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Thakhek motorbike loop | Laos (Go Pro session 5)

Sabaidee!!! (hello in Lao language) (intro) Well in Southeast Asia … Motorbike trip number 3 This is my motorbike Motorbike trip number 1 in Lao. And the 2nd motorbike loop So we’ll see what we’re gonna do today or actually the coming days Let’s go for it Visiting one of the caves and it’s actually the first part you visit when your ride (the loop) counterclockwise You have a lot of caves. You can pick seven or eight caves. This one is even the smaller one here We’ll see what this one is Let’s quite a long ride it’s very hot to reach this place Children having a lot of fun jumping from the rock into the water Not today for me, maybe tomorrow in another waterfall Sabaidee!!! Well Riding my bike now, but I forgot the introduction of day two and I haven’t filming Thalang yet But it was really good in town. Which of the fishermen on the water fishing and catching fish order food from the water If you see this. For 100 km it is like this What I’ve heard is ehm… we pass the dam yesterday. This was first a forest in ground soil. With no water at all And the trees are still standing up dying eventually kinda weird I drove hours and hours to get here. And it is really hot. But now it’s time to see the Konglor Cave Well This is a really good closure of the second day and tomorrow I head back the Thakhek finish the loop Yeah, the cave was amazing. I mean you go Into the cave walk first and then suddenly it’s pitch black Go through the cave One time you get off. Do you see some beautiful rock formations go in the boat again you go onto the water to the other end and then you go back It’s just something I’ve never experience before not even a Vietnam But it’s really worth it Totally worth it So I say you goodbye. See you tomorrow Now I have to say goodbye It’s a really beautiful location and we are on the third day To Thakhek, back to Thakhek This is the first viewpoint exactly which is very spectacular during the Loop, sooo I’m pretty satisfied during the last day Well, this is the last part A 30 kilometers that way A really boring road I ride 70 or 80 kilometers an hour. Some backpackers riding even 100 or 90. I can’t do that it is way to dangerous To Thakhek ride there safe and well Yes, I made it A few 100 meters and I’m at the hostel. Deliver my bike This is the end of my Thakhek loop. See you at the next one

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