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The Bargaining Cycle

The Bargaining Cycle

May I help you? Oh…ya, I’ve always wanted one of these…my neighbors have a “Union”. Are they hard to figure out? Oh not really, but you’ll be amazed at the
features you can get… and what can I show you? Oh uh… my collective agreement is coming up for renewal so… Ahh, okay…well for that you’ll need the
bargaining cycle. Which of course is centred on building very
strong and inclusive local. What do you set the timer to? Well for this part of the cycle you should
set it for about 6 months out prior to your agreement expiring….time well spent, I’d
say. I see it has three main settings. That’s right but don’t worry, this thing
explains everything… push “negotiating”. Effective communication between the bargaining
team and the members. The importance of effective stewards. Diverse and equitable participation. Dealing with conflict and harassment. Wow! This thing is amazing! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, try “enforcement.” Administering the local correctly by having
good bylaws, showing fiscal responsibility and having problem solving systems in place. Defending the contract and the member’s
rights. Represent grievances. Wow! This thing is really advanced, I knew none of this before. What does this button do? Built in audio. Machine Voice – Listen to the members issues. Send out a Demand set-survey, get members
out to demand set meetings. List any problems in the collective agreement
that have been identified in grievances. Make sure to include in the local demands
for negotiations. So… what do ya think? Amazing, really easy to follow. Ya, I think you’ll be satisfied with
this. Do you have any questions? I don’t think so, I’m really glad I saw
this brand with my bargaining cycle coming up. Does it get stains out of wine glasses? Ahh…This is a washing machine. Ya, ya, right, I knew that. Ya, washing machine. Very good, all right…ahem.

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