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Team Sky Fleet Tour | Behind The Scenes At The Giro d’Italia

– I’m here at the second rest day of the Giro d’Italia, and was driving past on this main road next to this hotel. I saw all of these vehicles
here, from Team Sky. And quite frankly, I didn’t have a clue why they had so many here. But apparently, each and every one plays
an integral part in the teamwork behind the
team, here at the race. So, lets take a closer look and see, basically, what each car and vehicle does. (soft rock music) Now, first up, the Ford Transit van. Now, traditionally, I think
used by, well, delivery drivers, builders, that type of
thing for transporting a large amount of equipment around. Whilst I take a look in the
back of here, pretty empty. But during the race
itself, the staff actually use it to transport luggage
of all of the staff, as well as the riders;
from hotel to hotel. So that when the riders eventually
arrive there after stage, the bags are waiting in their room and same goes for staff, too. Now before the race, all of the bikes are brought to the race
inside of here using all of this racking that’s being
specially made for the van. And then after the whole race, all of bikes will be put back in there, and taken back to the service course, before unloaded and put
back on the racks there. There’s also some air
conditioning units in there, and I think some cooking equipment, too. Then of course we have, in
fact, got the Team Sky bus, so the team bus, as we all know it. Though, pretty large affair.
Now, this is a place where, basically, the riders get
transported to and from stages. A place where they can
chill out before the stage, and after. Essentially
recover as soon as possible, for the next day’s stage.
So we got showers in there, places to massage, everything like that. Swivel seats, so you can get your feet up. And really just chill out
with your fellow team mates, before the grueling next
stage; such as what we have here this year at the Giro d’Italia. (smooth jazz music) So, the team have also
got a couple of these. These are Ford S Maxes. So kind of– I think we call them
people carriers in the UK, or utility vehicles in the US perhaps. So, really, they used by chef, and members of staff to
basically run errands. So, like, food, take people
to, from the airport, it’s that kind of thing. As well as
it having a rack on the top as well, so you can transport
bikes to and from events, that kind of thing. They
are pretty spacious, and I’m hoping, at least,
that we can show you that. Managed to get that open.
So, let’s see what we’ve got. Well, there’s actually a load of Gira d’Italia Panini sticker albums here. Something I’ve wanted. Something
I have seen other people– I’ve not had one of these,
well, not had a sticker album, since Mexico ’86. So, I’m gonna
have a little look around, and try to sneak one of those off. Right. Let’s see what other vehicles
we can take a look at. See if we can swipe anything else. (smooth jazz music) The next stop is this Ford Tourneo, which is a vehicle used for a couple of different duties really.
The main primary function, is used by members of staff who’re feeding riders in feed
zone. So, they’re gonna go from the start to that
zone, and hand out musettes, before rushing off to the finish
for the riders, sometimes. And that sometimes incident happens where you can’t fit the team
bus on top of a mountain, because maybe there’s no parking up there, or the roads are particularly narrow. Instead they take this up there, which has got turbo trainers inside, and also, and importantly,
some extra-warm clothing for those really cold summits. Let’s have a look inside.
So, inside of here, and certainly in this front compartment, we’ve got one, two, three wahoo kickers that I can see so far. A box
here, of recovery drinks. And also, some spare
clothing in there, too. And, a spare helmet. And there’s also, some more of those Panini stickers. I might try and grab a
couple of packets of those. I wonder if they’ll notice? So, let’s take a look in the rear and see what we’ve got stowed away. Quite heavy ‘ol door this.
