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Test Ride Suzuki GSX-S 150

Test Ride Suzuki GSX-S 150

Welcome to the Mojho VB Channel OK, this video, on a pretty hot afternoon this time I will test a naked motorbike ride from Suzuki, which are: Suzuki GSX-S150 so it looks like this in my opinion pretty cool huh because this motorbike is more rare than the Yamaha Xabre, and looks more unique the headlights like that, can be seen if you take a photo it looks normal, right? but if you look at the original it’s pretty good and this is already LED front shockbreaker is still ordinary telescopic not yet upsidedown, and this is quite small in size and unique, there is still a foot starter here and this is the exhaust model sorry this motorbike is quite dirty because it was rained yesterday the pot is like this the same as the Suzuki GSX-R150 and here the owner is slightly modified The first mobile phone holder is installed here yes for touring to see maps and so on then back seat, the back seat has been replaced to a softer one different from the front which is still standard then what makes me impressive, namely radiator big for the 150cc class this is the biggest one then this is the back light the taillights are exactly the same as the R version still bohlamp, the same as the turn signal too then body shape, yes this might be one factor why people are less fond of the Suzuki GSX-R or S 150, yes because of this the seat is too high for the back if you can see it so like that then who like this frame cover design completely cover the empty parts of this motorbike so it looks cool then we see the tire the tires use the Exato IRC, the same as the Yamaha Xabre but with sizes 90/80-17 the back is also IRC Exato, with a size of 130 / 70-17 for the crossbar Y shape, I like it but overall the proportions are okay then I will go up to see info on the speedometer well this key is still not keyless, still the usual key but already equipped with a safety lock ok this is quite short not wide like the Yamaha Xabre for daily still okay I like the mirror model too typical Suzuki mirrors today okay so the inner one is narrower, the outer one is wider usually at Yamaha or at Honda, the wide inside, the narrow even the outside for this, for standard mirrors, it’s great so the outer portion is getting wider This may be used to collapse, so the brake handle is slightly bent then for the buttons on the handlebar, to the right, there’s an engin kill switch, starter, then here there is an empty slot then the left one, here is the pass beam button here, then there are the lights near the far lights, turn signal, and horn and here is the modification button I don’t know what this button is, let’s see apparently not working oh yeah the horn has been modified, I don’t know what to use, let me see the horn is hidden basically the sound is like a snail horn then we see what are the info on this speedometer panel in appearance this is exactly the same as the R version now we see well, it’s exactly the same here are the turn signal indicators, left and right, check engine indicator, a temperature indicator when overheating, remote light indicator, there is a shift light here, here are neutral indicators, and here there are 2 buttons for setting menus here and here, there is an rpm pointer, up to 11,500. but later we will see if it can reach 13,000rpm because in the R version it can be over limit then there’s a speedometer, there is a clock, gear indicator, petrol pointer, then there is the odometer, what is this? indicator like lightning if anyone knows, please comment below then we see the menu options, here is trip A, average gasoline consumption it’s 39.7km / liter then there is trip B trip B gets 39.8km / liter and return the odometer again that’s all okay without further ado I’ll test ride how do you feel about driving this Suzuki GSX-S150? and this is the one push button button to start the engine just one press, no need to hold the machine will automatically start, so it’s like this that is by the way, this is the owner, it is wrapped at 5,000rpm it’s not closed The shift light is on at 5,000 rpm that is well, let’s walk right away okay first pull, for the power down is quite smooth not very responsive but it’s not as weak as the R version so this is still okay, because the class is naked huh uh, the brakes are pretty deep almost the same character as the R version pull the brake lever should be a little deep for the suspension is also quite comfortable okay enough for the skid is also okay, because the handlebar is not too wide the motor is also quite calm or calm not too run if you pass the road with patches yes when I try to pull deeper, channeling energy is quite smooth huh not responsive yes indeed the character is exactly the same as the R version and the exhaust sound is also quite good not too quiet, just cool for a factory default exhaust it’s quite okay yes the brake is not standard in my opinion anyway maybe this is typical of Suzuki or what but the one in the back is so standard so it’s quite dangerous Moreover, the default tire is IRC Exato the ones that are famous are quite slippery especially to brake suddenly I pulled the throttle deeper, the rpm is quite long but it feels like it’s breathing hard the motor is quite stable made for maneuvering although this motorbike is small but it is quite good the engine vibration is quite smooth but at a certain rpm, the vibration of the engine felt on the handlebar but in my opinion with a machine character like this, suitable for touring though because usually when touring requires smooth energy, which is not too stomping, so it’s not easy to be tired okay i will turn around try the taste, can it reach 13,000rpm? apparently can means it’s the same as the R version, it’s not closed so this bike is for high speed, okay okay so that’s it this short Suzuki GSX-S150 test ride if you like this video don’t forget to like, if you have questions, criticisms or suggestions please comment below, also share to your social media if this video is useful, and don’t forget to subscribe to follow the latest videos from me, and also turn on the bell button to get the notification Also follow my Instagram on @ mojho_038 thank you for watching and see you in the next video

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