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The 7 Unwritten Rules Of Triathlon

The 7 Unwritten Rules Of Triathlon

– It doesn’t matter how
many hours you spend studying that triathlon rule, but there are some that
you’re just not going to find. – And rather than you
finding out the hard way, we put together a few hints to prevent you from making those mistakes, or upsetting fellow athletes. (jazzy music) – Oh, hey there. – Again, Mark? You’ve been wearing that suit
every day, for the last month. – I like it! Look at it. – Checking that your new tri suit fits and feels comfortable,
is of course important. But that doesn’t mean
that you need to wear it to every pool session. Not only will it decrease
its life expectancy, but also you might look a
little silly on poolside. – The same goes for running. You should try and just keep
it for race day, really. And I know they do look
cool, but try not to wear it every day for a week leading into a race. – Oh hey, guys. Yeah, no, I’m just waiting for Heather, and then we’ll be on our way. Whoa, hang on guys, whoa. What are you riding? – What do you mean? – You’re on your TT bike! We’re doing a club ride!
– Well, I know. – We’re all on our road bikes. – But I’m comfortable like this. Some cycling clubs don’t
actually allow you to ride a time trial bike in their club sessions, but even if it’s not a written rule, it’s worth trying to avoid if possible. Especially if your time trial bike has the gear shifters
on the end of the poles, not next to your brakes. But if you only have a time trial bike, then it’s worth checking ahead,
just to see if it is okay. – And if you do insist
on riding your TT bike with others that are riding road bikes, then I’d probably advise not going anywhere near your aero bars, because you probably won’t
have many friends left at the end of the ride. I’ve had a bit of a shocker
in my race over the weekend. – Oh, really? – I thought it would be cool to wear this nice, new, white tri suit, but … – Oh! My gosh, that is
really classy, too, isn’t it. – Yeah. It’s quite bad. – Not pretty. – Right, clothing technology
has come a long way, and fabrics are much
better designed for sports, but wearing a white tri
suit or cycling shorts is a pretty bold move, so it’s probably best left to the pros. But if you are set on standing out, then it’s probably worth checking
that your bowel movements are under control, and maybe
get a friend just to check that your tri suit isn’t
see-through when it’s wet. (jazzy music) – If your coach has set
you a steady state run, and you’re lucky enough to
get to do it in a group, make sure it stays as a steady state. There’s no point, just because you’ve got someone next to you, to
get faster and faster, ’cause it can end up turning into a race. And that’s completely not
the point of the session. – Yeah, this is one of my pet hates. It’s a bit like half-wheeling on the bike. If you try matching the
speed of that person just ahead of you, you’re
just gonna get faster, and faster, and faster. I hate it. (laughs) – Transition areas can often
be pretty tight for space, when it comes to race day. And you’re not the only person trying to frantically get your kit set up. So just remember, try and
keep your stuff out of the way of others, and it’s not your
hotel room, so do all of your pre-organization before you
get there, and then hopefully, on race day, it’s pretty easy
and you can just stay relaxed. – And whilst we’re on the
topic of transition areas, I’m quite precious about
my transition setup, so make sure you don’t end
up moving anyone’s stuff. And if you do have to
squeeze your bike in, just do so carefully, and if
you do end up moving anything, just make sure it goes back
exactly as you found it. – [Daniel] Hey, Heather. – Whoa. What’s going on? What happened to your face? – Yeah, got a bit scrappy in
the open water swimming event. – A bit? Ouch.
– Yeah. In a master, it’s going to be impossible to swim without touching the
other swimmers next to you, at least for the first few hundred metres. And it is physical. With your strength, you’re
naturally gonna knock the people next to you by
mistake, and it’s part of it. It’s accepted, it’s expected,
it is open water swimming. – However, dunking is not. Intentionally dunking another swimmer to help propel yourself forward, or just allow out a bit of
rage, is a serious no-no. Now, I’ve been in a fair few
physical swims over the years, – Yeah, you have. (laughs) – And I can tell you, getting into scrap wastes you far more time and energy than you would’ve gained. (jazzy music) – Getting comfortable and finding the right aero position
can take some time, and making sure that your
aero helmet fits correctly is really important. So riding that out on your own
on your TT bike, or in races, is completely fine, and makes sense. But turning up to a club ride wearing your aero helmet
and your full aero gear, you’re gonna look a little bit silly, and any aero gains you
might have got will be lost in all the respect that you
will lose just there and then. Just because these rules
aren’t written down, doesn’t mean they’re not important. Demonstrating good
sportsmanship is essential, whatever sport you’re
doing, and having respect for your fellow athletes
is equally important. Just remember, if you’re not sure, think. If that’s how you like to be treated, then you’re probably on the right track. – Yeah, and if there
are any unwritten rules that we haven’t covered,
we’d love to hear them. Please share them in the comments below. If you liked this video,
give it a thumbs up, and click on the globe
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eight winter training tips, just click on this video. – To see how to increase
your run distance, just click down here.

