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That Time I Got BANNED from the Whistler Bike Park | Story Time with Jordan Boostmaster

That Time I Got BANNED from the Whistler Bike Park | Story Time with Jordan Boostmaster

So I want to tell you guys a little story, something that happened to me about seven years ago in 2011. This is before I even made this channel before I even owned any GoPros, this is when I was making all my videos with my Canon 7D So this is still in my Pinkbike days So the footage I’m overlaying on this video is just a bunch of footage from the Whistler 2011 Joyride competition as well as a bunch of GoPro footage from 2012 and some other footage I got at the Whistler River jumps, none of this footage is from that story that I’m talking about but it’s just kind of from that time frame so I figure it’s just kind of relevant enough so I just threw it on top So let’s get into it, so I went on a day trip to Whistler with someone to do some filming and riding, now I won’t name who I was with for privacy reasons and it just doesn’t matter I think we were filming on the Whistler River jumps that day But later on the day after we had done some filming he wanted to go ride some parts of the slopestyle course that was still open to the public so this is after Crankworx already happened and back then you could actually ride at least parts of the slopestyle course after Crankworx was over and even in previous years before that sometimes the whole course would be open at this point in time only some features were open and some features were roped off and as time went on like nowadays you can’t ride anything it’s pretty much all closed off to the public so the features that were roped off they had a little sign on them that said that if you ride these features or take down the sign then your park privileges will be revoked now as we were walking up the course he just asked me to take down one of those rope fences that were in front of this huge hip jump that he and his friends wanted to hit since I was the closest he just asked me to just go ahead and do it he would have done it himself a fuse closer so without thinking I went ahead and took a little rope down and I didn’t even notice that it had that little sign on it obviously that was my big mistake for some reason I didn’t even realize what I was doing I assumed it was all good because I trusted the guy so for a while everything was going fine he and a number of guys were hitting features on the slopes of course some of its were allowed and open to the public and then of course there’s the one that I opened for them I was just watching them I never did any riding myself because I knew that was outside of my skill level and I also was not doing any filming either it was just cool to watch him so basically after a little while some patrol woman was walking up the course and I suppose because they noticed that guys were riding the feature that was supposed to be closed I didn’t understand why a patrol lady was there at first and that was when the riders were all on their way out because they didn’t want to get into any trouble including the guy that I was with he basically just kind of left immediately and told me to head down and don’t talk to her he said in my lack of understanding I didn’t understand why I shouldn’t talk to her and it also just doesn’t fit with Who I am I I want to know what’s going on I also don’t like breaking the rules or messing things up so if something’s wrong I do want to be aware of what it is and how maybe I could make it right or something like that and so she wanted to talk to me and so I talked to her so she then told me about what we were doing wrong that we were riding on a closed-off feature and I told her I was not actually riding it but I did admit to her that I did take the rope down and she basically showed me that yeah this rope that I took down has a sign that says that your Park privileges will be revoked and then I just felt really bad and really stupid that I had took in the sign down without even realizing what the heck I was doing so she wanted to see my past and my past number and so okay I showed it to her she wrote down my past number and now she never actually made it clear that they’re going to ban my past from the bike park I kind of forget but I think she was just being somewhat vague where I I honestly didn’t know what they were gonna do where maybe they were still gonna think about what they were gonna do or something I can’t always remember what I was thinking this was like seven years ago and another thing this is actually the only time I’ve ever had a seasons past at Whistler I never buy season passes at Whistler I I never have since either because I just don’t ride there enough but this one I actually want it from some video contest which is really cool but basically that was that she just wanted my past number and she wasn’t very specific on what that was for I was trying my best to just do what was right in the situation was certainly hoping that nothing bad would come of that and I also gave the patrol lady the name of guy that I was with because she wanted it and so after I came down and talked to the guy that I was filming and riding with he was really pissed that I gave her his name and I guess at the time I just thought well yeah I mean I don’t know if she asked for your name and you were riding it so yeah I just gave her your name I mean I don’t know that’s just kind of all that was going through my mind at the time so it was about a month later that I had gone to Whistler again for just another day trip I think it was and so I mean I never heard anything I never got any kind of emails or calls or anything so I was kind of thinking you know what maybe it’s okay like maybe my past is fine I guess I was thinking maybe I’d get like some email or something like that or like a phone call or something so then going to lift line just like normal and they scanned my path and the lady says that I am hot listed and I need to go speak with guest relations and I thought oh crap like this better not be too serious but of course I mean I knew this had to do with that whole stint a few weeks earlier with the joyride course so then it guest relations there was a patrol lady that was gonna finally come down I actually waited almost the whole day my friend was there riding the whole day and I was just sitting there doing nothing I finally was able to talk to some Patrol lady who who basically told me that yet my bike park privileges are revoked and this is why it’s because of the whole stint on the joyride course and I mean you know I tried to explain to her like yeah like I’m really sorry like yeah I actually like honestly didn’t even realize that that sign was there on the on the Rope saying that through pipe art villages would be revoked but I knew that that was still really dumb of me to have not noticed and of course I mean