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Techmount Motorcycle Mounts

Techmount Motorcycle Mounts

Are you looking for a way to mount your cell
phone, GPS, radar detector, camera or any other personal device to your motorcycle? If so during this video we will share with
you how you can do this using our Techmount motorcycle mount system. Our mounts are crafted from aircraft grade
billet aluminum using our patent CNS process right here in the USA. Because of this our Techmount mounting system
is the most durable and attractive mounting system in the industry. We have 8 different styles you can choose
from which include our handlebar mounts, control mounts, stem mounts, fork tube mounts, center
mounts, mirror mounts, fairing mounts and surface mount. We also have a number of different top plates
and adapters you can choose from which will enable you to mount virtually any personal
device including cell phones, GPS devices, radar detectors, GoPro cameras and more. Now if you’re watching this video on our
YouTube channel right now all you need to do is click on the banner on top of this video
now, which will take you to this page on our website. Here we list all the different models of our
Techmount base mounts, just scroll through our list and select the model of mount you’re
interested in. This will open a new page that has more information
about this mount, and by clicking on the additional information tab you can view the various motorcycles
this mount will fit. All of our mounting systems have our 17mm
ball which interfaces with our various top plates and adapters. So after you select your mounting system,
your next step is accessorizing your mount by selecting your Techmount top plate and/or
adapter. You will find these by clicking on the link
Motorcycle Mount Accessories. Our most popular adapter is our TechGripper,
which will enable you to mount any cell phone, most GPS devices and many other personal devices
to your motorcycle. We offer a guarantee that says go out and
ride with it for 30 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied with our product return it
for a full refund. And as the Master Distributor for Techmount,
we offer you a lifetime warranty on all our Techmount products. Also if you have any questions about our products
you’re welcome to contact us 24/7 by using the contact form on our website or by calling
us at 888-227-8927 during normal business hours. This is Radar Roy from, thanks
for watching and please remember to ride safe, ride smart and most of all ride protected.

98 comments on “Techmount Motorcycle Mounts

  1. How to mount your cell phone, radar detector, GoPro, radar detector or any other device to your motorcycle using our Techmount motorcycle mounting system.

  2. Thank you for this informative video.
    can you tell me how sturdy this Techmount is? I mean when it gets bumpy will phone come loose?

  3. You explain so many things on your videos.  The motorcycle mount is another awesome way to have what you need in front of you.  If you put the cell phone mount on your motorcycle you could talk hands free while you ride, keeping your hands on the handlebars.  That sounds like a safe way to go.  That way your cell phone should be secure so you don't lose it too. 

  4. Can you use the Techmount on a snowmobile? I know it is a motorcycle mount but I see no reason why it could not work on something like a 4-wheeler or snowmobile. 

  5. I like the idea of mounting my video camera on the Techmount motorcycle mount and it looks sturdy enough to keep the picture steady. I can get some good shots with my steadycam function as well.

  6. The Techmount mounting system sounds like a great way to mount your cellphone to your motorcycle. I can't wait to tell my family members that drive Harleys about these.

  7. The video techmount motorcycle mounts is vital for those who drive motorcycles,like the BMW motorcycles,which they can put a camera mount & cell phone mount for emergencies.

  8. This motorcycle mount would make a great gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in my life.  Seems like a great product – one that he'll find useful, for sure!

  9. Motorcycle mount helps us to catch our phone, so that it is easy for us to manage both driving and looking at gps. This will help us to avoid accidents and save lives of many people. This is a great video for our safety.

  10. This is awesome! I have been searching all over for a high quality gopro mount for my Harley Davidson. I have seen so many videos with people using their GoPro whenever they are riding and I always wanted to try it. I am absolutely getting this. Thank you for letting me know about this!

  11. This Techmount looks pretty good. I would consider it for an iPhone mount. Could this mount fit an iPhone with a case in it though? If it could, I think I would buy it, as this mount looks far better than ram-mount.

  12. Techmount seems to be a good way to have my phone placed on my motorcycle, but I rarely have the need for that. 

  13. Wow thats funny because my bf just got a gopro and was looking for a way to mount it onto his bike. Ill be sure to tell him about this camera mount because this seems exactly what he was looking for. Thanks!

  14. The cell phone mount is cool but I could see myself attaching a video camera to the center mount for some great footage! Awesome product!

  15. i try this for iphone 6 plus but  please i have a tablette  how can i mount it  to my motorcycle .. thanks for you 🙂

  16. This is very informative and well described. It's easy to understand all the points being made about the gps mount. I enjoyed it a lot and will share what I learned with all my friends.

