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Taiwan Cycling Trip | Taipei Riverside Bike Path to Tamsui (台北~淡水)

Taiwan Cycling Trip | Taipei Riverside Bike Path to Tamsui (台北~淡水)

Hello Taiwan! Two Wheel Cruise here! checking into our new apartment in downtown Taipei just kidding! we’re actually just renting this place for the week actually this place belongs to a fan they are kindly leasing out their apartment it’s in a great location in downtown Taipei We’re nearby Taipei 101 tower and Elephant Mountain lots of good cycling roads and mountains nearby we just moved in this morning and there are road bikes! so today we’re gonna do a long ride! We’re going to cycle on the riverside bike path these are really popular and well built bike paths so we’ll mostly cycle along the river path today we’re going to cycle up to Tamsui in the North side of Taipei there is a lot of beautiful scenery along the way first, let’s change into cycling clothes! wow! ready to go! Thuong is here! ready to do some cycling these are our rental road bikes today I’ll be using a Felt she will be on a Gusto a popular brand here in Taiwan anyway… let’s get started so we made our way to the main river
cycling path right here we had to ride through the city a little bit to get
over here but not too bad only about a 10 15 minute ride and here we are on the
beautiful cycling path lots of people out today as well
and it’s really hot today which is actually pretty welcome news right now
because it’s kind of been raining and really bad weather and we’ve been kind
of cold lately so I’m actually pretty happy it’s kind of hot right now but
Chung’s a little I’m not enjoying the hot weather you can see this path is
absolutely beautiful this is way more massive than any of the bike paths that
I’ve really ridden in Japan and this is really extensive it goes along all of
the river area in the main Taipei area so not just this path but it connects to
a whole bunch of different areas there’s a section for walking there’s a section
for biking and it’s nice and wide so everyone has enough space beautiful
architectural designs here as well with the bridges anyway we’ve got a lot of
distance to cover so we’re going to get continuing on along the river path let’s
go so this is one of the many cycling cafes that they have along the route
really cool stuff continuing made our way back onto the main path
here we go the parks are starting to open up you can see we’ve got some nice
big basketball courts here full size Court snowing out there just free to
play on also some nice bathroom facilities here they may stink a little
bit inside but way bigger way nicer than the normal bathrooms that you see on
these kinds of paths and as you can see here lots of different options they
mostly go to the same place so you can sort of change things up a little bit
while you go another little cycle cafe here pretty
cool they’ve also got a spot by this riverbank where you can rent bikes if
you don’t have a bike on your own right you can also buy some snacks there we literally can’t go a day here without
getting hit by rain started sprinkling a little bit during our ride and the roads
completely wet now it’s not a bad rain that you can see we’re still surrounded
by sunny clouds so hopefully it’s just little little rain cloud anyway
continuing on let’s keep going thankfully the rain seemed to hold off
we’re continuing along the river path right now and I forgot to mention that
they have these maps all over the course so as you’re riding you’ll see maps like
this this one’s really worn out just because
it’s probably really exposed in the sunlight but this one has the more local
area so it says where you are it has everything in English and in Chinese so
we’re gonna continue going up towards Thomas we saw this is the Tom sweet
river or Dan tree I guess they say here’s some of the characters translated
to tea on this song this one says D so I’m not sure which one’s correct but I
also forgot to mention that this river path is actually my favorite part of
Taipei so I know there’s a lot of things that are awesome about Taipei like just
being a big international city being the biggest city in Taiwan but the biggest
thing for me is just this huge awesome network of river cycling paths as you
can see the pavement here is just incredibly smooth there’s no bumps
anywhere on the course nice clean lines everywhere everything is nicely designed
so it’s clear which direction you’re riding who’s writing where and they
separate the pedestrians as well the other great thing is you see a lot of
people out here actually using this facility so a lot of them are tourists a
lot of them are local Taiwanese people as well and it’s also a nice diverse
range of different age groups of people both male both female and children out
here so it’s great to see this place being used by so many people and it
makes me really happy to come out here and ride out here and see everyone
riding their bikes and just have this beautiful organized system anyway let’s
continue on and keep riding we’re starting to get a bit closer to Thomas
Lee so let’s keep going one of the really fun things about riding here is
the vast network of all of these sort of like bridge paths for the bike paths for
cyclists only we’re gonna be riding one of those right now so you can see we’re
going to go up here and cross over the bridge over the main river here to
continue up to the north part type hey – Tom see speed bumps and of course beautiful view
to the right side as well nice giant mountain big national park straight
ahead to the north amazing big huge climb really close to the city we’ve just arrived in Thomas V which is
our first major tourist destination things are about to get pretty busy here
because there’s a lot of food stops a lot of little markets a lot of beautiful
views you can see we’re right along the coast right now the northwest tip of
Taiwan let’s take a look and see what they got to offer here see if we can
find something good to eat we’re gonna have to get off our bikes for a little
bit because you can’t really walk through the large amount of people here
there we go things are starting to get pretty intense
lots of people out as usual it is the weekend so expecting big crowds
lots of restaurants we should be able to find some delicious food while we’re
here that’s a nice greasy meat no chicken