Well, we’ve got as ever, a big container of drinks,
more of these wahoo kickers. I’ve never seen so many. Bags, basically, all that clothing for extreme weather they do get sometimes in Italy. Even during the month of
May, at the Giro d’Italia. And then, this is one of those
extreme weather garments. I’m gonna try it on
actually. See what it’s like. Now, I’ve told– I’ve been told, sorry. This one has actually
got a special feature. Get this. Press that
button there, it goes red, and the jacket warms up. How cool is that? (smooth jazz music) Now this Ford Tourneo, is much
the same as the other one. Only, it’s only got two seats in the rear. And this one is really used for kind of, the podium ceremony. So, if a
rider is leading race overall, generally, they’ve got
quite a few obligations after the stage. So
their press conferences, medical control, that kind of thing. And by the time all of that has finished, the team bus is normally long gone. And rather than go back in the team car, which a rider– basically they
can’t stretch out as much; in this, with only having
two seats in the rear, they can put their feet
up, basically, chill out, and get on to that hotel,
before getting a nice massage. (smooth jazz music) But what about the actual
cars, then, for the races? Well, Team sky, they’ve
got two Ford Mondeo STs. So basically, both of them, identical, so you can put nine
bikes on top of the car, and also, five spare wheels on the rack there, too on
back. Also, on the rack, we’ve got ourselves an
antenna, so, obviously, they could watch the
race inside of the car. Or certainly the assistant director, and the mechanic in the rear can. Then naturally on the front two, we’ve got aerials for
communication; both from the race, and also within the team
and organization itself. But let’s actually take a
look in the boot of the car, ’cause I can already see it’s
pretty rammed full of stuff even though it’s a rest day. Alright. Luckily, that one
opened up nice and easy. We can see here already, these
are basically spare kits for each and every rider. So,
everything you could image a rider will need for a stage
in the worse case scenario is inside one of these. And you can even, I’m not going to do it,
because I’m not very good at zipping things back together. But, a rider– generally
they know what the weather can be like for that
stage. So, they can zip off a whole piece of the bag,
hand it into the mechanic. The mechanic basically, only
has a small little one there to work from instead of having to have a whole bag to rummage through. Instead, they know that
inside this little bit here, it’s easy to get too. Rather
than going through there. But, inside there, like I
said, you’ve got jackets, jersies, shorts, shoes, you name it. It’s inside of it. Then, we’ve got a cool box.
Naturally full of spare drinks, ya know, recovery things,
that kind of thing. Or a box here, full of gels, bars, you can’t get enough, can you? And then, something I’ve just noticed. I’ve never, ever, ever seen this in the back of a car before– two plugs. Plus, USBs as well. So, it’s
actually a fuse box down there, it’s obviously got an inverter in there. I’m not an electrician, by the way. But, that is a real smart bit of kit. Could do with one of those
in the back of my car. So, I’m in the hot seat, or what I think is the hot seat anyways. This
is where the mechanic sits for the day. Now the
mechanic is actually working at the moment on the
bikes. So, his tool kit– they would take with him, during the race is not here, sadly. And,
neither are the spear wheels. But, there are, still, some
goodies and gadgets in here. So, for instance, if I reach back– We’ve got just a few gubbins
basically, this is what I call these. There’s just different spare bolts. Washers, drop out hangers,
that kind of thing. Cleat bolts, basically,
those little bits that you always need, but can’t find. Right. We’ve got, spare musette. Maybe to hand something out to a
rider. Some energy bars, that kind of thing. We’ve got
ourselves a torque wrench, more gels and energy bars. Again, you can never get enough of those. You can’t leave a rider
starving out on the road after after all. A maybe, I
think this is for an iPad, and also a USB changing station here. So, there you can link up something. We’ve got speakers
everywhere for race radios, that sort of thing. And as ever, a little monitor here. So
mechanic can still see race footage, which is really ultra-important for them to know what is going on. We’ve got this– the trusty Garibaldi– Or Gari-bal-di, I think
WE call it in Italian. Not that sure. But, yet, this
is the Bible for the race. So, everything you need
to know is inside of this. Believe me. Then, we’ve got
markers and highlighters so the mechanic can make any
notes as they’re going along. Inside of the door pockets,
importantly, some water display. So, that kind of thing.
