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Syd & Macky: Racing Together – BC Bike Race

Syd & Macky: Racing Together – BC Bike Race

A good weekend for a lot of couples
involves visiting the local home store followed by a Sunday brunch. For Syd and Macky a good weekend is racing bikes through some of the most beautiful
and challenging terrain on earth. We’re going to follow them on an adventure of
a lifetime as they tackle the legendary BC Bike Race. This is Justin Balog reporting live from
BC Bike Race. We’ve been hearing about BC Bike Race
for years and since we are racing enduro…since we were focused on racing
enduro for the last five years it didn’t make sense, that wasn’t what we were
training for. This year we decided to switch things up a little bit try some
of these races that we’d heard about that we that we wanted to do that we you
know didn’t really know anything about except what we’d heard we wanted to
experience them for ourselves. So BC Bike Race was on that list of races to
do so we signed up for it and as we were figuring that out we were like okay well
there is a Co-Ed Duo category. So one man, one woman raced together as a team. We’re like that could be a really fun format that means we can you know hang out with
each other we can spend time together while also racing and pushing ourselves
and it was a really fun experience. I am a mountain biker. I eat pain for breakfast. My grip is unto death and gravity is my bitch. Throat the daily grind as the clock grunts and sputters and it’s creeping
lethargy, my mind races ahead to the trail that’s where the roots and rocks
wait to rattle and shake my bones back to life, to stir my blood and lungs. I am a mountain biker! Cables and sinews birds with blood and aluminum by
pounding heart as the relentless groove that spills across the blur of greenery.
My wheels on the trail, a foot on each pedal, mind in the
middle surfing to the centrifugal force Turing the wheel that turns the tide. He is a mountain biker! Behold his panther physique the rippling bulging muscles propel his
silhouette across the horizon through the mossy freeze over the stumps in
jagged rocks careening past streams cliffs beasts and shadows. The gravel
flies behind his wheels. Bones rattle, muscles burn, bone clatters, wheels turn.
She is a mountain biker! Her eyes shine with an earthly fire, eyes bright with
electrolytes. The horizon crashes beneath her shocks. Thirst like a falcon, she
swoops and dives to splendor. We are mountain bikers! It really does work for us. We ride
together all the time so taking it into a race setting is not that different in
some ways is actually better because I think we both have raced a lot so when
we get into that race mode like we really kind of are at our best. Oh yeah! So Syd sets the pace but then if there’s
some place that drafting help would help then I get in front and she basically
like “Okay, like go a little bit faster. No go a little slower. Go faster.” And we
work it out that way so Syd is the pace setter. In general I will lead the
descent because I can basically like figure out like if I get to something
and there’s options I can usually like decide which option makes more sense
so then Syd doesn’t have to pause at the top and make the decision. “Watch the roots!” “Duck!” Pretty much, I trust him more than I like
trust my own line choice. So I can kind of like check out…or not check out…on
the descents but like just focus, like be making decisions and just handle
like whatever is coming up. “Down shift!” So I have followed him on pretty much every descent this week and I think he took one bad line. I mean it’s…we had a really
good time racing together. I think might not be for every couple but obviously we
spend a lot of time together. We live in a van. So racing together for seven days
not a huge departure from the norm and I think it really does strengthen your
relationship like I really appreciate that Macky was willing to race with me
for seven days and I never felt like he was antsy to go his pace he was always
just like, “What do you need?” and I…you know I really appreciate that and yeah I
think it made us a stronger couple and we have a lot of fun too. For a lot of mountain bikers, BC is what
they think of is, like, the ultimate mountain biking destination and I think
there are a couple of reasons for that. One is the scenery is spectacular. If you
look around right now where we are here in Squamish, like huge mountains,
everything is super green and lush. Add a little bit of rain just to make the
trails nice and slippery and muddy and fun but the weather has just been
spectacular and I think that’s what gives BC this feel of…like the
ultimate mountain bike destination. I’m Jay Letif, Bike Patrol.
My name is Kevin Calhoun I’m a bike patrol this year at the 2019 BC Bike Race.
My name is Adele I’m with the medical team I work as a paramedic.
So we’re doing some forward patrol work here today making sure all the flagging is in place
and make sure everyone gets through where they need to be. BC Bike Race is all the people showing everyone that comes here just how amazing the trail network is and how great the communities are that we visit. Favorite part about the race is the community the the family that is BC Bike Race this is my fifth year here and many have been here for ten or even through the whole 13 years. So it’s a it’s a family here at BCBR. I think every descent that we did this week is just like like a new favorite trail. So, we rode through some forests this week that we’re just so magical and like something straight out of a fairy tale
and there are a few spots where they were just like people in costumes. One of the most impressive things to me
