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Test-Riding Big Cat Electric Bikes on the Beach & Boardwalk | Mashable

Test-Riding Big Cat Electric Bikes on the Beach & Boardwalk | Mashable

I ride a bike almost everyday. And I’ve always been a little curious about electric bikes, but also skeptical. There’s a company out of Long Island called Big Cat that makes electric bikes and they gave me a couple to play with. So let’s go check them out. All three of the bikes I tried were made for off-roading. As soon as you hop on, you can hit the throttle and use zero energy to get moving. Like here, I’m using the throttle to superman across the boardwalk. All three of the Big Cat bikes I tested had
pedal assist, meaning when you pedal the motor goes. Pedal assist is good for fooling someone that you’re not riding a bike with a motor because it looks like you’re just pedaling. Big Cat says the battery will last for 20
miles, that’s probably true if you don’t ride them over hills or purposely burn out in the sand. A motor on a fat bike tire makes a lot of sense for the beach, but I found riding a hard surface was a little bit awkward. Also the motor and the battery weigh down the back of the bike a lot making it hard to maneuver sometimes. Like jumping the stick or trying to get up this hill. I wouldn’t ride one of these bikes everyday, but that’s
not what they’re meant for. They’re meant to be taken off the boardwalk into the sand or the woods, somewhere they can get dirty.

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  1. I recently bought the XFTB Front Wheel drive model with power on demand, but all I have to ride in, in Miami is deep sand and minimal hills. Check out visitor post on XTREME FAT TIRE BIKES Facebook page. This is my first E-Fatty and i put a lot of pics and vids on that Facebook page. Selected it primarily for the front hub motor for all wheel drive when pedaling. S turns in soft sand are no problem. If anyone is in Miami and wants to ride it, message me on Facebook! Happy Trails.

  2. Mine is brand new 7 months old the battery is so fucked up it's pathetic it doesn't seem like the electrical components are built for longevity so far I've had to replace the battery which is over $500 the key lock broke on the battery and so did the charging these are cheap Chinese batteries the bicycle seems to be durable but there is no way my battery handle should break and then down where controller is its plastic it broke on the bike itself as well they call it a beach cruiser however you do not want to take it on the beach the sand goes right into where your controller is these parts are very expensive this is how they keep you coming back not so happy customer

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