97 comments on “The 7 Unwritten Rules Of Triathlon

  1. I showed up super early to a race once to get a prime transition spot, and a half hour before race start someone showed up and tried to cram in next to me instead of setting up further back in the setup area where there was plenty of space.

    Show up early, or accept what you show up to.

  2. I wish the person who punched my foot so hard during the open water swim watched this, then I might not have gotten a stress fracture! Oops 😂

  3. you can't write an un-written rule in the comments as it then becomes a written rule. only joking. hate it on road rides when people dangerously overtake then immediately turn off. Not sure if it's a rule tho

  4. Is the "no TT bikes on club rides" rule a UK thing? It definitely seems reasonable if everyone else is riding their road bike, but I can't think of any tri club I've seen here in Western Australia that DOESN'T ride TTs for club rides

  5. If you are slow, stay on the right side and let people through, do not choose best starting group if your PB is slower. Every major running event is like a Giant slalom…

  6. You forgot an important one: don’t train in open water alone. And if you must, stay close to shore, wear a colourful swimcap and maybe a buoy.

  7. Do no sneak your way thru the starting line.
    If you are in a draft-legal tri, have the decency of rotating places so to share a bit of the wind breaking burden. Do not suck the wheels all the way up to T2.
    Also, do not mock slower bikers when passing by, they may overtake you in the running leg.

  8. Something about this video… I think you guys have hit a nice, comfy groove and tone for the channel, and look much more at home… Great work!

  9. Pool – No matter how fast you can swim do not do kick sets in the fast lane!!!!!!…..and do not stand in from of the T at the end of the lane.

  10. Would disagree on the whites rule. I'd believe that wearing a white trisuit is fine only if the suit is black on the bottom half.

  11. The no white suit rule is silly since white reflects more light, thus keeping you cooler than black which absorbs all light for instance, and the difference is quite significant. Torbjorn Sindballe used to use full suits to help him with heat dispersion for this reason. Next best colour is yellow but it's far less effective than white… That is a reason I won't be getting a GTN kit except if there's a winter kit available, black is predominant on it, which is a bad idea even if it might look cool.

  12. Don’t simply blow your nose of green slimy moist snot unaware of other athletes near you.

    Happened to me when I was cycling during my 70.3, an old man infront of me blew his nose, snot splattered on my face and some even went into my mouth. Had to waste half of my water bottle just to clear it off and force myself not to throw up while cycling. It was very disturbing and disappointing.

  13. First out of the water has the honor of being first to the T1entry timing mat.  If you're second out of the water and there's a bit of a run from water's edge to the mat, don't be a dick and run around the person who was out first unless they're really dawdling.