with BC Bike Race was the logistics. The crazy crazy logistics that they figured
out to make this race possible. Of the seven days of racing I believe five of them we took some kind of transport to get to
the trail. Now it might have been the day before it might have been the morning of
we took a number of ferries, we got to take a float plane one day which was like
totally bucket list material. Guys, it’s so exciting…We have some pretty
exciting news we get to go on a float plane…(Syd) to get to the start of the next race. really exciting…if you are new to
the channel…I’m Syd and I am Macky… (Justin): What’s a great story? What have
you seen up here? (Pilot):Pods of whales doing the migration for the summer they’re all
moving down the straights not too far from here. Just about 40 whales all making
their way down south. It’s pretty cool to see. (Justin): What’s it like landing on water?
I think it’s nicer than land. I think so…a lot more fun anyway. it just blows my mind that BC Bike Race
can get 600 people…can get them from point A to point B after they’ve raced
their bike for four, five, six, seven hours and are exhausted…get their bikes
cleaned. Get the bikes to the new location and then get all these people
there all while keeping people happy. Like, you know, everybody seemed pretty
relaxed about it…it was just to me it seemed like a logistical nightmare and
they pulled it off so well. I watch them on YouTube. Big fan. Go Syd & Macky! Go Syd & Macky! Go! And these are my trails, so I’m so excited to welcome them here. Whhooo! Why do I like Syd and Macky? My husband and I used to be road racers when we were about their age and we would travel around and so I just
think what they’re doing is amazing so amazing their inspiration to young
riders, awesome! Just love it. It’s just a really neat experience for us. Our YouTube channel has grown a lot since the last time we did a race like this
and it was amazing to just be out there on the trail and
have people come by and be like, “I watch your videos like they inspired me to come out here and do this!” And like that’s a really crazy feeling to be like
we’re actually reaching people with these videos that we’re doing and then
to get to actually meet those people and talk to them and become friends with
them in real life and not just on the internet it’s just a super cool
experience Hey team and welcome back to the channel if you are new here…I’m Syd…and I am Macky… And today is day zero of BC Bike Race.
Morning team welcome back to our channel and day one… Might have gone like…might have gone too hard considering it’s day 1 of 7? Nobody knows where it is…It was muddy today…Today is day 2…It’s day 3…We’re just hanging out here on the beach…That’s Syd. She’s still kind of asleep…bagpipes cheering cowbell…just think it’s funny how quickly your body adapts…
And today is day four…Day five of BC Bike Race… It’s day six of BC Bike Race. This is the second-to-last day and we’re getting pretty tired. Syd went really hard. See she went really hard now she’s really tired. Activations well it’s a way for us to engage our communities that we’re in and they all want to come out in cheers so what better way than to get
into costumes and get a whole bunch of people together and do that. This is “Aloha” so we’re in Powell River and this group has been coming out…man I’d say
like 10 years and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger it started with like
three people and now there’s like 15, 20 people down there all in grass skirts
and coconut bras and really fun and cowbell for hours like it’s more cowbell! They love it. Yeah, good one eh? O ne of the most impressive things to me
are the people who are finishing towards the back of the pack. Because I know
they’re working just as hard as I am. It just takes them twice as long to finish
and like when I imagine racing that hard for twice as long that just blows my
mind. Like, one guy Richard who he came up and introduced himself at the beginning
of the week and apparently watches our YouTube videos…he was out there for a long time. (Justin): Who’s this last guy coming in?
Richard. (Justin): How long has he been out here? Seven hours and 15 minutes. (Bystander): Congrats to Richard, right?
Oh yeah it’s it’s always very impressive and yeah you frequently get pros that
are two hours these guys are out there four times longer.
(Justin): Is this Richard? (Justin): So how do you know Syd and Macky?
Umm, literally just off YouTube. I arrived at reception and you there with Brian and
Paul and wanted to say hello and say thank you for the movies that they
post up. Because when I’m stuck at home it’s quite inspirational. (Announcer): And moving right along to the team of two open mixed category, in third place with the time at 22 hours 26 minutes and 35 seconds…racing for team Syd & Macky. That’s Syd Shulz and Macky Franklin…. (crowd noise) We’ve got Syd and Macky, you guys have had a fantastic week how do you feel now that you’re on the finish line? Relieved, but really really stoked. How you doin’ over there? I’m great. I’m going to be better in about 20 minutes… Is there something that you can take away from here? Something you can bring home with you? I just really enjoyed all the people we met here. Getting to talk with people, while you’re racing, after you’re done. Getting to know people. Swapping stories. Telling you about their race and you tell them about yours… Just the community here…it’s really amazing. Is there something for you? The trails are insane. They’re so good. All the descents…I think we’d do a lot more XC racing if it was all like this. We’ve had a few people say that. I just wanted to say congratulations. That’s the 2019 BC Bike Race. Thanks very much. Thank you.

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