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Take EPIC Cycling Videos: How I Use My INSTA360 One X Bike Action Camera

Take EPIC Cycling Videos: How I Use My INSTA360 One X Bike Action Camera

(wind whirring) (car whirring) (upbeat music) – Hey, what’s up guys? This is Tariq, here from Thanks for tuning in. If this is your first time
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you hit the like button. And let me know if you have
any questions or thoughts in the comments section below. So, the topic for today’s video
is a little bit different. I don’t usually talk about
cameras here, but this is, sort of bike related. And, also I have been asked
about some of the video shots that I have used in some of my videos, like this shot right here. (upbeat music) So, in this shot I am
riding and it looks like someone is riding in
front of me with a camera. So it’s like I’m riding and
have my own camera crew. I wish that was the case. That would make my job a lot easier. This is just a one man
shop and I do everything from camerawork, editing, publishing, etc. So, this is the Insta360 ONE X camera. You might have heard of it or seen it, it has been around for a
while, so it is nothing new. Casey Neistat used it
in some of his videos. Potato Jet, Peter McKinnon
and bunch of other YouTubers did a review on it. So, this is not going to
be a full, in-depth review on this camera. There are plenty of them out there. And I just wanted to talk to you about how I use this camera. And spill the beans on how
I shot some of these videos. So, if you are into making dope
videos, for YouTube channel or upload some cool shots
for your Instagram account, or any social media
platform, then stick around. Or possibly just want that
peace of mind when cycling. And you want to be able to
capture those scary incidents that we keep hearing more and more about because of distracted
drivers, angry drivers that do not want to share
the road with cyclists. I will show you why this camera might be a great one for that. So, I’ve never used a 360 camera before. I didn’t think I’d have a use for them, but this thing changed my
mind and I have been using it more and more than I thought I would. So, what makes this
Insta360 camera so good? Basically, the software. Sure, there are a bunch of
other 360 cameras out there. They’re either way too
expensive, or make crappy videos, or are too difficult to work with. As of today, I think
the Insta360 is probably one of the best 360 cameras
that you can buy today. It has two lenses, front and back. And it will capture everything around you. You don’t need to worry about
where the lens is pointing or frame your shot. Just place it anywhere and it will capture everything for you. And everything will be
stitched together when you look at the footage and you
don’t need to do much in post processing. So, in post processing,
all you need to do is point to where you want the camera
or what you want to show in the final clip. So, I bought the bike bundle and… Oh, one of the other best
thing about this camera is it’s price and all
the different accessories and things that comes with it. So, I paid a little
over $450 for the camera and bike bundle. The camera alone is $400 and
the bike bundle costs only $50. And I say only because the
amount of stuff that comes with it will blow you away. One small accessory from GoPro
can cost you well over $50. I’ll have a link to the
bike bundle and the camera down in the description below. And, also, this is a good
time to mention that Insta360 did not send me anything,
I bought this thing myself. And they didn’t ask me to do anything. They don’t even know anything about me. This is just me talking
to you about a product that I have been using
and I actually like. So, I already opened the box. But, the camera comes in
the box with an SD card that goes somewhere right here. And there’s a battery
that goes right here. And, also, the USB or mini USB
charger that goes right here. Per specs the camera should
last about 60 minutes, but it last me about 40 minutes
or so continuous recording. But you can have a back
up battery if you want and just connect it and
it will continue running and use that battery backup. So, let me show you what came in the box. Again, like I opened the box before, but this is basically everything
that came with the box. And there’s still stuff that
I have upstairs, but basically you get all these different mounts. This is a chest strap. And this is a pouch to put the camera in. This is great because the lens can get scratched pretty easily. You see how it has a fish eye shape to it. And it can get scratched if you drop it. So, this is a great pouch
just to protect the camera. And, also you get all
these different mounts. These are compatible with GoPro as well. This is a seat mount. You have helmet mounts. You have all kind of different mounts. And I also have another
stick, or a selfie stick that I use usually under the
Garmin mount, the K-Edge mount that I have that I usually
use for my GoPros Hero 7. So, and this thing is
called the invisible stick. And its called invisible stick
because in post processing, you’re not gonna see the stick. And it’s pretty long, you
can just attach the camera right here and extend
it and you can capture some amazing footage with this. You can also, if you want to be creative, use one of those helmet
mounts and attach the camera on top of the helmet like
this and now you got this little weird thing sticking
out of your helmet like this. And people’s gonna look at you and wonder, what the hell are you doin’. But if you do not want to look weird, you can just attach the camera directly onto this helmet mount
and leave it like that. You can extend it forward,
or bring it backward and it can take some
really cool shots that way. It will look like somebody’s
over you, while you’re riding and taking the video footage of you. They also include USB
charger, a mini USB charger, and a charger, or a USB to
your laptop and another cable to connect from this
mini USB to your phone, lightning adapter to connect directly to your iPhone, for example. So, it is crazy what you
get with this camera. And all these different
