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The 100th GCN Tech Show Special!

The 100th GCN Tech Show Special!

(exciting orchestral music) – Hello and welcome to the
first ever GCN Tech Show. – Hello and welcome to episode
two of the GCN Tech Show. – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Welcome back. – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – (fingers clicking) Welcome
to the GCN Tech Show. – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show! – Coming up today we take a
look back into the archives of every single Tech Show episode as we celebrate episode number 100! (cheering) – Can you believe that? Chris, can you believe,
(Chris cheering) Chris, can you believe that? One hun– (party poppers popping and Chris cheering) – And still going.
– Chris. – We’ve got more, we’ve got
100 of these to get through. – Chris, Chris.
– Whoa! Single use plastics, whey-hey! (upbeat music) – As you can all imagine,
when Chris and I heard there was a party going, we
were the first to step forward. Yeah, we were, weren’t we? Unfortunately the party
just involved us two. Jon and Ollie are away on
a really important trip that we know nothing about,
but you guys will know all about in the not too distant future. – As you can imagine because
we’re taking a look back at all the other episodes, we absolutely relish the
opportunity of going over how the bike bolt came to exist, the talking point and
everything in between. So brace yourselves ’cause
this could be emotional. – But Chris, where do we
start when it comes to looking bat at over 100 episodes? – Ooh, you know what I reckon we’ve got loads of footage of? – What? – Bloopers! – Ooh my favorite. (laughing) (whimsical piano music) – Looked too good to be true
and ultimately, (laughing) – Trying not to laugh. As soon as you started trying
not to laugh. (he laughs) – Do that again.
(laughing) We cannot leave that in. Ooh very interesting. – Yeah you’re right. Over the last 99 episodes, (he laughs) – I had it! – We’re like a rock brand of, brand? We’ll do it again. – No I can’t say things like
that, can I? (he laughs) You’re not recording are you?
– Yeah! – Oh (bleep)! – Amazing new tech. Did that even work? – Yeah I was just, I was acting. – Oh, right. I thought I’d got
something else wrong again. I thought I said EuroSport.
– No I was acting. (both laughing) – Correct. – Is it? – Don’t know. (he laughs) I had you then didn’t I? I had you then. (blows a kiss) (laughing) – Ooh, the Tech Show
over the years has seen, well, some sights, hasn’t it? – Certainly has. One of the main sights over
the years though for me has been the Bike Vault. But how did that ever come into existence in the first place? – Yeah I asked myself the same question so I took a look down into memory lane and realized that Jon
actually took a step, well he got down and dirty, in the Dirt Shed with Martyn Ashton. – Is that where he got his
grubby little mitts from? – [James] I think so, check this out. – So you’re here to find
out about the bike vault? – I am, yeah. I want to know everything
and anything about it. – It’s a pretty simple process, right, you guys send in your bikes,
and we get to decide, right, when we’re playing the game, if it’s nice, obviously it’s nice, it’s a bike. Or is it super nice? Is it so good that it’s super nice? – Okay. – Very early viewers to the GCN Tech Show will also know that ringing the bell
(cowbell ringing) hasn’t always been a thing. – No, it hasn’t. It was actually once a siren,
rather disturbing siren. – Well–
(siren wailing) – I think this is much better. – You terrify me with that. – Personally pretty pleased that viewers took matters into their own hands and sent in this real live Swiss cow bell. – I know ’cause to be
fair it’s been absolutely gold watching Ollie and
Jon’s face relish the fact that the bell is here to stay. – I still don’t know
if Jon likes it or not. – I don’t think Dolly likes it either. I think it’s just us two. – I love the bell. – I love the bell too. – (bleep), can’t say that. (he laughs) – Then Jon rings the bell. – No I don’t ring the bell,
’cause I don’t like the bell. Anyway where is the bell, actually? – I’ve got it here. – Oh right.
– Why don’t you ring the bell? – Go on, demonstrate how to ring the bell. Do you want me to do it?
