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Testing the Worlds CHEAPEST Motorcycle!

Testing the Worlds CHEAPEST Motorcycle!

this is the new 2019 tao motor TBR7
250 enduro it is a street-legal dirt bike made in China that sells retail for
thirteen hundred and fifty dollars brand-new delivered to your house a
sharp-looking bike but in my case not a perfect looking one I bought this bike
to ride and ride it I have roughly 1500 miles and I say roughly cuz well I don’t
know a few months ago I was coming through the woods and a tree ripped out
my speedometer cable so 1,100 miles on the clock is where we sit there is but
one good reason to buy this motorcycle and that’s the price it is made in China
hence the reason for the significant dip in that price versus other bikes and I
think that for that money you get a lot this bike it does come in a crate but
it’s like 90 percent put together you do have to put the front wheel on the
handlebars off controls getting it out of the crate by myself was actually the
hardest part you do also need to go over everything that was put together at the
factory on this because some of it was not put together well at all aside from
that once it is together it mines started right up I hit the switch and it
just rolled in this video I’m going to compare this bike to a couple of other
things you will hear me talk about it versus a Japanese bike my xt 250 and
you will also hear me compare it to the RPS Hawk which is a very similar bike I
do not have that bike but it was it’s something very very common that other
people who are into these Chinese bikes do have initially after doing a whole
lot of reading on China riders forum I decided on the towel versus the hawk for
two main reasons and that’s because these tires right here I wanted to give
a more on-road tired I wanted to be safe on the highway as I could I think these
tires are about an 80/20 tire they do very well on the pavement and quite
respectably actually off-road too I can tell a difference between a good set of
knobbies and those when I’m on the dirt especially if it’s wet outside but they
do a reasonable job the other thing that I chose this bike for versus the RPS hawk is
it has this rack on the tail end I wanted to have that some additional
features that you get with this bike are we have a somewhat adjustable suspension
you can adjust the preload on the rear end and we also have this tool container
out of the box this was an incredibly tall bike and the way it set it was the
seat height was above my hip and I had to kick my leg up higher than my waist
to even get it over that I was blacked for inches touching the ground on both
sides because I don’t weigh a lot I was able to simply adjust the rear
suspension sag I put it almost all the way down to the bottom that gave me a
couple of inches and also on the front end
I removed the spacers that are inside the shocks and and I also lowered the
place where the tree grips the shocks – those two things combined made me be
able to touch almost flat foot on the bike because I did that I also had to
cut the kickstand because even out of the box it was way too tall even for the
way the bike was set up the bike would fall over sometimes like five people are
gonna realize the significance of what I just showed here I would say that the
engine of the Tao TBR7 is probably its best feature not only did it start right up
when I put it together it’s very very torquey I love
has so much power its gear ratio is fairly low unfortunately the gears are
pretty close together but that does mean that this bike will sit up for you all
day long you don’t even have to use the clutch to get the front end in the air
with this bike we did get a decent headlight LED turn signals disc brakes
on the front we got a drum brake on the rear now there is another version of
this that’s come out since I purchased mine that I heard does come with a disc
brake on the rear but I bought mine around Thanksgiving of last year even
though it is a 2019 so I have the drum break online if you’re looking for a
cheap adventure bike this one will get you some places I have really got a lot
of hills and canyons and valleys and stuff like that where I live and I also
will just take off riding straight through the woods or following the
powerlines things like that and most of the time this bikes capability exceeds
mine that said when I see something most of the time I go for it anyway good thing we didn’t bet so clearly it
rained more last night than what I thought it did yesterday we got up that
just fine but all my footage was garbage cuz I wore the GoPro on my chest admittedly yesterday was the first time
I ever made it up that on this bike though the nobbies really helped and in
the mud these tires are not good a better rider probably could do it but
this riders just going to take the other way home it has plenty of power getting
through the trails and up the hills the top speed is around 60 miles an hour I
don’t particularly care for going that fast on this bike because it is so low
gear you are squalling going down the road I don’t feel particularly safe on
it going that fast but it does a great job in the woods overall it runs pretty well but there
are definitely some problems with it I chose the Tao TBR7 over a used enduro at
the $1,300 price point because I felt like I was getting a known problem set
and I’m gonna tell you what that set is because there’s some doozies the first
thing that you’ll have to do with this bike right out of the box is either
change the carburetor or cut open the one you’ve got and modify it
it will run but it lacks power and they sputter like crazy that’s when you get
on the throttle and you start to accelerate or you’ve got it open and it
cuts out and cuts out and cuts out I chose to go with buying the mikuni
carburetors that I found out about on China riders forum but YouTuber motocheez has shown on his channel a solution that works too can’t for proof
screws so we got to fix that and it’s got the tamper proof mixture adjustment if you go with the mikuni carburetors a
magic numbers are the 110 jet the needle should be 2 clicks from the top and the
fuel screw was turned 2 turns out when I put that carburetor on its squalled huge
jump in power and eliminated all of the sputtering issues some of the other
things you need to know are when you were putting this together you have got
to double check everything and China riders forum is a great place they have
lists of stuff you need to check on these like I found the fuel line was not
hooked up to the carburetor even though all of that section was put together I
also found that the front end was not tightened down correctly and I didn’t
notice this at first I put the bike together and I wrote it around for a bit
and I heard this thump in there and this is what I discovered the chain tension
