And now onto the show. Well, it’s winter time in Canada now, and
I like to store my bike on lifts. I’ve been using a rear lift with paddle
attachments for my bike and for quite some time now, I wanted to replace
them with spool hooks. I undid both nuts by first holding down the nut
next to the cap while loosening the other one. Then both could be loosened. Then I removed the cap. While the paddles have worked so far,
I have to take extra precaution to make sure that they are loaded equally. But unlike some bikes, the CBR 250 R does
not have pre-dilled holes where one could attach spools. There are different methods for attaching
spools to the bike, and I went with these ones. They are mounting brackets made of aluminum
and made to replace the end caps of the swingarm. They have holes where the spools can be mounted. So as you could imagine, installation is straightforward,
but I needed these tools: 2 adjustable wrenches, 5mm allen wrench, a
hammer, and a block of wood. Next, I inserted the mounting bracket… but
for some reason, they won’t. It turned out that the bolt inside the swingarm
wouldn’t fit through the hole of the mounting bracket
so I had to stop filming this episode. Instead of returning these brackets, I wanted
the holes re-drilled to make them larger. So the following day, I went to Mr. Metal
in Toronto, which is a custom metal fabricator and they did the job within minutes. Thank you Steve, if you’re watching! I could have edited out this part of the video,
but I wanted to be real. So if you are going to buy these spool brackets
for your CBR 250, make sure the holes are large enough. Later that evening, I was able to slide the
bracket to the end of the swingarm. I used a hammer to persuade it a little because
the end of the swingarm isn’t exactly square. I used a block of wood to pad the bracket
to avoid scoring it. Then I reattached the two nuts to secure the
bracket. Then I attached the spool to the bracket using
the 5 mm allen wrench. Now about my rear lift paddles, I bought these
used off Kijiji. And I thought I could just replace these attachments
with spool hooks, but when I brought the attachments home, They
wouldn’t fit through the attachment holes. So I bought a new rear lift instead with spool
hooks. Assembly is pretty simple but You’ll need these tools though:
An adjustable wrench, and a 6 mm allen wrench. The good thing about these hooks is that they
can slide so that it can be adjusted to any width. You just rough align the hooks to the spools,
adjust the position, then tighten down the set screw using the
allen wrench. And there you have it. If you guys liked this video, please hit that
like button Or better yet hit that subscribe button, and
I’ll see you in the next episode. As always, ride safe, and thanks for watching.

36 comments on “Swingarm spool & lift on Honda CBR 250R Motorcycle

  1. The problem with that type of spool adapter is they don't allow for the removal of the rear wheel. They are only good for basic servicing and storage. Glad to see your back!

  2. I have CBR 250 tri color, can u make a video on how to maintain it as smooth as butter, getting little vibration. How to increase acceleration without changing any stock parts..

  3. Hi..Brady it's been 2 years you been using this exhaust have you found anything different with the bike such as engine heating lower fuel range etc would love to hear from youuuu Cheers.

  4. No way would I put the weight of my bike on them..not being funny. each to their own and all that..but they look cheap and weak..just my for the stuck nuts and bolts use a Stillson’s

  5. Hi bro I like to ask how to change my mc22 cbr 250rr suing arm to single suing arm please tell me me any one or where can I buy in online

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    Hi tanks please more videos Uploading very tanks Brother

  7. hello sir… i have 250 2018 model. what is the different between Inadia model and International model..please keep reply…i am your subscriber..from – India

  8. Please don't use adjustable wrenches. Use the correct ring wrench or socket. They don't cost much.

    If you MUST use an open ended wrench, use it the correct way round. Notice that the arm is on an angle. You should be dragging the wrench so that your knuckles are in line with the bolt head. Otherwise you risk tumbling off the bolt heat when you are at max effort.

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