– I wanted you to do it again. – Alright, you want me to do it again? – After what you did two weeks ago. (cowbell ringing) – I’m ringing the bell! Right there we are. I think the viewers have just about recovered from last time. It looks like I’m going to be, ringing the bell!
(cowbell ringing) Right then. Ringing the bell!
(cowbell ringing) I’ve missed it. – Come to think of it
Si’s also been pretty keen on the Bike Vault hasn’t he? Maybe a little bit too much at times. – Hmmm. – Ooh, drawn to this bad boy, look at that.
– Look at this! – Very interesting. – Yeah it is, and in fact
over the last 99 episodes the Bike Vault has seen some absolutely beautiful
submissions, hasn’t it? But it’s equally seen
some bizarre ones too and I think Jon and the
team will only agree that it’s an important part of the show and it’s only going to
continue to stay with it. – Yeah, so make sure all
you guys keep sending in your pride and joys
’cause we absolutely love going through them. And you’ll be in with a
chance of telling your fellow riding mates that
your bike got a super nice! – Yeah, bragging rites at
the cafe stop, isn’t it? – We hope it is. – And you know what, we’ve
made it even easier for you to submit your pictures now. All you have to do is download the GCN app and upload your pictures. That goes for the upgrades
and also for the Bike Vault. – [James] And you also get
a chance to super nice them or nice them yourself on the app. – Genius. – Alright Chris, what was your
absolute favorite episode? One that you might have been
in, or one that you watched of Ollie and Jon, or
Si and Jon, or whoever? – I’m really pleased you asked ’cause I’ve actually got a couple. Where are the Philippines? – Now that’s unfair ’cause you said you weren’t going to put that one in. – I lied. – Bullocking, bullocking
in the Philippines? I’ve never been there but
it sounds like an epic place in the Caribbean so I
definitely want to go there. (airplane propeller whirring) (bell ringing) – What do pandas eat? – Oh Chris, we’ve been through this. – And then James Mason with I want to see more bamboo bikes. – Yeah, me too to be fair,
I think they look wicked. And yeah, I think that’s a
really cool material to use. – What about the pandas? What are they going to eat if you build bikes out of their bamboo? – How about you? – I reckon, well your
hair’s been a big highlight. You’ve gone for bouffants,
you’ve gone for short, and now you’ve put a hat
on, so what are you hiding? Ooh, mate, it’s no wonder
you’re keeping that hat on! But Jon and Ollie’s highlight, Jon was me looking like the Hulk. – Yeah. – So another one of, yeah,
me looking like a fool. – Who did you think Hulk
Hogan or The Incredible Hulk? – The Incredible Hulk. – Really?
– Yeah. – All right, mine’s Hulk Hogan. Doesn’t matter.
(James laughing) – And Ollie’s was suggestion boy. – Yeah, I’m not surprised
about that actually. – Yeah, I don’t know why I
like suggestion boy so much but that really got him giggling. – Yeah it got him going didn’t it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, it did. – I don’t know I’ve
been scratching my head I just can’t think of anything. – How about Bike Vault Bike of the Year? – Good idea, thanks suggestion boy. – Yeah, Bike Vault Bike of the Year. (Ollie laughing) – Started to kid. (both laughing) – But it’s not really up to us is it? – It’s not at all. – We’re not the show, you guys are. – Yeah, we want to know what
were your favorite moments, drop it down in the comments below, leave a little link and a timestamp and we can watch them back. – Oh yeah, that’ll be interesting. It’ll be interesting to
see what they go for. After that I reckon we should
see what Ollie’s been up to. – Yeah he’s all being secretive recently. – He hasn’t told us anything. – Sorry I can’t be there
for the 100th show, guys but I’ve got a good excuse. I’m currently in Italy at Colnago’s HQ. We’re making some really nice
videos about all the history and the amazing bikes that are here. I mean, this place is
absolutely incredible. That’s a gold bike that Ernesto Colnago made for the Pope in 1979. But there’s loads of amazing things here, we’ve got all the bang up
to date stuff, the C64s, and stuff like that,
we’ve got bikes that were made in collaboration with Ferrari, ones for Michael Schumacher, and over here, these are
some of my favorite ones. I am like a kid in a sweet shop here, there are Colnago C40s that
were used by the Mapei team to global domination in
the 2nd half of the ’90s. Look at all these, you got like