that’s just not good enough like it doesn’t really matter like so essentially what it was is for the rest of the season I just not allowed to ride anymore which of course really sucks like that totally pisses me off right of course then I also had a lot of choice angry words and thoughts towards that that guy that I had been riding and filming with at the time I think I actually might have tried to buy a single day pass or something and I couldn’t even do that I thought oh maybe it’s just the season pass that was banned but no it was like associated with my name so that I couldn’t even properly buy a day take it either and so I mean I couldn’t believe it innocent little Jordan booze master called band for my favorite bike park so yeah I just kind of sat in my depressed state for the rest of the day is my other friend had been riding the bike park all day now that one patrol lady that I spoke to did say that it was for the rest of the season that I would be banned so therefore it should be just fine when I go back in 2012 right but when 2012 rolled around and we were going to the bike park I had this strange feeling that things might not actually work out the way that I’m expecting them to that I could just you know go and buy a triple play pass like I normally did so at the beginning of the 2012 season when I went ahead to buy a new pass I actually was not allowed to because my name was still HotList it so what the heck right I mean how long is this supposed to last for right what I ended up realizing is that I should be able to still buy a day ticket if I just used cash and to be safe just don’t use my real last name so sure enough I tried that out I just went to a different lineup spoke someone else I just paid cash bought a day ticket didn’t use my real last name and yep it worked no problem then I could ride and this is also before the current technology of these cards you know these cards that scan by these automatic scanners this is back when you still get these like little paper tags that would be manually scanned by these machines it’s kind of what most other smaller bike parks would do but yeah whistler has changed a technology nowadays from what it used to be so essentially that’s what i had to continue doing throughout 2012 was just pay cash and by single day passes don’t use my real name and i think it was finally in august of 2012 that i was able to talk with that patrol lady again and finally get her to reinstate my past i mean i guess i told her like oh yeah i thought it was just supposed to be for the rest of that season so i was surprised that it was still banned for 2012 i don’t really remember what she all said about that but she was definitely a lot of time trying to tell me that like what I did is really not OK and not cool at all and like I completely understand that like I there’s nothing about that that I don’t understand that was the funny thing I was like yeah absolutely like seriously like I will not ever do it again like and she she was still just quite adamant that like you really can’t do this I’m like yeah of course like I seriously don’t ever do that kind of thing ever like this is not in my character that’s not what I do I know like I am sorry like it for real you know so anyway she was able to reinstate me so that I can actually buy proper passes now and use my name and use my own credit card or something like that so that was good that that was finally settled and no more issues since then and so I mean of course I did you know talked a bit to that other guy that had kind of helped to get me in trouble so to speak he was fully aware that what they were doing was against the rules but he also knows that he has to take full responsibility for any injuries and crashes which of course is fine with him and I mean that’s also perfectly fine with me like that’s that’s how I ride to I take full responsibility for my own actions obviously the problem of course is he’s still going against the bike park rules and you know I definitely still take issue with that even if he fully takes his responsibility for his own actions you know it’s still like it’s still kind of if he because obviously the Whistler Bike Park is still not gonna be okay but that’s the reason why he justifies running away from the Patrol people if they would come up and see that they’re riding that closed off stuff you just run away and be like no I’m not going to talk to you because he knows that he’s never going to you know get the bike park in trouble for his own injuries or something like that like that’s kind of why Whistler would you know implement some these rules is to cover themselves so that they cannot be sued for anything and so that’s kind of you know how he justifies that so I’m not gonna say anything you know good or bad against that necessarily that’s just kind of the thought process I guess and so I can kind of understand that I personally just have to conclude that ultimately you still just have to follow the rules though of the bike parks right like because I mean I certainly agree with like you know taking responsibility for your own actions and everything and if you’re not harming anyone else while you’re doing is then it’s kind of like well I guess that’s fine right but I mean in this case I do think it’s just best to just follow those rules that the bike park has in place and not go against those basically when that happened I’d kind of told him like yo like I’m never gonna fill them with you ever again like this is so stupid like I’m never gonna waste my time like filming with you ever again you know or anything like that I told them I mean I kind of gotten over that though after a little while and and I actually did end up you know riding and filming with him later on as well and so basically you know we kind of moved past that since so that was good but yeah it was just an interesting story though I just thought it’d be worth sharing and worth telling you guys about I thought it would be kind of cool to make like some of these little kind of story videos I only made one other story video like this in the past detailing the very first time I ever went to Whistler I’m kind of curious though if there are any other story ideas that you guys have that maybe you’d like to hear me talk about then I might be down to make even more videos like this so I mean let me know in the comments what do you guys think of this kind of different format and video certainly it is different but yeah let me know you guys think I always loved looking back in all those old footage you know seeing how Whistler was a bit different so I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you for watching I want to give a special thanks to my boost master patrons if you love downhill and freeride or just love riding mountain bikes and consider subscribing and if you like to see more content and keep me rollin on two wheels then check out my patreon page you

