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Tearing Apart The RM250! | RM250 Rebuild 3

Tearing Apart The RM250! | RM250 Rebuild 3

today is the big day we’re gonna be
starting on the rm250 project I’ll be getting hands-on with it today and
tearing it completely apart so back here we have a 2001 rm250 looks like we had a
ghost over there handlebars are turning or something but rm250 and I’ll be working
on this bike over the next couple months and when it’s finished up you guys will
be pretty mind blown so today we’re tearing it completely apart and we’re
gonna go through and figure out what is all damaged on it so I’ll be fixing up
this RM alongside all of you that are doing the team prime bike build contest
so essentially I’m giving away $1000 to whoever can make the biggest
transformations with their bikes over winter so you have two more weeks to
enter and you have until April 15th to finish your bike so plenty of time so
we’re gonna have a bunch of fun build some cool bikes and just connect with
each other be a blast so to enter you go down below in the
description and head over to the team prime bike build contest page so you’re
gonna do a before video of your bike to show the condition and then a during
video to show how far you took it apart and then an after video to show off all
your hard work so head down below hit the link to the team prime bike both
contests to get all the details so I’m gonna give you guys a little example of
what your before video should look like to enter the contest so first off you’re
gonna pull up the video that I announced the RM project it is called the next
project you’re gonna play that this is basically to prove the date I want to
keep it fair make sure everyone starts around the same time then you’re going
to do a little walk around at the bike just kind of show the condition that
it’s in do a little spin around you can get as detailed as you want with
this you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to you can record this with your
cell phone or whatever camera you have quality does not matter you won’t be
punished for a lower quality video just as long as we can clearly see the bike and then try to keep it under one minute
so go submit your entries guys this is gonna be a blast
alright enough talking let’s get to tearing this baby down so whenever I get
a bike without a top end like this obviously I can’t see if it runs or not
so I would like to check the spark before I start teardown I’ll be able to
turn it over here just gonna protect the cases so that way the rod doesn’t bang
against them throw a spark plug in ground it out and I should have a pretty
good idea of what kind of condition the electronics are in I saw a couple Sparky’s come out of
there so it should be good but it was pretty tough to kick it over fast enough
to get any spark you got to crank these over pretty quick to generate any type
of spark now the next thing we’ll be doing is draining out any fluids I don’t
think yeah if there’s no radiators on this bike so don’t need to worry about
coolant just gear oil crispy-looking gear oil
there a little bit of coolant in there looks like it hasn’t been changed in a
while just hopefully there’s no metal chunks that come out so they’re supposed
to be let’s see seven hundred fifty cc’s worth of gear oil in there and that’s
all that came out so probably not even half of 750 I don’t see any big chunks
of metal or parts of gears nothing like that in there it’s a super thick oil
thank god or else I’d probably just drop this bike off at the junkyard
alright let’s get this thing back up on the stand and start ripping into it now the first thing we’re gonna rip off
is the seat gas tank side plates rear fender subframe air box thankfully most
of that is just sitting on there and it’s not bolted down alright here’s where we’re at
got the back of the bike torn apart but I did notice that the tab for the
subframe was welded on looks like it I’ve been broken off at one point and
fixed and we’ve got all the parts over here so when I’m taking apart a bike I
like to label ziplock bags let’s bolts in just to keep everything
organized now as far as parts go we have a FF silencer here kind of beat up
mounts or kind of jacked up on that now on this bike and actually had a rmz 250
airbox side plates or fender subframe and seat so the airbox isn’t in too bad
of shape just grimy plastics are all beat up now for the
subframe we had to do quite a bit of welding to get this to work on the RM CS
I’ll weld that up right there on this side as well yeah I’m not really a big
fan of stuff being all welded up especially with kind of a janky exhaust
mount there so I might keep the concept of an RM z tail on this bike not sure
yet but if I do most likely I’ll buy another subframe and air box have
everything professionally welded and done upright so you guys might have
noticed I have a different scissor let’s stand here this one is from tusk pretty
sweet unit it’s got some casters on it for moving around the shop got a foot
assist for letting it down smoothly and biggest thing of all it doesn’t leak
like my old stand over there that thing was kind of a junker so yeah 150 bucks
pretty killer deal on them I believe they might be sold out from Rocky
Mountain already but if you want a preorder one I will link them down below
in the description so a couple things about the
stand you can lock the bike down with these hooks so it doesn’t fall off and
then obviously it’s hydraulic you can go up but down with it it goes all the way
up to probably like chest height so you don’t have to bend over work on the bike
saves your back probably one of my favorite things in the entire shop now
what to attack next since I’ll be pulling the bike completely apart it
really doesn’t matter which and I go from I’ve personally found it easiest to
start at the rear end get that completely apart and off the bike then
do the front end and then the engine last so right now we’re going to rip off
the rear wheel chain and sprockets brakes rear shock linkage and swing arm the axle was a little crusty in there
but we were able to get it out without damaging it too much I think it’s
salvageable but that axle block is just hammered one thing I noticed is the
swingarm plates came out of here but they weren’t actually even screwed to
the spoon or middle so looks like those screws just found their way out on their
own now most of the time the bolts for the rear master cylinder have blocked
tight and they are an allen head so they like to strip out pretty easy so what I
like to do is hit them with a little bit of heat just a little zap with a torch
right there you don’t want to damage the master inside and that should loosen up
the lock tight now using the torch and the impact didn’t break it loose so I’m
going to use an impact screwdriver it’s got an Ellen bit on here get her in
place and whack her with a hammer yeah the thing is fully stripped I’m
gonna see if I can get the bottom one man both of these are being pretty lame
bull stripped out I’m gonna try a different method here all right so I’ve
got a Torx bit that will barely fit in there I’ll have to pound it in usually
gives a really good grip on the screw I give this thing a little bit more heat