may need to be adjusted and one other thing that was probably
the worst thing of all about this is when I got mine the we the rear wheel
was stiff it would bind up and I looked and looked and looked and tried to
figure out what was wrong you know checking to see if the brakes were doing
that the spec on it is something like 60 or 64 pounds you’re supposed to be able
to torque it to at like 5 pounds it would start making that squeak noise and
go by 10 pounds the wheat the rear wheels locked up the bearings were
greased they were good and I didn’t figure this out on my own I actually
mentioned it to motocheez to see if he had the same problem with his bike and
he told me there shouldn’t matter how tight you torque that down to that there
should be spacers in between the bearings that keep that from happening
and I found that one of the main ones inside the wheel and mine had never been
put in another issue is oil in the airbox and it’s partly it’s due to the
design of this right here if I’m not mistaken this is so that gases can
escape from the crankcase and be recirculated into the airbox but
unfortunately a lot of oil goes with it so I added this extra length of hose to
make it more difficult for the oil to do that even with that there still have
been some times where I’ve had to drain oil out of my airbox not only is this
bike inexpensive it is cheap the quality of materials used in this does not
compare at all to a Japanese bike on the rear end instead of having thick
aluminum tubing we have sheet metal basically the welds and things on this
are not nearly as good the frame for the most part has stayed together but both
the rear passenger peg and the rear brake broke off on me and I was doing
wheelie practice trying to do stand wheelies that stud that’s just
welded to the sheet metal right there snapped off and so to fix that you know
I had to take it all apart and I made my own stunt I happen to have a lathe so I
made one that was longer that could not only be welded to the front side but I
drilled a very small hole to the opposite side and poked it through that
hole and then welded it there I don’t feel like I should have to own a lathe
and a welder to operate this bike after that passenger peg broke off I went back
and went over all of their welds and they look terrible because I had to use
my Harbor Freight $99 welder so that’s I don’t have the 220 electricity out here
for my other one but so that brings us to what what advantages does this have
over my Yamaha xt 250 now you know obviously the price but also I really like how
torquey the engine is in the low range and the weight the weight of this bike
is awesome this bike is I think around 30 ish
pounds lighter than my XT and significantly less top-heavy the peg
position is also a major plus on this bike they sit about six inches further
forward than my Yamaha xt 250 and a couple inches lower the xt it feels like I’m
sitting on my knees it makes them hurt this bike has a much more relaxed
Cruiser type position other than that in every other category I’m gonna have to
say xt 250 blows this bike out of the water but you know for the extra money
it costs it should my personal recommendation do I do I recommend
owning this bike if thirteen hundred and fifty dollars is the absolute maximum of
your budget I still think owning one of the Chinese
bikes gives you an advantage because you get unknown problem set and you do have
a problem set but it’s a known one you’re getting a brand new bike at
thirteen hundred and fifty dollars the end
Neuros I found in my area were junk they were like 1999’s
with 40,000 miles on them you know which probably had black smoke white smoke
ball tires all of that you’re not gonna get much if you can come up to $2,000
you know and I’m not gonna say that like Oh a few hundred more dollars cuz I know
how it is or definitely if you can get up to $2,400 you will get a better used
bike you can find Japanese bikes to 50s for $2,400 with only a few thousand
miles on them that are gonna blow this away both in performance and in quality
they’re a much much safer bike I feel like that this bike is significantly
more of a hazard to your life you’re risking your life more by buying this
bike than other motorcycles about customer service I mentioned I got this
bike at q9 Powersports you know they were one of the very few people that
actually had them when I was looking around and I bought the bike the day
couple days before Thanksgiving within eleven days it was sitting here in a box
what I didn’t think was okay is they did not send the title at all and and not
only that they didn’t plan to I get why they don’t ship it in the box because
that would make it easy to steal but they could have very well shipped it you
know in the mail the only reason I got my title is because I called them to
find out why I didn’t have my title you know maybe that’s how it is everywhere
maybe maybe I’m foolish and I just don’t understand how things work you know
there’s the first internet motorcycle I ever bought at least four to six weeks
before I was able to get this bike street-legal because of that the good
thing about q9 is you can always call them and get an English
speaking person in the United States of America on the phone when it came time
to get the missing parts that I did not receive for my back wheel you know I did
get a response 14 days later they said okay were when I contacted them again
they said okay we’re having this shipped to you from our California warehouse
you’ll have it in three to five business days I kept you know emailing back and
they’d be like they just say that same story again and I called him on the
phone and they you know the same story again and so finally I just gave up and
I didn’t want to but I made my own part on the lathe I found out what it was
supposed to look like by looking at another youtubers video the shape of the
part and I just got some steel and I made my own I put it on there and it
works perfectly I I first emailed them on April 2nd on May 17th a part came in
the mail UPS just like this well not just like they said but six weeks later
but you could do worse on customer service they did actually eventually at
least send the part I’ll put a link in the description to q9 because you know
they they do have customer service you know I did get my bike there an okay
place I’m also gonna put a link to xt power sports and I’ve not bought from
them but youtuber motocheez has several of these kind of bikes and he
seems thrilled with them they even gave him a coupon code so that you can save
some money on that and so I’m I’m gonna put his link and his coupon code in
there I don’t get anything at all from this I don’t I don’t really know him so
you know you’ll be taking his word for it if you buy from there but I’ll put
both of those sources down there so you guys can see them as always guys super
thanks for watching and good luck