  17. I'm definitely going to recommend this motorcycle mount to my boyfriend. He's looking to get his first motorcycle this spring, and I'm sure a phone mount would come in handy. 🙂

  18. This is really essential instruments for me because i am finding gps mount  to keep my device in Motorcycle. finally i got this gps mount i really satisfied to watching this video and i will check this product to your given location.

  19. Very informative and professional video, the Techmount mortercycle mounting system appears to be a very effective way to mount devices to ones motorcycle.  I have great appreciation for the variety of mounts, especially for the iPhone 6. 

    Techmount desires us to have a beautiful. Techmount seems to be a good way to have my phone placed on my motorcycle, but I rarely have the need for that.

  21. Techmount is a highly versatile mounting solutiuon that offers systems for virtually every device, gps, or camera you can imagine. Techmount also seems much more secure than RAM mounts and can even incorprate my existing GPS' RAM cradle. Its so good that I am thinking about getting the GoPro stem mount for my Boss Cruiser!

  22. What will they think of next. Can you use this mount on four wheelers as well?  Most people cant go anywhere without a cell phone( like me) this Techmount motorcycle mount is genius. Being able to use a cell phone mount can let you talk and ride at the same time. Can you use these mount a bicycles as well as motorcycles? 

  23. how is the cell phone mount use techmount motorcyle?
    Techmounts attends many different rallies and events during the year where customers and dealers can learn more about our products. cell mount is very useful to have a motorcycle mount for cellphone to prevent any potential crash that may occur.

  24. I have used Techmount motorcycle mounting system for a few days now and find it very sturdy for keeping my cellphone where I can easily find it

  25. Does this work with an Android? I'm definitely buying the cell phone mount. Sick of having my phone fall out of my pocket onto the road! This is awesome, didn't know something like this existed!

  26. I like the idea of mounting my video camera on the Techmount motorcycle mount and it looks sturdy enough to keep the picture steady. I can get some good shots with my steadycam function as well.

  27. I've been looking for an iphone mount for my bike for awhile. Techmount seems pretty good so far. Holds up well, and I like it better then ram-mount.

  28. I think having a radar detector mounted on a motorcycle is genius because it is so easy to go over the speed limit in todays newre and faster cars alone so i can imagine on a motorcycle how it easy it would be to speed unintentionally

  29. This is an awesome tool! I know so many people who would love the convenience of having a cell phone mount from Techmount to use when riding. I'm going to my dad about it today!

  30. I think having a motorcycle mount for cellphones is very useful to prevent any potential crash that may occur

  31. You always provide great service fjr motorcycle to camera mount both fellow employees and the public. They always walk away with a smile

  32. I have been watching your videos lately Mr. Radar Roy and they are very useful.I am definitely going for iphone 6 mount,hope it goes well with my Yamaha motorcycle.

  33. Wow thank you. I was wondering if they was anyway to mount my iphone and gps to me bike. This answered a lot of questions. I didnt know this product even existed.

  34. I defiantly want to check out camera mount for two reasons, one those videos are cool, but also it protects me legally in case of a collision by documenting the incident.

  35. I have a dirt bike this would be perfect for once I get a go-pro camera. It would be nice to have a gopro mount for the helmet as well.

  36. i bought my father one of your Techmount motorcycle mounts for a gift , i wanted to let you all know he was very pleased with it. it fit his i phone 6 perfectly . we never thought we would find something like this to fit a harley davidson , so we were very happy to find this product . thank you and keep up the good work

  37. This is an excellent product ! It is amazing because it works for my phone it works for my gps and all my important technology! The mount helps in so many ways so I concentrate on the road and still do what I need to do get directions, use the phone etc.

  38. I look forward to buying a go pro mount along with the cellphone mount. This company makes great mounts. They last forever!

  39. interesting, I'd use something like this if I were on my bicycle.

    Neat stuff I'll consider this for the future for a cell phone mount or a gopro mount.

  40. Hello there again Radar Roy.  I have watched several of your videos and am so impressed with your knowledge.  My husband and I have a Harley Davidson and would love to get a GPS mount and a camera mount for it.  Will be ordering from you soon! Looks like you have some high-quality products.

  41. Techmount Motorcycle  mounts you are on my wish list. This is an awesome product I need one for my boyfriend's harley davidson for his iPhone. I am always scared his iPhone is going to fall out of his pocket on the road! Going to get one!

  42. Im very pleased with this motorcycle mount … Great thing , very useful and will make your riding more easier…

  43. Techmount desires us to have a beautiful, highly functional system for mounting accessories. So, i would recommend people to try this product.

  44. This is amazing! I'm so glad that you've made a techmount for motorcycles. This motorcycle mount looks fantastic. Could you use this on a four wheeler safely?