  14. hey guys! I'm wondering if you have any tips about running "downhills"… I run for quite some time now and I'm getting fairly efficient on flats and uphills with some tips I learned with you and watching Patrick Lange running :D, but don't know why I struggle so much when the grade goes down, it's like my core muscles get turned off or my balance disappears… help!
    btw love the channel! learning a lot and getting inspired! cheers!

  15. How about: Don't mindlessly wander around the entry/exit to transition or the run finish after your race is done. I've occasionally had to dodge people from earlier waves who seemed to think that because they were done, the whole event was done and the could walk or stop and chat wherever they wanted.

  16. Do not overtake fellow athletes on the final meters before the finish line (unless you are sprinting for a podium spot).

  17. 8 – swimming competition should not end with starting road racing.
    9 – road racing should not end with marathon run.
    10 – pentathlon lasts few days with recovery time between the rounds, so shall be tri-

  18. I remember my first Duathlon in Stockton-On-Tees in April this year, 10k 40k 5k, leaving T2 heading back out onto the run a woman was at her transition and dropped her helmet in front of me as was approaching. Only a little niggle, thankfully I was able to jump over it and carry on.

  19. Racing Ironman for a number of years all the way up to Kona level, I have to say these rules are pretentious, even though I follow them too. I don't wear my tri suit to run, or aero gear to train ,etc. But if someone choose to wear it…why do we care? It's not hurting anyone else. The other suggestions about not moving other people's stuff in transition are in fact written in the rules if I am not mistaken? I know you are both tri insiders…I think you can come up with more interesting content then this very generic list.

  20. Someone gave my rear derailleur a nasty punch in T1 when taking out his bike after the swim… It made me end the race after 7k and repair costs over 200€.. So don't be a T1 *sshole, please!!

  21. Naw, baby, naw! The only "road bike" I own is a tri/time-trial bike with aero bars (and I will lean forward and use forward controls all I want). If the group can't keep up, then they do not need to train with me! Okay….this is probably why I ride alone 🙁

  22. It said that “Don’t wear aero helmet on training ride.” But I like aero helmet and if I wear only for race day, $100+ helmet end up using only once or twice a year!! Triathlon is money costing than other sports!!

  23. sounds like your friends suck if they care or ridicule you for what bike you ride, what kinda helmet you wear, and what kinda clothes you wear.

  24. The only rule I disagree with is wearing the aero helmet on TT training rides. When I wear my road bike helmet and sunglasses I can’t really see when I’m in aero. So, I choose to wear the aero helmet. 😎

  25. Comparing group training to your previous races. "Oh man if this was the [race you were in last season] I would have taken this hill in a much lower gear!" "At [race name] the water conditions were way worse than this, you all can't complain!"

  26. Don't switch from freestyle to breaststroke in an open water swim. getting kicked in the face when overtaking a slower swimmer isn't fun.

  27. this show is a scripted mess. no personality, not funny, and I bet you wouldn't even be able to utter a word without a teleprompter. it's just so mediocre

  28. As I am new to triathlon, this was a very informative video for me! Some of those rules, especially the ones regarding biking, were actually new to me. Glad I found out about them on this way before I made them 😀 Big like from me 🙂

  29. "Running back up the course with medal when finished"
    Cheering at the finish is great, but we know what psychological game you are playing when you run back as far as you can.

  30. OMG my pop and dad need to see this they would be nodding their heads the whole time as if they were in a trance.

  31. 1. You can get multiple suits of the same type and size and rotate their usage. You also go there to train, not to parade, so if someone thinks you look "silly", let them. You should not care.
    2. Find a club that does or just ride alone. You don't need a club to read a clock and a power meter. Considering drafting is illegal in Iron Man competitions, you might as well be better outside a cycling club as most groupies tend to draft in long rides. If you want to train, go on the bike you're going to race, if you want a more social ride, then normal road bike is OK.
    3. This I do agree with. If the lake is dirty or you got "problems", better wear something that is not white 🙂
    4. Yes, knowing the goal of each of your training sessions is important.
    5. Transitions can be very hectic, but I do agree you should take care about the other's people equipment.
    6. That is just being an asshole. Unintentional dunking can happen, or very close splashes. If the water is really dirty and you're caught by the "washing machine", events like these are almost unavoidable.
    7. Disagree. Your body needs to know how to react in race equipment. Also aero helmets look really cool :).