100 comments on “Testing the Worlds CHEAPEST Motorcycle!

  1. For people saying it’s not the cheapest and following that up with used craigslist finds, the intent he had was cheapest brand new from factory motorcycle. That should be obvious.

  2. Hi man! I am from China, and I just bought a dirty bike like yours couple of days ago. Check it out the Chinese online shoppong web: 150cc, powerful beautiful sound with only $500. The only thing missing that is illegal. But its dosent matter I ride for woods and mountains.

  3. The worlds cheapest bike is indias Bajaj ct100. It has mileage if 165MPG. And costs 800USD.

    Very tough … Lasts forever…. Not like chinese. You can see reviews on youtube

  4. It's not cheap if you need to completely rebuild it, buy carburettors, and spend dozens of hours crawling over it, and in the end you still have an absolute piece of shit that may well kill you at any moment.

    A decent second hand bike is the way to go if you're on a budget.

  5. I paid $340 for a 94 klr 250, put $100 in parts into it and rode it all summer. Now that it's cold outside I'm going to tear it apart and get the frame powder coated and clean it all up.

  6. Could relate… Had a used Loncin in the Caribbean… It was a good starter bike, but I couldn't find parts for it: Gauges / shorter kickstand / rear tire.
    – The stand that it came with was llloonnggg… and was one of those center-under-the-bike things. I had to seriously lift the bike (300 lbs) every time I wanted to park. It just wasn't practical…. esp. for a 1 minute stop at a store.
    – The rear tire had a serious bulge in it… Went to the Loncin dealer several times… They never had any in stock.
    – Had to sell it for these reasons. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice bike (or 'problem-set' as you call it), if in effect you want to build your own bike or really risk your life…. sure it's very light: they could have used plastic in stead of thin metal sheet as well….;-)… didn't you lose on warranty because you 'fiddled unauthorized' with their product? Well, in this case I'm happy to live in Europe: there are demands on any product related to safety, environment etc. This bike will not be for sale in my country.

    these types of cheap bikes are delivered in the UK on the road for less than £1500 they are not good.
    the sneak is that we require an MOT to check that vehicles are actually even roadworthy every year. the loophole is that on brand new vehicles it doesnt happen for 3 years. eg 2015 plate vehicle wont see a MOT until its 2018. by that time you can gaurantee that the bike is not gonna pass unless youve babysat the thing.