Gouda these arcade things again just a random
mix of stuff here you can see kind of like a temple over there right next to
all the tourist stuff lots of fried food thus not quite what we’re looking for I
might get something to drink maybe some ice cream it’s really hot these arcade
places here it just seems so like kind of cheap and childish compared to the
giant ones I got in Japan but they seem pretty standardized too they’re all kind
of like the same the same kind of like machinery it’s really hot so we’re going
to add some bubble tea pretty excited for this bubble tea so all the shops right here are right
next to the water we’ve got a really nice beautiful view – you’re saying that
the water is really beautiful nice color beautiful view of the mountain over on
the west side these people with their umbrella really don’t give a crap about
where they’re walking they’ll just bump into you and hit you with their umbrella
one of the bad things about being with crowds it looks like if you want to go
to the other side you can take this ferry you can load your bikes on there
as well apparently so that’s cool – no I didn’t know that so you might have to
try that one time we’re starting to reach the outskirts of the touristy part
here of Tom sweet and now that we rode for the cycling path should open up
again pretty soon so we can get back on our bikes we’re actually going to head
north to one or more sort of more or less or known to a spot up here which is
kind of like the lovers bridge or like Fisherman’s Wharf kind of area so let’s
keep going we’ve arrived at the lovers bridge at
the Fisherman’s Wharf and are being serrated by some beautiful traditional
Chinese music beautiful sight of the bridge here and they’ve got a nice heart
to go along with it we’re getting pretty hungry we’re gonna try and cross over
see I think there’s some seafood restaurants over there but we’ve also
got some food options and a worst-case scenario we got some subway let’s cross
on over no bike ramp we do have one sort of small bike lock but not enough for
the two so we don’t want to leave them here without us we’re crossing over with
our bikes here’s how things look on the other side
nice little stretch now you can walk along get a nice view of the ocean all
the ships and a little port here for the for the boats they also have some live
music going on right now nice vibes a nice long stretch here lots
of different shops lots of different restaurants see if we can find some good
food we’ve also got some tandem bikes for rent here so pretty cool looks like
a fun time talking said that she’s never been on a tandem bike before yet so
we’ll have to ride one eventually there we go this is the shop I was looking for
so this is where I came last time when I came here these are like the kind of
potato ball dessert that you can get in Cuban or dolphin which we’re gonna be
going to in a later episode we went with the number one so $60 each $120 for both
so that means these are about two dollars each and you can see this is
pretty big and this is my hand and this is the cold summer version so it’s got
some ice in the bottom covered with the red sweet beans and also these sweet
potato balls and these taro –mo the purple sweet potato balls as well this
is a really popular dessert in Taiwan one of my favorites so let’s give it a
try and see if she likes it this is our first time trying the real
thing dessert was really good but left us
still a little bit hungry for some real food so in typical Asian fashion we got
some fried chicken tongues favourite now she’s got a big
smile doing key agon you’re not funny neat good puppet data there you go fried chicken was really good that
dessert was really good everything was really good we’re finishing up our time
here unfortunately at the Fisherman’s Wharf in the lovers bridge finishing
with a nice beautiful view Suns starting to come down beating down on us really
hard really hot but really nice considering all the cold weather and
rain we’ve had lately we’re gonna make our way back into Taipei and Jun’s
brother actually lives here in Taiwan pretty close to Taipei
so we’ll be visiting or actually he’ll be coming to visit us in Taipei we’ll be
spending the full day tomorrow together we’re still only halfway done with
today’s write because we got a ride back into the city and anyway let’s start
heading back now I love these bike barriers actually this
is the only bike barrier we’ve really seen here so far so not so bad
especially compared to the ones that you see in Japan on our way back we ran into our fans so
this is our first fan greeting which is pretty cool i doing recognized the
jerseys yeah he spotted our jerseys and just
said hello so he went to the same place we went to we rode up to tom sweet so he
was going up there today he’s a local here in taipei but has lived in japan in
tokyo before for four years something from southern california so never mind
he’s moving Taiwan he’s from Southern California and how long have you been in
Taiwan gosh this time around okay that’s that’s not too long actually okay from
Beijing a couple years ago okay never mind about 15 years I’m full of crap so
nice to have some company on the way back anyway we’ll catch back in later
beautiful sunset great way to end today loving these little paths here that
connect to the bridges everything so connected here on the cycling paths here
in Taipei it doesn’t matter where you go which bridge across which river you’re
on there’s going to be some path that connects it beautiful sunset to end the
day so we’ve been led astray onto some
mysterious route where we had to go up this really tall mountain and chewing
was suffering pretty hard but she’s really happy now because as you can see
we’re met with a beautiful night view we’re not quite sure exactly where we
are but supposedly if we descend down this road we’ll end up over near Taipei
101 we got to go through the graveyard we’re gonna go through a graveyard but
we’re gonna sort of end today’s video here because it’s kind of too dark to
film anything else anyway thanks for joining along on today’s adventure big
thanks to Quin here for showing us around some of the secret paths here
we’re hopefully gonna meet up with him again in a later video on our series and
he’s going to show us a little bit around so we’ll be seeing him again soon
as always thanks for watching we’ll see you next time here on tuba crews you