  45. I usually have problems with answering my cell phone while riding. Since i got the iphone mount i've had no problems. I keep asking myself what would i do without a phone mount.

  46. I like the fact that Techmount gives a lifetime warranty on any of their mounts. I think no matter what kind of bike you ride rather it be a Harley Davidson or a Yamaha it is important to have a cell phone mount because we all know you aren't going to hear it going down the road but you could see it in case of an emergency with a family member. That way you could pull over and reply to the call or text. There are a lot of parents and even grandparents out there riding. Safety is the key!

  47. With the iPhone mount, do you sell any protective sleeves or something to protect the screen from dust or debris while riding? There are always rocks and dusts flying up on the road so was curious if the mount comes with additional protection for the iPhone screen? Thanks!

  48. I always wondered how to Techmount a motorcycle. Are bmx motorcycles, or regular bikes are in this category as well? I think that it's really creative.

  49. What a useful gadget! Now you can use this handy motorcycle mount for your cellphone, for GPS or for when you're talking to someone, you can attach your camera or GoPro for if you want to make a video while out riding, and maybe even a radio or other media player. I also second the question if this would work on a bicycle.. Could it be mounted onto the handle bars too? Maybe a scooter as well? That would be so neat!

  50. I am surprised at the amount of different things you can mount onto using techmount, like iphones, gopros, gps. This is incredibly useful as on a motorcycle it is hard to Use your phone or gps.

  51. This is really necessary instruments for me because It's easy way to understand all the points being made about the gps mount. Thanks

  52. Once I get my Harley Davidson, I'm getting a cell phone mount for it and a gps mount so I know where i'm going while i'm using my bike!

  53. The cell phone mount and GPS mount is a really good idea to keep motorcyclist safe and hands free.  I feel motorcyclist needs to keep both hands on the hanedle bars while driving and this technology would definitely help that. I love motorcycles they are cool looking but scared to ride them.

  54. This is awesome, I didn't even know it was possible to have a cellphone mount for my motorcycle.

  55. This Techmount motorcycle mount seems to be much better than ram-mount. It seems to work well with Harley Davidson, Yamaha Motorcycles, and BMW motorcycles. Good motorcycle mount for all your tech mounting needs

  56. I think this would be most helpful for attaching cameras and its what most people would use. After reading reviews and this video this definitely seems like the best product around.

  57. This techmount motorcycle mount is perfect for the every day rider to use the cellphone mount.  Or even when going some place you aren't familiar with perfect for GPS!  And U.S. made couldn't get any better high quality product!  With a 30 day satisfaction guarantee nothing to lose with this Techmount!

  58. This Techmount system is cool, i'm going to use it with my go pro and get rowdy with my dirt bike! thanks guys

  59. Iphone mount for motorcycle is a cool idea. And mount seems to be of good quality. Got to know lot about techmount in this video. Very useful information. I'm gonna share it with my friends. .

  60. I found this very interesting, as we are currently looking for a GoPro mount as well as a motorcycle mount. I did not know that I could buy both in the same place so I am happy to have found you!

  61. This is really cool.  This motorcycle mount would really make things safer on the roads. When my boyfriend and I go biking, he always gets lost cause he can't use his gps.  With this cell phone mount, we would never get lost again.

  62. My motorcycle definitely needs a techmount. I would love to buy a cellphone mount for my iPhone 6 ! 🙂

  63. I will definitely have a radar detector mounted on my motorcycle to avoid going over the speed limit.  I will share this genius Techmount motorcycle mounting system to all of my friends that have motorcycles.

  64. Love when people create innovative technology such as this phone mount to improve life and make it easier.

  65. Your Techmount motorcycle mount is incredibly useful and valuable. It's reassuring to have your secure mount for all personal devices. It sure beats the alternatives.

  66. I've always wondered how to keep my phone up on my harley davidson, that iphone 6 plus mount is just what i need!

  67. I love being able to use my iphone 6 mount on my yamaha motorcycle.  Techmount makes the best motorcycle mounts.

  68. Finally a reliable cell phone mount for my motorcycle, I am so happy my friend recommended this product to me.

  69. My buddy's bike went down and he was bragging that his motorcycle mount was in better shape than his wrists.  The mount didnt break, but his wrist did 🙁

  70. Great product idea. It could be useful to just about anybody that owns a motorcycle. You probably just have to get the word out.

  71. I get great service in my yamaha motorcycle. They are provide cheap price. I am highly recommend all my friends & relative about there great service.

  72. Ooo.  Techmount has answered some of my questions when I spend too much time with my bike.  A motorcycle mount for a variety of items has come to mind.  A camera mount or cell phone mount are the first things I am considering.  Sure would free up my pocket space.

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