  9. Básicamente la dm200 de México, WOW veo que este tipo habla algo mal de esa moto y aquí es como de lo más común en motos doble propósito

  10. U call that cheap..
    Welcome to INDIA
    Range starting from value 4 every penny,
    a 110cc 460$ to a litre class.. whatever u can spend.

  11. That is clearly not the world's cheapest motorcycle, there are atleast a hundred cheaper bikes than that. If you don't count scooters then atleast 30-40, know your facts man. Huge thumbs down.

  12. i have one of these in Venezuela, a dsr um 200cc since 2012. starts like "moto de choro" , means like a burglars bike. You have to give them love, but they are reliable.

  13. We have Indian brands, like Bajaj and TVS (pretty popular in South America too) they make the best value of money motorcycles, they make 160 to 400cc motorcycle at decent price, checkout TVS Apache 200 4V ($1,402), TVS Apache RR310 (3,564), Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 ($1,842), Bajaj Dominar 400 ($2,643), Hero has has a 200cc off road motorcycle Hero Xpulse 200 ($1,604)

    Build quality is pretty good, people are riding these on Indian roads pretty fine, so yea.

  14. Man ever since The Crew 2 i've been obsessed with motorcycles.
    Bought myself my first bike: the Kawasaki Ninja 650.
    its so fun crusing around.

  15. The problem with the carb stems from the fact that the US (UK and Europe) contaminates its gasoline with ethanol and China doesn't (yet).

    It's probably the only thing found in China that is better in China than the US, UK and Europe!!

    Contaminating gasoline with ethanol drops the vapourisation temperature of the fuel and this will drastically affect the engine through poor combustion. (There's also the calorific energy loss due to diluting the fuel with a lower energy contaminant).

    The carb and engine were set up for Chinese ethanol free gasoline, where it worked just fine. In the US it had it's first taste of ethanol contaminate gasoline juice and isn't happy with it, hence the need for carb adjustments.

    I have this problem with classic motorcycles that were designed to run on higher energy leaded gasoline and now have to run on modern crap fuel. Lots of fettling involved…..

  16. In the 1970's the cheapest trail bike on the market was a CZ 175-482. 40 years later most are still running.

    Will this still be running in 4 years time, let alone 40??

  17. Popular Chinese motorcycle manufacturing materials:

    Crapite. A weak steel alloy made from an unknown metal (and God knows what else) that has been recycled thousands of times.

    Shiteium 90. Another metal alloy that turns to shite 90 days after purchase. Popular for use in screws and bolts, welds, valve guides, valve stems, sprockets, chains, cogs, etc.

    Nylonium. A type of Nylon found, believe it or not, as a substitute for engine chain drive sprockets and as bushes on transmission systems where one would normally expect to find a ball race or phosphor bronze bush.

  18. i ride a chinese motorcycle to work

    i guess it's better than commuting…

    it's as reliable as a Honda
    cold start is 2 or 3 kicks
    it rides in rain just fine
    fuel consumption is acceptable for the displacement of the engine

    downsides are:
    the electronic parts are "Cheap" those are the first things to go wrong

  19. Hey I'm watching the back wheel slowing down is the chain being to tight. You're chain is to to tight o. That part of the video anyways