100 comments on “That Time I Got BANNED from the Whistler Bike Park | Story Time with Jordan Boostmaster

  1. Why in gods name would you give her your pass number? Lady, I don't have a pass. Have a nice day. End of story.

    You do belong on Pinkbike. Hell, even those retards at Pinkbike would be smart enough not to give her shit.

  2. I'm assuming this is before vail resorts bought them?

    are they still fucking cunts at whistler or…..

  3. I have to say brother, I love your content and you seem like a nice guy, but a rope tied between two points on a path is pretty much the universal sign of ,"don't go past here" Sign or not 🙁

  4. You're just a wet wipe. you weren't riding and they couldn't say shit cos they didn't know you removed the rope until you told them. Just lie next time ffs

  5. I'm gonna be honest Whistler is a little bit overated. There are many other bike parks that do not get the attention they deserve.

  6. Self incrimination is never an option. Acquire some common sense. You also ratted on your friend. I hope you learn this.

  7. Doesnt matter if they ban you…we dont have bike parks in my counttry,but when the mountain calls,we answer…go out and freeride…

  8. No half measure mate. Either break the rules and run away, lie, and otherwise evade the authorities or don't break the rules.

  9. thats ridiculous, their treating this guy like a criminal! is there seriously no grey area between actual misfits and people who make an honest mistake?! really disappointing to see whistler treat their dedicated customers/riders this way…

  10. Yeah… I love an explanation that entirely hinges on "I didn't know it was wrong!" You fucked up. You tried to explain your way out of it. You couldn't. This video is cringy as hell

  11. Your bud really threw you under the bus and had some really childish justifications for his behavior. If he was the type of person who believed in personal responsibility he wouldn't have left you there and would have owned up to breaking the park rules.

  12. such a bs-move by whistler
    format is good, i was listening
    oldschool footage is fun too, for a short time ( hard to watch, isnt it ? 😉 )

  13. Jesus you’re naive. How do you not know you’re sneaking onto a closed off course when you moved the obstruction blocking off said course. And you couldn’t tell something was up when everyone split as soon as the security lady showed up? The worst part is you went ahead and told them your friends name and your name? Makes for a pretty shitty friend. You straight up snitched on him . And your excuse? “I didn’t know what was going on I was just trying to help” That’s very very stupid.

  14. Using someone else's property against their wishes is wrong, it's like someone borrowing your toothbrush and saying If I get Mono, I won't ask for you to pay the bill. Around here they'd just put a little rock salt in your ass lol, Whistler, has the right to ask you to leave some of their property out of you trail riding sight, I mean they did go thru a lot of effort to provide good, world class, riding trails for your enjoyment. Riding those that are blocked off is the same going to a neighbors house for a BBQ and then having sex with your girlfriend in their bed.

  15. You have a great voice, so soothing. Tell some of the funniest things that have happened to you or a friend while biking. The craziest coincidence you’ve ever had. How you first got into biking. The best place you’ve ever biked. The one place you’re dying to bike. The one place you will never bike again. And the most important lesson you’ve learned in all your years on the trails. Thanks man! This video got you another sub!

  16. "I wouldn't do that, it's not in my character". Then goes on to lie in order to get a day pass. Nice video but dude you are DISHONEST.

  17. I'm disappointed in you, Jordan! NEVER talk to pigs, they are NOT your friend! Also, ratting out your friend? tsk tsk tsk

  18. Can I speak to you -yes

    Were you riding that feature -no

    Who was -some guys, I stopped to watch

    What were their names -im not your snitch lady…

    You didn't lie, you didn't really do anything wrong! The rope was a learning experience! Move on with your life and stop snitching

  19. I spend a lot of time shuttling and pedal/hike-a-bike, and honestly for the few parks I hit in a season! Whistler might have the best trails, but "Whistler" as a whole can suck a dick! Just isn't worth it

  20. If u just crossed the rope u would just get a warning,could still ride the rest of day. But u removed the rope…..dude, I'd say u were just a kid in 2011. LoL

  21. Those rules are way too strict… Ban your season pass for moving a rope…. That lady makes me so angry especially since she did not tell you she was banning your pass, she is on a power trip.

  22. Shame on whistler for banning for two seasons!!! Your their to ride and that’s what you were doing all employees involved in banning you should get fired and banned from the park

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