Museeuw’s bike, Tafi’s bikes These are the Roubaix bikes that were used by the Mapei team. They still have Roubaix dirt over them, that’s like 25 year old dirt, on this one. Ballerini’s bike from 1998. Amazing. And over here you’ve got
Merckx’s hour record bike This is one of the bikes
that he used in 1972 to break the hour record. Absolutely incredible that he was able to ride 49.431 kilometers on that. I mean it just doesn’t
look aerodynamic at all. It shows what an absolute hitter he was. And here we have another hour record bike. You may recognize this
as Tony Rominger’s bike. It’s a low profile TT bike. Low profile meaning that it’s
got a smaller front wheel. The thinking behind that
was you can get lower and more aerodynamic at the front. And, well, it clearly worked because he was able to do a time well, a distance of 55.291
which is even further than what Victor Campenaerts
achieved at altitude. He didn’t do it at altitude,
he did it in Bordeaux. But like most of the most
fun things in cycling, the UCI banned low-pro time trial bikes. Anyhow. See you soon, I should be back next week. – What’s hot in tech this week? Well for a start my body
is absolutely scorching. – Right first up in Hot
Tech this week is news that Halo have released
a new range of wheels. 19 different wheelset
combinations and they all come with a Dynamo hub. Starting at 135 pounds for
the White Line Urban Disc Dyno and topping out at 290 pounds for a wheel with the Devaura RD2. – God this would be absolutely perfect for the ride I’ve just done with Beaumont, which was about 24 hour
ride because it enables you to charge you phone, your
bike computer, your lights, and also, another added bonus, is they’ve got wider rim
widths, so they enable you to ride the 25 millimeter
and the 35 millimeter tires, so it enables you a bit more comfort. – Yeah, and a little bit more confidence if it’s slippery as well. – Perfect. – Next up then James I know
you love a pair of white shoes. – Mate, it’s my Achilles heel. I love a pair of white shoes. – I found these this week, these are the new shoes from Time, and they are the Osmos 15, now I think they look absolutely stunning. – [James] Look at them! But how long are they
going to stay white for? That’s the only issue ’cause
mine only last one ride. – Yeah, it’s a very good question, probably not for that long, but you could get them in black instead. The black ones and the white
ones are both 480 grams probably for a size 42, that’s per pair. They’re touted to be light and stiff, and I think if you start
seeing them on pro-riders they could be as iconic
as the yellow and red Timekey Pro shoes were in the 90s. – I have to say they do look really light and a stiff shoe which
is added bonus, isn’t it? – Yeah, I quite like
the red buckles on them. – Next up, more on Wattbikes. – [Chris] Yeah, these
are now finally available in the USA, so if you’re
into your indoor training and you’re in America, and
you like the Wattbike system you can now purchase your
own Wattbike Atom in the USA. – Right, something a
little bit different now for the Tech show, we’re going to look at food sachets. – [Chris] Oh, I do like on-bike food tech. – [James] Yes, you do. – [Chris] Now, Trail
Butter was conceptualized by Jeff and Brad Boggess. Trail Butter came into
being on Jeff’s 8,600 mile global 10 month bike tour. – Oh a long, long bike tour, that. And it was actually a
requirement because he needed a slow release energy that he
could take during his ride. It was born out of Portland, Oregon, and the company’s mission
was to make a product out of the natural energy source. But more than that they actually made it, this natural food, for
example, and then put it into some convenient packaging so
he could eat it on his bike. And it’s actually gone
from strength to strength. – Yes it’s genius, I
like the idea of this. Big fan of natural food products. Right next up, UK news now. Muc-Off have released a bike
specific pressure washer, the first one ever apparently. – [James] Ooh, I want a go with this. – [Chris] Yeah I bet you do, I’ve seen the state of your bike, you need a go with this. – [James] Need all the help I can get. – [Chris] Three different nozzles and these all control the PSI that comes out of this. – [James] Three different nozzles? – [Chris] Three different nozzles. Three nozzles. – And finally you may or
may not know that Chris is a big E-bike fan. – I am, I think they’re a massive enabler to a whole variety of people that otherwise wouldn’t be out on bikes. And there really is in my