  32. Well, why so many conformity rules? I have no problems with others looking stupid or it is rather my opinion that they do. Why not wear an aero helmet or use the tri-bike? Some may only have one bike … Most rules have two sides.

  33. I think enough cannot be said about swimming etiquette during a open water swim and triathlon swim. I have experienced the worst from scratches to fists on the back without any action taken by officials. Marshals are quick to point out drafting on bikes etc but nothing during swims. show some swimming etiquette for those idiots who don't know how to swim in open water or races.

  34. I’m sorry what would be the issue with riding an TT bike during a club session where everyone else is on a road bike?

  35. The no dunking should be stressed more. I have lost my WEDDING RING and had my eye gouged during a sprint, not to mention bruised back during an IM5150. Some guys take it way too serious!

  36. simply not taking up too much space at the bike racks. Really awful to see someone who has taken up half the rack. Newbie move.

  37. Bit pretentious there guys. Who cares what people wear. Says more about the character of people who shun others. Noticing a lot of cocks in triathlon at the minute. Wear what you want. Be pleasant. Listen to information given. Be wary of assholes, lots of them seemed to have picked up triathlon just to talk about themselves.

  38. Stupid rules.
    1. If you train with only one suit because that is the only one u have and can afford…? Do it!
    2. U have only one bike because that is what you can afford. It might me a road bike or a time trial bike…what ever… It is absolutly ok to train with your racing machine when ever u want. If others don't like it, it's theyr problem and not yours.
    3. Keeping the number on your bike after race. If it makes u feel good and it is a big accompluschment for you and it motivates you…what's the problem?
    Those who actually have a problem with it, is because to many focus on what others do instead of focusing on what they have to do, and allways find a reason to make you feel bad if you are different and don't follow the main stream. This tipe of personalities are loosers! A winner tipe of personality would come to you and say: I see you still have the number on your bike…whas it maybe your first race? I'm sure you are proud of your accomplishment, well done!
    Or maybe that person forgot to take it away, or didn't found the moment and doesn't even care a deam fk…sh…about it! , but seams like every one else does, why? ….and supposes and invents storys and finds a reason to ridiculize others.
    4. The best place to get used to you racing gear is during training. Why not wearing an aero helmet? Important is to wear a helmet and to protect your head!
    What if that person just lost or broke the "allowed" helmet? Shoud he/she train without it? Or worry because some guys say and think that it is not appropiate? Listen…just do what the fuck you wanna do! It's you gear, it's your life and you don't have to give nor explaim to anyone why you choose this ora that helmet, or that bike. Just fucking train, enjoy workout and stay with people that accept others just the way they are, and support each other.
    5.And if you are in the mood of wearing an aero helmet or what ever you want, then do so.
    Stay true to your self, and enjoy beeing your self!
    It just makes me piss of when I hear a bunch of non sense.

  39. I fully agree on the dunking part. Freaking dangerous and can get someone with water anxiety killed. Just don't do onto others what you don't want others to do unto you.

  40. Oh god. I am suddenly scared of doing my first triathlon. What if I got hit in the water. That would be terrible

  41. I was marshalling a sprint tri recently: dunking in the pool (really.?…yes!) nudity in T1…eesh. yep they did that too. i'll stick to racing.

  42. the secound and the 7th rule don't make sense to me at all. If i would invest in a good bike then i want to cycle on it…i dont get why other people at a bike club care…imagine i would go to rugby practice and wear the same shoes as everyone else and then on game day i would wear a complete different pair! Also why cant i wear the equpment that i would use on race day…i still dont get why people care.

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