So, MO94 from Muc Off, as well as some chain lube, and this, the trusty mechanics’ rag. You
can never beat a trusty rag. Yeah? But this is the
hot seat, definitely. I’d love to be in this. (smooth jazz music) So finishing off in the seat of the sports director, or sometimes the assistant sports director. They do swap around their positions
from time to time. So, essentially, we’ve got
ourselves a screen here, for them to be able to watch the race. As well as speakers, for the race radio. And I quite like this–
it’s a ‘lil mount up here for a GPS device. For such
as a Garmin or a Wahoo, that kind of thing. So actually, they can
pre-program in a race route, and they alert them to
certain things along the way. Thats’s a nice little finishing touch, and how are they gonna get alerted? Well of course, via these–
the two way radios, basically. So, one for the team
and one for the staff. So, easily distinguishable by color. And then, it’s just simply magnetically mount there in place. And of course, wired up to different parts
of radios. Bottles, pens, gels, bars, sun cream,
chamios cream, you name it, they’ve got it in the front of this car. It’s quite comfy, too.
I can get used to this. Come on guys, all to the
front. All to the front. Attack! Attack! Or something like that. I’m now inside one of their
very useful multi-use vehicles that Team Sky do have. So, this section of this essentially huge truck, basically, houses these two ginormous
glass-fronted fridges; that are full of things like
this Blue Breeze in there, there’s olives, there’s ketchup, there’s some mayonaise in
there, we’ve got cheese, spread cheese, tomatoes.
All sorts of things. Fruit, rice, we’ve got
juices, yogurt, Actimel. I’m absolutely gobsmacked by
the sheer amount of food here. If ever you’re hungry, just head here. You’re gonna get, basically, enough to cook you a really, really nice meal. And this, is what the chef uses in his own mobile cooking unit,
just around the corner. Now, this compartment I’m
stood in, of this multi-use vehicle, houses what, six
different washing machines, stroke dryers I presume. Why
would they need that many? Well they’ve actually got more
than six, they’ve got ten; because in the team bus
there’s another two, and in the mechanics truck there’s another two or so. So there we are, but why so many? Well, just now, I bumped into
Dave Brailsford of Team Sky, and he told me the reason why. Basically, saddle sores and
everything like that can transfer from one person to
another if you’re washing them in the same machine. So,
basically, to prevent wiping out the whole
team with an infection– washing separately and
hopefully that will eradicate any problems that the team may have. There’s also enough room
in here to dry off the kit. And my personal favorite
touch out of all of this, because I love a gadget is the fact that these washing machines have WiFi on them. So, basically, it’s can– it’s
not even the washer machine. This is the dryer in fact. It can let the helpers of the team know
when to come and unload them. And then, the final section
of this huge truck is this. Basically, it’s storage
in there. So, we’ve got energy bars, gels, powders,
everything that you need to fuel a rider during a Grand Tour. As well as hundreds of water bottles, because you’d be amazed at how
many bottles they get through during a Grand Tour. Now
this is the mechanics home. So, basically, the sides
of this vehicle actually extend out. Allowing the
mechanic to have loads of room to be able to work around
the bikes; which do require a fair amount of space. When you’ve got that amount of kits with
you on a Grand Tour. There’s also a dehumidifier
in there as well, so that basically the bikes can dry off in super quick time. And
there’s one final thing for us to go and take a look at. (smooth jazz music) Now the final vehicle I must just give a big shout out to is this, and this is the kitchen truck of Team Sky. So, in the front section here, the chef– they’ve got
themselves a very well-equipped kitchen. I’m not gonna
disturb them, ’cause they are cooking away in there. It
does smell pretty good. And then in the back, there’s actually, like, a dining room section;
where all the riders they can congregate, eat
there meal with one another. Basically, have a bit of
a debrief of the stage. See how one another is feeling.
Chill out in there, too. Yeah. I think it’s an
absolutely great idea. Now, it’s been so insightful to get a look into all of these vehicles from Team Sky, and I hope it’s been nice for you, too. Leave your comments down
there in the section below. Let me know, what’s your favorite
vehicle of the whole team? Now do remember as well to
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