mind no counter argument. If you still can’t see it from
someone else’s perspective you really need to view the world from someone else’s pair of shoes. – Anyway, Chris, back to topic because Cannondale have
just released their new Supersix Evo Nano E-bike,
which I think is one of the best looking E-bikes on the market. – Yeah, it looks really
sleek I think, you’re right. It’s powered by a Mahle
ebikemotion X35 motor and that’s in the rear hub, coupled with a 250 watt-hour battery, so it’s around an hour on full
power if you do the maths. – [James] I like that, I
like the sound of that. But also I think it should
be assisted up to 30 kph. – [Chris] You know what
I think you’re right, that would enable a lot more
people to stay in the wheels on a group ride, and I think
that’s quite important. – And that’s it on Hot Tech. – I enjoyed that this week. Next up, Screw Riding
Up Grades, Buy Upgrades. (drill whirring) (cash register ringing) – Right first up I’ve got
a submission in from Geoff. Geoff found this old wreck, buckled wheels and bent handlebars. Geoff then stripped it down, repainted it, and treated himself to some new wheels a drive-train and a cockpit. And this, I have to say, is an
awesome looking fixie, yeah. But it does deserve to be on
a Dazz advert, doesn’t it? It is sparkling white. It’ll go with them white shoes. – It would go with those white shoes. White Heat, I like it. – The only thing that kind
of destroys it a little bit not destroys it but, yeah, is the red lights. – Yeah, I don’t know, red and white. – But for the picture, I
would have taken them off. But other than that, I
think it looks sweet. I have to say I love those
bull-horn handlebars. – I knew someone actually once that had bull-horn bars on their road
bike, came around a corner, he’d never ridden another type of bar, always had bull-horns, came around a corner, took his hands off, and went to reach the drops. You can imagine how that ended. He went straight over the bars. – So watch out Geoff, don’t do that. But yeah, I have to say, cool looking bike and very, very, very fresh and white. I wouldn’t want to get that one dirty. Who’s he up against then Chris? – Right Geoff is going up against J Gelelitch? Gelalitch? – Can you see why I did Geoff’s? – Yeah I can see, I left
the room for two seconds. He got this old fixie
off Craigslist for $80. – Big, big in the US, Craigslist. Craigslist, Craigslist. – Okay, sanded down the frame, applied new paint, a
new saddle, handlebars, cranks and Kenda Gumwall
tires and a new gold chain and now look at this. – It is the true battle of the fixies. – It is the battle of the fixies. Look at that, it’s gone from that, ooh. – Yeah, that needed some work, didn’t it?
– To that, whoa! – Did the paint job himself. I have to say, that
paint job is a lot better than the one Jon tried. Don’t you think?
– Oh, that’s harsh. – I know it’s a bit harsh but that does look really nice and clean. – Hey, Jon’s looks perfect in photos too. – I like the Tamwall tires. I do like a fixie because
they’re super minimalistic. – Yes, they look very clean. Good lines, especially
with the flat top tube, I love the flat top tube. That saddle is cool as well. – Yeah, is it a Brox saddle? – Well it certainly looks
like that sort of style. – What would you go for? – You know what– – Before you say it though
it’s not really up to us it’s up to you guys at
home so make sure you vote in the poll up there. Top right hand corner for you. – It’s that time of the
week now, the Bike Vault. – It is, so I’d better get this out. (cowbell clattering) – I’ll have that, thank you. – Didn’t really have a chance did I? – No. Right first up we’ve got
this one, and it’s sort of a bizarre concoction, this is my
street fights commuter bike. Hopefully you don’t get
into too many fights. Bought and used, heavily abused – I like that, bit of rhyme, yes! – [Chris] What do you reckon? Look at it. So what have we got? We’ve got a Shimano Z derailleur. I feel like you’ve submitted
this to the wrong channel. But I’m going to give you
the benefit of the doubt. – [James] You of all people
love a mountain bike. – [Chris] I do love a mountain
bike, look at those wheels, they look cool as well. I like the shape of this, it just looks– – [James] I like the color and everything. – [Chris] It almost looks like you’ve got some sort of heat shielding
going on in the top tube. – [James] Looks like a good
enduro bike, doesn’t it? I’m going to go with that. – I reckon it deserves super nice. – Go on. – Whay!