tools and mounting options. All for $50. So with all these mounts,
you can be very creative. I’ve mounted it on the helmet, like I showed you a minute
ago, or on the top tube and on the front handlebar. So, in this shot, the camera was mounted right in front of me using
the GoPro mount right under my waffle element using
the invisible stick. As you see I started the
shot with the camera pointing to the sky. Then moved it to the front
and got a front view. Then ended the shot with
the camera pointing at me. So, it looks like I am
moving the camera all around, but I am actually doing
nothing, just riding, both hands on the handlebar
and paying full attention to the road. And all this was done in
post and I will show you how easy it is to do that
in the app in just a bit. So, in the app, you can look
around to see how you want to frame the shot. Then just hold down and press
down to place a pivot point. Then play the clip and place another pivot point somewhere else. And let’s place another pivot point here. And add a globe effect. (rustling) Save and export it. And that’s basically it. And now you have a video
clip that you can use on your YouTube channel,
or upload to Instagram, or your social media account. And they also have a
desktop app for Mac and PC which you can use if
you prefer to do that, but, honestly, their app works
so well that I found myself just using the app instead
to make all my edits then export it to my final cut
pro and finish editing there. So, this is all cool for content creator or your Instagram account,
but the really cool thing about this camera is that it can capture those scary incidents that can happen when you are out on the road. So, here’s a shot of me,
the other day, riding and this guy came and passed me very close in his big truck. So, the crazy part is I had
this camera mounted right on the top tube, so it was
kind of between my legs, no pun intended, but when I
went to look at the recording, I was able to point the
camera back at the truck and you can clearly see he did not have a front license plate, so now
I can just follow his truck to see the rear license plate. Now, it is hard to see his
license plate that way, but you can save this frame
as a photo and now I can zoom all in and clearly make out
his license plate number. But, if something happened to
me and I wanted to report it, I have the full story in
a video that I can take to the police and report this incident. And the other thing you can do in the app is track an object. So, you can just use this
track feature and the app will track the object, whether
it’s a car or a person. You can also overlay GPS data. You have to have your phone
with you for this to work and the phone has to be open
and unlocked for this to work. You can add a map, speed,
GPS location, direction, but you can’t pair it to
third party devices like a parameter to display power data. And because you have
to have your phone open for this to work, I found
this feature to be unusable. As soon as you put the
phone in your pocket, your phone is going to lock
and it will stop recording. So, it’s really difficult
to use and I failed almost every time I tried to use it. So, it’s an option that
is there, it can be used and it works, but it can be improved. The stabilization is amazingly good. I found it to be just as
good as the GoPro Hero 7. There is also this hyper
lapse feature with motion blur that is really cool. With hyperlapse, in post
processing, select hyperlapse and it will speed up the
clip recording to 16 times. And then you can add a motion blur to it. So, you’ll be in focus
and everything around you will have this cool
blur effect, very cool. And, here’s a quick tip for
you, this little screen here can be very hard to see
and hard to work with, especially when you are
outside under bright sunlight. You can enable quick
capture mode under settings and it will turn on immediately
as soon as you press the shutter speed and start recording. To enable that, hold
down the select button, which is the small button
at the bottom to turn it on. And press again until
you see the gear icon. Press the shutter button until you see the little explanation mark icon. Press the little button to
navigate down to quick cap, then press the shutter
button to turn it on. Then press the little button
to navigate down to done. Now select the video camera
icon and leave it there and power it down. Now next time you want
to quickly turn it on and start recording,
just press and hold down the shutter button. When you are done recording,
press the shutter button again to stop recording. So, who’s this camera for? Well, if you want to take
some really cool photos and videos for your Instagram account, or if you are a creator
and want to take some really cool, impossible shots
for your YouTube channel, or if you just want that peace
of mind and maybe you have a short commute, nothing
more than 40 minutes or so, this camera is awesome for that. Now, there might be a better
option if you just want to dedicate a dash cam
with accident detection, better battery life, and water proofing, like the one from Cycliq,
I would probably recommend that one over this if you want to dedicate a dash cam just for accident
detection and record incidents. But this one is small, priced
very well, super easy to use, there’s just so much you can
do with this little camera. It’s just a fun, little camera
to use and take with you on vacations, and group rides. And, okay, that’s all I have. And, remember, subscribe if
you wanna see more content like this and share this video. And see you in the next video. (ringing) (chalk scratching)

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  1. Thanks for this video. I work in film and TV and often think about creating cycling or running content. Your video got me thinking.

  2. Thank you for another excellent video.
    Question: I race crits. Could you possibly do a video on the Garmin and Go Pro 360 cameras with a race focus? I would like to know which one is better for capturing a 360 view of the race. I would also like to know the proper way to position the camera. Seems like top of the helmet would be the best…

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