  20. I have a 2017 Hawk 250 and I have done all of the mods. It's got over 5k miles and has been an amazing bike. I've rode 400 miles in one day, loaded it down with camping gear, max out at 70 mph after mods and new sprockets. This guy is short that's the only reason he'd think it's too tall. I could go on for days about why the hawk is a good bike. I've taken some rough trails, even crashed at 60 mph and rode the bike 30 minutes home after. Had the cosmetics fixed in a week after getting only what couldn't be plastiwelded back together. I still ride it everyday as my main transportation. It has an exact copy of the Honda CG engine and I've gone to the Honda dealer for engine parts to upgrade from the Chinese parts that came on it. I did a port and polish on the cylinder head and got my head gasket from Honda. Took less than an hour to swap heads. You can get all engine parts from Honda. I used the Honda service manual I found in .pdf on Google for specs. If you are a capable DIY you can handle the maintenance and mods. Motocheez, JerryHawk250 and Oddball performance (aka MegaDan) have excellent videos and tutorials. I've been a professional mechanic for 13 years and I love my chonda. You definitely need to check it over right out of the box, make sure all bolts are tight and put loctite on the important stuff. I never needed loctite I just made sure everything is torqued. Common sense people. You'll have to do the same thing with a used Japanese bike too. But if you're lazy and can't do preventative maintenance or pre ride checks then you probably shouldn't own a bike anyways. Other than that, pretty spot on review. The hawk is better quality than the tao. The luggage rack will also bolt right on the Hawk. It's perfect as a commuter bike and fun on trails. It will do long distance as well. Taking it on the trans America trail when I get home from Kuwait next year.

  21. txpowersports has very good customer service and parts. I've used them for parts a few times.

    This guy called it xtpowersports. 😂

  22. WOW. Proper title. I was sold off of this in under 3 minutes. I stayed out of curiosity of how bad it got. But lost count of how many problems came with it at about 7 minutes in. Which is completely awesome. Your review is 150% great. Because you were honest. You were not partial or hateful. Straight up the good and bad. Plenty of people have made comments about it being a mechanics bike. Yes and no. Depends on IF you like turning wrenches and fabrications. A lot of mechanics are .. we do what we have to, but prefer not to do much. This bike exceeds the latter. lol I was about to put it in the category of an emergency bike to strap to the back of a motorhome or what have you, however, it is SO bad and unreliable sounding, I cannot even put in that category. Even at this price, I would not touch it unless I was completely and utterly desperate for a mode of transportation in the middle of nowhere and had no other choices.

  23. Not even close to the "cheapest" actually hahaha, check out Asian countries' bike prices. You'd easily get a new bike for 500$, (125cc)

  24. "Like 5 people are going to realize the significance of what i just showed here" As I was looking at my new kickstand spring. GENIUS!

  25. Why someone chooses to buy such a piece of crap, will remain a mystery for me beyond understanding. I'd rather prefer to buy a BMW no matter the year or condition, and work from there. A NEW piece of crap, is STILL a piece of crap, IMO.

  26. Maybe the cheapest in the USA but I had a Kenton GL150 delivered to my door fully assembled and the driver started it in front of me just to show that it ran.
    Google Cheap Chinese Moto en Paraguay for the story.
    Good video – I like the real assembly and truthful analysis. They are all mechanics specials.

  27. Made in China means made in China 100% compare any other Japanese or Europe or American so called bike that have parts still made in China , American so called radar evading planes have coating of rare earth metals that being imported from China here you go little info on China haters

  28. I have a Kawasaki KL 250 Super Sherpa I bought new in Sept. 2000. She's now 19+ years old. 4,600 miles. Except for a little sun bleaching on one side panel she looks NEW. Never had problem #1 with her. Top end I got her to 85 mph. If she had a 7th gear 95 would be no problem. At 85 she had the power but ran out of breath, she was SCREAMING. Yeah I paid $4,000 for her but you get what you pay for.

  29. I bought a brand new Chinese scooter (Sanben 125cc) a few years ago for £1000/$1315; within 18 months and 3000 miles it was just about ready for scrap and I sold it for £90

  30. thats a scam, where i live you can get a 6 speed honda supra GTR for $200 cheaper with a 6 speed and a 150cc engine, or you can get a real motorcycle like a honda CB150 verza which looks cooler but performs worse than the supra GTR moped (13 vs 16hp, 5 vs 6 speed, 110 vs 140 km/h)

  31. I had a Chinese 110cc fourwheeler, while working on the engine we found a factory glove stuck between the head and the block. No fingers though.

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