(cowbell ringing) – Who let that guy have that bell? – Hurt my finger then. – Next up we’ve got a
submission in from Kirra of her Le Monde Adventure
bulid, the Pop Rad. That looks cool doesn’t it? – [Chris] Yeah, you know
what jumps out at me? The flat pedals and the
Casserums, and the saddle angle. – [James] It looks,
yeah, do you race those? – [Chris] I raced the European
Youth Olympics on those. – [James] Did you? What year was that? – 2003.
– Oh my gosh! How old were you then? – [Chris] Young. – [James] The saddle height angle. – [Chris] It’s a bit off isn’t it? – [James] A bit off but I don’t know if it’s because it’s sitting on a– – [Chris] Mud guards, functional,
got some lights on there – Rocky, rocky. – Rocky, rocky, rocky. – Rocky, rocky ground yeah, you don’t want to fall in that river – Rocky rocky, that reminds
me of chocky chocky. – Oh, don’t put that up. No night can start
without a bit of chocky, without a bit of chocky, chocky, chocky, chocky. But no it’s a nice looking bike. – You know what a Le
Monde frame has to get? (cowbell ringing) A super nice from me. – What’s next, Chris? – Ooh, James. – [James] I hope it’s
not really a super nice because my ears, my ears. – [Chris] It’s a Colnago Master Olympic. How can that not be super nice? – [James] Tim’s bike does
look wicked, doesn’t it? – [Chris] Tim, you’ve done
a good job, now that is one of the best color schemes ever. – [James] He’s got, shall I read this out? – [Chris] Come on, let’s read about it. Oh, just finished this
neo-retro build after sourcing parts over the last year. Saving up here and there, trying to find the best compromise, a classic build and modern ridability. I think you’ve struck the balance there. Found a frame not too far from home, fell in love with the paint
scheme as soon as he saw it. Took the plunge and decided
to build the bike up with modern components. – It’s got 303s.
– I love that. Come on James, 303s, that
gets it for me every time. – You’re going to have to. (cowbell ringing) – Cows coming home. – Ooh! I have to say this is the
absolute dream build for me. – It’s a work of art, this. – Look at that and it
deserves to be on the wall because it’s such a beautiful bike. – [Chris] Veluflex tubs. – [James] All finished 1981 Miyata 912. It already had original
Shimano 600 EX Arabisc Groupo. But wanted SIS shifting so added the Shimano 600 EX SIS rear
derailleur shift levers. – [Chris] Look at those rims. – [James] It looks stunning doesn’t it? Even that lovely little saddle bag. White bar tape. It’s beautiful. – [Chris] I can’t quite
read what the rims, Jon would know what these wheels are, and Jon would be a big fan of those wheels – [James] He would love
that, so I think we have to give that– – [Chris] I love that saddle bag as well. – Also the rack system,
that looks so cool. – It’s classy isn’t it? What do you reckon for the Miyata? – Ringing the bell!
(cowbell ringing) – Oh James, you know what’s up next? – [James] I know but
could you bunny hop that? – We could. – We could! (he laughs) (heavy rock music) – Oh!