this time I really needed to break loose sweet that easy enough just to rip that
screw out with a pair of pliers heck yeah
that trick always does it now if there’s one area that I always
get kind of worried about when I’m taking apart a bike it is the sewer and
pivot bolt now it’s kind of tucked away in there people forget about it don’t
really grease it and it’s always being exposed to water and dirt so it’s a very
common for those things to be seized in place let’s see what the verdict is on
this one when it’s free that’s a huge relief now usually when they’re seized
you got to cut them out you got to take a sawzall cut them in half or somehow
get this thing underneath oppressed and hydraulically press it out but this one
we are good the deeper you dig the more the crusties
you’ll find this thing is really gonna need some cleaning and notice something with the swingarm
here it’s a little bit different than what I remember the Oh once worms
looking like I believe this rear section I remember being a little bit different
so this might be a you up swingarm not quite sure on that I should probably
check the VIN on the frame make sure it’s a actually oh one now to tell the
year of the bike you just look at the tenth digit in the VIN see here that is
a – this might be a 2002 I’m have to google that to confirm it after a quick
search looks like this is indeed a 2002 crazy I don’t know if the o2 is any
better than the o1 but we’re all with it now the next thing will be tearing into
is the front end so we’ll be pulling off the front wheel brake system Forks
triple clamps plastics handlebars controls and all that jazz I heard or seen something so crusty
before my life I’m gonna have to pull this caliper off all right that should
give me a little more room to get some heat on this rusty bolt in here gonna
have to bust out the big boy for this one there we go wait bikes just kind of
coming up hard on its own holy crap that is one tight setup I’ve got a pretty sweet-looking bar in
there too well this is kind of interesting here never really seen that
what the heck is going on here does that seal just worn out or is the
roller bearing pushed up I almost have to look at the fish and look at some
diagrams and see how that seals supposed to be well folks we’re getting down
there pretty far a couple more minutes and we should have this thing torn down
completely now like I said in the previous videos few of these parts are
off of an arm z250 so the triple clamps the subframe side plates all that stuff
but the forks are actually off an arm Z as well they are the Shoei SFF setup so
they’re a spring fork pretty decent Forks but I’m really hoping they’re in
good enough shape to use when I rebuild them you can see there’s quite a bit of
leaking going on there it’s open there’s nothing damaged internally but we’ll see
when I pull them apart now from here on out it’s pretty
straightforward all we have left surrounding the engine is the
electronics the pipe the carburetor shifter kick starter and then just the
motor mounts nice got some cut wires here that looks
like it’s for the kill switch shoot looks like a lot of these connectors are
busted up on this harness I would say the number one bolt that comes loose on
a dirt bike for whatever reason is the kick starter bolt let’s see what the
case is with this one yep she’s loose yeah it’s weird I don’t really know so
guys definitely throw some blue loctite on these kick starter bolts but the kick
starter is like to get stuck on the splines too so I guess if your bolt
falls out at least the kickers not falling off I’m gonna have to hammer
this one off you hear that is crusty doubt that bolts been
either in like 10 or 15 years all right guys we are all the way down to the
frame I always like to lay everything out just for the heck of it so I can
take a step back and see what kind of mess I made so I have pretty much
everything here there’s a couple things missing if you guys can spot those write
them down below in the comment section now for all you guys doing the team
prime bike both contest now would be the perfect time to do your during video to
show how far you went down with the bike if you’re gonna be tearing the engine
all the way apart like I am you can show that to now your during video can be as
simple as this just like 10 seconds long just show how far apart you went with
the bike but so far here’s what we have for the trash bin number plate was
broken just somewhere parts like the chain cable grips brake pads and the
handlebars are pretty trashed but I’m sure this pile will continue to get
bigger now I know some of you guys are probably on the fence about working on
your own bike or even entering the bike build contest that I’m running because
maybe you haven’t worked on the bike before or you feel like you don’t know
what you’re doing but what I would say to that is get out in the garage turn
some wrenches get some experience that’s how I learned
but obviously do your research watch some videos maybe get a service manual
so you have a good idea of what you’re trying to do but biggest thing get out
there have some fun be patient with the learning process and if you need
anything to refer to you I have a whole slew of videos on exactly how to build
up a bike on this zero to 50 here I literally documented every single
thing so all the infos there to build a bike exactly like this one here
and on top of that I built that bike going through cancer so you guys
literally have no excuse now if you’d like more info on the team prime bike
build contest hit the link down below in the description now another exciting
thing I’m doing here on the channel is when this RN is all finished up
look it’s sweet and running like a dream I will be giving it away completely free
to one of you guys now if you want more info on that or you want to enter once
again the link will be down below in the description now keep in mind you do have
to be over 18 and in the United States in the continental US now the reasons
behind that is to ship it overseas or to like ship it to Hawaii it’s extremely
expensive I’m already doing something very generous for you guys this is gonna
be like a $5,000 bike when it’s all finished up I could be making you guys
buy something too you get entries into the bike or do a raffle with it but
instead I’m giving it away completely free just because you guys have
supported a channel so much and I love helping people out now for you guys I
want to complain about not being able to enter because you’re under 18 or out of
the u.s. stop your wine and I’m given a bike away completely free and all this
content you see on the channel is free too so I think you guys got to be pretty
thankful now the next video you guys will see on the channel is I’ve taken
apart the rest of the engine we’re gonna dive into that thing see if there’s any
damage in the bottom end and then separate a few more things with the
forks pull some stuff off the frame the swingarm wheels brakes and just a bunch
of random odds and ends we’re gonna wrap up the video right here thank you so
much for watching I truly appreciate it you guys are the
best and I can’t wait to see you in the next video keep it Prime

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