36 comments on “Taiwan Cycling Trip | Taipei Riverside Bike Path to Tamsui (台北~淡水)

  1. First thing I notice is… other cyclist actually following the proper direction of travel, and slower riders staying to the side of the path. Definitely not Japan!

  2. Totally agree about the bike paths being the best part of Taipei. Any time you see people riding bikes freely and enjoying themselves in a stress-free environment it makes you feel good.

  3. 淡水河: "T" is most likely derived from Cantonese (my mother tongue hehe). And "D" is most likely derived from Mandarin.

  4. 日本と違って、ジョガー&ランナーが湧いてこない所と車とのエリア断絶してるから歩行者横断が少ないのが良いね。

  5. Now I want to see Taiwan, along Japan…
    Trip start: no smile. Cycling, drinking, eating, meeting new people. Big smile. 🙂

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  8. Cruise, you should be on the Taipei Tourism board. How many videos do you think this trip will yield? Keep up with all the great content. Cheers!

  9. First of all, love your content. With that being said, your dislike of people using umbrellas without rain cracks me up. 10:31 made me lol… 😂😂😂

  10. Those cycling paths are just heavenly… I wanna ride them someday. Thanks for sharing this. Great content as always.

  11. Pretty cool ride. I've been on some parts of that bike path and hope to do the full ride on the next visit. Good stuff!

  12. Thanks…that was a great video 👍
    I was in that area about 10 years ago and never knew about that bike path.
    Back then I did some hiking in yami mountains among a lot of steam vents
    and visited a restaurant/bath house in the mountain that was really nice.
    Hope I get back there soon, and with your help, I should have better time on a
    bike. Would you mind saying what a nice road bike rents for there?
    Thanks again!

  13. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Taipei and Taiwan. Hope to see you and your lovely wife back to Taiwan again to explore other bike paths soon.
    Best wishes to your family and career both in teaching and youtube.

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  15. You should ride on the river side at night. Many Taiwanese ride at night, especially in summer, or because of working on daytime.

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