– Yeah! – This is a tandem, a Dolan
Tandem to be specific. And it’s cool. I built this tandem, I
didn’t but, our author. – [Chris] JRG106 – [James] I built this
tandem as a bit of a project to go cycling together with my wife. It’s been quite a learning
experience to build and to ride. Unloaded the bike comes
to about 15 kilograms, goes like a train on that flat terrain but it’s also terrifying on the descent. I just want to throw to a
picture of me descending with you on a tandem because
it is absolutely terrifying. I can totally understand where
you’re coming from on that. – Best fun ever. I notice that, oh,
you’ve got a panic lever on the back as well, look. – [James] Oh yeah! – [Chris] You had one of those. – [James] Yeah, I needed one. – [Chris] I think tandems are amazing. I think they’re one of the best things. Tandems and e-bikes if I
could have, if I was only allowed two bikes, I’d have one each. – [James] Really? That’s so interesting. But you have to have
friends to ride your tandem. – I’ve got a wife. I’ve got two kids, they don’t
get a say in the matter, they come with me. What do you reckon? – Ringing the–
(cowbell ringing). That bell is so loud! Right next up mate, what is that? – From the mountains of
Colorado, Phil Snider. – [James] I have to say, this puts a massive grin on my face, ’cause I can only imagine how
many incredible adventures that bike’s been on. – [Chris] Yeah, it looks
like it could go forever. It looks like one of those– – It looks like a round
the world bike doesn’t it? – It does yeah. – I could imagine that in the Himalayas, cruising through the mountains in the Colorado, ah, beautiful. – I like the cans on the
forks, and the peanut butter in the bottle cage. – [James] It reminds
me of a bike version of Blake’s Jeff the Jeep. – [Chris] Yes it is isn’t it? That’s exactly what it is. – It’s got that kind of feel, it’s rugged but also it’s just suited for adventure. – You know what? – You’re going to to
have to ring that bell. (cowbell ringing) We are cruising through this. Whoever got their
submissions in on this show is absolutely winning aren’t they? – They are winning. Oh James, this is Gios. Look how classy it looks as well. Chrome Wylie forks – [James] It’s very blue – [Chris] And a chainstay, Campag 50 mil carbon wheels. It’s got everything you want. Modern tires for grip. – [James] What are those rims? I can’t see what it
says in the description. – [Chris] I like that
matching frame pump as well. – [James] Oh 15 millimeter
carbon compact roadster. – [Chris] 1992. – [James] 1992’s frame, yeah. The year I was born, I’ll have you know. – [Chris] Campag Record. – [James] I like it, it’s retro. – [Chris] I really like it. – [James] It’s retro. – [Chris] It’s classy as well. – [James] It’s classy as well. – [Chris] Come on. – Ringing the bell!
(cowbell ringing) – I’d just like to point out, that group set is not era specific. – No. – Nor the wheels, but you knew that. – Yes I did. – Ooh, that’s the last one!
– That’s it, for the Bike Vault, the 100 episodes Bike Vault. We got through it and I’m glad my ears made it through it
because that was very loud. – I’m going to hang this
back on the wall quietly. – Yeah, please, thanks. More to come in the Bike Vault next week. It’s sad isn’t it mate? – Well it’s not that sad,
it’s been a celebration. – And look, we’ve still
got a couple of these. – We’ve got to pop them for fun. – Pop, pop, pop!
– Pop, pop! (party poppers popping) – I really enjoyed
celebrating 100 episodes of the Tech Show. It’s one of the best
shows of the week for me. – I have to say and I
absolutely loved looking back in the archives, ’cause
we’ve definitely had some good times in this set haven’t we? – We have. Now, you may have noticed
we’re wearing some slightly different gear to normal. These are our Black Friday
special edition tops and mugs and caps. – Yeah, so make sure
you hit up the GCN shop because trust me you
don’t want to miss out and they’ve also got GCN on the back. Look at that. You’re not going to want to miss out and you can buy yourself
a hat to hide your hair. – If you did enjoy this
video remember to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe
to the channel as well. – And if you’re hungry for another video because I’m sure you guys are, then make sure you
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